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    Babylon.js v3.2 is out

    It's celebration time! I'm so thrilled to announce that Babylon.js v3.2 is now out. Once again this could not have being possible without all of you (contributors, testers, bug hunters, doc writers)! Thanks folks! We have a wonderful vibrant community. So feel proud, share it, love it, use it Here is the release notes: http://doc.babylonjs.com/whats-new The blog will it the social network at 10am PST! And the announcement video:
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    New examples tab in documentation

    Hello team! I'm glad to announce the availability of the new Examples tab: http://doc.babylonjs.com/examples/ The goal is to present useful PG in a filterable way. Every example will open the PG in the right iframe and you can then click on edit to see it directly in the Playground. If you want to add more please just update this file: https://github.com/BabylonJS/Documentation/blob/master/examples/list.json Icons are saved here: https://github.com/BabylonJS/Documentation/tree/master/examples/icons and must be 125x125 images Hope you will find it useful!
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    //Build 2018

    Hello team! I won't be able to help on the forum until this Thursday as I will be with @davrous, @Sebavan and @trevordev on the Babylon.js booth at Build 2018 (Seattle) If by chance you are around please come and say hi:)
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    Data Visualization Authoring Tool

    Greetings all, I'm new to Babylon and this forum (first post) but wanted to share a project I've been working on in case anyone is interested. I'm attaching a few screen shots of a data visualization authoring tool that provides views for planar and spherical maps, graphs, trees, and most conventional charts (cartesian and polar). The platform is based on Electron.js (to enable file system support), Vue.js (for property management), Polymer (to componentize the interface), and D3.js which is used for the data manipulation, e.g. parsing, scales, layouts, geo projections, etc. Of course Babylon is used for all the rendering. Once I clean up all the code I'll share the work on github with hopes others will be interested and possibly contribute. My goal is to have a blender-like authoring tool for data visualization. As you can see from the screen shots, I'm trying to expose all the properties needed to configure a custom view with all the benefits of Babylon. As part of my learning process I've tried to implement just about every feature available from materials, textures, post processing, geometry, etc. Eventually I have a few questions on some challenges I've faced. One of the key features we need is to be able to export a scene for use in an authoring tool such as Blender or Maya. This is to develop camera fly-throughs and other data oriented storyboards. I've been trying to use the GLB serializer but it appears there are some issues with lines, etc. I also struggle a lot with text rendering. Looking forward to posting some questions and benefitting from all the expertise of the community. Although this is my first post, I've consulted the forum for support at least a thousand times! Anyway, hope some find this interesting and eager to hear your feedback. Cheers, JB
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    Hello all, Creature has now added a new Web Assembly Accelerated Runtime for the CreaturePack 2D Mesh Animation format running off BabylonJS. The runtimes are here on Github: https://github.com/kestrelm/Creature_WebGL/tree/master/wasm And you can check out the demo page with all the samples running in real-time with soft-shadows: https://t.co/7bgJ5z4djn Cheers
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    Says the person with the ALL CAPS user name . You might try an all caps bold superscript. Probably drive the fuzz nuts, and people will just have to read. e.g: I JUST GOT PREGNANT FROM THAT VIDEO
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    The Leftover

    Text as polygon mesh

    In Q&A, I had looked for help building a utility to dynamically generate polygon meshes in the form of text. Got some advice. Thank you Gijs. Here is a rough cut after a few more hours on it. https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#PTTMVI#67 It seems that this can be done as a general tool with colors, sizes and multiple fonts -- not to mention a full alphabet. I need this for my own purposes. Not sure whether there is other demand for this. Comments solicited.
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    //Build 2018

    I had the fortunate opportunity to meet the babylonjs team at msbuild. Wonderful team!
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    Slavs - slavian rpg game

