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    AmmoJS support

    Hey, AmmoJS physics plugin has been added to Babylon preview. It should work well with composite meshes which we've had trouble with in the past with other engines. Let me know if you find any issues or have any feedback. Note: Support for motors, soft bodies, other ammo specific features are not yet supported so yell if you need anything specific for your project. vid.mp4 Examples: Basic impostors: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#7149G4#31 Loading mesh and colliders from file: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#66PS52 Loading and adding colliders manually in Babylon: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#FD65RR Loading and adding collider with joints and pointer interactions: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#DGEP8N WebVR grabbing and throwing: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#ZNX043#1 Docs: https://doc.babylonjs.com/how_to/using_the_physics_engine
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    Hi @Kevin Trepanier, From a FGL-Flash-era comparison the big changes are HTML5's shift towards revenue-split, syndication, multi-platform, multi-player. A good Publishing Partner (who can bring high volume traffic and share revenues fairly) is good to have but might take time (and a small catalog of games) to find? Sponsors. The "Auction" exclusive-upfront-fee licenses are rare (or rather the level of risk for a small team to build a game of sufficient scope to gain exclusive interest is hard to justify upfront). The "Gameshop" style non-exclusive upfront-fee licenses do exist, however the number of active sponsors in the market are few so overall revenue is limited (in comparison to slower but longer revenue-split). There are links on this forum to such sponsor portals, although it's a changing list with high churn so your own research will be necessary. Virality. As always, it's possible but improbable! But more contagious these days is the speed and quantity of rip-offs and clones. Any big-idea must be protected with (or leverage) a server-side strategy. Of course everybody's mileage will vary, most will quietly stall whereas a few successes are very real and highly deserved (and often humble!). I hope that's a fair and helpful overview.
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    Y8 Destroys Your Games (and websites)

    Complaining about a bunch of IP infringing 'Mario' games being removed from a distribution network? Ballsy move bringing attention to that!
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    Play "Offerlings" in your browser" For the game jam Ludum Dare 43 we decided to try out BabylonJS. We knew we wanted to create 3D game and for it to run on the web and on mobile browsers. We'd previously created our own JS engines with THREE.js as the renderer, but the time constraints of the game jam (3 days) meant we wanted to an existing game engine. We looked at other game engines that had HTML5 exports (Unity, Godot, Unreal), but none of them really worked on mobile. We're really happy with using BabylonJS, the examples were great for learning how to add various features into our game. Looking forward to the AmmoJS plugin in version 4.0! Let us know what you think of the game, and if you spot any problems.
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    New forum

    A vote to leave or remain causes a flashback to the Brexit referendum here in the UK. As I trust Deltakosh and Jerome more than any government leaders I am persuaded by their reasoning so I will 🍃.
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    No bans are happening here (yet). @5neia_opo2@google-mail.ooo, try to understand the frustration people are experiencing. A new user came to the forum and in nearly every post they made trashed the project they were asking about. A lot of people here put in a lot of time and effort to not only to develop the project, but answer questions here as well. I was definitely frustrated reading your responses as someone who has put 6+ years of their life into this project. @botmaster did a poor job of handling that situation, but has apologized and I'm sure will do better in the future, as will you as well. Let's all be adults about this, acknowledge we did something wrong, and move on. @5neia_opo2@google-mail.ooo you are free to ask any question you need help with, but I definitely recommend reading through some tutorials, the examples, and checking the API docs before asking questions. It will often lead to you finding the answer yourself, and there will be less fatigue for the people answering here on the forum. I'd also recommend you approach things you don't understand, or decisions you disagree with, with a more open mind. Try to learn and grow the new library, not all libraries are alike and different problem spaces call for different solutions. Having a bad attitude is a good way to earn ill-will in the community and you may no longer get the help you expect if you are ungracious about it. When you find inconsistencies, or things you think should work differently, then change it! Pixi.js is an open source library built by the community. Everyone gets a chance to make the library better by contributing to it. The best way to get problems you have fixed, are to fix them yourself.
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    melonJS 6.4.0

