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    Babylon.js v3.3 is out!!!!

    We did it guys!!! Let's share the love: Feel free to retweet as much as you can!!!
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    I Love This Forum

    Hey Devs and All, I'm just feeling a bit sentimental about how far this forum has come the past 4 years. @Deltakosh and @davrous ( + others) have given us a creative outlet that has turned into a new frontier. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate that I am able to come to a place that provides me not only technical advice, but I've made many new friends as well. Much love to you all. DB
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    BabylonJS on STEAM -> BOXiGON~V1

    Hello awesome HTML5Dev community... NEWS-FLASH: BABYLONJS is on STEAM!!! To show appreciation for BABYLONJS and HTML5GAMEDEVS here is a look at the "Special Thanks" in the credits: The game is called BOXiGON~V1, on STEAM: https://store.steampowered.com/app/842490/BOXiGON/ We look forward to giving back to the community with tips to support others in the SAME-QUEST! So, in a few weeks, we'll post a retrospective: How To Get Your BABYLONJS App on STEAM. As documentation of the mix of tools, the steps, and best-practices we used. Also, we will PR LINK for BABYLONJS.com, and later this quarter, convert the ElectronJS app into FREE WEB DEMO. Where anyone can see the code and kick the tires. Are you a source contributor and would like to add your name to credits? We would love that! Or if you are listed above and would like a name or handle change? Just let us know. LAST, we care what you think. So drop us a note! There are many more steps, as you probably know, and we hope for a couple more BOXiGON's on different platforms next year. V2 is in the works and we are just getting started! See you around. Congratulations BABYLONJS and Thank you, ~BOXiGON-TEAM-. NetCinematics
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    Hi Babylon.js community, It is my pleasure to announce BabylonCpp, a port of Babylon.js to C++, facilitating the creation of lightweight, cross-platform 3D games and applications with native performance. This port is a manual translation from the thousands and thousands of lines of Babylon.js TypeScript code into C/C++. Some history In 2015, I was looking for an interesting pet project. Due to my interest in 3D and modern C++, I stumbled upon Babylon 3D (C#/native port). I used this project as a starting point for mine and started updating the code with the latest code of Babylon.js. In beginning of 2017 - after a long time of porting, frustration and testing - I decided to publish the code on GitHub. Since then I kept updating the code and adding examples on daily basis. The Good TypeScript makes it really easy to port to C/C++ compared to JavaScript. For most parts, it is basically copying the code, updating to the proper syntax and updating the header. To get a good overview of the current state of the project I refer to the screenshots on the samples page. Not really a surprise, but if you look at the samples code you will see that the API looks very similar to the one of Babylon.js. Not all functionality is supported yet, but this a work in progress. I am really pleased with the performance of Babylon.js and the speedup of BabylonCpp. I am aware that I am comparing apples and oranges but I can give you some numbers. On my Intel NUC NUC7i5BNHX1 (Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 GPU) I am getting the following numbers for the relatively simple Grid material example for a resolution 1680x1050 on Fedora 28: Babylon.js engine (v3.3.0-rc.3), Firefox 62.0: +/- 15% fluctuating CPU load, 270 MB RAM usage, fluctuating fps between 45-60 fps BabylonCpp (library size is 7.6 MB): constant 2% CPU load, 16 MB RAM usage, constant frame rate of 60 fps Some possible use cases of BabylonCpp include: Native apps development on iOS, Android Using the library as a WebAssembly module Using the library in existing desktop applications or integrating third-party libraries (i.e. Recast & Detour, Bullet Physics engine, etc.) Technical exploration (i.e. testing functionality that is in OpenGL and not yet in WebGL, supporting Vulkan API) The bad Most of the time goes into keeping up with all the Babylon.js code changes. Every month I take a snapshot of the latest code and port the changes into my version. As a result, the code is always very up-to-date but code on which people are still working or that might be thrown away in later versions is also integrated. An alternative I am going to follow for Babylon.js 3.3 is sticking with the stable version and focus mainly on features and stability. Porting will be done in a branches and less frequently. Not all code can be easily ported. For instance, C++ does not have reflection. There are third-party libraries available to support this, but this means introducing a new dependency. ...and the Ugly Linux is my main development platform. The code compiles on Windows (MSVC 2017) and OS X but is not really tested and buggy. On Linux I am also getting different behaviour between the debug and the release version. So the library is for moment only really usable on Linux in debug mode... Looking forward to hear what you think about the project or where you want to use it. If you have some suggestions for improvement or want to contribute or help resolving some of the issues described above feel free to contact me any time or let them know in this forum, it certainly would help a lot! Cheers, Sam
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    Hello. I'm working on a fighter game, and while it's not finished yet, you can enjoy it ahead of time via video, which is open source, and I'll post its github address when I finish the first phase. //On October 8, github address:https://github.com/renjianfeng/flightSimulator github.io:https://renjianfeng.github.io/flightSimulator/released/index.html update:On October 21, new video:
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    Back to the Lamps on Babylon / Open Contest! forum thread, I've commited myself to write a tutorial about my lightmap workflow. Here the demo: And here the first published version of the tutorial... but in french, for now 😄 https://www.nothing-is-3d.com/article25/de-blender-vers-babylonjs I will soon make available an english version, don't worry. [edit] english version is out: https://www.nothing-is-3d.com/article27/from-blender-to-babylonjs
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    Back to my teenage years

