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    BABYLON.Augmented Reality ...

    SOLUTION: Babylon & AR.js in Ionic App ~ with HTML5 WebCam... That was intense... !
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    My Game Builder allows you to make games with JavaScript, Phaser, or no code at all. You can pull up your workstation from anywhere, at anytime, and work together on projects. There is real time "google docs" style collaboration. Any game you see can be viewed with full source to see exactly how every part was put together, and forked to make your own "mod" of it or to just mess around. Tutorials are included for art, programming, or whatever else you want to brush up on. http://build.games
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    BABYLON.Augmented Reality ...

    The waiting is intense, too!! Can't wait to see some online sample or code! Thanks for sharing your experience.
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    or translate before rotating: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/index.html#PT66R3#11
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    We are trying out Phaser game concepts for beginners. Basically you are going through examples and completing tasks. There is a small but responsive community which checks tasks and gives advises. The exact url is here: https://v2.mygamebuilder.com/learn/code/phaser
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    BJS Editor embedded textures

    Dear all: These last days Julien Moureau has been updating his amazing BJS Editor with a lot of PBR enhancements we asked him for, in order to achieve an even better tool. Thank you very much.
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    VR other devices

    I'll try a few things this weekend. The distances in BJS look like meters and the distortionK's probably map to k1 & k2. The other ones may be optional or the same. Anyway, I will try it out and report any findings. Can't be too far from default settings as I can see the scene, but it's just blurry. Cheers.
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    I think you can still rely on the bjs system https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#RLQVGD
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    The Wingnut Chronicles

    Does indeed.
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    VR other devices

    They are in the constructor for a specific reason The way the rigging system works prevents us from changing those parameters in real-time, hence - the need to have them fixed during object construction. Setting them dynamically should work, but might have side effects that can only be fixed with reconstructing the camera. About the mapping between the configuration values and babylon's values - there should be a correlation. It was implemented a long time ago (I am actually not sure by whom, I have to say), but was built on top of existing parameters.
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    The Wingnut Chronicles

    Dark theme working again, thx DK! On another subject... let's talk about one of my foremost BJS super-heroes, @RaananW. He seems like a great guy... smart as they come, kind, helpful... one of the best BJS superstars I have never met. Over a couple years time period, I've occasionally "sniffed his armpits"... looking for pictures/info about him. A few months after he joined, I gave him a little ribbing about his "forlorn" and humility-instilling eyes-down expression-less forum picture. A handsome chap... with a kind look. But I wanted to see his smile (just like I still want to see @ozRocker's smile). Anyway, I think I finally found a picture of a smiling Raanan... [link]. Woah, even handsomer and kinder-looking! Then I found ANOTHER picture... of a really big Raanan smile: (Hide this one from his girlfriend, who is NOT the girl in the pic) NOW we know what makes Raanan smile, eh? Getting some tension relief from a pretty girl. What's going-on here, you ask? Well, Raanan has just bet his daughter's tennis shoe... on a pair of tens. (yes, it IS the same "pair of tens" that are rubbing his shoulders) What happens in Las Vegas... STAYS in Las Vegas, right? (unless Wingnut is out to dig-up some dirt and smiles) heh I think Raanan is a guitar player and singer, too (cool). I once found a picture of a hippy-like musician which I think was Raanan, but I could not verify that it was him. I think he had girls hanging all over him in THAT picture, too. We love you, Raanan! (no, not in that way... in the other way) Thanks for hanging-out with us, for being a great helper and problem solver, and for putting-up with my razzing. Don't ever leave, okay? Okay, good. NEXT... we're going after @adam and @fenomas and @Raggar. We need to see THEIR smiles, too. Hide the data, guys. Wingnut Claus is coming... to town. ---------------------------------------------- Back on subject... have we (got) a working PG search for 'advancedTexture', yet? http://doc.babylonjs.com/playground?code=advancedTexture Nope. Darn. I think I broke that. Sorry, team. How are we going to find all of DK's cool Babylon GUI playgrounds... if we can't search for 'advancedTexture'? @Jaskar and @Haylan and the team might already be working on it, though (IF indeed it IS some further problems... caused by my non-standard character usage in a playground, which I think it is so). No hurry, guys... I'm just (overly?) worried about it (mostly because I caused it). I don't like breaking things, esp when it involves a currently SUPER-HOT topic like Babylon GUI. You can freely delete https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#11JINV#22 THRU #35. (delete all PG's in that series > 22). I have home copy of #35, safe. In fact, you can delete entire #11JINV series... if needed. (thx) Party on! PS: Raanan... if I've crossed a bad line, PM me, I'll edit things, no problems.
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    Small movements due to constant collision are expected. This is why the friction solved it. You can put the body to "sleep", which will only wake up after the next collision.
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    atlas texture size vs dimensions

