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    Hi all, Yesterday, starting at 4pm GMT, the forum suffered a comprehensive, well-coordinated DDoS attack. This was a properly distributed attack, meant to disable the site (which it did), not just some script kiddies playing around. We had thousands of open connections blocking ports and exhausting our httpd service, with sustained inbound traffic floods of 20GB per second (the equivalent of saturating a dedicated 40Mbps T3 line). I spent the entire night working diligently with my host to resolve the problem. As a side effect, the attack also took down other sites hosted on the same server, including the Phaser site. The target, however, was the forum. We finally managed to block the attack, but there were 12 hours of downtime and ripples of it carrying on throughout today. It cost me a lot of time, money, and effort. Although no-one has claimed to be responsible we have evidence indicating it was related to a previous altercation that took place on the forum. As a result, several things are happening: 1) The forum is moving to a different host. It will be hosted directly by Invision, the company who make the forum software. They are in the process of transferring the forum, and in approximately 6 hours time it will be offline as the transfer takes place. They will retain all member accounts, forum posts and file uploads. Custom plugins will also be kept. My thanks to the Babylon.js team to helping fund this move. 2) The Chat room has been disabled, and will not be bought back after the move. 3) The forum will be offline as the domain name is transferred over the course of this weekend. Honestly, I'd just wait until Monday and come back then. 4) I am personally taking the decision to remove a member of the community a lot of you may know: TrueValhala. To be clear, I do not believe he is responsible for orchestrating the DDoS at all. However, he constantly clashes with other forum members (some of it warranted, some most certainly not), and I am regularly receiving complaints to the point where I cannot ignore them any longer. This DDoS attack was the final straw. I've given this situation a lot of thought, and for many years I have let his actions slide because it was always just a form of 'passive aggressiveness' and over-reaction, rather than anything malicious, and sometimes it was justified too (he receives his own fair share of vitriol now and again.) If you are one of those who has attacked him in the past, perhaps you helped contribute to his polemical responses? But I've moderated forums for over 20 years now, and can confidently say this is one is the most helpful and friendliest ones I've had the pleasure to be part of, and I'm not willing to let it be negatively impacted like this any longer. I'm genuinely upset it had to come to down to this. I know a lot of you follow TV and admire his work, and personally, I admire greatly what he has achieved with html5 on a business level. I'm only writing about him here because I know a lot of you will ask why he is 'banned', I didn't wish to single him out, but he's a prominent part of the community, and you don't just remove that without justifying it first. I genuinely wish him the best for the future and hope he can find another forum to share his insights on, for when you strip away the scathing elements, what is left is usually really informative. You're welcome to email me directly about any of this.
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    Hello, I am happy to announce the release of my last Dev: http://spector.babylonjs.com This will help any of you willing to troubleshoot or understand what are the webgl commands generated by the engine ! Have fun,
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    Hey guys, I've made a furniture designing app using babylon js. Go here to start customizing -> http://portfolio.meble.design/app/ Go here to view a premade model: http://portfolio.meble.design/app/?conf=10041720 or http://portfolio.meble.design/app/?conf=19031726 or http://portfolio.meble.design/app/?conf=19031728 I've also designed a furniture model in the app and then produced it myself to fit into my apartment, it looks like this -> http://i.imgur.com/E06iE5B.jpg
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    hehe:) good catch ! This is my new project. The plan is to provide an alternative to Canvas2D. The main difference is that Canvas2D is full GPU oriented (text constructrion, animations, etc..) while Babylon.GUI is CPU based (it is an extension of the DynamicTexture) While it could be seen as a less performant aproach, it is also more flexible. It support alignment, margin, events. Controls are: Textblock, Button, Image, Container It is still under heavy working. Documentation will be soon available with samples.
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    I've browsed forums before, been a member on many but it's probably the first time when I've grown fond of a community. It does feel good to help other users and be helped in return. Being (virtually) with like minded people that share similar interests (programming, game dev) it's also quite nice. And unlike many forums where one wastes time here the time it's spent usefully. All in all it's an honor and a pleasure being part of html5gamedevs. Hear, hear!
