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  2. ozRocker

    How is vertex data stored from OBJ file?

    Yeh, I refer to the indices 'cos that's how the vertices are listed. If faces are set out like this: f 5/5/5 9/9/9 8/8/8 f 7/7/7 6/6/6 8/8/8 then the position data will contain the vertex at index 5, then index 9, then index 8, index 7, index 6. However, the last one will be ignored 'cos its already in the position data. So the vertices are stored according to the way the indices are listed in the face definitions.
  3. samme

    How do we reload a scene in Phaser 3

    Scenes are instantiated only once, so if you really want a new instance, you have to destroy the previous scene and add a new one.
  4. Sebavan

    Updating Uniforms Doesn't Update Mesh

    This is really weird and sounds like a bug. Could you create a repro in the playground ?
  5. @JohnK will be pretty happy to help knowing you are reading his great tutorials serie ­čÖé
  6. Could you create a repro on the playground ? This would help us a lot troubleshooting but and if you are right about the GeometryBufferRenderer´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐, it is a bug and it should account as well for orientation.
  7. DylanD

    GUI 2d shapes

    hmmmmm so what I'm hearing is we are on a team? whats the team name?
  8. DylanD

    GUI 2d shapes

    Oh thats a really good idea, I dont know why I didn't think to just put the JS up in a playground, duh such simple thing I missed yet so valuable. Here is the javascript in playground... it does work ­čśą I had originally setup a setInterval any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong now...?
  9. You could manually define 6 planes or change the uv of the skybox to achieve this. There is no easy and performant way to achieve this currently. Adding a playground would help us understand your use case better and chose the best solution.
  10. Sebavan

    Video pause problem (Help)

    Is it not simply the array of videos defined during the texture creation ? ["video/vexpovid.mp4", "video/vexpovid.webm"]
  11. Sebavan

    Why glow is not applied to lines?

    This is due to line being transparent by default: I will check with @Deltakosh if is intented as changing this could lead to regression by breaking back compat. Also as the line are pretty thin the blur used in the glow does not give a nice visual result atm.
  12. Wingnut

    GUI 2d shapes

    Oh, yeah, you actually corrected me, BZ, thank you! I talked-of a renderLoop random value as a tester of the bar-graph position/setting. But yeah, that will cause a redraw every frame. Phew, good catch, BZ! Probably should change value on a setInterval tester... but... we might need an animateToNewValue.
  13. Whoa, I need to learn this! Thank you. --- there are so many things to learn still with webGL, this never gets old. *UPDATE* Oh my... I needed to of know this days ago, wow... smh.
  14. brianzinn

    GUI 2d shapes

    I think what WingNut is saying is that if you are calling on your instance "buttonRing.value = " (which is the property setter) in your render loop that it will mark the control as dirty and force a redraw. If you copy the javascript that is generated in your project into a PG then we can definitely be more helpful! Might require a tweak to what class is being extended, as the original code you started with.
  15. Armox

    [SOLVED]Text emoji as game graphics?

    Yep, that did it. Thanks so much!
  16. Nabroski

    Updating A Shader Material Frag Shader

    @Pryme8 thanks for catching up. No their are not the same
  17. Nabroski

    How remove aliasing in .gltf

    Hard to say, what is going on. Who knows, what was on the mind of the creator of the model. Maybe he just need a nice renderer and only had limited time. For a 3D render its more lickly getting away with modeling "errors" for the price of slower render, increase computation time, than in a rasterizer like OpenGL/WebGL, where realtime is the key. I have no access to 3D max, i converted the file you shared to an *.obj and then analyze it in Blender, - i make just conclusions from what i see. What i can say for sure, the planes the textures are mapped to are to close to the main shampu surface, that causes Z-Fighting. But that is only half of the solution, i see in the examples your shared, that on other places in the model "some rendering errors", lets call the zFighting for now, also appears. My guess: it seem form me that a to function like Solidify Modifier Blender similar in 3Dmax causing a bug. But who knows for sure, someone has to debug this, luckily this persons will not be me. two planes to close on each other - Z-fighting Good Night, Good Flight, Keep us posted.
  18. Wingnut

    GUI 2d shapes

    Hiya P8! Hiya BrianZ. The "let me" thing is related to "teaming"... and often to real-time team-ups. It's complicated... Freudian stuff... belongingness. Somewhat related to a phenomena called "Treehouse Teaming"... where folks climb aboard good causes, for free, become great team... no pay, no bosses, formed out of common cause, riding spirit and enthusiasm, usually provided by a hoopla-filled lunatic spearheader. Often these crazy-with-enthusiasm spearheaders have marching bands behind them, playing John Philip Sousa songs. heh. Ya can't help-but join the parade. That kind of spirited teaming has built MANY-a over-gaudy 3-story, working-bathroom, 12-room tree house... for the neighborhood kids to share. Dylan... go put more console.logs in that #88 playground... watch how ITS observers and setValues work... watch the observers do their stuff... try to get yours to do the same. You're doing fine on the progress-per-time-per-effort gauge... you are COOKIN' up a STEEP learning curve... chowin' some road surface.
  19. DylanD

