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  2. Hello, Like this: Thanks.
  3. solved

    @Deltakosh Works great in chrome, firefox, opera, just safari is broken. Safari: WebGL v1 - WebGL 1.0 (2.1 INTEL-10.24.45) - Intel Iris Pro OpenGL Engine Chrome, Opera: WebGL v2 - WebGL 2.0 (OpenGL ES 3.0 Chromium) - Intel Iris Pro OpenGL Engine Firefox: Inspector is not scrollable so I can't see version
  4. yes, Steam works fine, we significantly increased the audience due to this. There's a lot of hardcore players
  5. @JCPalmer Thx for info
  6. The new Corrupted Lands trailer Save 15% on the purchase Wild Terra Steam page
  7. @jellix No I use stable version of browsers, but textures could be with different aspect ratios, I will check.
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  9. Try `game.debug.pointer(game.input.activePointer)`, maybe you can see if there are any up/down events at all.
  10. Map objects have to be converted into Display Objects with Phaser.Tilemap#createFromObjects . See examples/v2/tilemaps/create-from-objects .
  11. I know how to use the Tile Layer, but how do i put the object layer onto a game using phaser? I can't seem to find information regarding this.
  12. The CodePen just demonstrates the issue. It's comparing a BitmapData, a texture generated from a BitmapData, and a texture extracted from a BitmapData during preload. Most browsers now load data URLs asynchronously, but Phaser tries to create the texture right away. If the image data hasn't loaded yet, there's an empty (0 × 0) frame and a blank texture. The solution is to generate textures from Bitmaps during preload, if possible, and to use a callback with generateTexture() otherwise. See the notes in photonstorm/phaser-ce/releases/tag/v2.7.6
  13. Howdy, In my game I lock the cursor to canvas, so I use a pointer lock and then track/draw a "virtual cursor" manually. However, this causes sprite click callbacks to no longer trigger: sprite.inputEnabled = true;, this); Is there any way to get it working ? As a workaround, I figured I can manually check but I am having a hard time since figuring it out. sprite.getBounds() returns local bounds - how do I translate the my cursor position to sprite's local space? I couldn't find a matrix member under Sprite definition in the docs... Any
  14. Yo @hunts Found the issue... You need to give a target position 'ON' the navigation mesh... (basically it has to fall within the 'poly' checking of the findPath function)... This is how i addressed the issue. I added another 'navigation' function to my API: public getNavigationPoint(position:BABYLON.Vector3, length:number = Number.MAX_VALUE): BABYLON.Vector3 { if (this._navmesh == null || position == null) return null; var len = (length > 100) ? length : 100; var pos = new BABYLON.Vector3(position.x, (position.y + 1.0), position.z); var ray = new BABYLON.Ray(position, new BABYLON.Vector3(0.0, -1.0, 0.0), (len + 1.0)); var info = this._scene.pickWithRay(ray, (mesh) => { return (mesh === this._navmesh); }); return (info.hit && info.pickedPoint) ? info.pickedPoint : null; } and you can use like this: var navpoint = this.manager.getNavigationPoint(cube.position); if (navpoint) { var path = this.manager.getNavigationPath(minimoi, navpoint); if (path != null) { this.manager.setNavigationPath(minimoi, path, 4.0); } } Hope that helps you BTW... I am VERY curious in seeing what your AI code looks like... I wrote the system to be able to easily use the navigation system, but i have never seen what babylon js AI code like... Can you show me that... Please
  15. What happened to this PlayGround? I can't find the code... Link
  16. That's an interesting challenge. I'm sure producing value worth $1 in 2 weeks is easy for anyone who has completed a Ludum Dare! Whereas receiving the cash within the same 2 weeks may be much harder? Shortcuts include selling what isn't ours, or promising the world for a small advance - let's try and avoid both. An alternate view to sales (and cash-flow issues) is to think less about income and more about value. For example, what do we spend online that might be exchanged for our game development skills? Starting with a simple barter or market exchange is the easiest way to start generating value. A crude example might be that if our game generates a single social follower that could be valued at the ~$2 an equivalent ad spending might cost? Beyond that it's going to need to be a GREAT game these days to make any money at all. So it's best to start making games for all the other reasons.
