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    Hi What keeps YOU from highlighting lines 288-361, pressing delete key, pressing RUN to test, and then saving the #14 playground again? Just curious. http://playground.babylonjs.com/#41IFI5#15
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    Label above the mesh

    There is BabylonGUI3D now, which could be a better solution. http://doc.babylonjs.com/how_to/gui3d
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    Label above the mesh

    If we modify a mesh for that - we won't be able to create independent labels, for example, to put them at different points of the same mesh (zooming will still move some of them from their correct places). But if we configure the label itself, by setting a "connection point" - there won't be such issues. I think about it like it's a mesh parented to another mesh.
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    My pleasure. Thanks for the thanks. http://playground.babylonjs.com/#41IFI5#12 How's that look? Link set to "google.com" for testing. (later adjusted to "http:/google.com") I'm still getting "firefox blocked popup" warning. I'll keep thinking. http://playground.babylonjs.com/#41IFI5#14 That one works... but link NOT loaded in new window. Instead, same window.
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    The Leftover

    Text as polygon mesh

    So I did a quick mod. New method: getLetterCenter() is called with a number, the index of the letter you want. It will return a Babylon.Vector2 with the center of that letter, compared to the 'x' and 'y' position of the instance. If you haven't rotated the mesh, it should be a useful value.
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    Rotate character

    Hiya rk, sorry for the slow replies. Your post landed out on the "main area" and we didn't see it... so I moved it to Q&A... hope that's cool with you. Here ya go. http://playground.babylonjs.com/#41IFI5#10 That's a fancy one... left click mesh to rotate 45 degrees ONE way, right click mesh for the other way. Uses a little function called "spin"... at the top of the playground. It has a nice easing. You can set turn speeds in lines 27 and 32. The GUI simpleButton came along for the ride... maybe that will be useful, too. Warning: Fast clicking can cause multiple animations to run at the same time. Character direction can become odd-angled. We should probably figure a way to disable clicks if/while an animation is currently running. https://playground.babylonjs.com/#VZRN2V#5 There's another playground that someone created. I call it "tank nav" because it acts like a military tank (with forward gear only). The scene uses WASD keys... and has ANY angle allowed. Maybe that will give you ideas, too. Hope this helps. Holler if you have questions. Party on!
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    Well that's a darned good question. I needed to do some tests... http://playground.babylonjs.com/#41IFI5#7 I think simpleBUTTON will work best... is has more "observables", I think. Lines 272-274... I'm experimenting. Also in lines 302-304. Clicking on the boxes is still working fine, without security warning (in my FireFox 52 ESR). Clicking on the labels... I am getting "Firefox prevented opening a popup window" warning... with options. Strange. Why one way is okay, and the other... not okay? Hmm. Are you getting same issues in #7 PG, Meka? (thx for report) Anyway, let's keep experimenting, and listen for others' comments. Do tell if you make discoveries, Mekaboo. I'll keep thinking and reporting, too.
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    Babylon.js v3.2 is out

    Its on the github... also the documentation is up as well The new Developer Portal for the toolkit is almost done. You can check out at https://www.babylontoolkit.com
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    The Wingnut Chronicles

    @aFalcon, if you follow along by the time you get done with section 3 you will have a access to a new JS object that will help quite a bit with shader development and debugging. I have not had any of the articles proofed or edited so that is like raw from my brain, excuses if there are typos or if its convoluted.
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    //Build 2018

    Definitely my best profile 🙂