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  2. [Panda 2] Diamond Dasher

    Great looking game, the voice announcer and overall presentation is very professional. Though it drops you straight into the game no tutorial/instructions or options or anything. Also I think there's a minor game-play bug, sort of. When you select two gems that are too far apart it will deselect the first gem, which is correct. However, when the gem stops spinning it sometimes is in a sideways position, I mean you see it from the side and you can't see which shape it is (triangle, round etc.). I think the gems should always be front-facing, especially for colorblind players.
  3. Panda 2 Release notes

    Panda 2 v1.4.0 released Added export option for Android TV Panda 2 now supports Android TV! Export and install games to Android TV with just few clicks. Added "Show config button" to settings Turn this on to show config button in the header bar. Use config button to show game.config module quickly with just one click. Added "Show update button" to settings Turn this on to show update button in the header bar. With update button you can update the game engine of your project to latest master version. Added "Update to dev version" to settings Use this setting to update to latest dev version instead of master version. Use this with caution, dev version may not be fully tested. Added "Reload game on config save" to settings Turn this on to reload game automatically when you save changes made on game.config module. Added "Reload game on media file change" to settings Turn this on to reload game automatically when you make any changes to files in the media folder. Added support for custom build plugins You can now define custom Cordova plugins to be included in the Android/iOS build in your game.config module. Example: build: { plugins: [ { name: 'cordova-plugin-app-version', spec: '~0.1.9' }, { name: 'cordova-plugin-insomnia', spec: '4.0.1' } ] } Added support for custom config.xml lines You can now define custom lines to the default config.xml file: build: { custom: [ '<allow-navigation href="*" />' ] } See Cordova docs for more info about config.xml Added ES6 support You can now use ES6 in your game code. When minifying or exporting for Web, the JavaScript code is minified into one file and compiled into ES5-compatible code. Added update project to window file menu Added export project to window file menu Added Shift-click on scene to set scene on game Added cordova.js to index.html when using PhoneGap Build Added default Android TV banner Updated engine to 2.4.1 Fixed private app limit error to show PhoneGap links Fixed .pgbomit file to be included in default res folder Fixed "Set to game size" to also reduce window height if needed Fixed remote device reconnecting Fixed close buttons to use close icon Fixed remove project button to use close icon Fixed remote device registering when project already closed Fixed popup windows to have scrollbar if too big Fixed build error message to show correctly Fixed screenshots on retina monitors Fixed debug sprites status not correctly sent to game Fixed export settings to be saved even when PhoneGap username/password not set Fixed default config.xml to use PhoneGap 7.1.0 Fixed "Missing Compliance" warning on iOS build
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  5. Question about vector gfx

    @enpu - just tried a different setting again and the sizing works properly now WebGL is still ignoring the hires tho and the svg shows up very pixelated. In canvas it looks perfect. Also WebGL is not showing tilingSprite correctly with hires.
  6. [solved] scene loader wrong error

    ok thanks
  7. Question about vector gfx

    For me, this svg is scaling as expected: sprite.scale.set(2 * game.scale); sample.svg
  8. Phaser 3 API's?

    They currently live in this folder on github. Not sure when they will be properly launched and published, but you can download them from there.
  9. Question about vector gfx

    @enpu - I've exported with different settings and I can now display the whole image, but I'm having trouble with the scaling (can't seem to get the right size relative to the game scale).
  10. Question about vector gfx

    @enpu - Thanks for that, I'll have a look now to see if I can change it.
  11. Key just pressed event

    Glad I could help! I actually prefer that approach over just pressed because it's easier to implement variable jump height depending on how long you hold the jump key.
  12. Question about vector gfx

    Here is svg tag from your file: <svg width="100%" height="100%" viewBox="0 0 56 56" version="1.1" xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="" xml:space="preserve" xmlns:serif="" style="fill-rule:evenodd;clip-rule:evenodd;stroke-linejoin:round;stroke-miterlimit:1.41421;"> And here is from my sample svg that is working correctly: <svg version="1.1" id="Layer_1" xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="" x="0px" y="0px" width="472px" height="392px" viewBox="0 0 472 392" enable-background="new 0 0 472 392" xml:space="preserve"> (You can open svg in any text editor) As you can see in your svg the width and height are defined in percents, while in the other they are pixels. I suspect that is the problem. Try if there is any export settings that you can change when creating the svg file. The working one was generated with Adobe Illustrator 17.1.0, SVG Export Plug-In . SVG Version: 6.00 Build 0
  13. Question about vector gfx

    hmmm ... I just bough Affinity Designer to finally get rid of Adobe software I just sent you the file I'm using to test.
  14. Question about vector gfx

