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    Global Illumination Baking support?

    http://www.madebyevan.com/shaders/lightmap/ There is this method you could adapt.
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    Deltakosh summer holiday season ;)

    Hey team! I will be of the grid from 8/9/2018 to 8/20/2018. In the meantime, @Sebavan will monitor the forum. So please be kind with him See you my friends!
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    Hi everyone, Been away for a while but I've kept practicing with Babylon. This is at a prototype phase with no 3d/sound/artwork. Just pure javascript code for now. Trying to get the mechanics working properly first. One question I have is how the projectile rotationQuaternion is cloned. It seems to follow the lookAt() quaternion from the origin tower even after the quaternion is cloned. How can I ensure that the rotationQuaternion is not linked to the original quaternion it is taken from? This causes problems when a tower shoots a projectile and then rotates to target another enemy. The previously mentioned projectile rotates in midair still copying the rotation of the tower. Here's the relevant code taken from line 53 of https://github.com/xtreemze/defend/blob/master/src/js/main/projectiles.ts const clonedRotation = originMesh.rotationQuaternion.clone(); clonedRotation.normalize(); projectile.rotationQuaternion.copyFrom(clonedRotation); Comments, questions are welcome! The project is hosted here with open source: https://github.com/xtreemze/defend View the project here: https://xtreemze.github.io/defend
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    [Panda2] Typing Test Whack A Mole

    The classic whack a mole game, but with typing. Another Panda2 game I've made for my typing test website to match my Balloon Popper game. Let me know any comments or suggestions, thanks! https://www.quicktypingtest.com/game/whack-mole
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    Shader Talk

    I think this is gonna be my long term personal project.No, i think on BabylonJS side it would be best to work with a geometry shader. I really don't know why khronos decided to skip that one. This guy claims to have a working implementation: https://acko.net/blog/yak-shading/. So one possibility could be: displace on the GPU send the information as texture read the information from a texture buffer apply to a babylonjs mesh make collisions Yeah, let''s implement the hole missing WebGL stuff, sounds like fun. Also remands me of Transform feedback, just without the f e e d b a c k. Should be faster then read/write texture accesses. Pulling the data, without re - sending it, i actually don't no if this works. but i will give it a try at the weekend. @NasimiAsl If you have something interesting feel free to share.
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    [Panda2] Typing Test Whack A Mole

    I like it! Slick little game, feels very polished. Little touches like even the title graphics being slightly animated really lift the experience, so nice job on putting the time in on that. Attention to detail.
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    Playing videos/intros etc.

    The intro in Diamond Dasher is just 3d objects moved and rotated using tweens. Playing actual video files would require some work on the engine, will add that as future feature. Playing video on mobile browser is really tricky because of the restrictions mobile browsers have. Also playing video on app would require some custom plugin. I will take a look at this at some point.
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    @Ninjadoodle Sorry for the delay. I'm still working on this, trying to get this done asap!
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    The Wingnut Chronicles

    Well done Wingy, with two thumbs I get translation and rotation at the same time on my Motorola E4 with Android 7.1.1 and on my little old tablet with Android 5.1😄
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    Instant games - loader

    Instant Games forces to show it's own loader, while the game loads in the background. So this means that there is no use for a custom loader. You can detect if the game is launched from Instant Games or not with game.device.instantGames if (game.device.instantGames) { // Game launched from Instant Games } else { // Game not launched from Instant Games } You should use this to make your custom loader only to work when not launched from Instant Games.
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    interesting i see a seem on my windows machine too. for me it works by changing the wrap properties http://playground.babylonjs.com/#35QZ3E#15
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    phaser 3 touch listeners

    You'd need to post the code in question to get any idea of what's going on.
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    @Dong: This is really dependent on the options you have in your materials. So perhaps in your case 10 is the max
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    Texture hasAlpha performance issue

    here we are: scene.blockMaterialDirtyMechanism = true; http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#9FMJCS#4
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    Do you need realtime light positionning? 'cause if not, you can also use lightmap texture baking, and have infinite lights using raytracing render engine (in addition, you also gain realism).
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    [Panda2] Typing Test Balloon Popper

    @Umz The difficulty is based on the number of balloons hit, not the the time. So if you got a lot it will go faster. I played it many times then it seemed easy. My thought was it will get crazy at the end and you will have to let balloons pass and pick and choose the highest point balloons like the red ones. @Oliver77 Thanks for checking it out! :)
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    what a fun game - thanks for sharing!
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    This is lovely! Well done!
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    I like this style of game very much, beautiful!
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    Nice! I like the graphic style.
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    Really cool! can you create a repro on the problem in the PG?
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    excellent !
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    AudioContext Error

    I'm going to handle this new behavior asap: https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/issues/4354
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    Actually Phaser and the DOM can be quite a good idea if done properly. HTML and CSS allow for many very useful things that Phaser does not yet (and may never) support directly such as inputs, media queries (and all the responsive stuff that entails) and so on. Treating Phaser's canvas like a sandboxed area of the page is if anything a rather self-limiting way of approaching this modern web tech and smacks of a bad habit from the earlier days of Flash.