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    360 photo viewer

    Hello guys. I wish you a happy new year!...and the force be with you And let me introduce you my last demo: https://www.smarteam3d.com/portfolio/photo_viewer.html Stay tune! I'll come back with a new demo soon
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    Phaser Editor adding a sprite

    Fantastic, this does the trick Thanks!
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    [Solved] Mesh Follow Curve

    Hi @Snouto and welcome to the forum. Sorry but I do not know how to use TweenMax. This uses BabylonJS animations https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#92EYG#21
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    Ok I got it working!! IE needs to read the "Content-Length" in the header to trigger events like onLoop. My server being Apache, compresses the files being served using gzip. Disabling this through an .htaccess file in my sounds folder fixed this issue. You can do that by creating one and inserting SetEnv no-gzip 1 This however will disable gzip for the whole folder so please use it accordingly. Hope this helps someone.
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    WASM Support

    just to show you this is not a pipe dream
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    WASM Support

    @MasterSplinter afalcon is an old c++ guy... emscripten, Ubuntu... +1 for the tip. "Hoping Assembly script has legs"... <--Mental-Note-->. ... "AssemblyScript Compiler" thx +1 Mr. @brianzinn "It's all true... all of it!" - Han Solo THREE Dependencies was removed, a couple quick examples exist... happy to post...please ask. ... [dual-rendering][then shut off the camera][Mr. Jerome did make the change, and a solo babylon ar.js is ....beyond the outer rim]... ...[but the more recent suggestion is also good - no time, need to do both].... ... "Collider to marker"... ah jeez. Nice! Yep that's all it is ... lol. Good call. -> gpu.js ah,k. (my translation matrix... was also slightly off, Jerome froze... it. That seemed to work. Dunno why.)
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    terrain canyon

    @NasimiAsl awesome talent.... again. Thank you for showing us how to make it in 3d. That math is pretty awesome. Understands just the simple parts. Nice trick to get GeometryBuilder. Http(s)I see what you mean... AdvancedTexture (gui) and noise. Is very nice. +Like the patterns. Wish i could understand them more... <stand-clapping/>
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    WASM Support

    i did in fact. my translation matrix data was slightly off but i was able to use any image as a marker and get the correct rotation matrix data. i moth balled the project because of performance issues but found a solution to that by processing the images in a compute shader. ahem gpu.js i firmly believe arkit/arcore can run in a web browser at native speed.
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    terrain canyon

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    serializing object with shadermaterial

    https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#QJE3YB#11 Hes right. The shader serializes, but the mesh with it attached drops an error...
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    Ah, thanks. Looks like the relevant code is in https://github.com/pixijs/pixi-picture/blob/master/src/PictureRenderer.ts. Surprised to see a readPixels in there, doesn't that kill the performance? :-S
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    terrain canyon

    step 2 : make single canyon http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1ZEABJ#71
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    Happy new year! : ) EDITED: //variables var flip = 0; var gun_distX; //update gun_distX = game.input.x - this.gun.x; /* flip = 0 - mouse is on the right side of the gun flip = 1 - mouse is on the left side of the gun */ switch (flip) { case 0: if (gun_distX < 0) { flip = 1; this.gun.scale.y *= -1; } break; case 1: if (gun_distX >= 0) { flip = 0; this.gun.scale.y *= -1; } break; } You basically subtract x position of mouse and gun to get the distance between the two. If the value is positive then the mouse is on the right side of the gun and vice versa; flipping the gun accordingly. ~~~ You might work with these too later on, altough the above is enough. var gun_distX, gun_distY, gun_angle, gun_degree; gun_distX = game.input.x - this.gun.x; gun_distY = game.input.y - this.gun.y; gun_angle = Math.atan2(gun_distX, gun_distY); gun_degree = gun_angle * 180 / Math.PI; Good luck!
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    How can I use png files in a CubeTexture

    Hi, I tried to follow the tutorial to manually create a skybox using 6 single texture files: https://doc.babylonjs.com/babylon101/environment#skybox There it says I can use png files for that, but when I look in the browser console, there are just error messages saying that it can't find the skybox_px.jpg etc. Is there a way to use png files, because jpg files can look really ugly in a skybox :). Following the link to eternal coding for the standard materials, it only mentions "jpg" files for CubeTexture. Also there seems to be a little error in the tutorial, where it says "In that /skybox directory, we must find 6 sky textures, one for each face of our box. Each image must be named per the corresponding face: “skybox_nx.png”, “skybox_ny.png”, “skybox_nz.png”, “skybox_px.png”, “skybox_py.png”, “skybox_pz.png”." but before it was declared as skyboxMaterial.reflectionTexture = new BABYLON.CubeTexture("textures/skybox", scene); When using "textures/skybox", Babylon looks for skybox_xx.jpg files directly in the textures folder, so it's a bit misleading. Maybe just change that to "textures/skybox/skybox", than the description will be ok. Thanks EDIT: Sorry, posted a bit prematurely, I should have used the search on the forum a bit more, found the answer here:
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    Game list of phaser games

    Hopefully no one minds but I've already posted my game on 'Game Showcase' section and I've wanted to post it here too as this is my first launch on Google Play! Jelly Haven is an action-arcade HTML5 game in which you control a jellyfish going through the space gathering shiny gems and avoid being hit by dangerous obstacles like meteors and rockets. The game gets really fast paced as you purchase upgrades from the store which helps you survive much longer. * Translated in 9 languages: English, Russian, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish and Romanian. Link to game: http://37dev.ga/jelly Quick Gameplay: https://youtu.be/nRIHGlr1X64 Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.thirtyseven.jellyhaven
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    Game list of phaser games