    @Ninjadoodle There might be something wrong in the svg file. I noticed also that some are rendered correctly and some only small part of it. Can you send me your svg? How did you export it? I suspect the svg needs to be in a certain format to work correctly..
  15. I would love a community driven Phaser3-boilerplate. The list of features contains everything I could think of.
  16. I think that's where that draggable yellow circle is done. I don't foresee me being able to reproduce that in the playground. Sorry. It would take me forever to learn jquery-ui. Perhaps there are others in the forum that have experience with jQuery UI that can help.
  17. Hi @Deltakosh & @Wingnut thanks for the replys. I found this definition that matches what I experience with buttons across all software (web & desktop): (from My code from the first posting (checking the enterCount) does achieve that. If you agree that the event should fire when "Up" is fired and the cursor is still over the button, and that the enterCount check is the way to go, I'll try and create a pull request on github.
  18. Absolute positioning

    Thanks, I really appreciate it, Wingnut. Did you get along with my code? Just saw that there are still some comments in my first tongue. BTW, not long I lived in MI, too (Shelby Township, greater Detroit area). Liked it lot. BR, Markus
  19. I'm working on a Metroidvania where the game is composed of many rooms that are connected at the edges and can be accessed by the player crossing the boundaries. The player's state is retained between rooms. A long-term goal is to allow users to link their own custom rooms to their friends' rooms to create a network of rooms spanning multiple servers. There are a lot of different steps in setting up something like this and I already have a sense of how to tackle each one, but I'm trying to be smart about it and use Phaser 3's new abilities to the best of their capacity so I don't duplicate efforts or shoot myself in the foot. One way I had considered doing it was to have a custom parameterized scene class where each instance worked as its own room. There seem to be a few problems with this, however: - It doesn't seem like scenes are designed for their game objects to interact with each other. This is important, because the player and certain other objects exist across multiple scenes, which means such objects may need to be kept in their own persistent scene that doesn't belong to any rooms. - Scenes each want to have their own camera and seem to effectively render as independent visual layers. That won't work for me, since scenes need to appear connected at the edges during screen transitions, and may possibly need to be loaded and displayed simultaneously in certain situations. Am I correct to be trying to use scenes this way, or is that beyond their scope? Would that help keep things organized and sensible to other Phaser developers looking at my code or would I just be creating a maintenance nightmare for myself? The other alternative (which I am currently using) is to keep all content in a single scene, but create a Group instance for each room's game objects.
  20. Phaser 3 API's?

    Will the Phaser 3 API's eventually be added to the Phaser API's page with the 2.x versions, or will they be located elsewhere? Do they exist anywhere now? There seems to be a Phaser 3 API page in a different location, but the last updated dates are last February, June, or August. Thanks in advance, -Chad
  21. Thanks folks, I think I have the general idea.. Lots o' lights: Follow up question for @Deltakosh: If a light has an includedOnlyMeshes array, and all of the included meshes are not rendered (e.g. due to frustum culling), that light won't have any performance impact on the scene since it's not bound to any meshes, right? Or in other words, if I maintain an accurate list of included meshes for a light, I assume there's no need to disable the light when its outside the view frustum?
  22. onProgress can't run second time

    thank you @Deltakosh & @JCPalmer but my problem is the onProgress function is not executing in second time for example function (evt) { console.log(evt); console.log("hello world"); if (evt.lengthComputable) { loadingProgress = evt.loaded * 100 /; } else { loadingProgress = 100; console.log("hello world"); dlCount = evt.loaded / (1024 * 1024); console.log("Loading, please wait..." + Math.floor(dlCount * 100.0) / 100.0 + " MB already loaded."); } } the console log line is also not executing is there anything wrong in this script??? && my question Is the onProgress function will be execute at 1st time only?
  23. I can help you. Email send.
  24. gltf animation broken bug?

    @Deltakosh Sure i want the animation, what i mean is that i can't set the start frame and end frame for a specific part of the's not working
  25. [WIP] Fold Wars - 2D Tower Defense

    Today's update brings revamp of tower artwork. The new tower sprites are minimal, crisp, distinguishable, work at both normal and double resolution. Also updated the drawing of walls between adjascent towers. Fixed some bugs in wall drawing algorithm which used to leave out some sections without walls.
  26. Thanks @Nodragem Please see as there is discussion on this issue there, and also a Ziao has also posted a solution.
  27. Hi guys! How do you check if the video is completed? This is my code but won't work. err "rewardedVideo is not a function" if (rewardedVideo != undefined) { rewardedVideo.load();; rewardedVideo.reward(function(){ this.updateCoin(25); },this); }
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