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  2. kenny__84

    Few issues with 3dsmax exporter to GLTF

    I have set up a test scene on github all the files used I've used are here also the max scene Try the scene out here When you move close to the cube you will see that the bumpmap has a low resolution on the cube while I've applied a UVW Map Channel 2 and UVW Xform with 50 tiles on UVW.
  3. @Tom Atom Thanks! FBInstant.startGameAsync() inside of "update()" did the trick for me. It's weird
  4. Today
  5. That's really helpful - not just the code, but all the links and walking through the process. Thanks for sharing!
  6. I'm getting a little pressed for performance in a game I'm working on. With ~6+ characters I'm starting to drop below 60fps on medium/low-end computers when my meshes are not very high poly, my animations don't have a very high sample rate and only one animation playing per character, and with no particle effects. My render loop perf breakdown is 4-6ms spent in _animate and 12-20ms in _renderForCameras in the top level render call. I'm investigating ways to optimize the loop, but it's really difficult to find big chunks that would use: 1) wasm a) where the chunk is easy to black box b) where the chunk is big enough that it's worth paying the high bridge-latency-cost of going in and out of a wasm module or 2) web workers a) where work can be done simultaneously with other stuff / where order of costly calculations don't matter b) where we don't need to serialize / deserialize too much info if we were to send it to a worker & get a response back c) where (like wasm) the chunk is big enough that it's worth paying the cost of messaging to and from the worker Wasm to me feels like it'll be an all-or-nothing sort of thing because of how intertwined so many things are in babylon. Web workers might be easier to work in because they can use existing javascript code. Do other people have ideas / opinions / specialty knowledge? Do you guys spot some large areas that would be easy to isolate & either execute asynchronously or just optimize with wasm?
  7. Global Liquidity

    Emissive HDR Lighting?

    New to this, coming over from Unity. Super impressed so far. In Unity, I've been able to get some really cool lighting using hdr emissive substances and hdr environments. This scene is lit by nothing other than the skydome and the emissive channel of the substances. To get this to work requires : 1. Linear Lighting Mode (not Gamma, in prefs) 2. HDR mode on the camera. 3. Emissive channel pushed to > 1.0 (i.e. the floor lights are probably 3.0 or so) 4. Bloom enabled in the Cinematic Post FX stack. (Or would work similarly with any HDR aware bloom like Amplify Bloom) How can we replicate this here in b.js? Any examples out there?
  8. Another option you might consider is the mixed up between pixi.js and babylon.js.
  9. HoratioHuffnagel

    Blend shapes

    Sorry yes, I am looking at Babylon FBX exporter features. I guess the json format would be fine - but I am investigating the gLTF loader. OBJ just doesn't support the features I need (animations for one).
  10. brianzinn

    Is Babylonjs recommended for 2D projects?

    I know they are working on having it automatically remove the dead code with tree-shaking, but it's not there yet. You can follow this github issue to follow when it's ready: Having said that, it is modularized - the loaders, gui, materials, post-process, etc. are separate imports. I thought I remembered a page to generate a custom script and I think it's even linked from the NPM page! <-- this link should be fixed on the NPM page (, but I'm not sure where it should point.
  11. FANTASTIC!! Bogged my browser a bit, but that's a personal problem. Well done! (Wingy dances around like an idiot) You're just "the cat's meow", JK!
  12. ItsYaBoiWesley

    Initializing a 2D Array with a Ton of Zeroes

    This worked, thanks!
  13. Yesterday
  14. I'm really leaning tword that 0,0,0,0 mixing thing I was talking about being the culprit and it having to do something with the way we handle emissive textures and alphas.
  15. When I get some free time maybe, Im pretty busy this evening but if I get a second! Ive had to fix this before as well, it was just a long time ago. After some testing it seems related to the emissive not when you use an diffuse with alpha. but more tests are needed.
  16. Hmmm I'm not sure how to do that. Got some documentation I could take a look at? Or a playground:?
  17. Its on the BJS side then after looking at your export (its correct). Pretty sure its the mips or the aliasing. First test turn off mips on the textures when importing them and lets start there. It could be the alpha is getting premultiplied also.
  18. From photoshop would could I change to producer a better export?
  19. *Random Unrelated Thought* hmmm someone should embed a pixi or phaser game as an active texture on a plane in BJS just for snitz and gigz.
  20. Pretty sure it’s the alias mixing, can you turn of mips as well to check that. I can pretty confidently say it has to do with mipmapping or aliasing changing the values of the transitional pixel.
  21. I bet it has to do with fully transparent pxls saving as 0,0,0,0 and the transition between from aliasing mixes that with the color and raises its alpha. Or it might be something else are you using for your export setting on the pngs?
  22. @Sebavan along the edges of the opacity I would expect to see the following for the Cat:
  23. @Pryme8 It looks like even in your screenshot the issue is present.
  24. Works just fine on my iPhone 6s Actually now looking at the screenshot, I can see a little line... odd I cant see that while actively viewing it though.
  25. Hello, Can you send me a screenshot of what you are experiencing with the cat ? I ll get an ios device tomorrow to try out.
  26. OIJOIJidontknow

    Strange Audio Bug

    Hi, I'm having the strangest bug with Phaser 3s Particle System... I'm running Chrome on MacOS. Bug isn't happening on Firefox on MacOS. Steps to reproduce: 1. Listen to music on either Google Music or Spotify in another Tab (YouTube doesn't work). 2. Run a Phaser 3 Game in the Active Tab that creates Particles that go out of the game canvas. 3. Music starts to break down (sounds like framedrops and playback slows down). Here some code that you can paste here to get started quickly: var config = { type: Phaser.AUTO, width: 800, height: 600, scene: { preload: preload, create: create } }; var game = new Phaser.Game(config); function preload () { this.load.setBaseURL(''); this.load.image('bg', 'assets/skies/deep-space.jpg'); this.load.spritesheet('waters', 'assets/sprites/waters.png', {frameWidth: 32, frameHeight: 400}); this.load.image('explosion', 'assets/sprites/explosion.png'); } function create () { var bgimg = this.add.image(400, 300, 'bg'); bgimg.scaleX = 800 / bgimg.width; bgimg.scaleY = 600 / bgimg.height; var waters = []; for (var i = 0; i < 26; i++) { var water = this.add.sprite(i*32+16, 500, 'waters'); waters.push(water); } var particles = this.add.particles('explosion'); console.log(particles.createEmitter); var emitter = particles.createEmitter({ speed: 100, blendMode: "ADD", scale: {start: 0.5, end: 3}, alpha: {start: 1, end: 0}, x: 400, y: 300 }); this.anims.create({ key: 'waves0', frames: this.anims.generateFrameNumbers('waters', {frames: [0, 1, 2, 3, 2, 1]}), frameRate: 10, repeat: -1 }); for (var i = 0; i < 26; i++) { waters[i]"waves0", true); } } If anyone could reproduce this, that would be great for my sanity...
  27. I update my game to the latest Howlerjs 2.0.14. When I leave the game idle or keep sounds muted for a while then was back to the game or unmute sounds, sounds are not played at all. Has anyone had similar issues. do you think if it is related to autoplay policy in chrome.
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