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    RevoltFX - Particle and Effects System

    We have just released RevoltFX - a framework to create stunning particle effects. You can create particle emitters and time based effect sequences and nest them all together. Check out some samples https://samples.revoltfx.electronauts.net/ Get the library on Github https://github.com/bma73/revolt-fx To create your own effects use the RevoltFX online editor https://editor.revoltfx.electronauts.net/ Get the editor on Github https://github.com/bma73/revolt-fx-editor
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    Panda 2 Instant Games Tutorials

    Panda 2 features direct uploading to Instant Games with just few clicks. We also offer plugin, tutorials and game template for Instant Games. Tutorials Adding ads to your Instant Game Exporting to Instant Games Plugin Download Documentation Game template Whack a Thing
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    Game Scale Plugin

    https://www.npmjs.com/package/phaser-plugin-game-scale — Demo
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    TYPESCRIPT in Playground

    This is a pretty good idea and we can easily do that We can just create a new TypeSCript group here in the examples list: https://github.com/BabylonJS/Documentation/blob/master/examples/list.json
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    Welcome to the Facebook Instant Games forum

    Hi all, I've created this sub-forum specifically for discussion about Facebook Instant Games. Use it to chat about the API, ask questions and post links to tutorials or code you've found useful. It doesn't matter what HTML5 game framework you're using (if any), but if you are using one, please say so in your post, so others can better help you. The FB API is the same regardless, but how you implement it is likely framework specific. This forum will be moderated by Facebook Instant Games staff where possible. Cheers, Rich
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    Jacky Rusly

    Multiplayer RPG Online Demo

    Built With Node.js (Express.js) Socket.io Parcel Demo Youtube Demo Heroku (Please wait a minute for server to wake up) See Code
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    Leaderboard sample

    @TRsiew Please see the GUI documentation for positioning of controls; https://doc.babylonjs.com/how_to/gui#position-and-size If you'd like to make a request for someone to code a score/leader-board for you, requests can be put in this sub-forum: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/forum/35-service-offers-and-requests/ Have a nice day
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    Toggle button to speed up for mobile devices? I've played it on my mobile with the new updates, its good stuff! With a keyboard, it's easy to hold the up arrow to move and press the right or left arrows to rotate at the same time but on mobile, I have my left and right thumb to navigate and that's all. So I either press right or left or speed but cant speed up and navigate at the same time. So I ended up using one button to always rotate the same direction and the forward arrow button to actually start moving to the direction I ended up rotating to. It was a good fun, but I don't think this is how you intended playing the game on mobile It's a fun game, keep it going!!
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    hey - just overhearing some chatter about snapping from the non-smoking section. my vices are buckets of coffee and chocolate. Maybe it's just a pipe dream, but I was thinking it would be really cool to have the PointerDragBehavior have additional behaviors wherein it would only be allowed to drop on certain grid points., or a list of meshes that it cannot collide with (on collision it could have an effect like glow on the other mesh perhaps). All done with observables like onMeshIntersectStart(mesh), onMeshIntersectEnd(mesh). http://doc.babylonjs.com/how_to/meshbehavior#pointerdragbehavior We have onDragEndObservable to do validations, but ideally I would like to know which direction the mesh was dragged in from (drag history) to undo a collision. I don't see how to chain these behaviors together, but I really want to add this to make my 3D level builder more usable! I've been lurking on this thread waiting for a genius playground to copy!!
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    Disabling GUI controls

    I took a quick look at the Control class and it uses the same method as option 2, but for other purposes. Probably not a problem though. I'll begin with the Button and see how disabling it meshes with the current code.
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    Rotating a mesh by degree's

    I totally misread the documentation. Should go to bed early next time haha. Thanks guys
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    The Leftover