    The actual dimension matters. When the atlas is loaded it's decompressed from whatever format it is (png, jpeg) into pure bitmap (well, some gpus are able to use certain compressions natively, but let's not go there). That means your bitmap font will take exactly the same memory as any other atlas of the same dimensions. Afaik, the dimensions matter only for GPUs, i.e. webgl mode. They have a certain max size that they support, which makes sense if you think about how GPU works.
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    Overlap Between Emitter and Group

    You need to use the collide argument in Emitter#makeParticles.
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    A.I Egg

    I think it was my browser but i didn't hear anything.
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    A.I Egg

    I like the game pretty awesome! I hate those little Red birds tho. >.< they just kept coming! But overall i enjoyed it!!
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    Could you post a gif/video of whats happening?
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    Lightmap With OcclusionMap Support

    Hello we need to first release a version of your toolkit. I cannot keep adding features without giving the export to the community. Please stop adding new feature just for a while, publish the tool and the documentation (you can even call it 0.5 if you want) Because so far, I can't even test what I add for you
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    [WIP][Phaser] Fruit Spritzer

    Hey, sorry for the slow response to this, been away from the game for a while. Thanks for the positive comments, and suggestions. I will be returning to this game development soon, so will take all your comments on board. As I'm primarily a developer, not a game designer, I'd love to get any and all feedback on the gameplay itself, any thoughts on how it could be improved. Mainly, I've gone for a simple approach, more Bejewelled than Candy Crush, which is level based, was this a good idea? My worry is that the interest will wane without the constant challenge to progress that Candy Crush provides.
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    cannot apply gray filter to sprite

    Well, like @samid737 said, the issue is that you are using CANVAS. In the testing I've used Phaser 2.6.2 and Phaser.AUTO. I am not entirely sure if there are filters that can be used with CANVAS as they are meant to work with WEBGL only. Refer to: https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser/issues/2223 http://phaser.io/docs/2.6.2/Phaser.Filter.html
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    Motion Blur available on Particles?

    Why not simply blurring the image used for the particle texture ? Maybe you could also implement some kind of particle trailing behavior and play with some decreasing alpha ... example of trailing particle principle (with a SPS here, but it's the same with the standard particle system) : http://jerome.bousquie.fr/BJS/demos/trailingParticles.html
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    Resize Texture

    I effectively need a way to get the texture scaled on pixel basis, to output the created texture as array to a selfmade LED screen. I use a RenderTexture which renders the whole screen, and want to rescale the texture (on pixel data basis, as said before). I cannot get it to work: tex = new RenderTexture(renderer, mywidth, myheight, PIXI.SCALE_MODE_NEAREST, scale) => I scaled it down to myWidth, myHeight but it only takes the myWidth, myHeight part on the screen itself and scales that one down, much blank space left. tex = new RenderTexture(renderer, renderer.width, renderer.height, PIXI_SCALE_MODE_NEAREST, scale) => scaling works and it takes the whole image, but the output texture is as big as the screen itself, also with much blank space. I can not find a way to get a 100x100 texture out of a 400x400 screen, scaled properly. Can anyone help here, please? And please, no sprites. I need the pixel data at the end (to remember, this is the third time. ) Thanks in advance for your answers. [EDIT] OK I got it, we need sprites. It works now. Here is my code for all who may need it. // get screen data. this.getScreenAsTexture = function(renderWidth, renderHeight) { // _PIXIRootStage is the container which has to be scaled and rendered to texture. // _PIXIRenderer is the renderer of this class. var renderer = _PIXIRenderer; // set render size if <= 0 if(renderWidth <= 0) renderWidth = renderer.width; if(renderHeight <= 0) renderHeight = renderer.height; // compute scaling factor. var scale = 1; var sc = renderWidth; var sc2 = renderer.width; if(renderHeight<renderWidth) //[edit] use smaller instead of bigger value. { sc = renderHeight; sc2 = renderer.height; } if(sc > 0 && sc2 > 0) scale = sc / sc2; // first, render the screen to a texture. var origTex = new PIXI.RenderTexture(renderer, renderer.width, renderer.height); origTex.render(_PIXIRootStage); // create sprite and container to resize the texture var stage = new PIXI.Container(); var sprite = new PIXI.Sprite(origTex); sprite.scale.x = scale; sprite.scale.y = scale; stage.addChild(sprite); // render the original again in scaled mode. var renderTex = new PIXI.RenderTexture(renderer, renderWidth, renderHeight); renderTex.render(stage); return renderTex; };
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    GPU Instances vs merging

    Instances only help on the GPU and some call reduction. With WebGL being single threaded on the CPU side, instances cannot compete with a single mesh whether a merge or SPS. Each mesh has to have its world matrix created (unless frozen) as well as other overhead.
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    Kill Particle emitter children

    Glad I could help! Mark the topic as answered so that people can know it is solved!