    Hello, shortly after the Chinese new year, here is a new release of melonJS, High-Level Changes : New documentation format, including a better, more modern, layout and search feature. http://melonjs.github.io/melonJS/docs/index.html Support for Multiple Texture Packer Textures Added Colour Tint support for Renderable (WebGL mode only for now) Bunch of small fix and improvements on Renderable, Animations, Isometric rendering, and System renderers See here for a more detailed changelog, there is no API change this time (just some internal re-factoring), so you can safely upgrade without breaking your game Have fun guys, and let us know what you think about the new documentation ! (it certainly can be further tweaked/improved) --- the melonJS team
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    I had some similar problems with this yesterday so I wrote up the workflow I found to work step by step. Hope this helps anyone else who finds this thread in the future. https://www.adammarcwilliams.co.uk/creating-bitmap-text-pixi/
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    I have completed writing my free JavaScript course (begun in 2011). It is in two main parts. The first is aimed at complete beginners to introduce the whole idea of programming. It shows how to get some simple examples working and introduces some HTML5 as needed to make a platform for running the examples. It covers some general programming concepts such as writing requirements and testing against them. Part 2 is a more systematic exposition of the language, up to some of the more recent capabilities such as local storage and image processing. It is available at https://www.grelf.net/jscourse/index.html That link is to a contents page so that those who already know some of it can jump in to any particular topic of interest.
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    Bezier curve support added

    Panda Engine 2.12.0 now supports bezier curves with new Curve class. Here is interactive example, where you can see bezier curve in action: https://www.panda2.io/examples#curve-handles You can modify the curve by moving the start and end points as well as the two control points. Here is also example on how to use Curve together with Tween: https://www.panda2.io/examples#curve-tween Documentation of Curve class: https://www.panda2.io/docs/api/Curve
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    [WIP] Warlock's Quest

    Hello! I've been working on my pseudo-3D ray-casting engine and I think it's time for some feedback. This is a 3rd person dungeon crawler game. You play as a Warlock on a quest to save your princess Evil Lord from those no-good humans. You must defeat 5 dungeon bosses to win the game. Each defeated boss grants you an additional minion to summon in battle (5 total). Each summoned minion costs health. The Warlock slowly regenerates health over time, but player/minion damage to enemies heals the Warlock. The dungeons are spread across a hub map, The Forest. The game is made entirely from vanilla JavaScript (no libraries or frameworks or engines), HTML5, and CSS3. Game Link: Click Here To Play I've currently only completed 3 of the 5 dungeons. In ascending order of difficulty: Goblins, Elves, Nature. Not sure what Dungeon 4 enemies will be, but Dungeon 5 will be the humans who defeated your Evil Lord and defeating this dungeon will win the game. Each dungeon has 2 unique standard enemies and 1 unique boss. The Big Things To-Do List: Dungeon 4 & boss Dungeon 5 & boss Music Balancing I would like feedback in these specific areas, but all feedback is welcome: Performance Mobile/Touch Controls Game Difficulty Is it fun to play? Programmer art aside, is it visually appealing/interesting? Thank you for your time and I look forward to your feedback. Thanks! Bob
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    AAG batch of games #4

    Another year another batch of games. This was a slow year and the year of the sequel too. Joe Lost 2 Joe is lost again! Please help him. ABCya exclusive. Playable only on desktop unless you have a mobile account. PLAY Light On 2 The exclusive sequel to Light On only on ABCya.com! Playable only on desktop unless you have a mobile account. PLAY Bridge Hopper Hop from bridge to bridge to eat all the carrots or Bunny will cry ABCya exclusive. Playable only on desktop unless you have a mobile account. PLAY Money Land 2 Back to Money Land! In this strange new area your gravity will flip every time you stump a critter. ABCya exclusive. Playable only on desktop unless you have a mobile account. PLAY Jon Lightning Jon can move too fast for his own good. Help him. A port/adaptation of one of my old windows games under the Alexitron banner. PLAY Boxed 2 More Boxed fun. Now with metal boxes, moving walls, and holes! PLAY Lost Joe The none-exclusive edition of the Joe Lost games by popular demand. PLAY That was 2018 for me. Hope you guys had a good year as well. You can check out the rest of my catalog at www.gamesaag.com. I am thinking of removing the freebies section altogether. A question for fellow developers: I was thinking about making a mobile app with a compilation of some of my games and then continue to add to it as I make more. Anyone tried something similar? Simple puzzle games seems to be what I do best but I don't mind to experiment. I was thinking about 1080p resolution and hi-res graphics though I really like the style that I have been developing, maybe I'll try to reproduce it with 3d pixels instead. Thoughts? For GameMaker: Studio users: Tried to get into Studio 2 and just couldn't. That new user interface is an abomination and the node based events, I just don't get it. I hope they make a classic shell in the future for old farts who have been using GM for over 10 years. Hard to adapt now.
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    It's Christmas