    Hi, i am really happy to show You next preview of game. There is a one year of work in BJS. What has been changes from last time: - I decided to split servers. One server for sockets, storage and sessions is in Symfony 3 (in earlier preview I using node server with socket IO server), second server is monster server in node JS with NullEngine of BJS 3.2. Monster server control all monsters in game to avoid cheating. - correct working quests with chapters - We use BJS 3.2 - Some improvements (gui, optimize etc) - new locations and new monsters. This version is only preview mode, i want to release alpha version soon. There is link. http://babylon.furcatomasz.pl. Can you share your opinion about actual state? I think about perfomance and stability of game - Thanks.
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    Babylon.js v3.2 is out

    Babylon Toolkit 3.2 is out too Note: Some System Are Still Under Construction: 1... Animation State Machine 2... Shuriken Particle System 3... Terrain Builder System 4... Level Of Detail System 5... Navigation Mesh System All the rest of the toolkit should be working smoothly. Including my sweet Built-In Local Multiplayer Support and Microsoft Xbox Live Development Tool Chain
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    i am close to fix ( 2 day or less ) it and i will try check after any changes in standard material :( but for keep stable result after any build you most keep that version ( i think ) and a long solution for fix all material problem make pluginMaterial ( a shaderbuilder rewrite to babylon core without shader Stuff) in that we make plug in for material and users can attach them (unlimited)texture+shadow + reflect (support PBR) + light + fog + ... and we just make plugin ( like fire and lava and water material ) i have design pattern to make it but that is so big project
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    What are the major changes in Phaser 3

    It's probably easier to list what hasn't changed :)
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    Create a stream of particles

    @Wingnut @Sebavan I've found a simpler and easier way to do it : You take a basic object, let's take a sphere, you animate it between a point A and a point B, and you add to this sphere a particleSystem with direction1/2(0,0,0). Then you make your sphere invisible and you're done ! Just play a little with the life time and the speed of the particles to have a perfect effect, but the result is very clean edit : i did a short example on the pg, not optimized at all but still works :https://playground.babylonjs.com/#QR20Y9#9
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    GUI issue with raycast

    Hi again. I made some mistakes in doorsCheck()... in #4 playground. Inefficiency. SO... here's #5. https://playground.babylonjs.com/#VZRN2V#5 Tighter. Better. :)
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    Efficient collisions versus terrain

    You will need getNormalAtCoordinates in case you want your object to be rotated according to the normal it sits above. This normally isn't necessary with player and NPC meshes, but could be used for dropped items, pickups etc. It does add a bit of realism, in case you have uneven terrain. Unfortunately I can't find my own benchmark project. I did some testing with CannonJS vs. moveWithCollisions vs. getXAt vs. my own simple physics implementation. Edit: Quick test: http://playground.babylonjs.com/#BLAJPA Without rendering the instances it can easily calculate the height of 8000 objects. Didn't try higher than that, but with 60 fps it shouldn't become an issue. The real issue is if those objects have to collide with each other + walls, props etc. If they do, I guess you'll have to divide your world into a grid as you already mentioned, and only test every individual grid, to prevent massive calculations.
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    Ok I was able to fix it. For anyone wondering, this is what I did: this.game.input.onDown.addOnce(() => { this.game.sound.context.resume(); });
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    Professor Plums Fruit Squash

    Hi all, This is a little game I made a while back - I would be interested to hear what people think of it. It's designed for a slightly younger audience as you can't actually die, but there are 30 levels and I'm pretty pleased with the results. Play Professor Plum's Fruit Squash
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    GUI HUD - Background Image

    @Gijs thanks a lot for showing me this. Works like a charm! I did create a new class that inherits from StackPanel and did overwrite the draw function as you suggested. The thing is flying Thanks a lot again!
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    GUI HUD - Background Image

    You could overwrite the function that draws the background color: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#VEHQTQ#2
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    Dynamic Texture (text) rotation.?

