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  2. Tiggs

    SDF Text

    Many thanks for that summary. That's a wonderful list Will take a deeper look at pixi-ui and gown. May well work on one of those, rather than rewriting the entire wheel. Was secretly hoping someone had snuck SDF text into Pixi 5, without me noticing.
  3. schubi

    Hyperactive Tennis

    Hyperactive Tennis You play tennis in single player mode for one set with tie break. For now there are two difficulty levels: ROOKIE for training and PRO for the real challenge. Game is keyboard only: Return: Menu select/Next screen Arrow keys: Menu navigation, running around B: Back to title screen "C": Hit ball X: Lob The levels ROOKIE and PRO are selected with left/right arrow keys. The key "C" hits the ball. The game automatically selects service, normal stroke, volley and smash. The key "X" plays a lob. Have fun. Requires some practice though. Made with emscripten. Direct link: Game homepage:
  4. rodrigezer

    adding extended sprite to scene

    awesome dude !! i was googlin it for a while.
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  6. FKL34TI5T5

    Can't add an update function to scene

  7. Golden Gui

    Error occuring during collision event

    i tried to implement the method who call the method from the parent on pnjManager but the result is actually the same: removeChild: function (child) { this._super(me.Container, "removeChild", [child]); this.updateChildBound(); },
  8. Hello, I took the idea from the Phaser 3 "Tutorialgame", added some new features and made it playable for Android. All the graphics are from Pixabay and or I remade them myself. I named the game "Bouncing Bombs" and it is available in the Playstore. Here is the download link: What do you think of it ?
  9. Hello, I took the idea from the Phaser 3 "Tutorialgame", added some new features and made it playable for Android. All the graphics are from Pixabay and or I remade them myself. I named the game "Bouncing Bombs" and it is available in the Playstore. Here is the download link: What do you think of it ?
  10. PlayingInCanvas

    Released: Aphrodite Starter Kit Animated Camera Orbit

    New version released and sample updated: v1.1.0 Added method to go to a point using tags (e.g. go to platform). Added method to navigate to a list of points, creating a path. Much smoother transitions when stopping/starting an animation midway.
  11. Hello, Hope you are doing well. Please check email from Regards, Ron A. Skype- cis.ron Email:
  12. Jolly Bear Games is looking for an experienced HTML5 JavaScript/TypeScript programmer to assist our successful casual game team. We are an independent California-based casual game developer and our games are played by MILLIONS of people all over the world. Candidates are not required to be local, but they will be expected to work remotely and should be comfortable using technology to stay in close communication with the development team. Job Description Work with the Jolly Bear team to implement HTML5 games using TypeScript and PixiJS (or other similar 2D game engines). The job will involve porting existing Flash games to HTML5 and also creating new game titles. Experience Required * At least 3 years of production experience with HTML5 development using TypeScript or JavaScript (experience with TypeScript is highly desirable). * At least 1 year of game-specific experience. PixiJS experience is preferred. * Experience with Flash ActionScript 3 using Flash Develop or Flex/Flash Builder is highly desirable. Skills Required * Expert in JavaScript/TypeScript programming. * Ability to optimize graphics-intensive code to run smoothly in all targeted browser environments. * Familiarity with PixiJS or other 2D game engines. * Familiarity with various Social Networking APIs. * Proficiency in Flash ActionScript 3 programming. * Excellent verbal and written communication skills. * Well-organized and systematic in approach to tasks. This is a contract position. If you are interested in this position, you should email your resume to Submissions must include links to HTML5 game projects that you have completed.
  13. sistemlogikadigital

    Error occuring during collision event

    it seems game.Playscreen.pnjManager doesnt have method with name removeChild(), what is parent's "other"? you should remove from the parent
  14. NOT DEAD YET! Tilemaps seem to be the most requested topic to cover but part of me wants to branch it off into a Tiled series.
  15. liajoy

