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    Street Hoops 3D game

    Here's a little game I've made: https://games.famobi.com/new-games/street-hoops-3d?technology=web 2D physics handled by box2d and net physics by cannon.js
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    What's next?

    suggestion : a Scene Manager something to link scenes, to orchestrate their succession, etc example : scene1 = menu, scene2 = gameParameters, scene3 = level1, scene4 = level2, scene5 = level end, scene6 = game end, scene7 = introGame, scene8 = introLevel1, scene9 = introLevel2, etc How can I define the game graph to link all these scenes, what conditions trigger one or the other start after some given scene, etc
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    layermask for gui[solved]

    I add this to line 29 : advancedTexture.layer.layerMask = 2; http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#UCFKM#98
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    explain this TS line?

    jebus... that is slick. Gotcha thank you! So it would compile to something like this then?: uniform vec4 vLightData0; uniform vec4 vLightDiffuse0; uniform vec3 vLightSpecular0; uniform samplerCube shadowSampler0; uniform vec4 shadowsInfo0; uniform vec2 depthValues0; uniform vec4 vLightDirection0; uniform vec3 vLightGround0;
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    interpolateColor changes the color according to health,
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    Thank you! I'll give this a shot on the commute. I knew I must have been missing something
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    Hiya PR. Hey, did you recently update to Firefox 58? If so, I think the core Gods are working on a solve... but... perhaps... https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/organizations/ That's Firefox ESR... v 52.6.0. Revert to it... if you wish, and at your own risk. I saw those same "framebuffer" errors after I updated to FF 58. I reverted to ESR, and things started working again. At minimum, you need to REMOVE all plugins from Firefox 58. Not just disable. REMOVE. Firefox 58 ONLY accepts plugins made with the webExtensions API. Using the old plugins with FF 58... seems to give highly-unpredictable results. *shrug* Just a possibility. More comments from others... coming soon, likely.
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    ok fine this is your hunt i just walk around and make noise :DD like Vegetarian animal from the back of the fence just a bit that can be work : https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1LFQYH#1 that is yummy
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    http://pryme8.github.io/shaderStuff/tri-plane-no-uv beat you too it ^_^... back off Nasimi these are my beer tokens!!! lol <3 I am enabling tri-plane projection on it here soon which should make it match up to the blender render and then making alternative zones for radial projections. also working with @babbleon to fix his model as there are some duplicate faces and things that need to be cleaned up and then we will see what we got. ^_^.
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    Something like this: var coolingDelay = game.time.events.add(COOL_DELAY, onCoolingDelayComplete); var cooldownTimer = game.time.create(); var cooldownLoop = cooldownTimer.loop(COOL_INTERVAL, onCooldownLoop); cooldownTimer.start(); // … cooldownTimer.stop(true); // … cooldownTimer.start(); See the docs. I'd recommend phaser-debug-timer.
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    Can you explain more about your project or post the code (ie: does it work in a PG (playground))? Are you using "touch-none" css on your canvas - are you using PEP.js or hand.js? cheers.
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    Panda 2 Tips & tricks

    Play sound effect with slightly random pitch, so it doesn't sound exactly same every time: var sound = new game.Sound('jump.m4a'); sound.rate = Math.random(0.9, 1.1); sound.play();
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    Why, thank you. I like to think of myself as a bit of a philosopher I've been on the employer side (not in game dev) several times, just relaying my experiences...
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    Man, you have reason. I never put my games on the web it's just because of my perfectionism, like the games are incomplete I think that it's not good enough hehehe. Well, I will put them on github another hour, even incomplete I'm planning to finish them some day. Thank you. Oh, and my games are made with my own engine named Chora Engine, chora means cry in English, just a playing with of Cry Engine
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    What's holding you back from putting everything on github? C++ is more impressive than JS, and so is not using an engine. When you have that to show for, and then 1 Phaser game, I'm sure that would be enough to get some Phaser dev work.
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    Most of the things on github aren't ready Just think like an employer. If I needed an experienced Phaser dev, I'm not going to take someones word for it. Graphics/Sounds are not important, just programming skills.
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    @WiLD11 thanks man, I'll train with Phaser cause I'm new to it, but I've made a little game, just for fun, a clone of Wario's Wood from SNES, cloning it's just an feature that I've training for years, just to get necessary ability.
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    Just like you would with any other language/library. There are companies that hire phaser developers, you can sell games to publishers. You can even make bigger games with phaser and try to sell them (shameless self plug for our game http://www.laxviking.com/) There is plenty of money to be made, you just have to figure out what works for you and what you enjoy doing. Just focus on making high quality games, and the money will come naturally. Hope this helped.
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    Checkout this topic And this blog https://www.truevalhalla.com/blog
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    Cinematic recorder (Experimental)

    @aWeirdo HI, Why not use RecordRTC which supports video and audio. Whammy does not support audio to record a video. I would appreciate to be able to record music, audio effects of Babylon during the video recording. How is what you would do with RecordRTC who seems really complete ? Do you think that it would be possible for you to use RecordRTC instead of Whammy? Thank you friend.
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    TileSprite Alternative