    Show us a PG, AFalc... so we can FINALLY see what the heck you are trying to accomplish... ok? What's wrong with wAng? (I've asked MYSELF that question, often, but it's usually a bedroom thing.) https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#KU0XSI#4 wAng... breakfast of champions. Am I missing something? Am I chasing an incorrect objective? Are we supposed to be rotating the tile itself, not JUST the numbers?
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    Somebody recently mentioned to me (AGAIN) that ALL CAPS on something now-a-days means YELLING. I am sorry to everyone on these forums if you thought that the ALL CAPS on stuff in my posts are yelling. I am just getting old. Back in my day, the CAPS meant to emphasize something not yelling. I am sure that is PROGRAMMED into my DNA now so you will always see CAPS. Not Yelling though
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    1000 Cookies

    I want to show our html5 game "1000 Cookies". This is simple and addictive puzzle. Drag cookies of different shapes to create lines. Completed lines are immediately blasted away to free space for MORE COOKIES. The more lines cleared the more points you gain. Round ends when there is no more place for cookies. No time limits or other restrictions. Play it here
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    Tough break, and there is likely more to the story. My advice ... Avoid empty threats. Avoid destructive tactics. Professionally state the agreement and provide a clear ask that includes deliverables and schedule - reissue or revise as appropriate and make it simple for the other party to resolve. Beyond that avoid wasting more time and money pursuing dead ends. "Learning" is the payment for this job, and you can only spend it with yourself. Invest it in identifying better deals and structuring future agreements in ways that reduce everyone's risk. Somewhat trite but true nonetheless. If others are at risk you could consider publishing more facts - but only as a safety message, not as a criticism of other parties. Integrity and patience, good luck.
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    Dynamic Texture (text) rotation.?

    https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#KU0XSI#2 Goofy! Works pretty good, though. Rotatin' the GUI controls per camera.alpha (with a little rotational offset of -90 degrees). This uses planes, not boxes.... but stuff can be done. GUI for mesh... friend of everyone. Update: Let's have some fun with the gradient radial/linear fill features I found on ADT.background. https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#KU0XSI#3 Purrrrrty. Line 149... markAsDirty is unnecessary and should be removed for performance reasons! Not sure why, but this PG seems a little CPU-heavy during camera pans. I suppose we need to fig how to eliminate that thin border line on the buttons, or, change to GUI textBlocks instead of GUI buttons. I had some problems getting my textBlocks to work, so I switched to buttons.
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    Write on cylinder sides

    Hi @julien.m and welcome to the forum. First of all you can find out about offsetting in the documentation here. Have a look at the suggested playground in the docs and play around with the offset values, this should provide you with the information on how offsets affect positioning. Secondly your issue on writing numbers on all three faces of a cylinder, see this PG https://playground.babylonjs.com/#3M37JC#1 Some notes. Lines 13 to 19 - sets the size of the dynamicTexture based on the radius and height of the cylinder. The material for each of the three faces of the cylinder come from different parts of the dynamicTexture. The longer left part will wrap around the curved face of the cylinder and has width 2* Pi * radius, to this is added a square part so of width same as height. Line 21 - minmaps has been set to false, this allows the dynamicTexture canvas size to be the one set rather than adjusting to powers of 2. This way placing the text matches the pixel coordinates used. Lines 23, 27 - the text is drawn twice, once in the long part to wrap around the curve and once in the smaller section for the bottom and top. Line 27 - note the use of null rather than a clearColor, this allows the text to be added to the canvas rather than clearing the canvas and then writing the text. Line 25 - font size for the top and bottom needs to be reduced to fit the circles. Lines 32, 33 - I created a plane to check how the text fitted onto the two parts. This allowed me to find that positioning did not match coordinates when minmaps is true. Lines 36, 37 - To ensure the digits were not reflected on the bottom and curved faces the usual order (Xbotttom, Ybottom, Xtop, Ytop) was changed to (Xtop, Ybottom, Xbottom, Ytop) for the UV values. Hope this helps you achieve what you need.