    graphics performance

    yes they can move
  16. I am following: In this we setup a tiled map and put the collides property on some tiles. I am looking for a way that instead of setting a collision I simply want to detect when the player runs over a particular tile. Essentially like a runFunctionOnOverlap. For example I made an encounter property on certain tiles and would like to be able to detect when the player runs over these tiles. Overall i'm a little more curious how in general you can looking into a staticTilemapLayer 's properties that you have setup in tiled. I would prefer not to have an overall Object property like he does for spawn in his post because it seems to be more hard coded as opposed to put on direct tiles. From what I can understand I really want to setup an arcade physics overlap: this.physics.add.overlap But I still would need to get the specific tiles on the map layer with the property of encounter. I may have gotten a lot of help on discord with an example:\game objects\tilemap\static\tile properties.js&v=dev I have been able to check the tile's property on mouse click over it however my real goal would be to create a physics.add.overlap on all the tiles with the "encounter" property is there a way to search a staticTileMap layer for all tiles with that property then add that physics overlap for all of them? map = this.make.tilemap({ key: "map" }); // Parameters are the name you gave the tileset in Tiled and then the key of the tileset image in // Phaser's cache (i.e. the name you used in preload) const tileset = map.addTilesetImage("tuxmon-sample-32px-extruded", "tiles"); // Parameters: layer name (or index) from Tiled, tileset, x, y const belowLayer = map.createStaticLayer("Below Player", tileset, 0, 0); const worldLayer = map.createStaticLayer("World", tileset, 0, 0); const aboveLayer = map.createStaticLayer("Above Player", tileset, 0, 0); worldLayer.setCollisionByProperty({ collides: true }); I actually have worldLayer not as a const here but a variable defined just in the general class above so I can find it later in the update. To check tile's properties I put this in the create function: // Put a marker around the tile the mouse pointer is on marker =; marker.lineStyle(3, 0xffffff, 1); marker.strokeRect(0, 0, map.tileWidth, map.tileHeight); Then in my update function: var worldPoint = this.input.activePointer.positionToCamera(this.cameras.main); // Rounds down to nearest tile var pointerTileX = map.worldToTileX(worldPoint.x); var pointerTileY = map.worldToTileY(worldPoint.y); // Snap to tile coordinates, but in world space marker.x = map.tileToWorldX(pointerTileX); marker.y = map.tileToWorldY(pointerTileY); if (this.input.manager.activePointer.isDown) { console.log('pointer down'); var tile = worldLayer.getTileAt(pointerTileX, pointerTileY); console.log('tile: ', tile); if (tile) { // Note: JSON.stringify will convert the object tile properties to a string console.log(JSON.stringify(; // propertiesText.setText('Properties: ' + JSON.stringify(; = true; } } This allows me to check the properties when I click on the specific tile to see what properties it has for the worldLayer. However var tile = worldLayer.getTileAt() is fine for the pointer in the update but I assume I really would prefer to make my physics.add.overlay in the create function. Otherwise I will have to check that worldLayer every time the player moves. I am essentially asking for a worldLayer.getTileByProperties() kind of function. worldLayer: StaticTilemapLayer {_events: Events, _eventsCount: 0, scene: Scene, type: "StaticTilemapLayer", parentContainer: null, …} When I just console log out the world layer I see how I can get down into the world layer object and find the tileProperties under gidMap > [1...100] > tileProperties . I assume the best way is really not to loop over all the arrays in gidMap then loop through all of the tile properties of each then add them to a physics overlay however. It kind of seems like: That filter tiles should be what I want but i'm unsure how to implement it.
  17. Yesterday
  18. To The Capital 2 is a game in the genre jRPG with classic turn-based battles in which you have to travel together with four heroes visiting a lot of cities, dungeons, mysterious places and fight with various bosses. It took almost 2 years to develop and finally we have reached this important event as the release of To The Capital 2! Big thank you to everyone who has followed our project. I hope our game will give pleasure to fans of the genre of jRPG, and beginners in it.
  19. fredMer

    Spritesheet vs jsonHash ?

    What is the difference between using spritesheet and jsonHash ? jsonHash need a json file and spritesheet does not - this is what I know so far. But why use jsonHash with all that extra work to make a json file when you just can use spritesheet instead?
  20. ivan.popelyshev

    SDF Text

    Yep. Easy way - do your stuff in html5 over canvas. Middle way - there's pixi-ui thingy for GUI but it doesn't have docs but its very powerful. The only docs are issues in that repo. Hard way - take SDF and do everything on your own.
  21. Learn more here: I work on, and we're running our first-ever game jam through March 4th for HTML5 webgames, with $3,500 in total prizes. I thought the HTML5 game devs community might be interested. The theme of the jam is "Use Your Head". It's only open to US entrants (sorry, this restriction was imposed by our lawyers, as running a contest with cash prizes is apparently legally very restrictive). At the end of the jam, we'll select the five best games as finalists, who will each receive $500. We'll display the finalists on the site and give our audience the ability to vote for their favorite. After the voting period, we'll announce a winner, who will receive an additional $1,000. Rules The contest is open to U.S. residents only, ages 13 and up. Your submission must be an HTML5 game. Your game does not have to involve math. Your game must be 800x600 pixels or smaller. Your game must be your original work, and can’t be published anywhere else. To submit a game, you have to host it yourself and provide a link to play it. Games will be evaluated on fun factor; use of the theme; game environment (how the visual and audio elements, if any, contribute to the gameplay); usability (bugs or performance issues); and public voting. Your game must be appropriate for a general audience and must not contain graphic violence or profanity. You can work in a team, but only one person should submit the game on behalf of the team. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. LLC is the official contest sponsor. For more information, please see the complete Contest Rules. Happy to answer any questions you all have.
  22. powerdefense

    Powerdefense A towerdefense game. Towers require energy. Towers can be upgraded by adding components. Url: Screenshot: Lemme know what you guys think
  23. Tiggs

    SDF Text

    Hi, all -- I'm new to Pixi development. I'm building a GUI-heavy game (think sports team management), so looking at using signed distance field text, if I can. What's the latest news on SDF text in Pixi? Is pixi-sdf-text the current state of the art? Thanks in advance
  24. ivan.popelyshev

    graphics performance

    Are they moving?
  25. TomC10

    New Driving Game - Looking For Feedback

    Thanks everyone for the feedback, it has been very helpful. I have make the corrections and I think the game is much better. I added keyboard controls and better instructions, a speed boost and braking, and power-ups. If using the mouse you now change lanes by clicking on either side of the car rather than either side of the road. Please let me know what you think. Here is the link again: Also, does anyone have any suggestions on the best places to publish an HTML5 game? Thanks again. I really appreciate all the help and suggestions.
  26. liajoy

    graphics performance

    Thanks a lot! Another question is sprite and graphics which has the better performance? For example, 1000 sprites vs a graphics with 1000 shapes vs 10 graphics with 100 shapes?
  27. Golden Gui

    Error occuring during collision event

    Hello, I'm following the Space Invaders tutorial, during the collision management part of the tutorial i'm facing an issue when the onCollision event is reached. The removeChild from the inherited object isn't recognized. I didn't found the solution yet. Hoping you can help me. Thanks in advance.
  28. Reborned

    How do you detect 'silent' mode on iOS?

    I use C3 too and usually get my games reproved when I send them with only mp4/ogg sound files. When i convert all the audio to webm and send to review again, the game gets approved. Try it. You can add the same ogg audio files again in the projet that C3 will convert to webm
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