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  2. While DDS may work for an intel based MacBookPro, conversion tools may not. First double check what extensions are supported for your environment. You might also run this to see what compressed format gets picked for your machine. Remember, this is the web. What will work on one computer, will not on another. DDS for sure will not work on Android, iOS. DDS is also very old. While you may explicitly use DDS with BabylonJS, using ktx containers will allow your page to pick the appropriate compressed texture format. The doc is here, although I seem to remember a previous topic which had a problem with conversion tools on OSX.
  3. Hey ! What is software for convert my hdr or exr images environment from substance painter to DDS for babylon ? any idea ? Iam on macOS. thanks
  4. OfficeGames announcement

    I should have one for you here soon as well. Im keeping it asset-less, so that way the player does not have to download any extra files onto their work comp.
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  6. @trevordev I figured out the issues with the missing camera stuff. Basically the call to scene.createDefaultVRExperience() will create several cameras (5 of them now) which are used for VR purpose. You do want to keep these cameras in the scene object as you shuffle assets in and out from the containers to the scene object. That said I have to modify the moveAllFromScene to take optional keepCameras for this very purpose. import 'babylonjs' export class AssetContainerEx extends BABYLON.AssetContainer { constructor(scene: BABYLON.Scene) { super(scene); } moveAllFromScene(keepCameras?: BABYLON.Camera[]): void { Array.prototype.push.apply(this.actionManagers, this.scene._actionManagers); Array.prototype.push.apply(this.animations, this.scene.animations); if (keepCameras === undefined) { keepCameras = []; } for (let camera of this.scene.cameras) { let moveCamera = true; for (let keepCamera of keepCameras) { if (camera === keepCamera) { moveCamera = false; break; } } if (moveCamera) { this.cameras.push(camera); } } Array.prototype.push.apply(this.geometries, this.scene.getGeometries()); Array.prototype.push.apply(this.lensFlareSystems, this.scene.lensFlareSystems); Array.prototype.push.apply(this.lights, this.scene.lights); Array.prototype.push.apply(this.materials, this.scene.materials); Array.prototype.push.apply(this.meshes, this.scene.meshes); Array.prototype.push.apply(this.morphTargetManagers, this.scene.morphTargetManagers); Array.prototype.push.apply(this.multiMaterials, this.scene.multiMaterials); Array.prototype.push.apply(this.skeletons, this.scene.skeletons); Array.prototype.push.apply(this.particleSystems, this.scene.particleSystems); Array.prototype.push.apply(this.sounds, this.scene.mainSoundTrack.soundCollection); Array.prototype.push.apply(this.transformNodes, this.scene.transformNodes); this.removeAllFromScene(); } }
  7. whoops: Just keep refreshing this page and the behavior should switch. Pretty positive its timing, but that does not make sense do to Order of Ops. Even with a 20 ms buffer it seems to work every time. So its is for sure 100% a timing issue.
  8. you know, you pasted a localhost link.
  9. forEach item in array, set x position?

    I just realized this problem. The items are stored as strings in the inventory, where the string name matches the sprite name, but i need to store the sprite without the string quotations. Thanks!
  10. forEach item in array, set x position?

    What objects does inventory contain? You can't set the position because 'item' does not have property 'x'. So I assume item is not a sprite but some other object?
  11. I have an array of items (stored as strings) I am displaying on screen as sprites, in an inventory. I want to update my array when an item is removed from my inventory, so I want to write a function that resets the x position of the objects. I can log out the right object and the right index value, but I can't seem to set the position of the object using this function. Any ideas ? example: inventory('key', 'rock', 'sword', 'note'); resetSlots: function() { //for every item in inventory, slot position is index number. inventory.forEach(function(item, index){ item.x = index * 150; console.log(item.x); //this returns "undefined" }) },
  12. When you say that's not successful, what's the issue? Is it not rotating at the right spot, or not rotating at all?
  13. Who likes working in a stable environment though?
  14. Similar background. Our approach was to avoid becoming deeply entrenched with an all-things-for-all-people-game-engine. Instead we use an abstracted in-house framework and include discrete functionality per-project. We then consume best in class libraries as they are needed (be they 2D, 3D, audio, particles, tweens, skeletel, services etc) - or develop proprietary functionality if required / preferred. Likewise tooling is often discrete and relates to each library rather than an all-in-one. All that being said, we started doing this long before there were really solid all-in-one choices - today a company-level choice would also consider recruitment and sales keywords.
  15. if you don't mind me asking, for example that mummy sprite running in your intro post, how much would you charge to make one like that?
  16. I just noticed that on my local version it only works sometimes, so it really does seem to be a timing issue. But it doesn't happen on the stable version from what I've seen:
  17. What makes VR flat?

    Check the environment demo for skybox (technically - skyboxMaterial.reflectionTexture = new BABYLON.CubeTexture("textures/skybox", scene); )
  18. Actually I can say with almost certainty its a timing issue... now that I see that behavior. Sooo solved I guess? Still kinda odd cause the parenting should of happened way before I call the positioning but hey whatever.
  19. What makes VR flat?

    I will have to create one for demo. Maybe on Saturday. All you need is some columns a ground with a sky box. Is there a sky texture available in playground, ground could be just gray.
  20. The new Babylon Viewer

    Working Perfect Raanan, thanks its great !
  21. Skate Hooligans - Amusement Park
  22. The new Babylon Viewer

    So, quick fix : if you want you can get the latest viewer.js from the babylon repo or simply reference this one instead -
  23. Actually i am new in babylon.Thanks for help.
  24. I use the following example to get start. Is it possible to set the fix point for sprite rotation? Like the following images I try to use sprite..anchor.setTo (0.1,0.5), but not successful, Thanks you very much
  25. The new Babylon Viewer

    Thanks! Bug found, I will push a fix very very soon
  26. I had that up for a while, I moved on and to a new version. I can upload an example one again when I get to work today. And it was in the actual TSO object that it was not working or anywhere else on the script for that matter I had it running after the creating of the TSO object : and when the tile was created as well even though in this version it shows it commented out: Ill keep an working broken example up here when I get a chance. ***UPDATE*** should have the example now. Odd thing is it looks like it is working sometimes while others it does not, if you keep refreshing you may see the behavior. Maybe I just need to wrap it in a timeout and see if its a timing issue.
  27. Can I make a menu screen that plays a "scene" ? How?

    Ohhh okay awesome!!! I figured I would have to use some sort of timer but I've never used them in Phaser before!! And I just so happened to watch a video on a scrolling background the other day. Thank you so much ! I can't wait to play with this!
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