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    Project MWX - multiplayer RPG

    Before I even read your post, I looked at the screen and I was like "Tibia!!! ". Nice to see you used it as an inspiration. Played it for a very very long time as a teenager and played it recently too to see what changed. I do have one question though concerning NodeJS. I'm currently developing a multiplayer top down shooter from which I also use Tibia as my inspiration (understand the excitement now? ). But I replaced NodeJS after several failed stress tests with a multi threaded websocket server I have written in C#. The reason? NodeJS is single-threaded, meaning only one request can be processed at a time. For a small amount of players this don't matter that much, but if you got like 1000 clients sending requests all at the same time, the entire game could lag as hell. But if the server is multi-threaded, each request that comes in will be handled on a different thread so the main thread wont be blocking. In case of a multiplayer-game, this could speed up the process big time. So here is my question: How will you deal with that issue? Because I'm always in for a new multiplayer game and since I'm creating one myself, I know how hard it is. So I always have respect for those who dare to pull the mmo-scalibur out of the big rock. And since I know the pitfalls all too well, I'm curious how others deal with them.
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    Changing quality in renderer?

    It depends a lot on what kind of project you have. There's no single easy method to swap to lower quality rendering. Rather you should find out what is the bottleneck in your project and then either optimize that or make it so that it's toggled off for faster rendering when needed. Some of the common bottlenecks include: - Texture swapping (having objects in the scenegraph that cannot be rendered with batches) - Too many graphics objects being rendered. - Too many text objects being updated. - Having too many filters. - Rendering the scene too many times.
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    How to add additional filters?

    i remember have a lot of issue by using the prop mysprite.filters What If you use instead mysprite._filters = [...]; On my side no issue with multi filters or my manager but am no using the hell setter . mysprite._filters.push(new PIXI.filters...);
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    Jolly Bear Games is looking for an experienced HTML5 JavaScript/TypeScript programmer to assist our successful casual game team. We are an independent California-based casual game developer and our games are played by MILLIONS of people all over the world. Candidates are not required to be local, but they will be expected to work remotely and should be comfortable using technology to stay in close communication with the development team. http://www.jollybear.com Job Description Work with the Jolly Bear team to implement HTML5 games using TypeScript and PixiJS (or other similar 2D game engines). The job will involve porting existing Flash games to HTML5 and also creating new game titles. Experience Required * At least 3 years of production experience with HTML5 development using TypeScript or JavaScript (experience with TypeScript is highly desirable). * At least 1 year of game-specific experience. PixiJS experience is preferred. * Experience with Flash ActionScript 3 using Flash Develop or Flex/Flash Builder is highly desirable. Skills Required * Expert in JavaScript/TypeScript programming. * Ability to optimize graphics-intensive code to run smoothly in all targeted browser environments. * Familiarity with PixiJS or other 2D game engines. * Familiarity with various Social Networking APIs. * Proficiency in Flash ActionScript 3 programming. * Excellent verbal and written communication skills. * Well-organized and systematic in approach to tasks. This is a contract position. If you are interested in this position, you should email your resume to jobs@jollybear.com Submissions must include links to HTML5 game projects that you have completed.
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    Spaceship 3D game template

    New Spaceship 3D game template available for download! Play: https://www.panda2.io/templates/spaceship3d Download: https://www.panda2.io/templates#spaceship3d
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    Texture.fromImage callback

    Yes, it is possible to create texture from Image() please look closer, I remember that it was easy as passing ImageResource somewhere ... No, fromImage is still a valid way, it was deprecated because there's "FROM" function now. "Texture.from". Yes, you can just create one extra loader if you suddenly need to download one more texture.
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    How to add additional filters?