    Hello, Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to everyone. Made a quick little scene using Kenney's holiday pack. Do check it out. Had planned a lot more but couldn't finish in time for the festival. Anyway here it is : It's Christmas Happy holidays! Abhi
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    New forum

    Hehehe! That's gonna be a cool discussion! After seeing this announcement from @rich (leader of Phaser project), I said to myself: "hey it could be cool to have a modern forum as well :)" So I pinged the cool guys at Discourse to see if they can offer to host us (still waiting for their answer). Data will NOT be migrated from here. This forum will move to read-only to keep track of all the information it holds but starting from when we moved it will not be used (a large clear message will be displayed to let people know that we moved) What do you think about moving there? From my point of view, moving to a new forum like Discourse will: - An integrated way to flag answers!!!!!!!!!!! - Better search engine - Better looking pages - No more pages!!!!!! Just a long thread - Smart notifications (I really love this one) - A mobile app!! - badges So what do you think?
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    New forum

    I'll provide a zip of all attachments when you request it, you can decide if you want to do anything with them or not after that.
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    New forum

    I'm in full control with no dependency at all this time. I wanted to use the oss offer of discourse but ultimately I picked a paid subscription because I wanted things like custom domain, etc.. Technically the forum is a docker app that I can run where I want so this should be futureproof
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    New forum

    Please read this : http://www.html5gamedevs.com/forum/33-phaser-3/ and this : https://phaser.discourse.group/t/welcome-to-the-new-phaser-forum/15 Rich is the owner of the current forum hosting, the BJS forum is simply a share in this hosting. The Phaser community will leave to Disclosure within weeks or months and the current Phaser forum will slowly die...in terms of community activity. It will still exist for archive/history reasons. Then Rich will have no more reason to maintain, animate (nor pay) for HGdev hosting, no more reason than archive/history necessity. I know we all love our current forum. It's not just a tool. The forum is our community cement ! it's our bar, pub, club house, what you prefer... it's the place where we love to talk about BJS, to make jokes, to show nice demos and to help others. It's a meeting place and a small part of humanity in this vast virtual space that Internet is. We all are conservative, we all love our logos, emoticones, pages, links, buttons, tiny red notifications, etc. Well, our habits. Because they help us to feel confortable. Hell, it's our home, here ! But the reality is that this home will certainly disappear due to the Phaser community choices. We were depending on them since the begining and fortunately they accepted to invite us and to host us when BJS was just a tiny thing with no fame. So, many thanks to them. Maybe it's time now that we grew up to fly with our own wings and to leave this crumbling house to get a better one.
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    BabylonJS and Android using Basic4Android

    No worries, hopefully it will help others get started.. It took me a few years to find Basic4Android when looking for a decent toolset to create Android Apps which offered enough flexibility to delve deeper if needed but not too much coding for codings sake. I had an idea for a 3D game a few years (4 or 5!!) ago and then went looking for a 3D framework. I came across BabylonJS and have just about achieved my goal for this now, thanks to you and David R + others along the way. My game is very much a 0.1 version of where I want to get it to, but as always there are other time pressures. 0.1 is just about viable - hopefully if there is interest I am hoping to improve on it rapidly.
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    Please Help with this...

