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  2. Some news - export by tower of babel is equal to babylon exporter, but in babylon exporter I was set higher value of light intensity.
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  4. Its done and works perfect: let mainMesh = BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreateBox('enemy', { width: 0.5, size: 0.7}, game.scene); mainMesh.position = new BABYLON.Vector3(Game.randomNumber(3,-10), 1.1, Game.randomNumber(-10,-16)); mainMesh.visibility = false; mainMesh.physicsImpostor = new BABYLON.PhysicsImpostor(mainMesh, BABYLON.PhysicsImpostor.BoxImpostor, { mass:1, friction:0.01, restitution:0.2}, game.scene); let attackArea = BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreateBox('enemy_attackArea', { width: 1.7, height: 0.1, size: 1.7}, game.scene); attackArea.parent = mainMesh; attackArea.visibility = false; let visivilityArea = BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreateBox('enemy_visivilityArea', { width: 12, height: 0.1, size: 12}, game.scene); visivilityArea.parent = mainMesh; visivilityArea.visibility = false; and afterRender in variable to unregister, after dispose object. this.afterRender = function() { if(game.player) { if (self.visibilityArea.intersectsMesh(game.player.character.mesh, false)) { self.character.mesh.lookAt(game.player.character.mesh.position); var playerMesh = game.player.character.mesh.getChildMeshes()[0]; if(self.attackArea.intersectsMesh(playerMesh, false)) { self.character.runAnimationHit(); if (self.character.items.weapon.intersectsMesh(game.player.character.mesh, false)) { playerMesh.material.emissiveColor = new BABYLON.Color4(1, 0, 0, 1); var value = game.guiElements.hpBar.getValue(); game.guiElements.hpBar.updateValue(value - 0.2); if(value-0.1 < 0) { window.location.reload(); } } else { playerMesh.material.emissiveColor = new BABYLON.Color4(0, 0, 0, 0); } } else { var velocity = BABYLON.Vector3.TransformNormal(new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 0, -0.041), self.character.mesh.computeWorldMatrix()); self.character.mesh.moveWithCollisions(velocity); self.character.runAnimationWalk(); } } } }; game.scene.registerAfterRender(this.afterRender);
  5. Okay, thanks for the tips and advice I do want the blobs to interact and check collisions/overlaps with other game objects etc. so I'll try some more stuff. They don't need any animations and I might use a SpriteBatch for better performance maybe. btw I've created a "pen" of the example code, here it is. Click on "Edit on CodePen" to view it.
  6. Thank you for your answer! I think I will just stick with PIXI.Graphics, the time I will spent trying to figure it out is probably not going to be worth the tiny performance improvement.
  7. Yes, changing the - with a / worked just fine, thank you. Wonder how I got that idea writing "conjunction", hehe.
  8. You can omit the type attribute. <script src="phaser.js"></script> <script src="boot.js"></script> <script src="preloader.js"></script> <script src="level001.js"></script>
  9. We've rarely found such features to be used by more than a few percent of players (calculated as % of usage of social features from total plays). Our sample groups have been quite large and diverse over the years, across multiple platforms and demographics - so niche groups may respond better? That's not to say it isn't worthwhile to properly design such features into a game, nor to dismiss those few percent of players who use them - because these same players are likely to be the game's most committed and influential users. Optional, non-obtrusive, with in-game rewards unlocked for usage is probably a decent strategy?
  10. Can you tell us a bit more, seems very low for the "holy grail" app stores
  11. Before filter is being applied, container is rendered into separate RenderTexture, which works only with int coords. You can't detect fractional offset inside the shader, unless you map sprite matrix to a parameter. According to , you have to pass mapped matrix as a parameter, like DisplacementFilter does. You dont need extra texture, you dont need extra sprite, your filter just have to pass your original sprite matrix to the uniform, and read it on shader side to determine the real center of the sprite.
  12. Yes, it looks pretty horrible So basically what you are saying is that I should look for another model that has 4 bones per finger and not just one. Correct?
