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    Panda.js 1.10.0 released

    Release notes: https://github.com/ekelokorpi/panda.js/releases/tag/1.10.0 Video support Panda now supports HTML5 video rendering on Canvas/WebGL, example: http://www.pandajs.net/cheatsheet/a76dfc148bf92eb840e0.html Notes: - On mobile, video needs touch event to start. - CocoonJS Canvas+ not working, does not support createElement('video'). - iPhone not working, forces fullscreen video player. Memory management You can now remove assets from memory: game.removeAsset('sprite.png'); // Remove sprite from memorygame.removeAsset('sprites.json'); // Remove sprite sheet from memorygame.removeAssets(); // Remove all assets from memorygame.system.setScene('Game', true); // Change scene and clear memory
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    Phaser + DragonBones

    [EDIT] - I have tidied and commented this now, and switched to use the dragon animation from the dragonBones demo package. I've also uploaded a zip of the whole working example to here http://www.alexh.org/phaser_bones/phaser_bones.zip I started having my first go at messing around with Phaser this morning so I thought a good place to begin would be getting dragon bones working with it. I’ve just lifted the texture atlas straight from a game I'm working on and stuck the player characters running animation loop from my game in front of the phaser hello world for now. Here's the result: http://www.alexh.org/phaser_bones/ The most relevant code is in this file: http://www.alexh.org/phaser_bones/phaser_dragonbones.js It handles applying the skeleton animation to Phaser sprites. Feel free to take the code, but please don't nick the images from my png file! I'll try to tidy it up, then perhaps make a phaser example out of it.
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    Photopea - edit PSD in a browser

    Hi, this is not really about games, but I think some fans of HTML5 may like that If you do game design, you might actually use that (in some cases). I am developing a professional graphic editor, which will work inside a browser. I defined a challange for myself: it should load and save PSD (PhotoShop Document) format. www.Photopea.comBlog: blog.photopea.comI would like to get some feedback, to get myself motivated and maybe find some bugs. Try to open your PSDs and see them rendered. You can follow my FB or Twitter (see blog) to be aware of future updates. If you have a blog, it would be great if you write some post about it Let me know, what you think about it and what should happen to make you use it instead of your current image editor
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    The JCHTML5 Engine is a GameMaker: Studio project file that implements a long list of features that are common in HTML5 games or required by sponsors when selling licenses of your games. Unlike some other engines out there, JCHTML5 is optimized for both mobile and desktop. Using the JCHTML5 Engine, you can make professional looking games, fast! The amount of functionality provided by the JCHTML5 Engine is far greater than any other GameMaker HTML5 engine currently available. Also included is a 15+ page manual that has step by step tutorials and explains all the features in more detail. Below is a comparison table: Check it out at the link below if you want to know more. http://www.juicycraft.com/jchtml5/
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    Hi fellas! I wrote a quick tutorial introducing the basics of ECS (entity component system) focusing on game design and javascript, it is something that I wish I had understood way (way) earlier and I thought it might be helpful for others. Let me know what you guys think!
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    Tilemaps (and migrating from Impact)

    Hey! I just started to work on Tiled (http://www.mapeditor.org/) plugin: https://github.com/ekelokorpi/panda.js-plugins/tree/master/tiled Just pushed first version.
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    I really like your approach: extremely clean and simple. Most of the other ECS examples for JavaScript that I've seen port a whole bunch of labyrinthine, ceremonial OOP from Java or C++ that just isn't necessary. But your system is extremely clear and exact: Entities: Plain old object literals. Components: Plain old decorator (mixin) functions. Nice and simple
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    thanks for the great answer
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    Black screen with Cocoonjs Phaser 2.1.3

    There are news with a response of Marta from CocoonJS: cite:
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    Phaser + DragonBones

    Ok I downloaded Phaser 2.2.0 -RC5 and dropped it into the example I linked to above: http://www.alexh.org/phaser_bones/ http://www.alexh.org...haser_bones.zip It worked fine, so I have updated the phaser version in both the zip and the demo on the above url. I guess its just the demo in the phaser examples that needs correcting somehow.
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    Just store it outside of the state, for instance: var score = 0;var state1 = { create: function() { console.log(score); }}var state2 = { create: function() { console.log(score); }}How you structure your code is up to you, and the above is almost certainly not the way you'd want to do it, just a very simplistic example.
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    Terra Slicer