    Hi @i_tejas19, welcome to the forum. Congrats on successful BJS scene/animations! Pop-up mouse-over labels, eh? Here, check this out... https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#XCPP9Y#447 That playground teaches BabylonJS GUI labels... AND BJS ActionManager onPointerOverTrigger. Keep in mind that an entire PANEL of information... can pop-up, with clickable stuff on that panel. WOW! I found that playground... using a playground search. I happen to know that MOST GUI demos have the term "advancedTexture" in them... from experience. I often re-name my GUI demo vars to 'adt' - short for advancedDynamicTexture. AdvancedDynamicTexture is a basis for BabylonJS GUI "stuff"... sort of like a sheet of glass that can be put atop a mesh, or across entire screen. Then we paint GUI "controls" onto that glass. That playground will get you started. Both BJS GUI and BJS ActionManagers... are very powerful and versatile. Take the time to read/experiment. Look at the demos/playgrounds in the docs... they inspire more ideas. Soon you will be expert. Ask more, if needed. Make a playground to show us stuff, if you wish. We'll be here. If solved, mark this thread solved, please.
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    Shared transparency

    hi https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1TYWYB#188 you can use 2 renderTarget for make that 1. for render transparent area inside of black Area https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1TYWYB#186 2. render nan transparent meshes https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1TYWYB#187 then mix that with postprocess
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    I hate designing levels!

    Procedural generation can be a load of fun, but its a butt-ton of work to get working well. You could even use a genetic algorithm (GA) to create levels, have an automated actor play them, test the 'success' of the actor using fitness functions and then loop that process until you get levels (again, based on a heuristic function) that are fun to play. The up-shoot is that you can, potentially, create a near infinite number of levels like this. Or at least generate a manageable amount (say, 30) and manually curate them. Depending on how good your heuristics are you can create levels that are harder or easier for humans to play. It's a ton of work though. So depends on your mindset. Some crazy people find that a wonderful coding challenge.
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    Fading trail

    Here's the second one, super-v5 stuff: https://pixijs.io/examples/?v=v5.0.0-rc.2#/textures/gradient-resource.js Yes, you can use it as an alphamask. Why do you need though? Your trail is simple rectangle, right? In fact, that's one of common mask use-cases in Flash: alpha gradients. Its shame we cant replicate all that Flash stuff even after several years of coding.
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    Fading trail

    First demo will be here in 5 minutes or so : https://pixijs.io/examples/#/textures/gradient-basic.js It took me only one cup of soothing tea.
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    I've just created a short tutorial for PixiJS that explains How to create & use sprite sheets with a few mouse clicks Use animations from sprite sheets (much easier than enumerating all sprites manually....) Optimize sprite sheets for smaller size and faster loading (up to 50%) Visually edit pivot points The full tutorial including source code is available from here: How to create sprite sheets and animations for PixiJS
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    Hello! My name is Brian and I'm the Developer Community Manager with Legends of Learning. Legends of Learning is a EdGame platform looking for HTML5, Unity or Construct 2 developers to build 500 short (5-25 minute) Math games. Payout ranges from $1000 - $50000 per game depending on performance. To date, $4 Million has been paid and 1000+ games have been built. Sprint open now with slots on first come - first serve basis. Average of $4000 per game. Creative control left entirely to the developer! To learn more about the company and opportunity and to submit your information, navigate here: https://www.legendsoflearning.com/interested-game-developer/
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    Project MWX - multiplayer RPG

    Before I even read your post, I looked at the screen and I was like "Tibia!!! ". Nice to see you used it as an inspiration. Played it for a very very long time as a teenager and played it recently too to see what changed. I do have one question though concerning NodeJS. I'm currently developing a multiplayer top down shooter from which I also use Tibia as my inspiration (understand the excitement now? ). But I replaced NodeJS after several failed stress tests with a multi threaded websocket server I have written in C#. The reason? NodeJS is single-threaded, meaning only one request can be processed at a time. For a small amount of players this don't matter that much, but if you got like 1000 clients sending requests all at the same time, the entire game could lag as hell. But if the server is multi-threaded, each request that comes in will be handled on a different thread so the main thread wont be blocking. In case of a multiplayer-game, this could speed up the process big time. So here is my question: How will you deal with that issue? Because I'm always in for a new multiplayer game and since I'm creating one myself, I know how hard it is. So I always have respect for those who dare to pull the mmo-scalibur out of the big rock. And since I know the pitfalls all too well, I'm curious how others deal with them.
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    Changing quality in renderer?

