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  3. Thanks, Ivan, is it true, that childs of particle container can't have their own childs?
  4. To help the beginner drifters out there, I've added spin control, and auto braking. These can be turned on/off in game: The spin control will detect if your drift is about to get out of control, and will steer into the drift for you. The auto brake will detect if you are about to head off the track, and will apply the brakes for you. I've tried to make them not too aggressive, so there is still skill involved in drifting the car. Please let me know if you like them or not. Happy drifting! 🙂
  5. this.load.atlasXML(...) works in phaser 3.16 See atlas xml/load xml texture atlas.js
  6. > Okey thanks for pointing that out ! I am new to Pixi.js so I hope I can understand how to achieve a one singled file. I'm afraid that is not newbie material. Go through first, and look at our examples at Try to make simple game, then try to supply all resources in one file. Bundling stuff is difficult at the moment, one moment it works, and then suddenly doesnt. When you do that, both webpack and PixiJS have to be your friends already, otherwise when something doesnt work you'll blame it on stupid pixi.
  7. Okey thanks for pointing that out ! I am new to Pixi.js so I hope I can understand how to achieve a one singled file.
  8. Stop being so loud. I think you'll have to look inside "sprite._trackedPointers". Just stop inside an event with a breakpoint and look whats inside "_trackedPointers". I'm not the best person to talk about interaction, I'm calling @themoonrat, be sure to not offent him with your big font
  9. Actually, it can be done without loader hacks, just look at Spritesheet class for atlas parsing, and for all the examples in spine where json/atlas/png files are pre-loaded.
  10. We are working on full example for playable ads with hacks for pixi loader that allow to bundle everything including Spine models into one file . You can either wait 2-4 weeks or do it yourself.
  11. Indeed. You can use any bundler(webpack, parcel, rollup, etc) to get a single HTML build with Pixi.
  12. I have following tween I used to move an image in my game coords = { x: 0, y: 0 }; tween = new TWEEN.Tween(coords) .to({ x: 700, y: 200 }, 20000) .onUpdate(function() { cardImg.position.set(coords.x, coords.y); }) .start(); This works as expected. I wanted to re-use the same tween to move the image to a different location. I would like to update "coods" to new location and; call say; tween.start(); Is there a way to do this? What I noticed was I can only use the it once.
  13. Hey! I was wondering if Pixi JS is a good engine to create Playable Ads! For a playable ad I need a single html file with embedded assets and inline javascript. Is there a possibility to do it in Pixi or is there a simple solution in the internet to do it after I created the playable in Pixi? Thanks for your help !
  14. I don't think it's the case for the noisefilter default fragment.
  15. Hi! I am a Korean developer. I'm making my game engine! But I have a little problem. The problem is that I am getting a mouse position using '' But on the mobile, the coordinates are returned {x:-999999,y:-9999999}! So I'm going to create a dummy sprite and use 'pointermove' to get a mouse position, but 'pointermove' doesn't set a position as soon as I click. That's why I'm trying to use 'pointdown' and other game objects get in the way! What should I do?
  16. Yep, updateTransform() is blocked for particleContainer children, and its not possible to determine bounds because of that. Its not a miracle container, its a thing that throws out many features in favor of faster rendering. Its strange that calculateBounds() isnt blocked there, it should be.
  17. Hi all, We are drawing ~10k interactive sprite circles. We are grouping them in separate PIXI.Containers (sectors). Inside those we do another grouping, this time we use particleContainers to speed up with sprites inside. The problem is - when I try to calculate local bounds of sector container which is certainly filled with particle containers and with sprites - it returns width = 1, height = 1. Can it be the case because of particleContainers? Thanks!
  18. I believe default setting for v4 should work : vertex to high, fragment to medium. If it doesnt work, then v5 will have problems too. Please give us more information. Please check whether other renderers (threejs) work on your device.
  19. A Retro 2D (2-Dimensional) Overhead Online Cartoon Role-Playing Game for all ages. This requires a online connection. Currently in Open Beta, this features two main classes Ranged and Close Combat. For both classes you will have access to several Skills which each can be upgraded by using them. This shares common classic Role-Playing Game elements, such as Levelling, Exploration, Socializing, Battling, Progressing your Character, Obtainable Items, Weapons and Armor, which can be created and upgraded, Shops, Auctions and a Look Merchant to customize the look of your avatar. We also feature a bonus XP system that will give you Experience just for moving/attacking. It has Player versus Player combat which is unlocked at level 20. The Engine has dynamic map generation which will enable us to create allot of Maps with less effort. It is simple to play, yet has some powerful mechanics that even hardcore players will like. This Engine is in active development so expect updates!! Technical Info: We have a optimized renderer which takes into account re-using scrolled tiles which roughly doubles the performance of the FPS when the camera moves. It also is largely customized from BrowserQuest and Asky's BrowserQuest Engines so map loading is done on the fly. We also have map generators which can build large maps on the fly and the client can switch to one pretty fast (a few seconds). We currently only support Phones and Tablets however we may be looking to make a port to Xbox One. Play for FREE at:
  20. Hey guyz, Is there any editor I could use for proton particle
  21. In v5, we automatically detect the max precision your device supports, and scales it back automatically too if highp is requested but not supported. If you wanted to back port this into v4, the pr with the v5 change is:
  22. I found some of the hardcoded fragments and set them to 'mediump'. I'm new to game dev and what do you mean by filter? sorry for noob question
  23. setting precision should work for most fragments but there's still some fragments in PIXI that don't have a dynamic precision and are hard coded to high. Are you using any filters?
  24. Having a problem in running pixijs in lowend devices. please see error log in attached file. I have tried setting the PRECISION_VERTEX and PRECISION_FRAGMENT to 'mediump' and 'lowp' but the error is still there. TIA for the help. @ivan.popelyshev @themoonrat @bigtimebuddy tagging these expert people for help
  25. using a pointermove event it's fairly simple to check if an area contains the pointer coordinates, could be a hitarea, a rectangle you set, ect ... So set your "phone" areas, when moving check if those areas contain the pointer coordinates and voila.
  26. In the color doll pointerdown, then pointermove, when the pointerover phone Sprite, confirm the connection, there is no pointerover on the mobile side, I would like to know if there is a better alternative method, I am deeply sorry, maybe my expression is not clear, maybe it is my Google Translation does not work accurately, thank you for your patience.
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