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    melonJS 6.4.0

    Hello, shortly after the Chinese new year, here is a new release of melonJS, High-Level Changes : New documentation format, including a better, more modern, layout and search feature. http://melonjs.github.io/melonJS/docs/index.html Support for Multiple Texture Packer Textures Added Colour Tint support for Renderable (WebGL mode only for now) Bunch of small fix and improvements on Renderable, Animations, Isometric rendering, and System renderers See here for a more detailed changelog, there is no API change this time (just some internal re-factoring), so you can safely upgrade without breaking your game Have fun guys, and let us know what you think about the new documentation ! (it certainly can be further tweaked/improved) --- the melonJS team
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    You're probably right @mattstyles but even adding mini-signals to my include array still doesn't transpile it. For now I got it working by using the cdn versions of pixi. I'll keep digging for a better solution though. Thanks guys!
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    i finally solved it by move all the code to index.html
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    How to set default text in updateAsync?

    Hi @Shima_Max I believe that is the expected result. If you use "localizations", then all the languages without a localized text will have a standard localized message. I will share your feedback with our product team though.
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    I love a good online mystery. (a guilty pleasure of mine, I must admit.) So I decided to do some digging. pro style. Here's what I found: As for the origin of the company being in Turkey, there is some credibility to that, as can be seen on their LinkedIn account. (See Screenshot) They also have taken some serious liberties on their Github account, like with Phaser. (Not forked, straight up lifted- see link and screenshot) Their domains are protected from whois search for registrar info with a solid lock, so it would cost money to actually find any previous records. And the venturebeat article linked to above is valid, so they obviously are not strapped for cash in any way that would prevent them from paying devs. Finally, to address their complaint to bestgames above to not give out their personal info, maybe a better solution would be to just pay the devs that have been helping you make so much money that you can buy other companies with it? I've provided screenshots because I've noticed their account on here is actually following these threads. (You can see that on people's profile pages, you know?) I hope that helps people with their assessment of their available options for online distribution. EDIT -- February 4th 2019: I've recently noticed that they've taken a sudden interest in my online profiles after this post. (See screenshot) And I don't think it's to see if I want to submit games.