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  2. What if I basecode64 every image and minify the javascript on my own. so that would make a single html file. but then I dont know how to integrate pixi correctly. Using <script src="pixi.min.js"></script> gives me errors, so I probably have to inline it as well?
  3. The issue is your bundler. When you add non-standard things to your 'regular' JS, you can't expect perfect interoperability with JS libraries (such as Phaser) which expect you to write in JS. The issue lies with however your bundler transforms `./assets/button.png`, usually, this will become a file path, which would work fine if, and only if, the paths are correct. I am going to guess that in your case, they are not correct, hence the 404. More strangely, it doesn't even try to insert a path, just the variable name, which either means you're calling Phaser functions wrong, or, the bundler is really mucking you around. Most bundlers that allow you to import asset paths also will handle packing those assets and they _should_ also handle serving it for you in the same way they're serving your HTML and other static code assets.
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  5. I am using tweenjs I think this is a very popular tween API?
  6. i can give you help with tween but with this API only sorry Maybe link the API your are using for get more help ?
  7. @themoonratPerfect!!! Very Very Thank you! I solved the problem!! @ivan.popelyshev Thank you so much for trying to help me!
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  9. In npm. Or you can clone the repo and build them. Unfortunately typings for 5.0.0-rc3 have one small problem that had to be fixed manually, so here we go: index.d.ts
  10. If you don't need gradients, there is this clever 3 sprites approach :
  11. yep, that also wont work. Though, I have implementations like ParticleContainer that allow children. But I cant share it, its too difficult to use because of other limitations
  12. You rang, m'lord? @JECKL try looking at `` instead
  13. It should work. Don't forget to clear() graphics. Also, it depends on pixijs version, some of v5 versions were unstable, I recommend to use latest dev One of ideas is sprite with full circle and mask that you modify each frame. If mask is somehow leaking please report it to us, it should work.
  14. Grid Align Example When I add position param: Phaser.Actions.GridAlign(group.getChildren(), { width: 10, height: 10, cellWidth: 32, cellHeight: 32, position:Phaser.Display.Align.CENTER, x: 100, y: 100 }); Shouldn't group be centered in this example?
  15. Hi all.I am a beginner of pixi.js, and using PIXI.Graphics to create a circular progress bar that will move over time, the effect is like the one below: More specifically, the circular progress bar moves over time. So, the graphics is modified constantly, this caused a very serious performance problem and even caused the iOS system to crash. My question is what should I do to implement such a circular progress bar in pixijs? My English is poor, thank you for reading.
  16. Thanks, Ivan, is it true, that childs of particle container can't have their own childs?
  17. Hi hi guys, I do hope I am posting in the correct area. I written a couple clicker games for myself mostly too lean the language. So now I've been tricked out on a more complex game. And of course with complexity comes new methods of writing when using different aspects of the code. Which is why I like writing games. Also, I want to do this in JavaScript, not jQuery. Just a personal preference. The section of game is this: 20 mobs. Each of those mobs attack the player in nine waves. Inside of those waves are the criteria needed to beat that wave. I want to be able to access the data as follows: To initialize: Mob(1) = mobname Mob(1).wave(1).hp = 100 .... Mob(19) = mobname Mob(19).wave(1).hp = 100 Mob(mobxCnt).wave(currwavecnt).hp etc. Unfortunately, I am at work so I cannot post the various codes I've tried. Most of them work but only 2 deep. I am used to programming in PHP which this is extremely simple tasks to do. However, I'm having difficulties with JavaScript and it's arrays. How do I get the third set get the various criteria is inside that wave? I'll be home in a few hours, if this is still a little blurry I'll post some of the codes I've tried. Thanks for your assistance
  18. To help the beginner drifters out there, I've added spin control, and auto braking. These can be turned on/off in game: The spin control will detect if your drift is about to get out of control, and will steer into the drift for you. The auto brake will detect if you are about to head off the track, and will apply the brakes for you. I've tried to make them not too aggressive, so there is still skill involved in drifting the car. Please let me know if you like them or not. Happy drifting! 🙂
  19. this.load.atlasXML(...) works in phaser 3.16 See atlas xml/load xml texture atlas.js
  20. Looking to hire Pixi and Phaser developers for Noida location. Interested members please PM me or can send over the Resume to
  21. > Okey thanks for pointing that out ! I am new to Pixi.js so I hope I can understand how to achieve a one singled file. I'm afraid that is not newbie material. Go through first, and look at our examples at Try to make simple game, then try to supply all resources in one file. Bundling stuff is difficult at the moment, one moment it works, and then suddenly doesnt. When you do that, both webpack and PixiJS have to be your friends already, otherwise when something doesnt work you'll blame it on stupid pixi.
  22. Okey thanks for pointing that out ! I am new to Pixi.js so I hope I can understand how to achieve a one singled file.
  23. I think you'll have to look inside "sprite._trackedPointers". Just stop inside an event with a breakpoint and look whats inside "_trackedPointers". I'm not the best person to talk about interaction, I'm calling @themoonrat
  24. Actually, it can be done without loader hacks, just look at Spritesheet class for atlas parsing, and for all the examples in spine where json/atlas/png files are pre-loaded.
  25. We are working on full example for playable ads with hacks for pixi loader that allow to bundle everything including Spine models into one file . You can either wait 2-4 weeks or do it yourself.
  26. Indeed. You can use any bundler(webpack, parcel, rollup, etc) to get a single HTML build with Pixi.
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