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    Yes ThreeJS! And I can feel it! Babylon I really like at the moment!
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    .babylon model doesn't load

    Hey @Wingnut - I appreciate the interest, and yes, I'm back for a while... probably a long while. There is so much work in WebGL right now, that I have my choice of cities and jobs to choose from. Currently, I'm working at Sony Electronics in San Diego as a Senior Engineer. So for someone who never graduated college, I've been very lucky my entire career in working on many of the top feature films, video games, TV shows, and now in a Senior Engineer position where everyone else I work with has at least 4 years of University - and most have spent 8 years in college alone studying Math, engineering, and so many other technical . However, since I have such a diverse job background and experience, I actually fit the role uniquely - and beyond most anyone else who has been applying for similar positions. I love my job here, ad hope it continues past my initial year long contract. I chose the job and moved to San Diego since we lost our home in the "Thomas" fire a couple of weeks ago. But my family and pets are all OK, and stuff can always be replaced. So I'm just thankful for what I do have, and can easily forget about what I no longer have. It's taking allot less time to forget about what we lost than I ever expected. I just had to go to the outlet mall to buy some new clothes, and living out of a hotel sucks - but the alternatives are far worse. My Wife is in Thailand looking after her Mother who is terminally ill and getting worse - so our thoughts are with her in praying she gets better soon and can stay with us a whle longer. So that's the latest updates from here in California. I love this job, and I hope everyone reading this stays working in WebGL, and specifically in babylon.js. The job opportunities are simply exploding out there right now, and in particular babylon.js as it's far more organized than three.js, as it was an easy task to convince Sony to invest in babylon.js over three.js simply because it's far more organized, and has much more support comparatively. So stick with it, and I'm sure most all of you will also begin to get calls from recruiters daily begging for you to come work wherever you wish.And the salaries are beginning at $100,000 US and I have to say I'm paid far greater than this in my job capacity here at Sony. And without this job, I would literally have nothing. So I prays for thanks everyday, as I would have nothing without this job as my family would certainly be living on the streets. So I wish you all the best, and will help anyone else out there through their challenges in a area which is still quite young and needs people who can think outside the box - way outside the box. Cheers, DB
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    Hi everyone, I've created over 1000 tracks of music and sound effects that you are welcome to use in your games. It's all original...all my own work. All I ask is to be attributed as indicated on my homepage: http://soundimage.org/ I sincerely hope my tracks are helpful. Any and all feedback is welcome and always appreciated. All the best, Eric
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    Demo with Ammo.js Physics Engine

    I would vote for that and I would be happy if someone volunteers to write it in the doc
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    Physics of a Fish.

    @aFalcon http://pryme8.github.io/fish/ All this needs is the weight map, and then to shift the sin oscillation down the fish instead of keeping it in place. @BitOfGold <- ALL GPU just for you buddy <3 And there are definitively some fixes that need to happen because as this is it "stretches" the fish, so the displacement side to side needs to have a displacement forward as well to make it look like the fish is swishing and not just magically making new skin. A fade of the intensity of the sin wave from the head is needed as well. *edit* Added the fade from the head, and made some adjustments. Now I need to make the sin wave "move" down the fish instead of just oscillate. @jerome or @NasimiAsl how would I make the sin do that? Im kinda drawing a blank, I was thinking maybe just adding a offset to the position (using the same time algo) that is then moded into range?
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    Animation keys and beginAnimation

    basic documentation here http://doc.babylonjs.com/babylon101/animations
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    Animation keys and beginAnimation

    Value is the vector3 position The documentation can help you here http://doc.babylonjs.com/how_to/sequence
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    The preventDefault() method stops the default action of an element from happening. For example: Prevent a submit button from submitting a form Prevent a link from following the URL This avoids the propagation of an event
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    Calling all HTML5 game developers! Here at Goodboy Digital we are looking for developers with a passion for HTML5 game making to come and join a team who really love what they do. If you want to kick out some of the best HTML5 games going with us and help work on cool R&D projects like Pixi.js (and some secret ones too!) then please apply and show us what you got Apply here: https://goodboydigital.workable.com/j/F0010A3928 Merry Christmas! http://work.goodboydigital.com/sleigher-3000/ Mat
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    By default noPreventDefault is set to false, meaning that preventDefault() is automatically called on all canvas mouse clicks and touch events. I always put it to true
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    Demo with Ammo.js Physics Engine

    This is planned for 3.2. and what is planned shall be done! I really want ammo integrated, mostly the soft bodies... I have a few things on my plate right now, and ammo comes next.
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    Physics of a Fish.

    Hey yeah, you nailed it @Pryme8, here's low-fidelity solution (for now, until morphin-power-ranger skills gained...): scene.registerBeforeRender(function() { wiggleSpeed1+=0.18; body.position.x += (Math.sin(wiggleSpeed1)*0.025); head.lookAt(merphbugbody.position) tail.lookAt(merphbugbody.position) } }); https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#PHMP7X Oh, but sine displacement, cool... yeah?
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    grab the vertex data, get the indices and the positions, using the indices get the correct position values and average them then place a label. I did it with vertices once, Im not sure where that PG is though ill have to dig it up. To do the faces will be just a extra step but the same process. Let me see if i can find that PG. *EDIT* This will get you there.
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    Physics of a Fish.