    Terra Slicer Slice the screen... carefully. PLAY A little toy/arcade game I've put together to test the waters of selling HTML5 licenses. Focusing on a high quality experience, reliable stability and natural controls across every possible browser/platform. Built using CreateJS and CoffeeScript. HTML5 cross-browser/platform arcade game with elegant preloading, resolution independence, intuitive and satisfyingly smooth touch controls. 134KB Javascript, 710KB total transfer. Should work at a minimum on desktop browsers (Safari 7+, Firefox 30+, IE 9+, Chrome 35+) and touch screens (iOS/Android - mobile safari, android browser, android chrome)... let me know if anything breaks for you. Screenshots PLAY
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    Given that 2.2 is quite a big API change anyway I think I'll take this opportunity to change justPressed and justReleased to something like downSince or downDuration or whatever.
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    Welcome to panda.js community, glad to see another impact.js user Tilemap is on the roadmap for a while but no one is working on it recently, mainly because enpu is working on his own games and does not have much time for it. There's some posts about "how to implement tilemap with pixi" already, you can check them out and maybe make your own. The phaser way of do it is drawing tiles onto a 2D canvas and then use it as texture of a sprite (every TilemapLayer is a sprite). I was working on a simple implementation days ago but dont have much time for now since lots of work need to be done for my next game (Plan to release it next week). Here's some useful links: https://github.com/grapefruitjs/grapefruit/blob/master/src/tilemap/Tilelayer.js http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/3208-pixi-performance-tile-maps-canvas-and-rendertexture/ http://www.bhopkins.net/2014/10/08/draggable-zoomable-tile-map-with-pixi-js/ http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/1706-basic-tiled-game-performance-enhancement/ For pixel art friendly scale, simple add this to your `config.js` system: { scaleMode: 'NEAREST'}And for entities, yep that's the panda way of doing it. Also "panda scene" is almost like "impact game"
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    What @alex_h is talking about isn't related to that article you mention. He's suggesting, as do I, that you create an invisible rect attached to your sprite and do the collision testing based on that. Just like you drew the circle around the sword, imagine you have an invisible rect around the sword that is only used for hit detection. Same with the characters body. Right now its doing the detection on the whole large sprite, when in reality you should be testing on a rect half that size. I would even recommend at this phase of your development making the rects draw to the screen so you can visually see how well your hit detection is performing.
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    function constrainVelocity(sprite, maxVelocity) { if (!sprite || !sprite.body) {return;} var body = sprite.body var angle, currVelocitySqr, vx, vy; vx = body.data.velocity[0]; vy = body.data.velocity[1]; currVelocitySqr = vx * vx + vy * vy; if (currVelocitySqr > maxVelocity * maxVelocity) { angle = Math.atan2(vy, vx); vx = Math.cos(angle) * maxVelocity; vy = Math.sin(angle) * maxVelocity; body.data.velocity[0] = vx; body.data.velocity[1] = vy; console.log('limited speed to: '+maxVelocity); }};this works very well for me.. put the function call into your update loop
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    Replace the bgtile.alpha = 0.5 line with: game.world.sendToBack(bgtile);This will put the bgtile sprite at the bottom of the display list.
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    Create a rect object that describes the hit area in the sprites local co-ordinates. Then do your collision test as an intersection check between the target area and the hit rect translated by the sprites own x & y.
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    3ds Max to Babylon conversion error

    Hello, Your model should not exceed 65565 vertices by mesh for WebGL. so yes, this is the cause of the problem. you simplify the mesh.
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    Photopea - edit PSD in a browser

    Hi, if anybody is still interested, I have published Photopea 0.9. It contains Type Tool, which is fully compatible with PSD format. http://www.photopea.com What do you think about it? What are the features it must have, to make you use it?
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    Do Australia have some online service similar to Company Check, just check 2D Pixel there... If true, it would be interesting... His 2D Pixel is literally in a better shape than YoYo Games (As of 2013). Personally what I feel? I don't care if his numbers are true or not. He is a good and friendly dev, that's all what matter to me. No matter if he makes $1 or a million USD.
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    Thank you, that was the kind of informations i was expecting to find in a monthly report (maybe i missed them reading too fast). When i read your monthly report or a post mortem on games, i am not looking for "proof" or whatever, i only look for guidance, expertise, know how, trends, platform reach, ideas which i didn't think of, etc
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    Babylon Projects

    Hello, I just released a new game called BLOCK here : http://pixelcodr.com/games/block/index.html Move the block with the arrow keys and try to complete all levels !