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    Hi beloved community! With @Meulta, we've done a //BUILD 2017 session on WebVR and Babylon.js (of course! ;)) that you can watch it: https://channel9.msdn.com/events/Build/2017/P4097 Feel free to share the love on social network by RT this tweet for instance: I hope you'll enjoy our content. David
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    There is a new Blender zip file, BlenderToBabylon-5.3.zip. To avoid some of the revision #'s releases of the past, this the revision # is -1. This will show as -beta in the user interface. Will not be deleting the 5.2 zip file until the zero revision is published. You cannot run both though. Also, there is a new file in the zip, so you may get an error on installing it. Leaving and restarting Blender is required. The changes are: Exponential shadow maps Universal camera instead of Free Option to disable 64k vertices limit morph targets I have run one of my .blend files, originally from @gryff, with shapekeys through the export. It ran in the sandbox, but I did not try to figure out how to animate it so do not know whether it is right. There is only 1 key, Draped. I do not have a lot of incentive to figure out morph targets when I have my own animation system. This is the scene where I use this .blend. There is a lot of stuff in this scene built directly in javascript, so not in the .blend. Anyone feel free to test.
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    Hey team, I'm happy to announce availability of a CDN for preview files (meaning the current work in progress version): https://preview.babylonjs.com/babylon.js https://preview.babylonjs.com/babylon.max.js https://preview.babylonjs.com/babylon.worker.js
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    This is not actually a demo, but rather a QA scene for both testing a new feature of QI 1.1, the Automaton Class, as well as developing expressions. QI 1.1 is not final yet. There are also other aspects of this scene which have not been seen before: new grand entrances & read ahead. The grand entrances are done using shader builder. For read ahead, first remember that the Tower of Babel exporter for Blender outputs inline Javascript. Javascript can be dynamically linked outside of script tags in the header section of html. When a .js file is retrieved using BABYLON.Tools.loadFile(), it occurs on one of the browser's threads asynchronously. This means that a scene's renderloop can be running unaffected during retrieval. This opens up the possibility that additional geometry can be retrieved, but not actually loaded into the scene, ahead of it being needed. Of course, this is not really great if the textures are not also gotten in advance. To solve this, a small entry point in the generated .js file was added, matReadAhead(). This method causes all the texture files to also be retrieved & buffered in the VM async as well, but no Texture Objects are created till needed. When the .js arrives, there is a very brief eval call on the user thread to touch this off. Note: this works with compressed textures as well. In this scene, all the busts are retrieved dynamically. The first of course, delays when the scene becomes actually usable, but all the remaining are downloaded after the first is taken care of. Right now there are only 2, but more are coming. Also, full size characters with armatures, 30 face shapekeys, & 10 shapekeys on each hand are 5mb of geometry and up. BTW, this all started, because I wanted to do a bunch of scenes for this blog site, but would get drowned if I had to make characters for every single scene. I also did not want to have to statically link characters as this would be a maintenance issue as I add characters / busts. Not to mention that it would slow down launch with each one added. I normally do not do long reads, sorry. If you are still reading, enjoy.
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    Some of you may be interested in this interview with FRVR from GameAnalytics, where we chat with FRVR founder to find out how his approach to HTML5 game development and distribution helped him build a studio that generated $1500 per day in ad revenue, within 6 months... It's a great story. Check it out @GameAnalytics
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    Hey @yorke cell shading is now available in materials library http://doc.babylonjs.com/extensions/cell And it supports shadows
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    start : http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#22FWI5#3
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    Hi everyone! Let me show you my LudumDare entry: I hope I'm not the only one using BABYLON.js (I did not found others yet) https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/38/three-of-you You can find the assets I created in Blender Here on sketchfab: https://sketchfab.com/models/32ce606507de4ee984be9ab8c83397fb
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    Hi Everyone, For Ludum Dare 38 I wrote a dungeon based game using procedurally generated level maps. Its something that I have wanted to play around with for a while, the code didn't work so great in the jam but it something I wanted to take a little further. So I have since split out the code used for the level generation. Given it a cleanup and turned it into a proper Phaser plugin that everyone is welcome to use in their own projects. Plugin code can be found on Github Or you can take a look at a demo of the plugin here Any feedback or comments welcome
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    just a bit of advice - don't go with https://github.com/jeremyfa/node-ts2hx these converters are no good for real world projects, especially for a big one like babylonjs. they work on simple stuff, but give it for example https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/blob/master/src/babylon.engine.ts and it will dye. as the author said 'it was a proof of concept' anyway. ts and haxe have similar enough syntax to use ts file and start doing conversion to haxe 'by hand'. this is my approach and it worked well. its just an advice though. anyway, if you guys are interested in keeping babylonhx alive and if you want to take active part in its development I might consider getting back to it. its too much work for a single person.
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    Hi Everyone, GunFight.io - original HTML5 multiplayer game. Select your team Counter-terrorists or Terrorists and have fun! Play Made with: Phaser + NodeJS server framework - custom version of Colyseus scheduled to add: 1) Multi-language support 2) May be bots? 3) Mobile device support. 4) More emotions. Any suggestion and feedback are welcome.
