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  2. Mirrored UV's

    Hey @gryff, Thank you for your response . Thanks for the tips, I will keep them in mind in future modeling jobs . One last thing though, are you sure the tangents are generated correctly in Babylon.js ? I have achieved the same visual results of Blender in another render engine some time ago and it seems quite strange to not be able to achieve the same result here as well despite the many problems of the mesh. Best Regards, RelativeNull.
  3. OBJ file not loading correctly?

    @RaananW My example in the 1st post of this thread is up & running again.
  4. Thanks guys. Now it's work well. @RaananW I work with Visual Code and terminal show nothing. On Visual Studio got 404 error. When I added change in Startup.cs, thats it's load well. Thanks
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  6. To The Capital II

    We continue the development To The Capital 2. Also updated our site

    HTMLCOIN Swapping Update Dear Htmlcoin Holders, We would like to provide you with an update for HTMLCOIN, which includes the pending coin swap. Worldwide, there are only a handful of crypto projects that have the technological capabilities of our new hybrid blockchain. While each offers a special and unique feature to help propel the industry to the next level, we believe that HTMLCOIN is the one with the right technology to make a lasting impact. Furthermore, we have the most engaged and vibrant global community, of which you are a member! Over the last few weeks, we have been busy talking to all of you, businesses, communities, and project developers that want to participate in the HTMLCOIN program. We have been excited to discover that HTMLCOIN, and all that we are doing and plan to do, appeal to so many people from so many backgrounds and cultures. As we drive the HTMLCOIN project from ambition to reality, we are inspired and energized by all that we hear. For us, the most important factors for a healthy cryptocurrency and blockchain are: 1) The stability and security of the currency and the blockchain network 2) An engaged and active community 3) A cryptocurrency and blockchain with real-world utility 4) A commitment to change and innovation We have now discussed our hybrid blockchain developments extensively and everyone has concluded that once HMTLCOIN has finished all stages of its swap, we will have a very real opportunity to build something that can deliver the levels of adoption and transformation we all know distributed ledger technology is capable of. We will be administering our swap in four stages, resulting in a smooth and gradual transition that will mitigate any disruptions to current users and developers. It will further allow us to phase in the more advanced and complex features of HTMLCOIN over the following months in a seamless and non-disruptive manner. Swapping Ratios Number of Days Equivalents 1-60 1 old coin : 1 new coin 61-90 2 old coins : 1 new coin 91-105 3 old coins : 1 new coin 106 - later 0 old coin : 0 new coin Preparation for Swapping Phase 1 (Soft Swap) As you know, we are upgrading to a state-of-the-art hybrid coin which combines Bitcoin core base with an Ethereum smart contracting layer in a POW/POS hybrid. The core swap will establish the new blockchain, which includes the security and neoscrypt algorithm that we agreed upon in June 2017. In the coming weeks, we will publish the timeline, wallet, mining (POW), and staking (POS) details as well as automatic exchange and manual swap details. We have now decided the manual swap will last for 105 days with a 1:1, 1:2, and 1:3 swap window to ensure all HTML5 holders have the opportunity to receive their new HTMLCOINs. Roadmap and Pipeline: Currently, the HTMLCOIN project is funded and supported by volunteer donations. But over the past weeks, as we have rolled out our roadmap and pipeline, the level of enthusiasm for the multiple developments we are discussing has made it clear to us that we will be unable to realize our potential through crowdfunding. For this reason, we will be updating our pre-mine plans to make sure that funds are available for us to engage a larger team of developers and professionals who can not only deliver quickly but who can participate in the global crypto conversation to represent the needs of our community in the development of this transformational technology. Also, we want to add that none of these developments would have been possible without all the positive contributions from you, the community. Keep the positive flow going and share it with others. We are very excited with all the that is taking place. Together, we have a bright future ahead with HTMLCOIN! Please remember that you can always contact our core team members and share your questions, ideas, and concerns. We are happy to hear from you and welcome your feedback and suggestions. It’s not always easy for us to respond to everything, but we promise we will try. We are listening. All the best! HTMLCOIN Core team
  8. Virtual joystick plugin for Phaser and Typescript

    help me virtual joystick plugins ionic 3 Added to phaser-ce directory.And how to add home.ts sorry for the bad english:(
  9. BABYLON.Augmented Reality ... in AR.JS