  13. Hi, I want to use Tower of Babel in my project instead bledner exporter, but i can't implment it. File is exported to JS, but after import Mesh i can see this error in console: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'SCENE' of undefined at defineMaterials (avatar1_animations.js:163) at new character (avatar1_animations.js:1441) at new Characters (characters.ts:15) at e.callback (Simple.ts:30) at e.notifyObservers (babylon.2.5.js:2) at i._checkIsReady (babylon.2.5.js:11) at babylon.2.5.js:11 After read documentation, I include QueuedInterpolation.1.0.min.js file in my project, but sill without success. I am trying with gulp to build JS from TS files, but gulp fail on error: [21:00:27] Tested 31 tests, 30 passes, 1 failures: FAIL events.js:163 throw er; // Unhandled 'error' event ^ Error: Failed 1 expectations at DestroyableTransform.endStream [as _flush] (/home/tomek/Downloads/Extensions-master/QueuedInterpolation/Gulp/node_modules/gulp-expect-file/index.js:90:26) at DestroyableTransform.<anonymous> (/home/tomek/Downloads/Extensions-master/QueuedInterpolation/Gulp/node_modules/gulp-expect-file/node_modules/through2/node_modules/readable-stream/lib/_stream_transform.js:135:12) at Object.onceWrapper (events.js:293:19) at emitNone (events.js:86:13) at DestroyableTransform.emit (events.js:188:7) at prefinish (/home/tomek/Downloads/Extensions-master/QueuedInterpolation/Gulp/node_modules/gulp-expect-file/node_modules/through2/node_modules/readable-stream/lib/_stream_writable.js:450:12) at finishMaybe (/home/tomek/Downloads/Extensions-master/QueuedInterpolation/Gulp/node_modules/gulp-expect-file/node_modules/through2/node_modules/readable-stream/lib/_stream_writable.js:458:7) at afterWrite (/home/tomek/Downloads/Extensions-master/QueuedInterpolation/Gulp/node_modules/gulp-expect-file/node_modules/through2/node_modules/readable-stream/lib/_stream_writable.js:340:3) at onwrite (/home/tomek/Downloads/Extensions-master/QueuedInterpolation/Gulp/node_modules/gulp-expect-file/node_modules/through2/node_modules/readable-stream/lib/_stream_writable.js:330:7) at WritableState.onwrite (/home/tomek/Downloads/Extensions-master/QueuedInterpolation/Gulp/node_modules/gulp-expect-file/node_modules/through2/node_modules/readable-stream/lib/_stream_writable.js:115:5) Before this error i saw a lot of error like this: ../src/queue/PovProcessor.ts(430,38): error TS4070: Parameter 'd' of public static method from exported class has or is using private name 'BABYLON'. ../src/queue/TimelineControl.ts(24,42): error TS4070: Parameter 'scene' of public static method from exported class has or is using private name 'BABYLON'. Thanks for help Tom ----------------- After changes in generate JS file, mesh started work. I must delete line TOWER_OF_BABLE.Preloader.Scene = scene and change function M to _M. But, why file is not generated correctly?
  14. Thanks guys. Adam, that looks great. I was able to move fingers just like that in ThreeJS using bones. The question is.. how can I export the bones correctly from Blender to BabylonJS? The bones get broken when exported. Meaning, they don't deform what is supposed to be deformed. How can I fix that before doing the Blender export? Thanks, Rod
  15. Hi. The problem is that I cannot reproduce the problem in PG. My code is looking for the models in a DB using an AJAX call. I cannot either add the models. Too many they and are confidential. About using clones, I think tthat I should use instances. I want to take advantage of HW rendering and as far as I know, maybe I am wrong it is faster using instances than clones. Anyway, I tried to use LOD levels with clones but it didn't work. The steps I follw are the follwing. 1.- I make a query to an oracle DB and I extract the product structure. ASSEMBLY_LEVEL1 --- ASSEMBY_LEVELN -- PARTS (METADATA) 2.- I compute the different parts that will be used in my scene and I store them in an array of meshes with name key 3.- I start to import these different meshes but I disable them to be able to create instances later. I wait for all different meshes to be loaded. 4.- I build the scene instanciating the meshes imported in step 3 I cann add my code. but PG is not possible for me. Best regards
  16. hehe. Cooooool! How many shape points is that? Didja happen to notice? I'm wandering off-topic, aren't I? This thread was about tiling on the caps. Sorry guys.
  17. Here is another technique you could use to bend a finger:
  18. 2: You commit the changed .ts files, and then you make a pull request from that commit 3: Yes. When I made a pull request, Deltakosh looked over the code, but I had to actually test it myself.
  19. Good tip, thanks - when i create something i will put this in this topic.
  20. Hi, I have changed the code and tested here on my monitors. Can you test on your device too? Code: Thanks.
  21. I ran out of 'likes' (again)... ++new BABYLON.GUI(); Will try it out, hot off the press.
  22. Hello, I tried this logic manually setting the position to the parent. It is okay but i dont know why the child is moving faster than parent... If you have any idea i would be very thankful Here is the code that i am using for setting parent position: currentMesh.parent.position.addInPlace(diff); where the diff variable is the change of position of the child mesh. Here is the result: On image below: P - parent C - child
  23. Hey, I am trying to position my container to a floating point number, that is possible. But the filter I applied does only move every integer, which makes my animation not smooth. Code, or jsfiddle: var test = new PIXI.Sprite(); test.width = 512; test.height = 512; test.position.x = 0.5; // <- this test.position.y = 0.5; app.stage.addChild(test); var filter = new CircleFilter(); test.filters = [filter]; I am guessing that I am doing it completely the wrong way. Thank you, Joery
  24. @Nesh108, when you're a BJS inventor, you're NEVER finished. We just want to steal your edge detector numbers and feed them into the polywollydoodle() func that John is torturing, and see what happens. PolyMeshBuilder might trim some code from your thingy, which looked pretty fat, last time I looked. How about THIS image? Hey Mickey, you're so fine... etc. First person to deliver the shape data for that pic... gets one of John's steak dinners! errr... no. Wha-da-ya-think? No more than 4k of shape data? Too much? Not enough? hmm.
  25. Working on an atmospheric electro soundtrack for a 3rd person stealth game featuring harpies, pizza and a missing cat! Yes, really!! Another couple of projects have wrapped up so I'm available! My website is a good place to hear more and get in touch.
  26. Hey @VedranT, this seems to be what you are looking for:
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