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    Hi There, i want to tell a little about my new work, a blog about html5 game development in brazilian portuguese.There is too little content about that in portuguese, so, i decided to focus in my main language instead of english, and try to spread the word about html5 game development.I think most of the tutorial is going to be using Phaser, the best engine in my opinion.And besides the blog be in portuguese, i pretend to have an automatic translator, and anyway, some of the code i think anyone can understand. So, i invite everyone to take a look, www.sharbelfs.com/blog
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    The Wingnut Chronicles

    And btw you help me found two vicious bugs so no worries at all!
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    Cat's Hunger [Phaser]

    nice graphics and fun gameplay.Please simplify Level 7
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    Game UI and UI Builder for phaser.js

    Update: 1.Add scene builder 2.Add physics builder GameUI Buidler: http://gamebuilder.duapp.com/ GameUI for phaser: https://github.com/drawapp8/gameui-for-phaser-js
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    The Wingnut Chronicles

    I think we all want a picture of your new tattoo Wing You know... For science !
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    Cat's Hunger [Phaser]

    Based on screenshots I expected an easy casual game, but it's pretty hard actually Currently I'm stuck on level 7.
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    Panda.js future/plans

    Hi Ninjadoodle! Thanks for you message. I don't have any special future plans for Panda, but i'm using it every day on my day job, and will be using for long time. That means i will be at least fixing bugs/issues all the time. New features will be added when needed on my projects. I'm also trying to spend my free time as much as possible on Panda and making other new features and improvements. Trying to release new version every 2 weeks. Currently i'm also developing open source scene editor for Panda called Bamboo:
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    Scaling for CocoonJS

    Yeah, I've seen the thread. Using window.innerWidth and window.innerHeight does make the game world fit the screen, but the game assets aren't scaled along with it. It works as intended on desktop and mobile browsers, just not CocoonJS.