    It depends a lot on what kind of project you have. There's no single easy method to swap to lower quality rendering. Rather you should find out what is the bottleneck in your project and then either optimize that or make it so that it's toggled off for faster rendering when needed. Some of the common bottlenecks include: - Texture swapping (having objects in the scenegraph that cannot be rendered with batches) - Too many graphics objects being rendered. - Too many text objects being updated. - Having too many filters. - Rendering the scene too many times.
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    Help Needed: Improve performance

    It looks like your rendering is not the thing causing frames to go down. Profiling it shows that most of the time goes to javascript. ProcessSurvivor and findfood take most of the time. Optimizing those might help. Also if you have only 200 sprites you can use regular container without any problems. ParticleContainer starts to show benefits at thousands of objects. Here's a screenshot of the profile (chrome profiler)
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    Jolly Bear Games is looking for an experienced HTML5 JavaScript/TypeScript programmer to assist our successful casual game team. We are an independent California-based casual game developer and our games are played by MILLIONS of people all over the world. Candidates are not required to be local, but they will be expected to work remotely and should be comfortable using technology to stay in close communication with the development team. http://www.jollybear.com Job Description Work with the Jolly Bear team to implement HTML5 games using TypeScript and PixiJS (or other similar 2D game engines). The job will involve porting existing Flash games to HTML5 and also creating new game titles. Experience Required * At least 3 years of production experience with HTML5 development using TypeScript or JavaScript (experience with TypeScript is highly desirable). * At least 1 year of game-specific experience. PixiJS experience is preferred. * Experience with Flash ActionScript 3 using Flash Develop or Flex/Flash Builder is highly desirable. Skills Required * Expert in JavaScript/TypeScript programming. * Ability to optimize graphics-intensive code to run smoothly in all targeted browser environments. * Familiarity with PixiJS or other 2D game engines. * Familiarity with various Social Networking APIs. * Proficiency in Flash ActionScript 3 programming. * Excellent verbal and written communication skills. * Well-organized and systematic in approach to tasks. This is a contract position. If you are interested in this position, you should email your resume to jobs@jollybear.com Submissions must include links to HTML5 game projects that you have completed.
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    PixelateFilter example: https://www.pixiplayground.com/#/edit/Co68RDM9MbIf5lqcsAjHP OK, what did I do. 1. put PixelateFilter in the example 2. add backdropSampler, that'll be our background, and take color from it , not from the uSampler 3. take only alpha channel of uSampler, without pixelation , multiply result by it 4. in renderer constructor manually specify two uniforms - backdropSampler, and size. pixi-picture doesn't work if we dont specify it manually 5. put a fullscreen filter on stage. pixi-picture requires that background is rendered inside a framebuffer, i mean Filter or RenderTexture, otherwise "copySubTexImage2D" wont work.
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    Adsense eCPM on free fall

    What @b10b said and also it is known that December is highest eCPM month of the year and it is followed by the lowest ecpm period.
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    Hi! Here is example project, that shows you how to do it example.zip
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    Hi! it should work. Most of the time, some DOM element blocks all mouse events from reaching the canvas.
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    Elvis has left the building!!

    see ya!
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    BABYLON.Augmented Reality ...

    Yeah, Jack, what the hell is wrong with you? heh. Get your butt over to the new forum, we're only about 1/4 done with the house-warming party. And, we need a fresh announcement for Boxigon, at the new forum, too. C'mon!
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    ThreeJS and FBX file

    Three.js plugin has been updated to version 1.5.0 and it now supports FBX files! Download: https://www.panda2.io/plugins#three Here is small tech demo i made using animated FBX model: https://www.panda2.io/demos/3dbunny
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    How do I update console.log?

    console.log just outputs a static message to the console. You can't update it from your game code. The lazy solution for this would be to log the body every frame (in the update method). That'd work but it'd clutter the console really quickly and is probably not what you want. The Chrome developer tools support a feature called live expressions - it's the eye icon right above the console. If you can get to your player from the window's scope, you can make a live expression which updates it for you. The easiest way would be to temporarily store the player as a global variable from your code. Alternatively, you can store your game and use the Scene Manager to get your Scene, from which you'll be able to get your player.
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    GUI Fill

