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  2. Fedor

    Keep child at original scale

    @botmaster: in my case I don't think it's bad structure. The child that should remain it's own scale is a bit of text. It follows the sprite but it should not resize when the sprite resizes.
  3. Ecco

    Pixi.js Showcase

    ..just finished animation and tests on placeholders(forest image is not mine, im using it as a reference only) ..more to be shared soon..
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  5. zack_falcon

    Buttons set to fixedToCamera disappears after game reset.

    Fixed it. The problem is with this code: this.touchBtnUp =, - 300, 'ctrlBtn_up', this.touchUpCallback, this, 'btn_up.png'); For some reason, on game restart, the changes. So it's less a case of it disappearing than it is getting set up in the wrong place. For now, I just hard-coded in my usual height, until I figure out why that changes.
  6. MrVR

    Root Motion vs In Place Animations

    NO root motion With root motion
  7. blade2xs

    Animating TileSprites in Phaser 3?

    I was curious if this was an expensive way to do it here:\game objects\tilemap\dynamic\swap tiles.js\game objects\tilemap\dynamic\replace tiles.js\game objects\tile sprite\Example 2.js You could perform the animation in the update event for the scene? Or maybe treat them as a regular sprites? That could be expensive though
  8. I have an old school RPG I am making and I have two main scenes, the Overworld and Encounter scenens. The overworld is fine when switching to it but the problem is the Encounter, before I switch to it, I reset it so I can recreate it from scratch with a random monster in it. The problem is, every time I switch/restart the Encounter scene, the animation of the creature gets progressively faster. I do remove the animation key so I dont get the warning when I switch back to the Overworld scene. Just curious if I am taking the right approach to this and if so, do I need to clean up the sprite of the monster before hand so it doesn't make the animation speed up?
  9. Buizerd

    [WIP] - multiplayer shooter - Box2D

    Maybe. As you can probably tell I'm mostly a software dev and not much of a designer. Feel free to message me about your ideas.
  10. Buizerd

    [WIP] - multiplayer shooter - Box2D

    I have no idea. I literally get no response from miniclip or any similar company whenever I email them about a possible partnership. Advertisers are not interested because the number of players that I have is below a certain threshold(20k/day or something). I regularly have thousands of players a day and 80/90 simultaneous players, but apperently that is not even 1/10 of the amount required? Due to the nature of running a physics engine the game is probably more costly than most to run. Hence I can only support ~100 clients with current server capacity, which is apparently way below the threshold where potential partners bother to respond. So the main issue is that I cannot afford to pay for increased server capacity out of my own pocket. I'm stuck with a crappy server. I literally have to drop players during peak hours. The game can't grow to a size where advertiserse might be interested. As a last resort I've added a Monero miner to help pay for server capacity. This does not even begin to cover the full cost, but at least it helps a little. I'm reluctant to sell in-game assets since that would turn players into actual customers, which generates expectations that I cannot assure can be met by me working my hobby project over the weekend. </rant>
  11. mtmckenna

    Filters/Shaders/Etc. in Phaser 3?

    I think I found it... Looks like custom pipelines is the thing?
  12. Typing text on text object, bbcode text object, or tag text boject. Links Document minified source code Live demo Typing on text object and bbcode text object : it supports typing left-to-right, right-to-left, middle-to-sides, sides-to-middle
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  14. ivan.popelyshev

    Loader Json

    Whats in the network tab, which requests were made by browser?
  15. Wingnut

    Scene observables firing order

    Oh, by the way... Hi Theodox... welcome to the forum! Good to have ya! List added... Needs approval/adjusting, then docs build-into-html, eventually. Observ-ables, animat-ables, vari-ables, there sure are lots of 'ables' around this place. How about a new system for doing matrix transformations? Transformers and transform-ables! errr... maybe not.
  16. cpu_sam

    About Javascript and Typescript with Phaser

    Ok, thank you for the answers. I was planning toi change JS for the TS. Now I can finally make one simple example with TS after many hours trying.
  17. Ninjadoodle