    ^_^, I was thinking about this the other day... and I think @BitOfGold was on the right path wanting to do it with a shader. I was thinking you could do a sin algo to displace the vertices from a point on the fish (behind the head) and use a texture weightmap to control the intensity in locations.
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    Loading OBJ File Stupid Question

    @davrous- DUH! I've been working in PHP way too long, and overlooked such a basic task as defining the engine correctly and calling the function to initialize the scene. I'll make the simple changes this morning, and let you know if there are any other issues. But as I mentioned in the title of this post - I knew I was asking an obviously stupid question. But now I feel even dumber than I initially thought I would, as this is scripting 101. Thanks, and I'll post the scene if all works for both the .OBJ and .babylon file. I have alo discovered issues with importing different formats into Blender, and maintaining textures. However, I seem to have found a quick fix for this without the need to re-apply the UV mapping - which is a nightmare. So I'll post this if all goes well so that others don't need to struggle over importing textures from applications into Blender. Thanks again, DB And @MarianG- You found what I found as well - which is that the demo for loading OBJ files into babylon is no longer working. But than you for all your help - including @JCPalmer as well. It takes time to read through and assist others on the forum, so thank you all very much for taking your valuable time to help. Without this forum, many devs could never find the answers they need to meet their deadlines which is why babylon.js is by far the best framework in the industry these days. And fortunately, the core team supporting BJS really cares about their community. I hope all of you who are new to the framework remember all of the help you required and received, and one day returns to assist all of the newbies who will certainly come here to learn the best WebGL framework in existence. Just keep in mind that those developers you will be helping are probably only 6 or 7 years old right now. But one day soon, they will have newer versions of WebGL, hardware, and computing power which to us right now - can not yet be realized in any way. SO fortunately, we'll also be learning from them as well. Just remember this, as all things come back around - both the good and the bad - so if you receive help now, remember that one day you'll personally benefit greatly by passing on the help you've been given today. That's how it works, folks. Cheers to you all, DB
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    Interactive Snowcone

    For a Christmas Newsletter we created an interactive snowcone. The model represents our hometowns city tower. On desktop the snow is simply triggered by mouse drag, on mobile you can actually "shake" to let it snow. This was actually my first Babylon.js project and I'm quite happy with the result. http://www.pundr.at/xmas/
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    @Str1ngS It works!! Attached is my final working webpack.config.js. Note that there is a quirk, in the code, whenever I use: import Phaser from "phaser-ce" This will cause the plugin to show this error: "The value passed as the `game` argument ([object Object]) is not an instance of Phaser.Game." I fixed this problem by changing the import statement to: import Phaser from "phaser" This is so that the instance of Phaser that is used by Nineslice and the game is the same. Because in my webpack.config.js file, I explicitly wrote "phaser" in resolve.alias, which is ultimately used by PhaserNineSlice plugin, not "phaser-ce". Thanks again for your help! webpack.config.js
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    Multiple levels

    It may be a little simpler to use just one state, store the current level number (1, 2, 3, …), and then restart the game state for each new level. I can post an example tomorrow. For basic states see https://codepen.io/samme/details/jYbmeo/.
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    Physics of a Fish.

    That function is technically a method for morphing yes. When I get home and have a second (hopefully this evening). I’ll make a better demo for you with a real fish model, and maybe some controls.
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    [WIP] Super Combat Squadron

    Okay it is been a loooong time since an update. What can I say, game dev while working full time is a slow process. But we are getting very close to a demo release and so here is a gameplay video of a match between myself and another developer, @WiLD11
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    I updated the excellent Phaser + ES6 + Webpack bootstrap project (https://github.com/lean/phaser-es6-webpack) with Phaser 3. Most of my repository is an exact copy of that repository, only with the Phaser package updated to Phaser 3 and the example replaced with one based on Phaser 3. The example source code is not an example of best practices, it's basically guess work but it works and take advantage of ES6 classes. This will do for testing out Phaser 3 but I think it would be a really great idea if Phaser 3 got an official bootstrap project when released (with ES5/ES6+/Typescript options), and that could be community driven. Github: https://github.com/nkholski/phaser3-es6-webpack
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    Position/Point Labels

    How would one go about putting a label for its index and maybe a little dot on every point on a mesh's VertexBuffer.PositionKind? I have seen it before I think, but cant find it again now. *EDIT* Nevermind I got it, Ill post the solution in a little bit. *UPDATE* http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#SQHKA8 I'm sure there are better ways to do this, but for my purposes while trying to build custom meshes this will work!
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    More new free tracks for everyone: On the Action 2 page, we have: "Guitar Mayhem 7" (Looping) http://soundimage.org/action-2/ Another one for drone videos on the Events/Travel 2 Page: "Flying Over Lost Worlds" http://soundimage.org/events-travel-2/ On the Funny 3 page, we have: "The Sewer Rat Puzzle Game" (Looping) http://soundimage.org/funny-3/ On the Dark/Ominous Page, we have: "The Rise of the Mech Beings" (Looping) http://soundimage.org/dark-ominous/ And on the Sci-Fi 5 Page, "Fourth Sector" http://soundimage.org/sci-fi-5/ Have a good week!
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    Setting the body.x

    I know too late but I've just been doing something similar and I've found that body.reset(x,y) moves the sprite and body to a new position without any problems.