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    Hello there, I searched the net for a class to easily tween a PIXI.Sprite but didnt find - So I wrote something for this case. Example: http://kuboid.net/games/tween/ Download: http://kuboid.net/games/tween/tween.zip Usage: // Create a Tween to make your Sprite move to position.x = 100 within 60 frames, starting instantlyvar tween = new Tween(sprite, "position.x", 100, 60, true);// Optional add bouncing, easing..tween.easing = Tween.outElastic;// Optional add a callbacktween.setOnComplete(alert, "done"); You also can also create a queue for multiple Tweens: // Difference in creating Tweens: last parameter must be set to false.var tween1 = new Tween(sprite, "position.x", 100, 60, false);var tween2 = new Tween(sprite, "position.x", 0, 60, false);// Just pass an Array with your tweens.new ChainedTween([tween1, tween2]); If you find this useful to use in a PIXI.js-project, feedback would be awesome!
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    body.touching always return false

    touching isn't set in overlap checks, only collide (as part of the separation process).
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    Chirp 1.2 - Online music composer

    And here is creation one http://chirp.rezoner.net/composer/#open=52ab8149c1480f0605000034,z02dfd7q5ds1nhfrw90n3gpssv97wrk9 I'll have to refine it but at least it's a starting ground Also I very good feature will be real time recording (quantized at first as I think is easy for implementation) because making melodies with mouse click is tedious Once again very good work I used all features pan, zoom, copy, clone, mark sections also I like how if section is cloned you can make a change and it's propagated to all clones but if you down want it to propagate just uncheck the bars and then they are all by themselves