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  2. Wingnut

    Text as polygon mesh

    Can I ask... How many hours of manual tweaking were needed... on these two font families? And, maybe, if ya want to say, what part of the planet is under you? (You can do it in PM if ya like, too). I was rambling-on earlier... about different font families on each char... but... I'm a little pre-mature on that advanced feature. I get overly-excited sometimes. :)
  3. Wingnut

    Text as polygon mesh

    I have servants do all my de-obfuscating... so, no problems. Goobacks. (South Park ref) Thx for the git-ref... very nice!
  4. The Leftover

    Text as polygon mesh

    You betcha! BTW, sorry to put you thru the trouble of maximizing. You can check out the fully beautified (and sortof documented) code here: The stuff there is the same thing as in type.min.js
  5. Wingnut

    Text as polygon mesh

    Hey, I just sent the hirukopro js file... thru an online beautifier (a maximizer)... and guess what? All lower case chars with descenders... have a yMin = -205... MUCH more negative than any other yMin values. So, yeah... we can use .yMin from the file... as our descender determiner "thing". Hey, there's xMin and xMax too. I YEARN.... TO KERN!!! Those are usable values for determining char size... even in BJS sceneLand! YAY! We're fartin' thru silk, now, boys! (ick) letter.showBoundingBox = true... and letter.getBoundingInfo()... is within reach! (likely overkill)
  6. Today
  7. I have some pixel art that's combined with high resolution images. I want to disable the anti-alias on the pixel art because I'm scaling it.. Can anybody help?
  8. The Leftover

    Text as polygon mesh

    For the record, my deadpool entry on you bringing up "kerning" was today. I win!
  9. Wingnut

    Text as polygon mesh

    hehe. TL, you funny! Yeah, when Jerome uses that "barycenter" term... my dog starts whining. JohnK uses it sometimes, too... scares all the squirrels away. Basically, I think he said that... 'pivot' is mostly used to translate the particle. Because of the "scale first, then rotate and finally translate" -order... there is not a "natural" way of finding the true center (barycenter) of the character... without doing vert position minimum/maximum calculations... on each character shape. Thinking about this... reminds me of a concern I had earlier... when I said... I think... letter shapes could have varying heights/widths, depending upon which letters. Soooo... on-the-fly barycenter calculations... might be the ONLY way to get usable centers... due to varying character sizes. The "standardized" I mention... simply "pretends" that each character is in a fixed boundingBox size. Letters with descenders (such as low-case g and p - portions below baseline) could be a problem. But yeah... create all particles at SPS origin... that would be fine. Build an easy initTransforms(particles) func... allows positioning and orientation. In a way, it is a custom SPS.startPosition(). But but but... kerning. How to programmatically determine correct space between varying-width letters... of a word? We're STILL needing to measure the min/max extends of the shape... just to learn how wide it is. Then the autoKern() knows what to do. We gotta think about the ransom note text. Each character could be a different font family and different size. IF autoKern() ... the letter spacing robot... can measure each character of a word... on the fly, then it can do smart kerning, no matter WHAT the next/previous character's width... was. Smart-kerning. Smart vertical positioning, too (descenders). hmm. Wow, is that difficult to say! I spit quite a bit. Measuring all the shapes used in a word... that would be a one-time measurement... not something that would bogishly persist, I think. Still, spawn at sps origin might be a good start... even if we want to do further size calcs in autoKern()/autoPosition(). But but but but... will autoKern()/autoPosition() need to be able to detect descenders... so it can auto-position the characters vertically, too? I wonder if there is an .isDescender bool flag nearby? What the heck is inside that imported JS file? Probably json... I should look... but I'm scared. Maybe there is .isDescender flags in there. If we don't know which chars descend below baseline, autoKern()/autoPosition() will mis-position the p q y g j, etc... they'll be positioned too high within the word (lower case issue only, of course).
  10. John Difool

    Simple Sprite Button Example

    Thanks for the your reply. Does the container let you have a local coordinates system? How do you deal with zposition in container? Is this a sorted list with first one in the displayed first?
  11. pdiddles03

    Brunch with Phaser 3 (starter project)

    Forgive me if I a, wrong, but es6 is JavaScript. Do you mean Babel?
  12. Deltakosh

    Blender exporter - No settings?