    It does not work because of line #19
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    New forum

    No-one has ever, ever, asked me for a copy of the forum database. So this is most certainly not a 'long time known issue'. You can have a copy of the MySQL db if you like. I just can't (and won't) include the users table, so it's useless for migrating to another host, but fine for extracting posts from.
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    New forum

    I agree with you all. If someone comes with a way to save all data In the meantime I offered to pay for this forum to keep it alive for our archive
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    The Wingnut Chronicles

    Hi gang! Well, here ends The Wingnut Chronicles, and this forum. 1,459 replies 96,174 views Not quite 100,000 views, but close. This forum is going READ-ONLY soon, so maybe the views will still increase into 2019. Come check out our new forum at... https://forum.babylonjs.com/ I'm still on the road to the new forum. I snapped some pics... http://urbanproductions.com/wingy/ipad_snaps/ip04/viewer.htm By the way, good whiskey helps... for getting a lens flare un-stuck from your tongue. Cya at the new forum! It ROCKS!
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    I do something just like this for a rewind + collision check feature. The trick is to use mesh.computeWorldMatrix(true) on the meshes that are being checked for collisions after being moved. This is the internal operation being performed by scene render that makes the collisions work (among other things, such as rendering). I think this is needed whenever moving and positioning objects in-between frames, esp if the object is being moved multiple times and checked for collisions before the next render. In the case of my rewind collision check, I never actually wanted to render the object in the rewound position -- I just needed the object to be in the correct state so that babylon could do the math for me. For me that meant copying its original position, moving it to a new position, invoking computeWorldMatrix, doing the intersection test, and then restoring it to the original position. While not identical, this does come out somewhat similar to the notion of moving an object (or a copy of that object) until it collides, uncolliding it, and then having it in the uncollided position all before actually rendering anything. Here's the PG w/o scene render in the collision checks: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#1UK40Z#8 If I understand what you have made, then this in theory will never turn the torus white.
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    Please Help with this...

    Hi again, @i_tejas19 Afraid I don't use blender, ( do you have a .babylon file ? ), but I suggest adding it after import Here's an example: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#XCPP9Y#751 Side-note, this one only uses a single ActionManager Short snippet: var labelActionManager = new BABYLON.ActionManager(scene); labelActionManager.registerAction( pointerOverAction); labelActionManager.registerAction( pointerOutAction); function addLabelToMesh(mesh) { if(mesh.name){ // Do some check if we should add label to this mesh.. mesh.actionManager = labelActionManager; } } // Meshes BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("Rabbit", "/scenes/", "Rabbit.babylon", scene, function (newMeshes, particleSystems, skeletons) { // Rabbit.babylon only contains a single mesh. // Simulate the file has multiple meshes, scale & position them. newMeshes[1].scaling = new BABYLON.Vector3(0.1, 0.1, 0.1); newMeshes[1].name = null; // Don't add label for rabbit 1, purely for demostration. var meshes = []; meshes[0] = newMeshes[1]; meshes.push(meshes[0].clone("rabbit 2"), meshes[0].clone("rabbit 3")) meshes[1].position = new BABYLON.Vector3(-5, 0, -2); meshes[2].position = new BABYLON.Vector3(5, 0, -2); // (Attempt to) Add label for each mesh in 'meshes'. meshes.forEach( addLabelToMesh); }); Off-topic: Thanks! Yes, Battleplanes is purely made with babylonJs, It's just a small side-project i work on once in a while, still far far from finished
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    Be Careful with GameDistribution

    I've just discovered someone has changed my payment details in Game Distribution's dashboard to a PayPal account originating in India. Not sure how long ago but probably recently as I received a payment in November. If you have been missing payments you might want to check your own settings in case this has happened to you too. If it's not just me and the platform has been hacked in some form then it might be wise to change your password while you're at it! edit - actually on logging out and back in to the dashboard it appears that I am unable to update my payment settings and remove the thieve's PayPal details!
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    Cant get group to work