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    I Love This Forum

    Ah.. @Wingnut - You're always good for a laugh!😆 He has a re-shoot next week, and I'm going to try and make the shoot if I can work out the logistics. The only thing that might keep me away is that I'm scheduled for the G2E show in Vegas next week; so we'll see how it goes. Anyway, if I get a picture with the Captain, you know the first place I'm going to post it. On a different note (no pun intended), I'm waiting on FedEx to deliver my new keyboard this morning. It truly looks like a science station right off the bridge of the Enterprise. I mention this as it's the perfect workstation to compose and record music for online content. Here's a You Tube video: For those of you who write and record their own music for their games, there is no better keyboard out there. It runs Cubase natively, and has features that have never been seen before. I usually run Pro Tools, but I can run either on this board without the need for my laptop - or any MIDI or analog interface for all the channels of audio I choose. There's even a driver which converts all applicable performances and sounds to Web Audio, so that I can use a tone generator without the need for downloading audio files. I'm truly psyched! DB
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    Pointerup observable bug ?

    Should be good now!
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    In case anybody is wondering what hot reloading textures looks like, I have made a screen capture. This saves you the trouble of downloading @Nodragem's repo, adding that one line patch and running it yourself, even though that only takes a few minutes Chrome on top, Edge on the bottom - on the right dragging a different image up into our webserver /assets/ directory and having it hot reloaded into WebGL + BabylonJS. The huge advantage with this technique (over the HMR you see in my screen capture above) is that we are replacing a running instance (not reloading cameras, lights, other assets, etc.) and this is where you want to be if you are ie: making a game, whereas my first screen capture (while it does use HMR) is rebuilding the entire scene. Some advantages of scene rebuilding is that I can add/remove to scene, replay state (in my game, I can fully restore from state on startup) and change things like constructor variables and have them take effect, etc. @Deltakosh - Reporting back. I am about to start digging through the engine cache texturing to see if that is how we could/should be replacing textures for entire scene.
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    Babylon.js v3.3 - Code freeze

    Hey team! We are about to ship 3.3 (yeahh!). Expected data is Tuesday Oct 2nd. Right after that we will block any PR for 2 weeks as we need to start adding support for modules (this will allow tree shaking!!) for 4.0. So if you want to do a PR and get it merged please do it now so I can merge it before we start that long task
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    Phaser 3 - Video tutorial series Free

    I'm doing a video tutorial series for Phaser 3 since the only alternatives are paid Zenva courses(which aren't bad but not many can afford). I'm aiming to do videos once a week and if you want to help out, I'll be on discord open to discuss the scripts and what to go over.
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    Hi, I just finished a vacation。 The code is here, and you can preview it github address:https://github.com/renjianfeng/flightSimulator github.io:https://renjianfeng.github.io/flightSimulator/released/index.html
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    Back to my teenage years

