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    It's Christmas

    Hello, Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to everyone. Made a quick little scene using Kenney's holiday pack. Do check it out. Had planned a lot more but couldn't finish in time for the festival. Anyway here it is : It's Christmas Happy holidays! Abhi
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    Zombie Strike

    Hi there! I'd like to show you one of our game - Zombie Strike. This is a variation of match3 style game and zombie theme. The wall of the zombie comes on the player who should break the bricks on the match3 rules. Please play this: http://rivasgames.com/games/zombie-strike/ And I'd be happy to see any feedback. Also this game is available for license, feel free to contact me directly if you are interest (az[at]rivasgames.com or in private message) Thank you for your attention.
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    Hello game devs! I've been working on the game katan.io for a while to bring an alternative accessible approach to playing Catan online. We currently have about 15-30 people online at any time. I'm sure you guys will have some great feedback for the game, feel free to post them or send me a message about anything that's broken or that you think the game needs. We try to update the game once a week. Here is the foreseeable roadmap: - Color Optimizations - Game Ending Screen Revamp - Game Trading Screen Revamp - User Profiles & Stats - Ladder & Ranked Games Tech used are: node.js, typescript, ws, pixi.js
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    BABYLON.Augmented Reality ...

    Yeah, Jack, what the hell is wrong with you? heh. Get your butt over to the new forum, we're only about 1/4 done with the house-warming party. And, we need a fresh announcement for Boxigon, at the new forum, too. C'mon!
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    Hello everyone, this is my first Melonjs game. You can Play it here: https://bit.ly/2EXKyAM This is game is simple avoider game, you just need to click anywhere to move and avoid anything red. Note : can only be played on browser desktop screenshot: Thanks for playing! Enjoy!
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    BABYLON.Augmented Reality ...

    looking into this... babylonjs is no longer at this location on Ar.js: https://github.com/jeromeetienne/AR.js/tree/dev/babylon.js @jeromeetienne, friend, any info on AR.js + Babylon status? Also @brianzinn is right - original solution cross-matrix calculations (because I don't understand matrix inversions..), but then jerome etienne figured out how to make them babylon specific (details above). Old, but still have a backup if needed...
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    A 3rd person character controller for BabylonJS source : https://github.com/ssatguru/BabylonJS-CharacterController docs: https://ssatguru.github.io/BabylonJS-CharacterController/ demo : https://ssatguru.github.io/BabylonJS-CharacterController/demo/ git download: https://github.com/ssatguru/BabylonJS-CharacterController/releases npm: https://www.npmjs.com/package/babylonjs-charactercontroller Originally developed as part of my Vishva project
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    Pixi.js and Angular2

    Hey y'all, I made a package that I have been heavily using and honing in a game I'm working on. It allows you to use markup to create PIXI scenes. I'm hoping it'll help someone out there (and help make PIXI easier to use with angular2). Currently, it's not really optimized for performance as it's in its early stages (and I'm not that talented). If anyone has suggestions, feedback, or just wants to give it a whirl here is the github and npm info. It is being actively developed and maintained. https://github.com/Shadowstep33/Angular2Pixi https://www.npmjs.com/package/angular2pixi FYI: on the roadmap is more support and out-of-the-box components that implements PIXI's built in features.
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    Welcome to the Facebook Instant Games forum

    Hi all, I've created this sub-forum specifically for discussion about Facebook Instant Games. Use it to chat about the API, ask questions and post links to tutorials or code you've found useful. It doesn't matter what HTML5 game framework you're using (if any), but if you are using one, please say so in your post, so others can better help you. The FB API is the same regardless, but how you implement it is likely framework specific. This forum will be moderated by Facebook Instant Games staff where possible. Cheers, Rich
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    BABYLON.Augmented Reality ...

    Hey uh, theres a new forum, not sure if you knew that. Maybe create a new post with this linked to it so we dont loose all this KNOWLEDGE https://forum.babylonjs.com/
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    Try my christmas event game. http://game.nostia.com very short, one button game. Press spacebar or mouse/touch to Jump. jump higher when holding button. Goal is this gift bag. You can see ending CG when you get gift bag Thank you for playing.
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    @NoelThanks for all your help, we're finally verified
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    For Phaser 2 phaser.io/interphase
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    How to set particles emitter's depth

    particle = scene.add.particles('imagename'); particle.createEmitter({ lifespan: 300, alpha: { start: 1, end: 0 }, on: false }); particle.setDepth(2); You can set the depth of particles object, but not the emmiter.
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    Where to buy game graphics

    I pulled this list of free game art resources together a few months ago: 17 Great Places to Find Free Game Art. I hope it helps!
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    Player actions with effects idea

    Now is better, but still i need to upgrade pmy article system :). https://streamable.com/u2zli
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    Lamps on Babylon / Open Contest!

    ❤️ love it, I was gonna get there eventually thanks for handling that for me. Now to darken the shade where elements would obfuscate the light and we are working with something ^_^.
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    I'm using code from that example (game and cameras resize) + some basic css. It could be part of Phaser, but honestly that's all I will ever need. If you want proper responsive game, you have to implement it yourself anyway. This is my custom ScaleManager's initialize method that I call after I create the Game instance (Haxe code). public static function initialize(game:Dynamic):Void { function resize() { var w = js.Browser.window.innerWidth; var h = js.Browser.window.innerHeight; var scale = Math.min(w / Config.DEFAULT_WIDTH, h / Config.DEFAULT_HEIGHT); game.canvas.setAttribute('style', ' -ms-transform: scale(' + scale + '); -webkit-transform: scale3d(' + scale + ', 1);' + ' -moz-transform: scale(' + scale + '); -o-transform: scale(' + scale + '); transform: scale(' + scale + ');' + ' transform-origin: top left;' ); width = w / scale; height = h / scale; game.resize(width, height); game.scene.scenes.forEach(function (scene) { scene.cameras.main.setViewport(0, 0, width, height); }); } js.Browser.window.addEventListener('resize', resize); if(game.isBooted) resize(); else game.events.once('boot', resize); }
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    Pixi.js and Angular2

    I'm under the impression replying bumps this post and I don't want to bloat this board with a new post: Our game using A2P is ready for testing and we are trying to get feedback. If you are iOS please message me, for android https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.rabbitholegames.dayjob
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    Get image from cache

    As has been mentioned, all images are stored in the Texture Manager. You can get the raw image data like this: var tex = this.textures.get('key'); tex.getSourceImage(); You can pass getSourceImage a frame key, should the texture span multiple image files (like in a multi-texture set-up)
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    Can you please give examples of cases when it should not be set to AUTO? I'm currently working on a game and when I set it to AUTO the fps is 3-8 on iOS (iPhone 6) but with CANVAS it jumps to 59!
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    Particles circle effect

    Is this something close to what you want? http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#U64HVU#3
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    Everything is explained here : http://doc.babylonjs.com/page.php?p=22231 Basically, the manifest is very useful is you want to cache your 3D models in the client browser cache.
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    Don't do that, you can use a canvas as the source for a texture directly: var canvas = document.createElement('canvas'), ctx = canvas.getContext('2d');// draw, draw, drawvar texture = new PIXI.Texture(new PIXI.BaseTexture(canvas)), sprite = new PIXI.Sprite(texture);// add sprite somewhere in scene.
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    Ink / Outline Shader

    Added a new property: New ```Mesh.renderOutline``` property to render outlines around a mesh (used with ```Mesh.outlineColor``` and ```Mesh.outlineWidth```)