    Pinging el maestro: @JCPalmer
  13. Deltakosh

    Problem with Pointer Lock

    Not sure to understand: if you click once you will turn on pointerlock. You have to release the mouse at least once to let the other events come
  14. Yesterday
  15. squilibob

    Scene not defined.

    <script type="module" src="js/testmain.js"></script> Is this the name of your file? You said it was main.js not testmain.js?
  16. chriswa

    Farmer's Journey

    Gorgeous! Well done! The only criticism I can offer is: (1) a progress indicator on the loading screen would be nice and (2) the camera should probably be panned up a bit: I found myself wishing I could see further ahead, and I noticed that the bottom half of my screen wasn't helpful for gameplay.
  17. I have a class Player.js that handles the creation of my player, and I have game.js which is where I run my game. What is the correct way in the game.js to call the Player class? for example: let player; class Game extends Phaser.Scene{ ... create(){ player = this.add.sprite(400,400,'dude'); this.player = new Player(this); } my assets are handled in a preload scene. The italics portion is what I'm having problems with. It keeps saying Player is not defined. if I try to import it into the game.js file, I get an unexpected token error. Thank you for your help.
  18. Hey guys, So, I'm an experienced game dev, but I focus mainly on making turn based games. Right now I'm doing a multiplayer Mini Golf game with nodejs. I assume the physics calculations must be done on both server side and client side and some adjustment must be made to sync them. The question here is how to achieve the collision behaviour I expect? I know it's a very simple system(mini golf) but I don't know much about programming physics, should I use an existing library to handle the collisions? Should I write my own? I don't know really where to start. Any guidance would be welcomed. I'm attaching a sample course layout so you know what it is about. Thanks!
  19. How far did you get after ?
  20. Computer tells me,"out of reactions today". : [ It is noon, and I'm (apparently) reacting more than allotted by society (again). So yeah, sums it up! : ) @Wingnut, check this out... do you know how to make thick dashed lines in a circle? PG on limited time. POC (link below): Related to GUIMeter, but more along lines of COMBINATION-LOCK.... Check out: ~GUILOCK1(
  21. efxlab

    Babylon Toolkit Developer Portal

    ah ok because unity use C# by Microsoft like BabylonJS is a microsoft product ?
  22. set your ring out a little farther and have them start caching into a container object that has their keys as a location identifier. Then toggle active/inactive with a basic distance calc and maybe even turn the distance calc into an AABB to keep the ring as a box. Then keep the objects loaded even if they are out of site and obfuscated by fog, disable them if the bounding box is out of the frustum and dispose them only if they are double your distance threshold and then make sure you delete the key and value out of the container object for housekeeping. Also maybe have a variable that keeps track of how many tasks are being pulled at the moment, then maybe limit it and have a "stack" of loading task to parse through when ever the limit count variable is under the set value.
  23. @Pryme8, for use in the future... "take your indices clone it to a new array, reverse the array, and concat it to the original indices array, then update vertex data." 🏆
  24. This could be possible if the 'loading' scenes were far enough away. As it is when I tried an async process my row and column pointers got all out of sync because you could transition into a block that had not finished loading. I expect with more thought you could async generally and force a sync only when absolutely necessary. I think that enabling, disabling and loading two or three times distance from the inner ring and only those blocks directly in front of or behind the current viewing direction is the way to go. I will keep playing when I get the chance. It is an interesting challenge and insights and views very welcome.
  25. JBatUN

    Data Visualization Authoring Tool

    @kcoley I'm attaching a babylon file in case it helps. Unfortunately I had to produce it from Babylon editor but unedited - so hopefully it is close to what I would produce natively from the application. For some reason the usual serializer is not working for me (var serializedScene = BABYLON.SceneSerializer.Serialize( scene ) ...). Thanks, JB
  26. Kiwi404

    check if any sprite exists at x,y coordinates

    Indeed I saw it while experimenting, it use physics bodies coord instead of sprite's coord. Thanks !
  27. RoboGarden

    eLearning game for kids that teaches Javascript and Python

    Will update the post right now!!
  28. Wingnut

    Help With Particle Systems I like that jet thrust better. More power, narrower cone... looks hot. Stick your tongue on it! :)
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