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  2. Sorry, my bad, you don't need the primes around 'absolute', position: absolute is what it should be.
  3. Can you put it in a codepen or paste the full code as text and I can take a look at it?
  4. I've never had such issue, but I've never used OptimizeAsync of SceneOptimizer, please keep me posted if it's the issue. It's most likely that I don't reset some states as expected. I've tried your URL but I don't see Canvas2D content, can you tell me what is drawn with it?
  5. I just wanted to post an update to this. I eventually ended up using CSS and setting overflow-y property to hidden which completely hides the temporary vertical scrolling. I can then use java script to remove overflow-y property later on which I needed in certain scenarios. Doesn't look like an elegant solution but works for now.
  6. Thanks for the reply mattstyles, but still no luck... Result:
  7. Thanks for the feedback! I've got the font working now, but I'm still having a bit of trouble with the on-click event. I made the health a separate function but it is still not working. Any suggestions?
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  9. Wrap the text in a span and absolutely position it is the easiest way of doing it. <span class='gametext'>My awesome game text</span> .gametext { position: 'absolute'; left: 20px; top: 20px; z-index: 100; } As with all things CSS other stuff on the page could potentially muck with the layout but with just a canvas element and a span element on the page this will work out just fine for you.
  10. Looked great but I had a fairly serious bug where clicks were just missed in the main game screen, sometimes for several seconds before the mining 'arm' would fire.
  11. I absolutely hate CSS in general, it's really the most frustrating thing for me, and I'm having a tough time putting something as simple as text below the game. <body> <div id="game"></div> hi </body> var gameconfig = {width:1200, height:800, renderer: Phaser.AUTO, parent:"div"} game = new Phaser.Game(gameconfig) Result: I've tried clear:both, floating, display:block all this stuff and that damn text just sits on top of the game no matter what I do. Have mercy on me...
  12. Hi! I am a beginner to melonJs, but I love it so much, it works so well with tiled map editor. Here is the question: We can use object in tiled to mark entity for melonJs, But I would like do a little bit further:use image as object for better visual. like this: Of cause it works, thanks melonJs, that image even been replace by the entity. But if I don't load all the tileset image in the tmx file, for example the player image I use in tiled. "me.levelDirector.loadLevel" will fail. So, it's there a way to skip loading some tileset in tmx file?
  13. Nice one, glad you figured it out in the end!
  14. I loved the concept, but the grind was too high. It remind me of a couple JRPGs for some reason... xD
  15. The culprint could be `BABYLON.SceneOptimizer.OptimizeAsync(scene);` will try to confirm.
  16. this is a big project for webgl @Emil InnerReflect = (inner face reflection ) most be calculate with a face y face and it is like you make all diamond inner Face like mirror and you most be make texture of that and mix all face textures in a cube map and replace that with that mask ( it is not just shader stuff more physics stuff and we have restriction about reflection read this : so maybe opengl can do that in this time
  17. Thanks DK! I have to admit, as this thread has gone on I've understood less and less what's going on behind the scenes, but I hope we've arrived at the right result. Also the testbed PG should be a good resource for any future tweaks.
  18. Added: - Links to video game genres. - Links to KeypressJS
  19. Hello everybody, We're starting a school project and chose to build our own Triple Triad game. It will be multiplayer and it will have persistent data. Knowing that: what game engine do you think is better suited for this? Appreciate the input!
  20. @NasimiAsl very nice. about real inner reflection and ray refraction, can we do that in live render but limiting the bouncing effect for 2 or 1 and see how it looks like? that will be the very close to reality. and we have to take in consideration the index of refraction of the diamond material, 2.417 The reason why I wanted that is that modifying the parameters of the diamond(depth, crown angle, pavilion angle), will impact the sparkle. But with fake approach, all the diamonds will look the same no matter if you stretch that diamond like a pencil or flatten like a pie. Not in reality. So that is the whole point if you can do that. But not sure how will be possible in live render... thanks again @NasimiAsl
  21. this is impressive. those sparkles are amazing @Sebavan
  22. Ping @Nockawa
  23. Yep I will remove it
  24. Hello Thanks for workings on it hv nice work
  25. GearVR should work with VRDeviceOrientationCamera
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