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  2. Well, it makes sense to have support for some of the major graphics files format with alpha channel but anyway, I can download the tgaloader.js of course but then where shall I copy paste it ? within the game module ? outside ? in a different file ? Can you please kindly advise? Apparently it is not working when pasted at the top of the main.js file I am just getting Uncaught ReferenceError: THREE is not defined , so I supposed it must be pasted in some dedicated part of the project
  3. You can add any Three.js loader from here: Just copy and paste the code into your project. Makes really no sense to add everything to the plugin, would make it really big.
  4. @enpu Sure, here is the file attached mech.fbx
  5. @enpu thank you for the 1.6.0 quick update, I will replace the plugin and check again ^^
  6. Sure. Can you send your FBX so i can take a look?
  7. TGAloader is not available (the engine is saying) when loading FBX, is that possible to add it to the plugin ?
  8. @ftguy2018 I have just updated Three.js plugin to version 1.6.0 That issue should be fixed now. Thanks!
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  10. Also I have downloaded the three.js plugin and ran it however i am getting that error see the image below, any idea ?
  11. Hello, is there a way to see the project file of the bunny demo ? I had like to see how to initialize the fbx file and select the correct animation ?
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  13. Is it Instant Games related? This group is about Instant Games, not audience network. And I do not think what you are trying to do is possible anyway (to confirm with audience network though).
  14. Link It Up! is a casual, puzzle platforming game. In this game you need to link up the line to make your way through the level. Link It Up! features 30 levels that include interesting puzzles as well as cool platforming challenges. You can Play it here: Link It Up! is available for non-exclusive licensing so if you're interested in licensing it contact me via email:
  15. Nice gameplay, easy to understand how to play, simple, love-ti ! nice job
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  17. hello, i want to know if i can use my network ads on another developer facebook account so another developer can integrate my ads id on his game and revenue generate to my account
  18. Yeps, thanks! We're aware; one of the reasons the v5 release has been delayed a little! Hopefully fixed soon and a new era can begin
  19. The PIXIV5 cacheAsBitmap example is broken at least when I run it on my computer. The v4 version works fine.
  20. struct don't have location so you can't set them directly in code. What has location are the struct properties so in your case you can set the uniform for "c.color". This is a valid GLSL syntax for setting unifroms.
  21. it could be worth mentioning this found in the PIXI 5.0.0 code: // currently this does not extract structs only default types
  22. My latest game Dunk Rush, available for licencing. Please let me know what do you think. Cheers! Link:
  23. Looking for new projects Email Skype ID: hephaestusent Feel free to contact us for your Art related queries. Thank you HEPHAESTUS ENTERTAINMENT 2D/3D Game & Animation service provider @ Indie price Contact Details: Email Skype ID: hephaestusent Facebook: More Art:
  24. The project I am working on is about an egg game, possible RPG elements but also a big Tamagotchi fans production! What I need is feedback but also some sort of support 😃 the story about an egg
  25. Hi I tried using but not much of a success. I am trying to create an html input box so that i can take user inputs as pixi.js doesn't provide one! So i tried to create a canvas along withy pixi app but the canvas shifts the rest of the view of the app: which was earlier something like this: Please help!
  26. Thank you for letting me know. I will check with my team to make sure we block that behavior.
  27. i heared from a friend of mine that he is adding developers on his business account as employees and it works for him
  28. You can submit only one Instant Game per week. Adding more developers will not help.
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