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    And here's another one on WebVR from //BUILD 2017 with @deltakosh this time: https://channel9.msdn.com/Events/Build/2017/T6987 ! David
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    Hello Friends ; I completed 70% of my first 3d web site and start testing, its compatible for mobile devices ( tested on my android phone working well ( idk ios devices whats happens ) ), i will add more my works images and videos soon, and i m working on my classic 2d web site too, I m sorry for my site language is Turkish now i will add English options soon. Your opinions and suggestions are very valuable for me. Please feel free to review your leisure time and let us know your views. My first 3d site link : http://3dprof.com I hope you will like it Best regards
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    Thought some people might appreciate this. How cool would it be to apply to Babylon.js height map! http://theorangeduck.com/page/phase-functioned-neural-networks-character-control
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    Hi everyone, Here's my last BabylonJS project. It's a port of a previous one I had made with Unity. The concept is about Spherical Voxels. A sphere is divided in degenerated-squares, allowing to create a minecraft-like voxel terrain on it. You may try it here : http://svenfrankson.github.io/PlanetBuilderWeb/index.html And source code is available here : https://github.com/SvenFrankson/planet-builder-web Have a nice day !
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    I don't know if some other people here have little difficulty to visualize what is a vector in 3d space, but I had to help myself so as to set directionnalLight direction, which is a vector3 value. So I set this little playground and I put it here if this can help others http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#HEACG9#2 It may be useful to help orient a camera, a directionnalLight, and whatever.
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    Nice to know it is living again GG @MackeyK24 and @NasimiAsl @gamestudiohx I am keen on making BJS better, could you please detail a bit the cumbersome part so that it will be my next area of focus. thx
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    @enwolveren I don't know where you, and others, have gone with this topic, but here are a couple of more examples that I found in my BJS bookmark list of PGs that I was cleaning out yesterday. First a Sprite Effect. Electricity 1. This has electricity and sparks And for @NasimiAsl as well, A Shader Effect Electricity 2. This has 9 different shaders doing all sorts of things - one of which is electricity (cube in back right corner). I have not figured out which part of the code drives this effect. I would one day like to create the "gateway" effect I posted an image of - but that will likely not be soon. cheers, gryff
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    Thanks @Dad72 for clearing up... Btw... I got much respect for @NasimiAsl he is the shader guru 👍
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    Some time ago I wanted to make one game per month - my previous one, Wizard Quest, was released around June 2016, so you can see I'm not good at that anymore. With Flood Escape the story is simple - I wanted to make a game during Global Game Jam in January, so we built a prototype, and then spent a few months trying to finish it. The game itself is very simple - I wanted to focus on polishing it up. It was built with Phaser 2.6.2 and my template. Play Flood Escape: http://flood.enclavegames.com There's also the making of blog post if you're interested to learn the details: http://dev.end3r.com/2017/05/sick-game-jam-the-making-of-flood-escape/ I'd love to get some feedback from you about it, thanks!
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    Ok new github links for my maze entry in the contest 1 Full Maze - includes an intro to watch with music, an animated book, a wizard and his hell hound. 2 Maze (no intro) - four 5x5 mazes connected by gates and stairs. The parts were built in Blender and the maze constructed from instances using BJS and a script. You can jump between the four mazes by pressing the I key on the keyboard if you can't figure out how to open some gates I hope the other contestants mazes are still available.. It was a fun contest cheers, gryff
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    I made one using DynamicTexture, it's just a proof of concept: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#XLDBB2#4 At the bottom there are many variables you can play with. Here is the spark in your combination playground: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#22FWI5#14 It's still a very siny spark, but the getSparkPoints function can easily be edited. Edit: Here they are with a blue glow: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#XLDBB2#5 http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#22FWI5#16 Apparently lighting has to be disabled on the material, it's just that you don't notice when the color is white.
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    That. Faster and with a transparency on the tube http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#24PQRQ#89
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    iteration: babylon does electricity really well(imho): http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#24PQRQ#87 (fixed link) many possibilities...
