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  2. Vertices Position on cube

    Ok it's good I changed my loop for (var i=0 ; i < nbrVertices ; i+=3){ with: for (var i=0 ; i < nbrVertices ; i++){
  3. Vertices Position on cube

    Hi Arte Cool I think I must not be good in my code because group returns only 7 differents positions while we should have 8 ?
  4. MattDearGameAudio - SFX/Music/Dialogue/Audio Implementation

    Hi All! I've been silent for a few months... because I've been working with OMUK doing dialog editing. Finally, I can reveal that I was working on Horizon: Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds DLC I've been doing some sound design of my own as well, a new collection of sounds is up on my soundcloud:
  5. Vertices Position on cube

    Hi @Xav Group Vertices
  6. About linearity and gamma correction

    A little more research: This shows a png image (which is in SRGB as nearly all other png and jpg images on the web) The browser loads and correctly shows this on the upper right. It is displayed correctly, because the 0,255 rgb values (stripes) look the same luminance as the 187 (middle grey) value. (In linear, 128 would be the middle grey value) On the boxes, the same texture is loaded on to a emissive texture (black diffuse) and a diffuse texture. Standard materials. The emissive texture should look correctly too IF the texture is loaded from SRGB, corrected to linear RGB values, light calculated (no change because it is an emissive texture), and then corrected back to SRGB (display space) It should look correctly without SRGB correction at all, because the input is srgb and the outout is srgb too. Edited: It looks correctly now with good monitor settings. So, it kind of works without SRGB/linear and linear/SRGB corection, so I think everything is done in display space.
  7. How to add collider for slide in BabylonJS

    thanks. i have a doubt how to freeze rotation in y & z axis only i'm using canonjs engine
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  9. Vertices Position on cube

    Create an array with vertices that are the same coordinated in the same index for example myCubeVertices = [[all vertices with same coordinates xyz], [all vertices with same coordinates xyz], ...] ? Does this seem to me easier to visualize and manipulate?
  10. Vertices Position on cube

    What do you mean by "to group them" ? To replace 3 vertices on the same location by only one ?
  11. Vertices Position on cube

    thank you Jerome I'm ok with you all 24 vertices match with nbrVertices = cube.getTotalVertices (); I follow you well on the 6 face with 4 vertices per face. There are then 6 vertices of each face that have the same coordinates. What I would like to do is group them ... like this
  12. About linearity and gamma correction

    I researched this a little bit, but could not find the place where srgb->linear and linear->srgb display space conversions happen in Babylon. Maybe it is somewhere, maybe all is done in SRGB display space (which kind of works, but not correct) in webGL 2, there is a way to load textures with automatic srgb-> linear correction like this: gl.texImage2D( gl.TEXTURE_2D, 0, // Level of details gl.SRGB8, // Format gl.RGB, gl.UNSIGNED_BYTE, // Size of each channel image ); Here is the texture creation, babylon do not do this automatic correction for sure: let internalFormat = format ? this._getInternalFormat(format) : ((extension === ".jpg") ? gl.RGB : gl.RGBA); gl.texImage2D(gl.TEXTURE_2D, 0, internalFormat, internalFormat, gl.UNSIGNED_BYTE, img); But elsewhere maybe?!
  13. Vertices Position on cube

    a cube has 6 sides each side is composed with 2 triangular facets, so 4 vertices. Side vertices aren't shared with other sides so they can hold different UVs and normals per side. I total : 4 * 6 = 24 vertices... some are in the same location.
  14. Orthographic camera and SSAO

    Would be totally cool if that would be possible for orthographic as well! Maybe the documentation should mention this?
  15. Hi everyone! The 14th IMGA Global is open for entries until 31 December 2017. Mobile and VR game developers, studios and publishers are invited to submit their games for free in a few clicks. Enter your game now!
  16. Hi everyone!

    The 14th IMGA Global is open for entries until 31 December 2017. Mobile and VR game developers, studios and publishers are invited to submit their games for free in a few clicks. Enter your game now!


  17. Texture Scale

    I'll add the parameter to allow to build the box with custom UVs soon
  18. Two bumpTexture questions

    1 : use the parameter sideOrientation = DOUBLESIDE
  19. BabylonJS Editor Toolkit - Version 3.1 Alpha

    Dunno... package up and send me the scene I will take a look at it for you The GLOBAL Scene Reflections are controlled via the Standard Unity Skybox System. Are you using skybox ??? I will try make a quick little skybox video. But let me know of you are already using a skybox and its still not working ???
  20. Hi All, I've looked into the source code of Texture and I did not find any code which allowed loading texture directly in sRGB. I could not find them in the default.fragment.fx either something which handled the linearity. The only thing I've seen was converting the output to linear space if applying image processing afterwards. Another question is that do we have a built-in gamma correction effect? I know it's simple to implement but I'd rather use the built-in one if existing BTW, should I still apply the gamma correction if I apply tone mapping before it? I am not familiar with the tone mappers and not sure if gamma correction has already been baked in them...
  21. Hi !, I'm looking at how vertices work so that I can work with and transform my mesh later. For that I started with a simple box to find the order and give a number on the vertices group. Can someone explain to me why numbers 3 and 7 are in the same place? Thank you !
  22. New Structure to Documentation

    Links: from page not working.
  23. Work in Progress: Escaping Earth - 3D space platformer

    I completely get your point and it's true that it could be fun to feel attraction forces. The issue for now is that the difficulty of the controls does not seem to come at all from gravity fields, it just feels like the ship has immense inertia, that is, when I go in a direction, it takes ages for the ship to stop going this way. Very annoying when trying to catch a small-sized star. I don't feel like I'm attracted to planets, I just feel like I'm flying on ice. So maybe make the ship more controllable, with better stop/brake mechanism, make the attraction fields stronger so that it's obvious that the planets are attracting you, and why not add some kind of boost that could help you get out of gravitation fields? But obviously it's hard to fine-tune, and maybe all my suggestions are unrelevant. Play a lot with that. Annoying controls could be the death of your game, and it's a pity because it looks very promising!
  24. Hello everyone, I want to present you my game, "Jumping Ninjas Deluxe". Gameplay preview on youtube: Play the game online now: Available on google play store: More games available on my website: This game is available for licensing.. If you are interested, please contact me via email! ; -) Best regards, Kyriakos
  25. [Phaser]

    5-6 seems like the right amount of bots to give a more multiplayer feel to the game if nobody else is online!
  26. Thanks, that was the solution !
  27. hi @mr_pinc PlaneImposter works, but I got this warning(confused "Attention, PlaneImposter might not behave as you expect. Consider using BoxImposter instead"
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