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  2. Hey, thanks Gryff. Interesting info. Check-out this tutorial. Phew. Perhaps I understand Jeff's "What's that got to do with BJS" -thing a bit better. It almost looks more-targeted toward the folks at Khronos. I think I might be "in over my head", yet again, here.
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  4. Hello Friends, I recently upgraded to the RC version of BJS 3 and am now seeing an error that isn't present in v2. I am creating an audio file and setting the src to a blob URL that I have just created with getUserMedia (it's a wave): var newUrl = (window.URL || window.webkitURL).createObjectURL(blob); var audioEl = new Audio(); audioEl.controls = true; audioEl.src = newUrl; document.getElementById('curTrackContainer').appendChild(audioEl); audioObj[i].sound.dispose(); audioObj[i].sound = new BABYLON.Sound(newName+i, newUrl, scene, null, { loop: false, autoplay: false }); The audio file plays okay from the audio element, but when I try to have babylon play it, I get this error: BJS - [21:52:42]: Error while trying to play audio: Sampled15010375539220, TypeMismatchError babylon.customRC.js (6025,13) This method works fine in version 2.5 but breaks in 3.0. Any help would be appreciated, if we know what has changed in that space. Thanks, Jeff
  5. Heya @JeZxLee, Played a bit the game and I start off with some things I liked: - Secret Code: Such a throwback, love it and I hope you will add some really fun unlockables - Music: Nice vibe, excellent for an alpha1 version About the things you should improve on (the most important thing of anybody's review, really): - "Press [Esc]": It was so large and PacManDude was not responding to WASD, so I pressed it and found myself back to the main menu... So, I'd say to show it a bit less imposing (perhaps upper-left part of the screen?) and replace it with the basic controls. - Controls: Definitely gotta support WASD as well. You've got a huge chunk of people (me included) who just starts a game with their fingers already on those keys, I found myself surprised that it took me THAT long to try the actual arrow keys, all the time I thought I had to do something else to start the game (hence the reason why I pressed Esc). - Powerup Effect: I see what you were going for but it really looked extremely annoying, and there are currently no ghosts! Imagine being chased by one and having that coming onto your face. - Extra sound effects: As I was playing, there were some extra sound effects which came from nowhere (I imagine them being for the ghosts) but they were definitely a bit too high and too common. They covered the sounds made by the main player. As a suggestion, since you are going for a zoomed in experience (opposed to the global view), you should make the ghost more "ghostly", that would definitely creep me out and add something to this game (maybe only available in the Adult mode). - Graphics: I guess they are gonna be polished in the future versions but yeah, you probably know already. That's all! Keep it up and don't forget to add your own twist to this classic. I am a strong believer that classics can be hugely improved by adding just a little bit of "juice" and proper plot.
  6. @satguru : Ok I have the file and will have a look at it on Thursday. Right now, I'm entertaining my daughters and my first grand-daughter until Thursday. cheers, gryff
  7. @mecanicus : As far as I know, you can name them what ever you like, for example : Cube1-moveX, Cube1-moveZ, Cube1-RotateZ Sphere1-moveY, Sphere1-Jump I was just using Action because it defaulted to that word. They are just names. cheers, gryff
  8. @Wingnut: Well Wingy my only knowledge of this kind of BVH in Blender is shown in the image below. They are used to improve render performance - and are different tor the two Blender internal render engines. A is the Blender Render Engine, and B is the Cycles Render Engine. It is my understanding for A that the BVH is calculated as needed. For B, again the BVH is calculated as needed but with the option to save the BVH to a cache. Note the two engines seem to use different algorithms. The file saved to the cache is not easily readable. So how you might export them - I hate to think. And then of course there is 3Dmax - there are a number of render engines for it (5+?) And I have no idea how they work. How you would develop compatibility across all these options? cheers, gryff
  9. What and where is the error?
  10. How to make the player slowly slide down steep slope?
  11. Hi all! We are currently running a campaign for an open source single player classic RPG engine. Following advise from "SnailMailGames" on twitter, we thought some people from here would be interested The engine will allow you to create 2D top down RPGs using orthogonal grid maps with an hybrid real time / turn based mode (real time for normal gameplay, turn based for combat). The core of the engine is inspired by the Ultima VI engine, which means you can model your game world as a continuous single scale map where all action takes place (including combat) and you will be able to engage in conversation with NPCs to obtain information and advance through the game and its plot, using plot items to resolve puzzles and uncover secrets and exploring the vast world to find surprises. It's powered by phaser and we have already done some ground work on it. (see the demos page) You can find more info about it on the campaign page. We have met the campaign goal (yay!) but looking forward to hit the stretch goals to create some tooling for easier game creation (and for non-devs to be able to use it), as well as additional tilesets. 6 days left! Thanks for your attention and also looking forward for your input in any aspect of the game engine itself.
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  13. What happens if you modify those lines and place handleCollisions() before handleJump() inside your update loop? update () { this.handleCollisions(); // <--- this.handleJump(); this.handleInput(); }
  14. Hi, We are on schedule to release Beta1 on Thursday, August 3rd... Please help test below Alpha1 version: (should be stable and source code is clean) Let us know if you see anything wrong or have suggestions for improvement. (will be adding the ghosts on Wednesday & level progression is Thursday) Thanks! JeZxLee
  15. ok makes sense! so do you want to submit a PR to update the setEffect(null) to affect defines to null if _materialEffect is null?
  16. Not a bug:) you forgot to reattach the camera;
  17. No need to apology at all. It was a pretty fair question
  18. Unfortunately no, i will try to make something similar in the playground but that wont be until tomorrow.
  19. It should be better:) but without seeing the scene it is tough to help can you share your demo somewhere with a reference to babylon.max.js (to help with debugging)
  20. Thats what I have and it doesnt work. Input works fine but both collisions and jump only work when theyre directly in the update function.
  21. Hey! we do not support loading lights but if you already have lights in your scene then it should work can you ensure that there are normals for your object in your .obj file? if not you can ask babylon to create them for you: mesh.createNormals()
  22. export default class GameState extends Phaser.State { update () { this.handleJump(); this.handleCollisions(); this.handleInput(); } handleCollisions () {/*…*/} handleInput () {/*…*/} handleJump () {/*…*/} }
  23. @gryff It's a single mesh. Attached is the blend file, if it helps. vincent.blend
  24. Hey you should configure your tsc to not generate modules
  25. Correct..and demo fixed:) thanks!
  26. I'm sorry. I didn't want to be mean or something But I'm not convinced at all we need it for now as you seem to be the only to require it
  27. I think the code is in there in elevationControl.js
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