    Hi community, I'm trying to add an additional filter to a sprite in Pixi v4 but somehow this only works when I add the filters at the same time like so: mysprite.filters = [new PIXI.filters.BlurFilter(), new PIXI.filters.NoiseFilter()]; My goal is to dynamically add and remove filters on the sprites at a later time. I have tried this (see below), but when I examine the "mysprite.filters" property, the debugger still tells me that there is only one filter on the sprite: mysprite.filters = [new PIXI.filters.BlurFilter()]; ... mysprite.filters.push(new PIXI.filters.NoiseFilter()); What is the correct way to add additional filters to a sprite? Thanks in advance. :)
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    Mobile Blur

    One thing I noticed with ios when using large textures (limit depends on ios) it will resize them to smaller size instead of just failing. Got this to appear on iphone 4 with sizes over 1024x2048 and with never devices those limits have gone up.
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    Transparency coming out as whites

    A quicky.. does anyone knows why i'm getting some transparency rendered white?
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    PIXI.Loader with CORS

    no readPixels() for you. That means no "extract" plugin.
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    Tilemap sprites have weird spacing.

    Found the issue: I forgot integer division isn't a thing in JavaScript.
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    We are going to add extra "textureCoord" varying or "filterCoord" (i dont remember) in default vertex shader so transition will be easier for other users.
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    Well, I started the tutorial and I like it so far but it does not cover the most important part: the input. Like how to connect the tower to the turret for example, or how to get the miner starting mining. I guessed it had to do with the mouse buttons so I managed to got the turret powered on by fiddle around a bit, but I really had to puzzle with placing a wall or the miner. I have yet to figure out how to make the miner working. Also, why the account stuff? First thing I see when I visit the website is a login form on the homepage. It gives me the impression the game is multiplayer. But is it? The graphics are awesome though, kudos for that. So my advice for now is: Improve the tutorial by being more concrete about which input to use and where. Like in the Age of Empires 2 tutorial campaign, the narrator tells you in detail how to select a group of units and move them around; "Left click near the group of units and drag a box around them, then right-click near the blue flag" could not be more clear. Secondly, if the game is in fact not multiplayer, remove the form from the homepage. Otherwise you'd give people the impression you're hosting a multiplayer game and when they figure out it is not, they'll feel deceived and quit right away. That being said, it looks pretty impressive so far. Just work a bit more on your tutorial and the account stuff and you're good to go for sure. And if you are clueless on what to explain to players in your tutorial, imagine you give this to a 11 year old kid. He'll make sure to ask the right questions. πŸ˜› EDIT: I was thinking about that form, maybe you should change the title "login" to "member area". That way you don't give the impression the game is multiplayer, but you can also keep the form right where it is and hint the player there is a member area. EDIT2: Again thinking about the tutorial. You use hints to tell the player how to do it if he is stuck. But don't, you should be straightforward about the instruction right away. Imho, a tutorial should not be a guess-game, but a straight-forward manual on how to play the game. I feel like the tutorial right now is not.
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    Put a gray 0x808080 edge around your displacement texture to avoid CLAMPing in texture filtering. This displacement is applied over ALL THE SCREEN, but displacement itself is small sprite, and it has non-gray pixel on edge => when displacement shader takes pixel far away in the left - this edge pixel will be taken as example. WebGL stuff. Read WebGL articles to know how it works. Alternative: use pixi-picture backdrop thingy, apply filter only to background: https://github.com/pixijs/pixi-picture/tree/master/src https://gameofbombs.github.io/examples-heaven/#/picture/displacement-backdrop.js Works only with v4, but it seems that you dont use v5 yet
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    A battle chess or card game framework.

    https://ljzc002.github.io/CardSimulate2/HTML/TEST4optimize.html I'm trying to make a battle chess game framework.By now,I have completed the following functions: Use wasd,Shift,space to fly around the scene. Press alt to display hand cards. Click to chose one card or use Shift/Ctrl to select multiple cards and use 1-5 to team them up. When close to a hand card,you can click the button '落子'(Drop the pawn),then the sight change to orange,click the chessboard with the orange sight,the hand card will became a chess pieces. Select a unit on chessboard will display the range of movement by blue masks and the skill table by a DOM node,then you can move the unit by click the mask or click the DOM node to select a skill(up to now,only 'nattack' and 'test5' can work),click other grid or the unit itself will deselect the unit. Use skills to an target will trigger a series of animations,if the unit's hp falls below zero it will turn gray and go up to hand cards. After a round of action,you can click 'δΈ‹δΈ€ε›žεˆ'(Next round) button in the hand cards view,the unit on the chessboard will be waiting for move again. I don't have much experience in making battle chess games.I am eager to get to get some suggestions on how to optimize the ui and the operation mode. Next,I plan to use some 3D model to represent units on the chessboard,add some sound effects into the scene,and try to make a websocket interconnection.
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    I made a progress bar using two rectangles, a container and a text block, here I thought I would share because I am very proud of myself ! You can find the code to run it just here: https://playground.babylonjs.com/ts.html#P3XLK9
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    [Phaser] Underworld Chaos