    Thank you all very much. Hopefully ill get better at spotting Phaser 2 content. I have a feeling i got into this right at a breakingpoint in the migration from 2 to 3. samme's example was almost the perfect fit. All i needed was to make the group a physics group. Here is the final working code: var monsters = this.physics.add.group(); monsters.addMultiple( map.createFromObjects("Monsters", "blob", { key: "monster" }) ); monsters.getChildren().forEach(function(enemy) { // You need to use the `body` methods because these are Sprites (not ArcadeSprites) enemy.body.setBounceX(1); enemy.body.setCollideWorldBounds(true); enemy.body.velocity.x = 40; }, this); this.physics.add.collider(groundLayer, monsters);
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    Animate plane scaling

    Hi! Change BABYLON.Animation.ANIMATIONTYPE_FLOAT to BABYLON.Animation.ANIMATIONTYPE_VECTOR3 to fix it. https://playground.babylonjs.com/#AUH1BY#1
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    You need to add a reference to the material library: https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/tree/master/materialsLibrary
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    I've just finished the morphing demo that I've been working on. Thanks everyone for your input! (especially @NasimiAsl who is the grandmaster of shaders) What I'm trying to demonstrate here is morphing not just vertices, but textures as well. I got this idea from Wrap3 which has this feature. This is important with faces because redness and wrinkles will sometimes appear when you tense your face. Unfortunately there is no built-in feature to do this but we were able to pull it off with some extra shader code. I would've loved to add some specularity to the skin but I couldn't figure out how to do that with the custom material. I know this is extreme detail but its a good test. If the player is in the distance then it wouldn't be necessary. I added a "Powered by Babylon.js" sticker so everyone knows that Babylon.js can do cooler stuff than Three.js hehe Feel free to use the source code. http://punkoffice.com/facial
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    I think this is an awesome question, and it the sort of thing everybody runs in to: "How to structure your application to make coding up your logic as easy as possible.". First up, there is 0 wrong with what you're doing. You've already split your code base up in to logical chunks: something handles bullets, something else handles collisions etc etc. That's great. Think how you could further split things up so that, ideally, you make changes in a minimum amount of places. Actually, with just a couple of places to change how different types of bullets (and any modifiers applied to them) are handled, you're doing pretty well already. There are many many different ways you could attempt to solve this problem. Personally, I reckon I'd start thinking more about the data structures I'm passing around and what each different aspect of my system needs to run. You could start structuring your data to be more descriptive about the types of things. Maybe a bullet entity could contain all the variables that your bullet handling and collision code needs to work such as the texture that should be set and the colour or type of any particle emitter that gets generated? Maybe there should be a variable that declares the speed? This way you just pass this structured object into your functions and they don't care on the specifics of what type they are, they infer what to do based on the properties of that object i.e. rather than those functions knowing that a 'flame bullet' travels at 120 and a 'exploding bullet' travels at 100, it just takes a bullet object that has a speed and uses that to set velocity. Then, when you apply a 'power-up', whatever function that applies the power-up could either add the modifiers or manually change the bullet properties. i.e. var flameBullet = { speed: 120 } var speedPowerUp = { modifier: 20 } function applyPowerUp (bullet, powerup) { return { ...bullet, speed: bullet.speed + powerup.modifier } } I've used object-spread there, that's fairly new to JS, all it does it create a copy of `bullet` but then applies a new `speed` property, which takes precedence over what was previously defined in the bullet passed in. There is no need to do it like this, maybe you just store the modifier and calculate the speed later. There's no one single right answer. Evaluate which method best suits your needs, both of your system and you (or the team) as a programmer. There's also no need to use a separate function like this, maybe you like classical coding (using classes, careful with these in JS) and you want that function to live on the powerup or bullet objects, that's absolutely fine as a solution. It sounds like you have divided and structured your code and logic, it also sounds like maybe you just need to do this for the data that logic operates on and you'll be most of the way there to a solution that fits you.
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    A 3rd person character controller for BabylonJS source : https://github.com/ssatguru/BabylonJS-CharacterController docs: https://ssatguru.github.io/BabylonJS-CharacterController/ demo : https://ssatguru.github.io/BabylonJS-CharacterController/demo/ git download: https://github.com/ssatguru/BabylonJS-CharacterController/releases npm: https://www.npmjs.com/package/babylonjs-charactercontroller Originally developed as part of my Vishva project