    LSD years, John? 😂
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    Thought at first you wanted an edge as well as a fill and so did these PGs https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#S7HM64#1 https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#S7HM64#2 https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#S7HM64#3 Happy playing 😊
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    Hi, Found the solution. var transparentTexture = new BABYLON.StandardMaterial("transparentTexture", scene); transparentTexture.diffuseColor = new BABYLON.Color3(0, 0, 0); transparentTexture.alpha = 0; hiddenMesh.material = transparentTexture;
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    Sorry for the delay (vacations), and nice job for the fix! Here my NoAdjustment.3dl file (from Photoshop CC 2017.1.1)
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    I have now added support for bezier curves on Polygon. drawPolygon API now looks like this: game.createScene('Main', { init: function() { var grap = new game.Graphics(); grap.drawPolygon([ [0, 50, 70, 50, 70, 0], // Bezier curve 50, 0, // Point [50, 30, 20, 30, 20, 0], // Bezier curve 0, 0 // Point ]); grap.scale.set(5); grap.position.set(100); grap.addTo(this.stage); } }); This will output shape: Just modify the values to get what you need. To understand the values in bezier curve, take a look at this: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/CanvasRenderingContext2D/bezierCurveTo
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    Try label.setOrigin(0.5);
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    Calculate interior mesh volume?

    Hihihi 💪 https://playground.babylonjs.com/#J71TH6#20. I think this was. Yes, if the mesh is not a convex shape, or its pivot is wrong positioned this won't work. https://playground.babylonjs.com/#J71TH6#21 But in most of our cases it should work. Thanks for support, you was great as usually. PS: If you have suggestions to improve it, you're welcome
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    curve world effect

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    I Love This Forum

    Is he using babylon.js?
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    I Love This Forum

    I get to meet and hang out with William Shatner this Wednesday... just me and him... WhoooHoooo! I've lived quite a life... the original Starship captain... Anyone have any questions I should ask? DB
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    [Phaser 2] Mini MrDriller

    Good news everyone! Recently our team was able to collaborate with guys from Bandai Namco (creators of famous game series like Pacman, DragonBall , Tekken and many more). We have created a web version of a good ol' arcade game MrDriller. Please take a look and let me know what do you think - https://robowhale.com/games/mini-mrdriller/
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    This is not correct (and from what else you stated I don't think you believe this either). In the first PG below are two boxes running in the same scene so the rendering frame rate must be the same for both. Animation for both is set with 200 animation frames running in a loop from frame 0 to frame 200. Each box has a different animation frame rate and you can see the difference so rendering FPS and animation FPS are not the same. http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#9WUJN#69 This is a PG with low rendering fps and a skeleton animation https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1F57V still pretty smooth. You can compare it with one without the cause of the slow fps. https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1F57V9#1 TL;DR A change in rendering FPS does not change an animation FPS but will change how the animation is seen. In the same way that the FPS of a film can change how a car wheel is viewed, at some FPS the wheel can appear stationary at others it can appear to rotate backwards, the stroboscopic effect. Take an animation rendering rate of 30 fps, this means that after 1 second animation frame number 30 is viewed whatever the rendering fps. So frame 1 is shown between 0 and 1/30 or a second, frame 2 between 1/30 and 2/30 of a second etc.. Take a rendering frame rate of 60 fps, ie each new screen image is calculated every 1/60 of a second and so every 1/60 of a second the animation frame to show is calculated. since 0 < 1/60 < 1/30 frame 1 of the animation is viewed at 2/60 = 1/ 30 switch to frame 2 since 1/30 < 3/60 < 2/30 frame 2 of the animation is viewed etc after 1 second frame 30 is viewed Lower the rendering frame rate to 30 fps, ie each new screen image is calculated every 1/30 of a second and so every 1/30 of a second the animation frame to show is calculated. from 0 to < 1/30 frame 1 of the animation is viewed at 1/30 switch to frame 2 from 1/30 to < 2/30 frame 2 of the animation is viewed at 2/30 switch to frame 3 etc after 1 second frame 30 is viewed. Now take a low rendering frame rate of 5 fps, ie each new screen image is calculated every 1/5 of a second and so every 1/5 of a second the animation frame to show is calculated. from 0 to <1/5 frame 1 of the animation is shown at 1/5 = 6/30 switch to frame 6 of the animation (frames 2 to 5 are skipped) at 2/5 = 12/30 switch to frame 12 (skip 7 to 11 frames) after 1 second = 5/5 = 30/30 switch to frame 30 after 1 second frame 30 is viewed. For some rendering fps frame 30 will be skipped, eg rendering rate of 7 frps at 1/7 = 4.285/30 switch to frame 4 (skip 1, 2, 3) at 2/7 = 8.57/30 switch to frame 8 (skip 5, 6, 7) at 7/7 = 30/30 switch to frame 30 after 1 second frame 30 is viewed So for low rendering fps frames can be skipped perhaps making the animation less than smooth.