    GUI 2d shapes

    ohhh hahaha, I guess its good to goof around here though keeps the mood chill. I enjoy the different vernaculars I get to hear, as long as they are clear, which sometimes they are not. I haven't had any lucky with the setValue stuff not sure if I'm doing it right. Don't I just need to make another set function that sets value? like this code: set setValue(value: any){ if (this.value === value) { // might be mod problem // if (this._value.x == value.x && this._value.y == value.y) { return; } this.value = value; this._markAsDirty(); this.onValueChangedObservable.notifyObservers(this.value); } Heres the full script so that you can better understand what I have done and not done. export class ButtonRing extends BABYLON.GUI.Control { // typescript code in here private GUI:any; public arcStart:number=0; public arcEnd:number=Math.PI; public _colorWheelCanvas:HTMLCanvasElement; public onValueChangedObservable:BABYLON.Observable<string|number>; private value:string|number; constructor(){ super("buttonRing"); this.onPointerDownObservable = new BABYLON.Observable(); this.isPointerBlocker = true; this.onValueChangedObservable = new BABYLON.Observable(); this.value = null; return this; } set setValue(value: any){ if (this.value === value) { // might be mod problem // if (this._value.x == value.x && this._value.y == value.y) { return; } this.value = value; this._markAsDirty(); this.onValueChangedObservable.notifyObservers(this.value); } public set width(value: string | number ) { if (this._width.toString(this._host) === value) { return; } if (this._width.fromString(value)) { this._height.fromString(value); this._markAsDirty(); } } public set height(value: string | number ) { if (this._height.toString(this._host) === value) { return; } if (this._height.fromString(value)) { this._width.fromString(value); this._markAsDirty(); } } _createColorWheelCanvas = function (radius, thickness) { var canvas = document.createElement("canvas"); canvas.width = radius * 2 ; canvas.height = radius * 2; var context = canvas.getContext("2d"); context.lineWidth = thickness; context.arc(radius, radius, radius - thickness/2, 0, 2 * Math.PI, true); context.strokeStyle = "red"; context.stroke(); // ================================================================= // progress var marks = 720; var deltaAngle = 2 * Math.PI / marks; var upperAngleLimit = this.arcEnd+Math.PI/2; var lowerAngleLimit = this.arcStart+Math.PI/2; var startLate = 0; var endEarly = 0; context.lineWidth = 4; context.strokeStyle = "white"; var innerRadius = (radius - thickness) + startLate; var outerRadius = radius - endEarly; for(var angle = 0; angle <= 2 * Math.PI; angle += deltaAngle) { // console.log("angle:", angle); if (angle >= lowerAngleLimit && angle <= upperAngleLimit) { context.beginPath(); context.moveTo(radius + innerRadius * Math.cos(angle), radius + innerRadius * Math.sin(angle)); context.lineTo(radius + outerRadius * Math.cos(angle), radius + outerRadius * Math.sin(angle)); context.stroke(); } } // ================================================================= return canvas; }; public _draw(parentMeasure: any, context: CanvasRenderingContext2D): void {; this._applyStates(context); if (this._processMeasures(parentMeasure, context)) { var radius = Math.min(this._currentMeasure.width, this._currentMeasure.height)*.5; var wheelThickness = radius*.2; var left = this._currentMeasure.left; var top =; if(!this._colorWheelCanvas || this._colorWheelCanvas.width != radius*2){ this._colorWheelCanvas = this._createColorWheelCanvas(radius, wheelThickness); } context.drawImage(this._colorWheelCanvas, left, top); var centerX = radius + this._currentMeasure.left; var centerY = radius +; console.log("spicey"); } context.restore(); } } Any idea where I am going wrong?
  20. Pryme8

    GUI 2d shapes

    Let me tell you what... ^_^
  21. Cronos72

    [Release] Space Math

    I enjoyed thsi way too much. My addition by grouping game has gotten weak since elementary school .
  22. Now I am not clear. Position data only contains positions in the form x, y, z and does not contain indices. You get indices from mesh.getIndices(), which gives you triples i, j, k where vertices i, j, k form a triangular facet.
  23. Wingnut

    GUI 2d shapes

    I was just making fun of your common use of "let me blah blah blah". There is another 'good acquaintance' forum user name @Pryme8 who uses the "let me" thing pretty often, too. And I have some people around me in real life... that often say it. I have made a habit of making fun of it... but I shouldn't do that. I'm really a free wheeling kind of guy. I "let" folks do all sorts of stuff, and rarely disallow. heh. I'm just a goofball, DD! Too much comedy TV and movies, I think. I'm a HUGE Leslie Nielsen fan.
  24. Today
  25. Wingnut

    GUI 2d shapes

    Yeah. Makes sense, eh? Change the control.value, and the bar graph moves to a new setting, right? And console.log(control.value) returns its current value. Much like HTML form widgets and input boxes.
  26. DylanD

    GUI 2d shapes

    No no no I didn't mean I don't want to use value I just didn't understand it. I'm working on updating it to have it now though. So value is what makes it update to new values?
  27. Wingnut

    GUI 2d shapes

    I'll 'let you' do whatever you need/wish to do. Yeah, the observables/observers/notification-of-listeners... that's very important to user-interactive (pure) controls. Works very closely with setValue funcs. It's a system-wide "user just did something" broadcasting system... marshaled by BJS core... at lightning speeds. APB - All Points Bulletin... BJS obrserver system is like the police radio network. Pretty fun and interesting as a side-study, when bored.
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