    Illuminated City

    A couple interesting things in this video: 1) This is Los Angeles with 250K cells (probably 75K visible hex prisms in this demo). When I optimize for SPS, the performance is really pretty amazing. 2) You see the navigation inspired by Wingnut's suggestion to change focus. http://www.brianbutton.com/babylon/GeoSearch-Intro1.mp4 I did clip out some waiting periods but the video is all 1X speed.
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    Tween sprite with multiple text

    You can tween the sprites with the text, just add the text to targets and setting coordinates. Example: http://labs.phaser.io/edit.html?src=src\tweens\multiple targets.js
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    @babbleon It really looks good. 👍 I'm just wondering why do you need shift-click? Why not: click box1 -> click box2 -> click source point -> click destination point. Everything depends of you needs. "Black Ambrosia" Yummyyyyyyyyyyyyy. But I can smell vanilla and black cherry from my 5 pipe's... Ok I need to go for about 15-20min ...Yummyyyyyyyyyyyyy...yyy..
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    About IBL Baker

    If I remember correctly the output naming of IBL Baker, EnvHDR is a none prefiltered cubemap (can be use for skybox for instance), DiffuseHDR is the cubemap for storing the irradiance part of the IBL but we do not need it as we are relying on harmonics in the pbr shader. Finally SpecularHDR fits with the specular computation of the Image Based Lighting relying on split sum approximation (like unreal has presented at Siggraph 2013).
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    Tom Atom

    Tween sprite with multiple text

    You will never handle this with single game object. You have to build your own complex game object with other game objects. Split it into atomic objects that are present in Phaser. Then build up. For example, Phaser has Sprite and BitmapText - these are atomic for you. Create new class extending Phaser Container, put Sprite and BitmapText into it and you have new game object element "Sprite with text" ... so you can, for example, make: "* 3500" Then create buttons and any other elements you need and finally create WinDialog (again extending Phaser Container) and compose it from your basic elements. You can then tween whole dialog (like pop) or tween any individual elements. BTW, dialog like this is lot of work. Do not expect single function or game object to do all the work for you...On the other hand, if you make your elements good, then you can reuse it for other dialogs (and even outside of dialogs) in game - like "Sprite with text" in game HUD
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    How can I force repaint?

    Don't forget JavaScript is mono-threaded. So if your custom format loader is taking all the CPU, we won't be able to render anything until you've finished doing your job. To give more time to the UI thread, you can try to make some pauses between each big meshes load using setTimeout for instance. You can also try to do as much work as possible on a web worker. But as soon as the worker will need to join the UI Thread to send data, it will freeze the rendering anyway.
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    Leaderboard sample

    Well, @adam is close to a final version If you want to finish it we could merge it directly
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    Leaderboard sample

    Here's a PG I created a while back that might be helpful: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#R4C9C1#10
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    Oimo is not that quick in accepting fixes (see - https://github.com/lo-th/Oimo.js/pull/70 from March). So, this is the best way to do it updatePosition with 0 delta means 0 ms passed, but - please update the body's position and rotation. It is not needed if the body has a mass, but a mass - 0 means the body is technically sleeping and doesn't have its position updated. What drinks do I get?
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    Open link in new window?

    @Jorasso Awesome tip!! I've tried and it works Thanks heaps!
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    @lucky de : Hi, and welcome to the forum You have a number of options in the babylon exporter that may be of use. 1. For the meshes that you do not want to illuminate - but them in a separate layer with no lights. Then with their materials add emission to their materials (Materials Tab->Shading->Emit > 0) 2. For those same meshes: Meshes Tab->check the Use Flat Shading check box 3. Put all lights in a layer for the meshes you wish to illuminate but then Lights Tab-> check the This Layer Only checkbox. Now the layer with emission and flat shading will be ignored. Hope that helps. cheers, gryff
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    Here we are: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#16UICJ#3 ANd I guess it is because of my bad english, you have to set needAlphaBlending and not needSAlphaBlending
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    BoundingBox increase

    You can do something like this: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#QVBFL#1