    Lol, @brianzinn, that was the hardest part ... +1 thx. : )
  10. BABYLON.Augmented Reality ... in AR.JS

    The thumb up at the end of the video is a nice touch!! Great work
  11. BABYLON.Augmented Reality ... in AR.JS Video, and still trying to get it to embed here...
  12. Dynamic diffuseTexture path in babylon file

    Is that the final conclusion?
  13. Another webfont loader

    I haven't seen another example like this so I thought I would share. This method uses a dedicated state for loading the webfont and then moves to the next state once complete (or failed). For me this is a little easier to reason about.
  14. Simple states example

    There is only one file/script. The states are simple objects (no prototype). Three states: Boot, Menu, Game. You move through them with Start, Restart, and Quit. Fun features: Loading bar with setPreloadSprite loadUpdate, loadRender, pause, render, and shutdown callbacks Logs state changes with onStateChange signal so you can see what's happening
  15. Nightmare with Particle Storm & sprites

    You would create, move, and collide your bullet sprites as usual, then emit particles at their positions. examples/v2/particlestorm/mouse-trail
  16. How to add things to cache and restore

    I haven't tried it but I think it would be something like let baseImg = this.make.image(0, 0, 'tempcity'); let bitmap = this.make.bitmapData(baseImg.width, baseImg.height); baseImg.tint = tint; bitmap.draw(baseImg); bitmap.generateTexture(name, function (texture) { let sprite = this.add.sprite(0, 0, texture); }, this); I'm really not sure it's worth the trouble though, unless you're sure that tinting is slowing things down.
  17. Stranded Hair Update

    @JCPalmer : Well I watch with interest Jeff. I just tweaked the color spread slider - which did not seem to differentiate between intra/inter to the casual observer. Mind you, can you produce something like this: Hair Streaks As I walk around downtown I see that there are many young ladies into that type of hair coloring cheers, gryff
  18. Mirrored UV's

    @RelativeNull Well yes they are Compare these two scenes: Jack with Normal map Jack without normal map I deleted the normal texture from just the body - the face still the same in both models. By the way, the black hair has more verts and faces than the whole of the body The body mesh is not very good - no flow to the faces that you would get with lowpoly "box/edge" modelling And you still have issues with the bones and animation - 72 bones is way to many and the IK bones are not connected properly cheers gryff
  19. Check the network logs for 404s. For your .NET project make sure your wwwroot has the files - you may need a postbuild event to copy. Like DK said - you can enable specific mime types in your config, but try this to start and then lock it down more after (in startup.cs): app.UseStaticFiles( new StaticFileOptions { /* unknown mime types (ie: .fx) files will not be served, otherwise! */ ServeUnknownFileTypes = true } ); edit: Serving unknown file types is not recommended security-wise, so once you get it working switch over to FileExtensionContentTypeProvider
  20. Shadow quality and resolution

    You have pretty big numbers So here are some hints: - Use instances as soon as possible. For trees, for houses - 78 draw calls is a good number but... - 12 millions is not a good one: You clearly need to simplify the scene - Is light moving? If not, just bake the shadows in the ambient channel in 3ds max and turn off dynamic shadows. This is one this scene was done:
  21. Shadow Blur Problem

    Welcome to babylon.js homepage
  22. Mission 13 - Lost in Space

    your game captures perfectly the theme of js13k17! i tried to find stars but no, just planets and angry aliens on steroids ;) i tried to figure stars position by finding the center of rotation of the planets but no luck. a minimap of the already traversed universe would be a good addition to the game. and some tech/artifact on the planet/ships to add powerups! cool game!
  23. Did you make sure to enable .babylon mime type?
  24. 3D netball outfits

    We are the one who are honored!
  25. Try this : // Get the canvas element from our HTML below var canvas = document.getElementById("renderCanvas"); // Load the BABYLON 3D engine var engine = new BABYLON.Engine(canvas, true); // ------------------------------------------------------------- engine.enableOfflineSupport = false; var scene = new BABYLON.Scene(engine); BABYLON.SceneLoader.Append("js/", "babilon_blender.babylon", scene, function(newScene){ scene = newScene; scene.executeWhenReady(function(){ scene.activeCamera.attachControl(canvas); engine.runRenderLoop(function(){ scene.render(); }); }); });
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