  17. Hey guys. Im trying to set up a tilemap but every time I try to load it it goes black. I got a basic tilemap from google to use as an example. But no luck. It's just the json page because the game runs fine without it but I would like to add the tile textures to the game. I think the way I set up the json page is actually wrong. Any help or clarifications would definitely help. map.json
  18. I don't understand. What is the solution to this? Can you please explain your code pen? Your codepen has zero width. And what does loading have to do with it if the data is already there?
  19. Hi one of my post is still active though i am posting a new one again may be my last post was lost. so as suggested by Deltakosh i created just a sample here just to explain what i want. now if you see the line acts abnormally and rotates in 3d what i want is that the line moves with mouse cursor in 2d. is it something that can be done?
  20. I would like to thank you for your quick response. Indeed, you must pass in something for all of the parameters, even if it's null. I got confused because the documentation said they were optional. Adding null to the frame parameter solves this issue. Once again, thank you. This was very helpful for me
  21. Thats probably because the picking info (and hitting close to the navmesh) is giving you a point on the navmesh... Meaning... It checks for vector.y in acceptable range and the point is within 'polygon vertices'... Look at this code from Navigation-Mesh: First the 'findPath' calls '_isVectorInPolygon' which in turn calls '_isPointInPoly' _isPointInPoly: function _isPointInPoly(poly, pt) { for (var c = false, i = -1, l = poly.length, j = l - 1; ++i < l; j = i) { (poly[i].z <= pt.z && pt.z < poly[j].z || poly[j].z <= pt.z && pt.z < poly[i].z) && pt.x < (poly[j].x - poly[i].x) * (pt.z - poly[i].z) / (poly[j].z - poly[i].z) + poly[i].x && (c = !c); }return c; }, _isVectorInPolygon: function _isVectorInPolygon(vector, polygon, vertices) { // reference point will be the centroid of the polygon // We need to rotate the vector as well as all the points which the polygon uses var lowestPoint = 100000; var highestPoint = -100000; var polygonVertices = []; _.each(polygon.vertexIds, function (vId) { var point = this.getVectorFrom(vertices, vId); lowestPoint = Math.min(point.y, lowestPoint); highestPoint = Math.max(point.y, highestPoint); polygonVertices.push(point); }.bind(this)); if (vector.y < highestPoint + 0.5 && vector.y > lowestPoint - 0.5 && this._isPointInPoly(polygonVertices, vector)) { return true; } return false; }, So apparently , the target point 'needs' to be point on nav mesh... or real close to it. I am going try some different 'Ray' casting from the target agent position... ray case downward to 'predicate' navmesh to get picking info that way... See if that works
  22. Hello! I'm quite new into game dev, just finished my first game for latest Ludum dare, now my goal is to earn 1$ in 2 weeks. 2 weeks for making a game from scratch and then make at least 1 dollar out of it. I see there is a lot of people that make thousands on this forum. My question is, whats the best approach? put it on the sites like and put price as 1$, make it free with donation proposition, ads? What's the quickest and most solid way of earning the first dollar from browser game? thanks
  23. The error above is coming from the SoundManager. It is waiting for the first touch event so it can unlock the sound system. You must have some audio waiting to be played somewhere, which is where the error is coming from, not the input event itself. This is why the input examples work, because they don't have any sound. I'd strongly recommend opening this as an issue on the Phaser CE GitHub repo, and someone can pick it up from there (I will if I get time).
  24. is working.
  25. You need to omit frame (4): car1 =, 400, 'car', null, objects);
  26. Basically this is the case in my project, both groups occupy the exact same space and are one on top of the other, I play with their children's coordinates.
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  28. I looked at the documentation on how to create a sprite It takes in the following parameters x y key frame group It's very easy to add a sprite with just the first three parameters car1 =, 400, 'car'); But it fails when I try to add the car to a group car1 =, 400, 'car', objects); If I went with the first declaration and then added objects.add(car1) it will then work I need to use the second declaration because my codebase is becoming way too large, and I need fewer lines. Not sure, why this is failing. Maybe an update killed this functionality?
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