    Don't use game.height (in the assignment). Make sure you actually stitch them together. So Bg2.y = Bg1.y - Bg2.height. Or something like that.
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    Flappy Fish

    Plays really well, graphics are really cute. Really addictive and had to stop myself playing!!
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    https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#JAG8B#18 @waverider ask any thing more about this i am not optimize this pick system yet and don't make it like tools for BJS but that have some benefits 1. you can detect any pixel of mesh no need separate or make more 2. that is not important how much complicated geometry you have or heavy vertex that is 3. you can use parallel camera with different directions in each frame (i test one time 32 x 32 camera for medium graphic card you can see how that implemented 4. you can ignore some pixel of mesh by 'discard' 5. you can detect back face when that back face is enabled https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#JAG8B#19 and have some problem too like 1. that is very new technic for pick so you don't have so much tools in BJS for config that easily 2. just detect One mesh in each ray 3. we have not face information 4. not optimization for yet 5. not have any more information like distance or 3d position or normal or ... (maybe we can have it in in future ) i recommend that for all system with good graphic card ( if you write a project for Game )
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    Excellent! My pleasure. I was hoping you would say this. Sorry that you lost dev time. Be well, party on.
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    Procedural Game Art Generator

    can that procedurally generate blood splats and explosions? I'm wondering if you have a 2D JS library version of your app so we can use it to generate them in real time. Attach gif is a game from Deadbolt.
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    360 photo viewer

    @Deltakosh done. I hope it's ok. I'm not too familiar with github, it's on my todo list to learn more about it
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    and sum fun https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#T34ZWR#7
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    Whoops! My bad. I needed to put "touch-action: none" to the canvas.
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    Collisions without velocity

    I'm a noob and figuring this stuff out myself, but would overlap work instead of collision? i.e. as soon as there is any pixel overlap, the "collision" takes place.
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    Hi pR! Perhaps the best way... is to use the blur sizes. http://doc.babylonjs.com/how_to/highlight_layer#blur-size https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#25OYWL#1 Sinusoidal and not-so-direct, eh? heh. Sorry. You can always create a highlightLayer.setBlurSize(size) { set horz/vert blur size } function... make life easier for yourself. Heck, you could probably get that function approved by admin... for adding to core highlightLayer. Maybe get your "I contributed to BJS core" shoulder patch and certificate! YAY! It's not an "intensity", but blur-sizing works okay. There could be other methods... but they would be more complex and involve alphaBlendingModes. HighlightLayers are a post-process and don't handle depthRenders/alpha very well. It is not a weakness/bug... just an expected characteristic for these types of effects. Hope this helps.
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    This may be due to you merging the meshes. Try without merging the meshes and see if this solves your problem.
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    Hi everyone! This is my little game called 'Salvage', a sort of turn-based bullet-hell game (with inspiration from SuperHot). I hope you enjoy, and I would of course appreciate any feedback or comments you would be willing to spare! https://e1sif.itch.io/salvage
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    Procedural Game Art Generator

    @TomC I leave the link to play in Itch.io, if you want to try it. Hungry Bird World
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    Diamond Defense

    Open https://surikov.itch.io/diamond-defense
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    Features demos

    Hi Babylonzers ! Here is my 2 cents for the featured demos thing Nothing really hard, this is just a cool use of "lookat" PG : http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#ILRIF#0
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    What finally worked is using your approach AND setting the second parameter to true. hero.animations.play("fall");hero.animations.currentAnim.setFrame(8, true);useLocalFrameIndex = true, works but I don't know what it means exactly. Thanks.
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    Welcome to the Pixi.js forum

    hi, im very new to html5 & webgl, i want to read more tutorials before i get into it... the following links are all the pixi.js tutorials i could found: 1) http://www.goodboydigital.com/pixi-js-tutorial-getting-started/ 2) http://flippinawesome.org/2013/11/04/building-a-parallax-scrolling-game-with-pixi-js/ 3) http://peepsquest.com/tutorials/pixi-basics.html 4) http://www.checkme.tw/wordpress/js-foctory/ (Chinese) 5) https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=pixi.js&sm=3 (YOUTUBE videos) i am really looking forward to read of them.
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    Mat Groves

    Welcome to the Pixi.js forum

    Thats a pretty neat idea We are working on little game that we can share with everyone so that they can see how pixi.js is intended to be used for game development. Although we fully intend pixi.js to be used to make wonderful schweet HTML5 games, its not really a game engine - its more of rendering engine. It focuses on putting stuff on the screen fast The idea is that you can use it as part of your game engine or even build a game engine on top of it. For example pixi.js could be (and may well be at some point!) used as the renderer for phaser rather than an alternative to it. Its a bit like the 2D version of three.js. Three.js is not a game engine but could be used to make games. The cool thing about this is that we can focus solely on making pixi.js the fastest render in town so that people can focus on making there game engines awesome