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    Guidelines for posting in this board

    The game showcase forum can be used to let other developers know about your game that you created, or are currently about to create. If you are posting a not yet finished game, please prefix the title with something like "WIP" to let people know about it. For example: [WIP] My first puzzle game You should include the following information in your post: One (or more) screenshot/s (at best about 800x600 px - remember that very big big pictures may take a long time to load)A short description of your gameThe link to the game (obvious, huh?)Maybe a link to the games website with more details, or a blog Feel free to make the description longer and ask for specific feedback there to start a discussion with the folks here that goes beyond "Looks cool" or "very nice game". I recommend you to add your screenshot(s) as direct attachments to your post, so you don't need to host them anywhere else where they might get lost. After you added a attachment (live upload is possible while you are writing your post), you have a little "Add to post"-button at the right side which enables you to display attached images directly inside the post. When you have included the information I listed above into your post, chances are very high that rich will tweet about your post with his twitter account that has a few thousand followers already, so stick to that list if you want promotion If you have more questions, just post it here in this thread. I even have digged out a good example of how a post in this board should look like. And now, have fun building HTML5 games! greetings, Chris
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    [Phaser3] Rocketate

    Hello! Please have a look at my game "Rocketate" This is a platformer rotation where you can jump on a jetpack and rotate the world https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/721482 If you encountered any bugs please report it in this thread. People on Newgrounds reports about some bugs, but meanwhile I can't reproduce them
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    Looks awesome! Christmas is coming)
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    Phaser 3 book

    Members 2 7 posts Report post Posted 6 hours ago There is nothing to help a beginner to phaser. Even the book for phaser 3 by Emmanuelle Ferenato its not about phaser It is rather about the logic of a game that he built. The examples ok. It is like they dont want to many people understand phaser. Or May be have to pay academy for some little piece of knowledge. Really disappointed! I know html javascript css jquery d3. Js but phaser has nothing for helping people want to go on!
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    [Phaser3] Rocketate

    Nice, I really like it! The puzzles are clever and the art style is beautiful! Sometimes I wish I could speed up the game a bit, to rotate & fall faster, and proceed quicker in the level
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    Ranking system Facebook instant games

    There was an event in London where Instant Game team talked a little about this. Basically - the most important metrics are: 1. Retention 2. Virality (number of players that sent the invites to others, number of shares, percentage of the accepted invites etc.) 3. Loading times and number of players that closed the game while it was loading There's an iniital boost when launching the game, but it's quite small and only serves the purpose of feeding the algorithm with enough data.
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    Hosting recommendations ?

    aight, thanks guys
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    base way to integrate box2d into phaser3.

    @1p0thanks man, I finally use PTM to scale & sync position with my sprites in the frame update. so the box2d variables can stay the same always.
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    Showcase Katan.io

    Hey all, I've finished creating a game with pixi.js I've asked a couple questions here the past few weeks and the game finally is working so I wanted to share it with you guys. Before, I had made the game with canvas & html/css. But now the whole game screen is with pixijs except for the chatbox. There may be some bugs left, but in 1-2 weeks it will work magnificently. Hop on to play some games http://katan.io/ Btw we're doing weekly updates to the game. So if you want to subscribe be my guest: https://katan.us19.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=44e52ce0d2d31e7946354fb0d&id=ae6deb93c6 Lastly I want to ask how can I make the resolution better without heating up the computer. Normal resolution: https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/6215305/48113231-00f16c00-e26b-11e8-9741-736fb18b4a0a.png 2x resolution: https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/6215305/48113232-018a0280-e26b-11e8-865b-a5bc20a05a5e.png The 2x resolution has width & height increased 2x resulting in 4x more drawing surface. While playing heats up my mac. But it looks much better, so I want to ask is there any other way I can increase the resolution? My images are all .svg so I thought maybe turning them to .png might work but even the Pixi.text's have low resolution.
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    Preload all textures?

    var sprite1 = new PIXI.Sprite(PIXI.loader.resources['image1.png'].texture);edit: forgot to add .texture at the end
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    Preload all textures?

    No! Please don't encourage people to mix the loader and convenience methods. I spend half my time on this forum explaining why they don't mix well and why code is often broken when you try to mix them. Just use the loader values if you are using the loader. If you don't want to preload and want to just create a sprite from arbitrary string urls, then use the convenience methods. DON'T MIX THEM PLEASE!! It only works under very specific circumstances and most of the time will be broken or duplicate objects in memory. The two APIs are not related, using the loader to warm the internal texture cache for use with those methods is a hack and should not be used in production code. The texture cache for convenience methods is private and could change at anytime DO NOT RELY ON THIS BEHAVIOR.