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  2. Hi ! I am currently running discount on my 7 HTML5 Games Bundle . You can purchase it for $25 or even less (Direct Paypal) from this link : If you have any questions regarding any game or want to give feedback about any game you can reply to this thread. Thanks!
  3. Mid 2019 we're at 98%. These stats are being compiled mostly from libraries or websites that feature or require WebGL. There is a risk we're counting travellers at the airport. Perhaps the more important question is whether the project in mind significantly benefits (or suffers) from any dependency? Same applies for Unity. Just because it makes most-sense to the herd doesn't mean it makes most-sense to a specific audience or use case (because unification is homologous which can require compromise). Mobile-web is unique because footprint and initial load are critical while interoperability with other web systems can exploit new and emerging audiences in ways that other apps can't always manage. Yes, I might be over-stating the issue to make my point ... which is ... I recommend studying data specific for a desired audience - make tests and evaluate assumptions.
  4. Hello, I present you, my collection of 25 awesome games available in 1 bundle. Made in Construct 2 (capx file included). Enjoy the games! - 60% OFF, Get this bundle now!- Buy today for $150 (Original Price: $375) only and save: $225. Live preview: If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact me: odiusfly [at] hotmail [dot] com Thanks in advance, Kyriakos
  5. It is very important to set breakpoint in TypeScript code and execute a project step-by-step in VSCode using Chrome extension. I found the solution. I use AMD and RequireJS for debug version and Browserify and UglifyJS for release version in one project. It will allow me to use Sandbox to public examples for questions about Pixi.js in TypeScript. It is very popular technique in JavaScript world when people use JSFiddle, CodePen or Plunker to ask questions. My example shows how to public your multi file examples on Playground: click to run on Plunker My instruction shows how to create a debug (AMD/RequireJS) and release (Browserify/Uglify) versions:
  6. I solved this problem too. I just renamed "node_modules/pixi.js" to "node_modules/pixijs" I think I made a good job. Now people can public examples on Sandbox to ask question using TypeScript. My example shows a version of Pixi.js. You can run it on the Sandbox: click run run. I have written an instruction how to run it locally: If you have question, please, ask me. If you do not understand something and you have errors ask me. I will improve my instruction on GitHub.
  7. Yes, I solved the problem and I can set breakpoints, debug with Chrome extension in VSCode and even public my multi file examples on the Playground: click to run. This example just shows a version of Pixi.js. But there are a little problem when I compile, bundle with Browserify and minify with UglifyJS. Because I renamed "pixi.js" to "pixijs" here in the "node_modules/pixi.js.d.ts" file: declare module "pixijs" { export = PIXI; }
  8. hi, how can i create a event onStop for a media file.
  9. @mattstyles I was thinking, of remaking in unity, if build sizes are not super big, also you are vouching for webgl. Means Unity has taken over already.
  10. I found the answer here: I must use this construction in RequireConfig.ts: shim: { "pixijs": { exports: "PIXI" } }
  11. I see that Pixi.js support AMD too: else { // AMD if (typeof undefined == 'function' && undefined.amd) { undefined(function(){ return nativePromiseSupported ? NativePromise : Promise; }); }
  12. Is Pixi.js not compatible with AMD? For example, gl-matrix: You will see AMD: if("function"==typeof define&&define.amd)define([],n); Or Babylon.js: You will see AMD: else if(typeof define === 'function' && define.amd)
  13. EDITED: This problem is solved. The solution is in this message. Hello, Require.js does not understand '.' (dot) in the module name: "pixi.js". Here in the RequireConfig.ts file: RequireConfig.ts requirejs.config({ baseUrl: "js", paths: { "pixi.js": "" } }); requirejs(["Program"], () => { }); I changed "pixi.js" to "pixijs" in this file: "node_modules\pixi.js\pixi.js.d.ts" here: declare module "pixijs" { export = PIXI; } But now PIXI is undefined in my example: import * as PIXI from "pixijs"; export class Game { public constructor() { const app = new PIXI.Application(); console.log(app); } }
  14. Hallo! Ich benutze Charm js in meinem Projekt. Jedoch bin ich auf ein Problem gestossen. Meine Tweens werden abgebrochen, sobald ich eine onComplete function für walkPath benutze. let mix = charm.walkPath( card, //The sprite waypoints, //Array of waypoints 80, //Total duration, in frames "deceleration" ); mix.onComplete = function(){ card.interactive = true; }; Ist jemand auch auf dieses Problem gestossen oder kann mir weiterhelfen ?
  15. Hi guys, I am also facing the same problem. i also failed to upload my photo.Please suggest me what i have to do for that??
  16. Is there a way to check if a physics sprite would collide with another object at a given position? I have tried something like this: // desired position to check player collision at const checkPosition = { x: 100, y: 100 } // temporarily change player position const pos = { x: player.x, y: player.y } player.setPosition(checkPosition.x, checkPosition.y) // test collision const collision = this.scene.physics.collide(player, otherObj) // set back to original position player.setPosition(pos.x, pos.y) however, I can't get the collision to return true. I suspect there needs to be an update cycle between updating the position and testing for collisions, but I can't find any documentation to suggest that is the case. Is there a good way to go about this?
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  18. Another super-busy week last week, but I did manage to create a bunch of new grimy metal textures. They live here: TXR – Metal - Seamless 100% free to use with attribution. More cool new music tracks are on their way later in the week. See you then!
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    Writing help

    You yourself should actually be perfect for your subject matter, write about your own personal behavior and how it and the economics of getting someone else to do what you should be doing yourself intertwine to affect your future.
  20. @o0Corps0o Hi o0Corps0o, If i verified my business as an individual, does that affect the amount of users?
  21. Hey, I'm writing a book about game programming from scratch using TypeScript. The book is in early access and most of the chapters are incomplete, however, I'm seeking feedback to see if the format I am going for is useful for people. The book focuses on the systems and components needed to create a game similar to Super Crate Box. Here are some of the chapters that I would consider more complete: The book is far from done, but I'm interested in getting feedback to see if I'm on the right track. Did you find it interesting or useful? Did you have any issues with the web page? Any other feedback you want to share?
  22. sorry, I did not see the forum was closed, haven't been here for a long time 🤭
  23. Why are you worried about webGL on phones? All modern phones (and not-so-modern) support webGL. I don't have concrete stats on _how_ well they support it (i.e. performance) but I haven't heard anything particularly worrying about using webGL via the web on mobile devices.
  24. @b10b that makes sense. I was interested in learning more about auto magical converting stuff, like openfl, haxe a3x or something similar. Also had heard swiffy was something people were taking benefit from but now its support is gone too. Unity hyper-casual games, have been quiet on the uprise, as game distribution have a couple of unity games showing in hot games made from unity. Only thing is its WebGL support on mobile devices, and its production size. Let me know what you think?
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