    Load assets

    Hi @Sly Here is a good example from the Panda Playground ... Also, I recommend using Texture Packer to pack your graphics into a single (or multiple) sprite sheets. Panda 2 is officially supported by Texture Packer. Hope this helps
  18. We are looking for a BabylonJS coder to assist us with a 3D project. We have a large 3d mesh terrain with many buildings on top. We will split them into numerous tiles/chunks and we need to stream the tiles into the scene from a web server when the camera moves close to the tile position. We also need to work on a few other functions. We will deal with all the data preparation side. Just need someone to help us with the coding part. If capable and interested, please send me a private message to start the conversation. Luigi
  19. ivan.popelyshev

    generateTexture with region doesn't work?

    generateTexture has its quirks, there are no guarantees that it'll work with both CanvasRenderer and region. There was a PR to fix that, but it was too massive, we will fix it in v5 later: I guess for now you have to move stage position to get correct coords there.
  20. mtmckenna

    About Javascript and Typescript with Phaser

    Re: #2, I just started using Phaser 3 with TS 2.8.3. One note is that the TS definitions aren't included in the main repo (the readme has info on that), so you'll have to include those manually. Re: #3, I think you can use the JS packager of your choice, but recently I've been using ParcelJS because it doesn't require any configurations to get TS hooked up.
  21. Sly

    Load assets

    Hi, can I load assets in background, for example, l would like to load few assets on start and rest in a menu. I would like to split assets load in my game. any advice? best
  22. Hello, I am trying to take a screenshot of a specific part of my stage by using this simple code: var ht = app.renderer.generateTexture(app.stage, 1, 1, new PIXI.Rectangle(1200, 400, 370, 310)); // the stage dimensions are 1600x900 var hp = new PIXI.Sprite(ht); app.stage.addChild(hp); whatever the rectangle x/y values, the texture is always grabbed from 0/0 second 'problem' is that I have to use canvas renderer to make this work or I get a blank texture which is pretty weird because with other display objects (even objects already added to the stage) the texture is there! The renderer issue is not a big deal, I can use a custom renderer, the problem is that I can't crop a portion of my stage. Am I missing something? Or maybe there is another way to achieve what I need? Thanks! [Edit] I can do it by generating a full screen stage and then create a new Texture with the frame I want, but the question is still valid; I found a bug or I did it wrong? And what about the webgl renderer blank grab?
  23. FezMonki

    Pseudo 3d racing?

    Any suggestion on which engine would be best suited and I should look a developer for would also be appreciated (would be happier if Phaser could handle it though).
  24. So looks like you got the Kinect working . For the face scanner to make it into production, seems like you would have to remove the robot from the process. Also, in early March, on the NBC nightly news, I remember that they re-ran a DARPA sourced story. It warned to be on the lookout for people being made to say things in videos, a.k.a faked videos. It caught my eye as I use the DARPA funded Arpabet database for my animated speech. Wonder if the timely of the re-run was prompted by your demo? I also would have thought that the example of President OBama talking (which wasn't even visually convincing) was a little far fetched, since it relied upon a voice impersonator. This is except for the fact I remembered last fall. I had just finished the first version of my speech system. Was walking my dog, and a young woman, sitting on her deck said something to me in a very low, Lauren Bacall voice. It then just popped into my head that IBM had bought a Voice Font patent back in like 1990. I do not have time to do anything with that right now, but it was definitely noted.
  25. TrinityCore

    Delete a set of objects

    Thanks! its cool! 😁
  26. I'm since yesterday to run a simple example with phaser3 and I can't run. For example, I've tried ES6, so syntax error on import (even with the code with no errors). So, I tried typescript 2, but give me some errors on compile time. I want any help to answer this simple question to avoid a hert attack: 1-What's the Javascript version indicates to use with Phser 3? 2-Which Typescript version (and compiler version) should I use with Phaser 3? 3-do I need use some programma like browserify/wbpack to pack my game and distribute it? Please, if you only knows answer one question, so answer me. Greetings
  27. NasimiAsl

    GPU (shaders) for vertex animation

    hi oz if you have time (2 week )for this project we can make it and need your cloth vertex data and obj too
  28. mtmckenna

    Animating TileSprites in Phaser 3?

    Hello, again! Anybody know if it's possible to animate TileSprites in Phaser 3? I was thinking of doing something like this, but couldn't find the Phaser 3 equivalent. Thank you!!
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