    Has a bit of issues, but the Pixel Art details is really great. Has a cool aesthetic to it.
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    [Phaser] Underworld Chaos

    I think the testing values may still be active. I was started on level 4 and after completing it the game crashed: phaser.min.js:3 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'width' of undefined at new i.Tilemap (phaser.min.js:3) at i.GameObjectFactory.tilemap (phaser.min.js:3) at GameName.Game.create (Game.js:582) at i.StateManager.loadComplete (phaser.min.js:3) at i.StateManager.preUpdate (phaser.min.js:3) at i.Game.updateLogic (phaser.min.js:3) at i.Game.update (phaser.min.js:3) at i.RequestAnimationFrame.updateRAF (phaser.min.js:3) at window.requestAnimationFrame.forceSetTimeOut._onLoop (phaser.min.js:3) Other than that, I liked the game, but with the level layout it's quite hard to actually kill enemies with the shooting
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    Krisztian Varga

    [Phaser] Underworld Chaos

    I love the 16-bi old-school look! I didn't get very far though, once I press left arrow, it keeps moving that direction as if the key was tuck.. also, you may want to use space for jump, as Milton said, "Y" should be jump but it is "Z" for me as well. I know about this keyboard issue because I'm Hungarian, I used to get this all the time switching back and forth between English and Hungarian keyboard layouts, using space or any other key would eliminate the issue, but space is more convenient imho. Please let us know when these issues are fixed and we can give it another go. Looking forward to playing it
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    Couldn't find this on my own anywhere else--so I'm asking you lovely people! I am doing some testing between Phaser and Tiled and recently tried using an "Infinite" map from Tiled in Phaser 3. After some tinkering around I think I need to ask the obvious question--can Phaser 3 even support infinite tiles? I keep getting DomExeptions like this: "Uncaught DOMException: Failed to execute 'atob' on 'Window': The string to be decoded is not correctly encoded." Thanks for any and all help in advance!
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    How do you pass data to another scene?

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    Mobile Tutorials or Examples

    Got it! Thanks everyone. I just made a variable moveLeft, set it to false. Then on the pressdown event changed it to true and have the if statement in update check the state. On tap, he hauls ass to the left Now the easy part of getting him moving left, right, and jumping. var moveLeft = false; function create(){ this.input.on('pointerdown', function(){ moveLeft = true; }, this); } function update(){ if (moveLeft) { player.setVelocityX(-160); player.anims.play('left', true); } }
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    Shadow of invisible mesh

    shadowGenerator.setTransparencyShadow(true); seems to solve the problem. http://playground.babylonjs.com/#I2H3M#2
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    Is there a double-click feature?

    From what I've seen of the code, there is no double click event. However, there is an extra parameter passed into "onTap" that denotes double click: // Was it a double-tap?if (this.timeUp - this.previousTapTime < this.game.input.doubleTapRate){ // Yes, let's dispatch the signal then with the 2nd parameter set to true this.game.input.onTap.dispatch(this, true);That means you can have a double click handler by doing something like: game.input.onTap.add(function(pointer, isDoubleClick) { if(!isDoubleClick) { return; } // Handle double click.});Then again, you could also use the native dblclick event.
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    Unit testing a Phaser application?

    We definitely need to add a way to add tests to phaser, it's really just a matter of time at the moment. There's also only so far you can take unit tests on something so tightly bound to audio and visuals, but it would definitely help to cement the core libs like Point, Group, etc.