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    Hey there, guys and gals! I'm Jan of Hypnotic Owl and I'm proud to announce July 23rd as the release date for our first bigger project, The Wizard! The Wizard is a quirky, turn-based dungeon puzzler with an unique spell casting system, lovely 16bit-look and high-quality soundtrack. You play as the exceptionally handsome but uneducated wizard Kevin, whose good looks have just been stolen. The pursuit of the mysterious thief leads you down to the dangerous dungeons underneath the wizard academy. There you'll encounter mythical monsters, discover powerful spell gestures and improve your newfound abilities with the experience you gain to catch the thief and reclaim your beautiful face. The game was developed using the Phaser framework and runs on PC, tablets and mobile devices using an up-to-date browser, preferably Chrome. Upon release, the game will be playable for free on our website. If we see enough interest for the game we plan to develop a sequel featuring a new story and roguelike-mode! Until then you can find more informations about the game, the development and a trailer on our website: Game page & Trailer Blog Post: The Birth of The Wizard Blog Post: The Design of The Wizard Part 1: Walking Blog Post: The Design of The Wizard Part 2: Spellcasting And here some more screenshots: Cheers!
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    We really need examples of games that SoftGames pay $30K for because I've offered you very good games, and you offered just $5K at the most exclusively (html5 + mobile + all kinds of rights).
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    Custom sprite bounds

    Thank you so much for your help and patience
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    In the Phaser templates look at the boot.js state. It shows you there. Something along the lines of BasicGame.score:22. I’m on a phone at the moment which makes it difficult to check\link to it you should be able to find it easily enough.
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    Page loads up fine (no errors) - I can't work out if I should be able to do anything - it's non-responsive (and I tried desktop Safari & FF, same there.)
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    Phaser 2.0.7 - Amadicia - Released

    Just to say that now I'm back from vacation we'll be moving full-steam ahead with the Phaser 2.1 release. Starting by going through issues and PRs in github. But I anticipate a release towards the end of September, maybe a bit earlier depending on progress.
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    Loading Bar/Loading Screen

    You need this line: game.state.add('Boot', BasicGame.Boot);Add it before game.state.start, and put both of these lines after you've declared BasicGame.Boot itself.
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    thanks wombatbuddy - I reworked what you'd put above and plugged it into my game, it now works fine... I wonder what the issue is with Safari which makes the inbuilt methods fail... (edit, I was going to mark this as solved, but actually, whilst your workaround works, it's not a solution.)
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    Phaser Isometric plugin

    Hey! I used this plugin in my Ludum Dare entry: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-30/?action=preview&uid=40380 Great Job, it was really easy to use!!! FPS drops under 30 in Firefox only. Chrome and IE are OK... Profiler shows much of time spent in collosion code (not that many isosprites, under 100)
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    2D Artist needed

    Hello! Currently I`m working on turn based strategy game similar to Heroes of Might and Magic or King`s Bounty series. You can try early version here. I`m a developer familiar with web technologies and I`m looking for skilled 2D Artist willing to participate on this project. If You are intrested, please contact me at: conquestalpha1@gmail.com
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    Save game data locally

    Mainly backwards compatibility - something like Amplify allows you to store using a single API which gracefully degrades from localStorage to sessionStorage, globalStorage, userData and finally an in-memory store if none of the above is available. This ensures compatibility with browsers as far back as IE5... Not that your game would otherwise work in that browser
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    Save game data locally

    Idk why you would need any library to use localstorage... Oo Its really just: localStorage.setItem('myItemKey', 'myContent');and localStorage.getItem('myItemKey');Only thing to keep in mind: localstorage can only store strings. So in order to store whole objects, do this: localStorage.setItem('myObject', JSON.stringify(myObject));and in reverse: myObject = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem('myObject'));
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    Save game data locally

    Have a look at localStorage!