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    @Raghavender Mylagary: You might want to look at 3D slicer. You can load images and create a 3dmodel which can be automatically cleaned up and exported in an .stl format 3DSlicer and stl export @JohnK ; Yes the images can be noisy which means clean up can take some time. Been a long time since I used magnetic resonance - first thing I ever saw was a magnetic resonance image of a lemon, and wondered where it would go. cheers, gryff
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    Having got to a difficult place with my project I though yours was interesting. Converting each slice to meshes representing parts of the head is way way beyond me. However like @Wingnut I too thought about the project Nesh108 was working on so had a go, albeit a simplified version, using just one plane per slice. Used Adobe ImageReady to separate out the slices and realised that the 'black' areas would need to be transparent. As loading images into a canvas creates CORS problems I have had to host my attempt in github. Its a starter rather than any finished project but I present it for what its worth, http://canvimation.github.io/scanner/mri.html When the head ( and i use the term loosely) has loaded type a number from 0 to 127 in the box in the top left and that slice will pop out. Lots of rough edges ( and they are very noticeable)
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    Hey team! I'll be on holidays until early June so please excuse me if I'm on replying to questions as often as I should:)
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    For 1 to 2K, the SPS is your friend anyway :-D It's quite easy to make explosions with solid different particles rotating in every direction. Have a look please at those demos featured by the BJS web site : http://www.babylonjs.com/demos/boom/ http://www.babylonjs.com/demos/spscollisions/ http://www.babylonjs.com/demos/facets/
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    Hi, I'm using Babylon.js everyday professionnally for CAD-like products and communication applications. I can say there is absolutely no problem using the engine for this kind of apps. However, you cannot today import/export dwg/dxf (you have to go through Blender/3DSMax, or implement the importer yourself). For your 2D manipulations, you could use canvas2D (which is a 2D engine created to manipulate 2D shapes/sprites with a high performance). I don't think there is an equivalent with Three.js. Two more reason you didn't thought about: 1. you will develop much faster with Babylon.js, as several useful methods/classes are embedded directly in the engine. 2. The community is VERY reactive, and the core dev team is really dedicated to fix every bug you can find. Feel free to ask if you have any questions
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    This is because JS won the browser language war, Flash has run its course, there is nothing to challenge html5, but... if you're making casual games then you're up against the native marketplaces which are extremely strong and have many advantages that html5 devs don't, so, I think there needs to be a point where you really push what your platform is good at, what it is better at than other platforms. I'm still surprised webGL stuff hasn't taken off more, I can only assume its through lack of developers who really know what they're doing in the graphics field getting on board with it. The browser has the exact same access to the GPU as any other application (albeit with a slightly older language implementation), loading of assets will always be difficult, but, beyond that you can create some stunning visuals that could rival some AAA games, with the advent of WASM you could even be pushing native applications for code performance too. I couldn't agree more! It's a fantastic time to be a JS dev at the moment. WebGL, WASM round the corner, more and more offline options becoming available for clients, node based services, JS looks like its winning IoT programming, tech like Electron throwing JS into desktop native solutions, real hybrid apps for mobile/desktop, new, more powerful language features, a reliable development roadmap for the language, the browser fragmentation problem disappearing. These are all incredible things, I'm not sure there's ever been a better time to be a JS developer. And all these things don't happen in isolation, the language/ecosystem is still growing at a meteoric rate because businesses and users demand more and more from it. JS dev work is booming. Tech moves very fast but its likely 10 years before you can finish using JS, and even then, if you learn programming then you'll find you can pick up many other languages (JS protects from a lot of programming concerns so be sure to be learning these as you go, stuff like how the JIT compiler works, memory management etc etc).
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    i wish i find a some time for do the gpu particle ( and a lot stuff i start but don't be complete ) http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#FJNR5#57
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    Hi everone I created a small 3d volley ball game called blubVolley at https://blub-game.com you can find the landing page at https://blub-game.com/play/ you can play the game right away. I uses three.js for the 3d and audio stuff, OpenUI5 for the ui. The servers got implemented in C++ with the libraries boost, websocketpp and I used google v8 for the bot scripting. For offline play the game got packed by electron. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Markus
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    In my experience, both @True Valhalla and @b10b are right. There are many sponsors that aren't closing down and you can approach. Very few of them would be interested in a non-exclusive license, though. And many developers can do well, if they work hard and smart and a couple of hundred dollars a month is all they want
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    A few more tweaks and:
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    You might take a look at what might be salvaged from SSSynthesiser. The topic was http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/15060-wave-synth-sound-engine/#comment-102291
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    hi about shaderBuilder in github : https://github.com/BabylonJS/Extensions/tree/master/ShaderBuilder documentation : http://cdn.rawgit.com/RNasimiAsl/Extensions/master/ShaderBuilder/Documentation/ShaderBuilderReferences.html it is just string builder so feel free to ask anything in shaderBuilder
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    hi all : back to continue CustomMaterial @Dad72 http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#FC4IX#55
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    Yes this is possible just use this: http://babylonhx.gamestudiohx.com/