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  2. Interesting idea! Out of curiosity, I tried to find ad space auctions on ebay but I didn't see anything. Maybe I wasn't searching for the right term.
  3. Shadows, Directional Light and all that jazz

    @Deltakosh it seems moving the light up high will cause the shadows to look more blurry. it can be seen in if you adjust the y value of the light1 position to 400 you will see the shadows change. how do we cast a shadow from a directional light onto every object in the scene without losing shadow quality?
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  5. light on PBRMaterial: specular color is gone

    Specular is not taken in account from light (as we consider diffuse = specular for physic lights)
  6. That was actually in response to @Wingnut & @SinhNQ & @JohnK I was answering their questions.
  7. Texture original size

    Hello I'm not sure to understand but did you play with texture.uOffset, texture.vOffset and texture.uScale and texture.vScale ?
  8. Bug in GUI causes crash

    Good catch..gonna be fixed with next commit
  9. I did NOT mark this as solved...
  10. PIXI.Text doesn't look good when scaled down

    If text is for HUD overlay, then I just put all text objects in an unscaled container which is added to stage after my world container. On resize I adjust the font size(s) of the shared style object(s) so that each text doesn't have to be dealt with separately, and then I scale just the world container instead of the stage. I adjust font size based on renderer.resolution as well, but maybe you wouldn't need that part...
  11. Bug in GUI causes crash

    Hi, I run into trouble when trying to clear a scene. The scene contains objects which have Babylon.GUI labels linked on them. Something is not getting updated properly? I can make it work using a timer delay between consecutive mesh.dispose() commands, but running them in a loop crashes the program. Here is the same problem in a PG. You can dispose one or the other mesh, but not both -- without a delay.
  12. PIXI.Text doesn't look good when scaled down

    Look in "text.transform.worldTransform", its a matrix. "a" and "d" are X-scale and Y-scale. If you use rotations and other stuff, you can just create PIXI.Transform and decompose matrix into it (i forgot methods, please look at the docs), and look at scale.x/scale.y. I mostly use direct formulaes because i just remember them I have code that scales text but I wont share it, \that's something everyone does itself. I'm afraid that my code will just add more questions that I'll have to answer instead of just setting you to make R&D for your particular case. I'm sorry, there is no general solution, but may be can help you.
  13. New feature: Behaviors

    Behaviors are classes, there is no catalog per se (the doc is here to list them) And to be fair, I can't see a good reason to provide a catalog as you may need to understand what the behavior do before attaching it. So it is clearly a developer task
  14. Wtf? This is NOT solved. Again, I don't know why my damn topics keep getting the solved symbol on them...
  15. animation effect on a click problem

    hi, I'm trying to have a animation and when i click this animation stop. The problem is after x click the tween seems to be launch several times at the same time. However i think this snippet does not allow this....where is my error ? have you a another idea to have this behavior ? Thanks var game = new Phaser.Game(800, 600, Phaser.CANVAS, 'phaser-example', { preload:preload, create: create }); function preload() { game.load.image('circle', ''); } var _tw_name=[] var flag=true var circle var delay_circle_timer = 1500 //tween tw = (obj,tw_action,tw_name,f) => { f=true tw_action(obj,tw_name) } // declaration of tw_action tw_action= (obj,tw_name) =>{ obj.alpha=.5 obj.scale.setTo(.1,.1) tw_name[0]= game.add.tween(obj.scale).to({x:1.5,y:1.5},1000,Phaser.Easing.Linear.None,true,delay_circle_timer,-1) tw_name[0] = game.add.tween(obj).to({alpha:0.1},1000,Phaser.Easing.Linear.None,true,delay_circle_timer,-1) tw_name[0].onStart.add(()=> {obj.visible=true}) } //stop tween stop_tw = (tw_name,f,obj) => { if(f){ obj.visible=false game.tweens.remove(tw_name[0]) f=false } } function create() { circle=game.add.sprite(200,200,'circle') circle.anchor.setTo(.5) //initiate first tween tw(circle,tw_action,_tw_name,flag) //simulate a click //stop animation and then relaunch animation simulate_click=() =>{ game.rnd.integerInRange(400,2200),() => {stop_tw(_tw_name,flag,circle);tw(circle,tw_action,_tw_name,flag)}) } 2200,simulate_click) }
  16. Hello, I have a big texture and a little object. I would like to use only a part of the texture to render the mesh and eventually change the texture offset. I read the docs and did a lot of tests but all the times I apply a texture to a mesh the texture is resized to the mesh size. I cannot use the sprites because the portion of the texture that i want to use has different sizes. In is possible to apply a texture to a mesh keeping the original texture size?
  17. Hi community, I have a light source with a specific specular color. I would expect that you can see this color on a surface reflecting (especially on a very smooth surface) . Either I miss some settings, or it's a bug? see Playground diffuse works, but specular (should be red) is dead.
  18. New feature: Behaviors

    Nice! How does one define custom behavior? Currently, "node.behaviors" lists out only enabled behaviors. Maybe it should list out all ,enabled and disabled, behaviors
  19. BabylonHx 2.0

    Out of curiosity: are you generating hx files automatically from js?
  20. PIXI.Text doesn't look good when scaled down

    I was afraid these might be the answers. How would you go about rescaling only the text to its original (unscaled) size after scaling its parent(s)? I could multiply recursively the scale of all its parents and use it to revert the text scale, but is there a better (and more efficient) way to do it?
  21. BabylonHx 2.0

    @Sebavan were you able to build bhx? still have problems?
  22. Years ago when I was in the Flash game development scene I used to sell my own ad space directly to advertisers. Most of the time it was to smaller companies sold through e-Bay but in the end it was a win-win situation for everyone. I'd make more money from the advertising and the advertiser had a much higher visibility in my games. If I had extra space in my inventory I supplemented it with Google Ads or another ad network. If you are effective in your approach and you have popular games, you can work with your customers to offer some in-game branding or other perks that your advertisers pay for and your players may enjoy. An example may be a prize wheel between games sponsored by your advertiser where the play wins some in-game items such as an upgrade or real physical promotional items through your advertiser. When I do get further along in my new game I'll be looking at attempting this again to see if it still works. It will of course all depend on how popular the game is as nobody is going to pay for a game with 500 plays. John
  23. convert a .svg in a .json

    Try the Cheerio lib within your node app - I've used it extensively for server-side SVG manipulation and found it to be a reliable and stable library.
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