    Learn Chinese by playing games! Also, have a few other languages out. Chinese: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jernung.infinite.zho Spanish: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jernung.infinite.spa French: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jernung.infinite.fra German: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jernung.infinite.deu
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    The problem is just that game.js is run first, and the states aren't defined at that point. Ttry changing your HTML so it loads the states first, then game last: <script src="boot.js"></script> <script src="load.js"></script> <script src="game.js"></script>
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    I think that is a good solution once you take those subsystem problems into account. Let the user worry about pausing animations once their state is exited. In fact sometimes u might want to keep some animations going for effect, or animate things out etx. The way I usually do it in my games is have 3 properties: CurrentState Previous state Next state. Which have 4 main methods OnEnter Update OnExit Destroy Only the current state has its update method called. When changeState is called the old previous state has destroy called and the current state has onExit called and is set to the new previousState OnExit a state can remove input handlers or stop animations it wants to, that it can readd in OnEnter. Kind of like the ios model for view controllers Just my two cents on it. (Typed from phone excuse typos
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    Kyoto Yokai Attack

    Hi all, I released "Kyoto Yokai Attack". It is an exciting shooting game. Try here on Browser: http://www.pipo.jp/yokai/ Try here on Android Device: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.pipo.yokai&hl=en Game description: "Kyoto Yokai Attack" is an exciting shooting game. Mayumaro (our pretty hero) fights against Yokai (the supernatural monsters) who appeared in Kyoto. Anyone can play this game, because its operation is very simple. The hard mode for skilled gamer is also provided. Technical Details: * 100% JavaScript powered by ImpactJS (http://impactjs.com/) * Provide Android native application powered by CocoonJS (http://www.ludei.com/) Enjoy!
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    iKuh: 34-level brain-teaser

    Hi, some fellow students and I developed the game iKuh, which is freely playable online at http://ikuh.clay.io and we are currently looking for feedback. The goal is to lead the cow to the trophy by dragging arrows from the inventory (right) to the field (left). Every animal that steps on an arrow will change its direction according to the arrow. That's the gist of it. It is intended for desktop-PCs and tablets. We used the impactJS-framework. The game was developed as part of the clay.io "Got Game?"-competition. What we already plan to change: - we have a set of new items implemented, that are not currently used in the levels (teleporter and arrows, that rotate when an animal steps on them) - we want to change the theme of the game (rather, we want to introduce a theme that makes a little bit more sense than a cow running towards a trophy) - we got ourselves a graphic designer to redo the graphics We would be most interested in feedback concerning: - gameplay, i.e. Are there situations that confuse you or that you find unintuitive? Are you happy with the introduction/tutorial or was there some point at the beginning where you did not know what to do? - level design, i.e. Which level do you like and which level suck? Thanks and best regards, Martin
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    Poko rocket - my first HTML5 game ever

    Hello all! I'm currently developing some HTML5 based game. It's using Canvas tag in 2D mode. The game was made in tribute to famous "Chu Chu Rocket" game, which was available on Dreamcast and GameBoy Advance. It's a typical puzzle game. Currently you can plan singe-player mode (over 30 levels available). I finished also level-editor, but only the front-end, so I've to develop also back-end for level-editor and I will share it with all of you. With level editor you will be able to develop your own level packages and share them with your friends or all other players. Some game basics: * Mice and cats are turning right in default mode when wall is touched, * Mice and cats are turning different direction when wall is touched on corners, * Use available arrows to change direction of mice and cats, * You've to show mice a way to rocket (use arrows to achieve that), * Mice cannot fall into holes, * Cats can fall into holes, * Don't let mice to be eaten by cats, * When cat touch rocket, the game is over!, * Click "Start" button to check if you solve level, * Click "Reset" to stop running game and again to reset arrows positions, To put arrow: * Click available field (even under mice or cat), * Click arrow image from the game panel above board, * Put again the same arrow to remove it from field. Try it here: http://pokorocket.eu/ Please reference tutorial, which is available here: http://pokorocket.eu/tutorial It's my first HTML5 game ever, so any feedback is appreciated!
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    Germiz - an HTML5 puzzle game

    Germiz is inspired by Go and Hex games, with some additions to make it unique You incarnate a micro-organism (a germ) and have to survive by duplicating and infecting other cells. antibodies are your ennemies and they'll try to eliminate you . One notable variant (from level 10 and above) is the fact that cells have life points, each germ will lose one life point per turn if it doesnt move or don't get infected. there are also some mutations you can aqcuire while playing that will give you new capabilities or give you more life points. this beta version is stable and fully playable, it feature 15 levels and we will soon add 30 more levels. first 10 levels are very easy to familiarise players with the gameplay and variants, the real challenge start at level 11. level 15 is a boss level, and that will be the case for level 30, level 45 ...etc new levels are in preparation and will be available soon with new mutations and cell types... comments and suggestions are welcome You can play germiz here : http://germiz.ezelia.com/
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    Dragon Plunder

    This is my February 1GAM game, it's about 75-80% done. My friend is doing the sound, I'm doing everything else. We are considering expanding it into a full fledged game, and finding a better artist if we do. Check it out here: http://cityfortyone-mattgreer.dotcloud.com/dragonPlunder/ It's also on indiedb: http://www.indiedb.com/games/dragon-plunder
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    We've been working on a 3D HTML5 game targeting the new WebGL enabled mobile browsers. We've just released the first version: You can read a little bit about it here: http://playcanvas.com/dungeon-fury-3d-browser-gaming-arrives-on-mobile/ Or go straight to the game here: http://dungeonfury.playcanvas.com
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    Klax - Score Attack

    Here's a game I made with ImpactJS. It's a single level version of Klax, where the aim is to score as many points as possible: Klax - Score Attack