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    Maze Generator

    Deltakosh thank you. I won't give up. It is just one way. I will continue. I have to do some new game. And I will continue building new perplexus levels and add some new features... And BabylonJS is the best game engine ever.
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    Parametric cabinet

    Hi All, I have not updated anything for a long time. My spare time project. Your opinion is important to me. ;-)
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    I made a lot of progress on my 3D Browsing idea built on BabylonJS, so I thought I would check in here to share and get some feedback. As of December, the U.S. patent office approved my conceptual patent for 3D Browsing! It is being issued. I define 3D Browsing as a combination of a 3D Game and browsing the Internet; 3D Buildings are websites Ability to walk between websites with continuous animation. Connected on a grid (mapped) - 3D Community Distributed system - ability to be hosted everywhere on the Internet. I fetch and load 3D Objects as you Walk near and remove them as you Walk away. (I hot-swap what it loaded) My implementation on 3d.walktheweb.com has a BabylonJS foundation. I created a web based 3D CMS (https://3d.walktheweb.com) that uses the building blocks (meshes and csg) to easily build: 3D Buildings - can be a building, bridge, or any rendered 3D assembly, 3D Communities - represents the 3D Scene and everything between the buildings; This is also the map placement of 3D Objects., and 3D Things - The smaller items that you build once and use many times like tables, chairs, trees, etc. I set it up where a 3D Building can be browsed separately, maintained in one place, and yet added to many 3D Communities. I added Action Zones to trigger animation such as opening a sliding or swinging door when you walk near. I have Load Zones that trigger fetching data to render a 3D Building or part of a 3D Building. (Same for 3D Communities and 3D Things). I did some tutorials and videos https://www.walktheweb.com/knowledgebase_category/tutorials/ My latest addition.... WordPress is used by about a third of the websites on the Internet now and WooCommerce has about a third of the Shopping Carts. So I created a WordPress Plugin called WalkTheWeb that lets someone with a WordPress/WooCommerce website add a 3D Store, to show and sell their products, in about 5 minutes. It allows the user to pick a 3D Store Building and 3D Community from templates, name the store, pick a URL, add a walk the web user account, add WooCommerce API keys, and create the site! Check it out.. https://wordpress.org/plugins/walktheweb/ All Free - with option paid premium upgrades like using your own domain name http://3d.YourDomainName.com . I also trademarked http://3d and https://3d to easily identify 3D Browsing websites. All of this using BabylonJS behind it. My plans... as I get time to finish preparing it, I plan to go open source with the WalkTheWeb 3D CMS host. So that everyone can create, maintain, and host their own 3D Websites (3D Buildings, 3D Communities, and 3D Things) in a way that they can be interconnected throughout the Internet. The host program (PHP, MySQL, JavaScript) I created already works between different servers. I just need to globalize some more settings and variables and finishing cleaning the code. One thing that would help make it work smoother, would be if there was a Babylonjs object loader that would clearly separate the user movement from the mesh loading. So that when I need to queue up many meshes on the fly it doesn't cause a lag. (Note, I also turned off my avatars for the moment since they were causing lag. I'll get that functionality back in there soon.) Let me know what you think... all feedback appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    big machine animation questions

    Hi from me, Lets have fun with CNC router Keys: W,A,S,D,8 and 2
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    Pixi.js Showcase

    Made a game during EduGameJam2018 (educational game jam held during ITK conference in Finland). Goal is to combine ions to compounds by controlling an ion collector by tilting the phone. Play online at http://bit.ly/ion_in_a_jar Gameplay video:
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    Camera smooth reset position;

    ehm i think i figured out when i posted my last comment I tried this : if (camera.alpha < 4.71238898038469){ camera.alpha += 0.04; } if(camera.alpha > 4.71238898038469){ camera.alpha -= 0.04; } and it worked i think this forum has some wierd aura or somthing always when I post some issue a few minutes leter I figured out out what I need Thanks again for you long post @Wingnut
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    Animate camera programatically

    @Wingnut, no thanks to you, really. I think I've found a very nice 3d js engine, and in addition a very nice community where I see I will be making some new friends You asked about my animation library. Yes, I would love to share it! However, it is not "mine" but of a developer called spite who contributes on ThreeJs. He made some great libraries, and this one is engine agnostic. It can be used for any 3d engine, to animate anything! https://github.com/spite/Storyline.js I highly recommend it. Have a look
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    ultimate parent of mesh

    a recursive function getLastParent(target){ if(target.parent.parent){ return getLastParent(target.parent); }else{ return target.parent } }; or something like that.
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    design with friends - room editor

    Not exactly a game - but a 3d room (nursery) editor built with Babylon.js. You can add items. put items on top of each other. place items on walls. remove and rotate items. resize room. https://designwithfriends.com * not supported on mobile yet. We've just started and will very much appreciate your feedback. Tomer.
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    big machine animation questions

    Hi guys. I want to show Steph this goofy "SpinTo, MoveTo, ScaleTo" thing. https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#HH1U5#72 It's weird. It uses "overloaded" little animators on all mesh (lines 2-50) and then uses a really poor "event sequencer" (lines 150-166). This is ONE way of keeping things separate. Your server can call anymesh.spin() or anymesh.moveTo() or whatever... anytime it wishes. THIS demo really needs a "scheduler". But if your server is doing the animation start-event sequencing, maybe some of those little animation funcs... might be handy for you. That video/machine looks cooooool. CNC machine or something similar? I had a relationship with a girl... one time... that had similar radical twists/bends. Ow. #69 is fun, too. No, no, not THAT kind of 69. I'm talking about PLAYGROUND 69! Oh geez, no, NOT THAT KIND of playground 69! Yikes! I better shut-up, now.
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    Wahouu! That's impressive work! Thanks for sharing with us
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    Hi again, @hansnolte. Yep, you are right. Sorry about that. I was working ONLY on activating a tolerable camera (no white screen)... that showed your model. I figged you could add camera.useFramingBehavior or camera.collisionRadius yourself, once you got a working camera. https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/indexstable#1CMD3G#75 There ya go. This one uses line 28 as its collision tester. I think this is an OLD method of loading scenes/models. We have a more-modern system... called the AssetsManager. https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#28YUR5#323 There is an assetsManager load of Suzy (with collision avoidance installed). The loader APPEARS-TO ignore any cameras or lights arriving in the .babylon file... because we are using an .addMeshTask in line 22. But I am very inexperienced using the assetsManager. Mostly, I just find/build helpful playgrounds. I'm really not sure WHAT the assetsManager meshTask does with cameras and lights that are inside a .babylon file WITH the wanted mesh. Maybe others can help teach us. The assetsManager docs tells nothing about lights and cameras (non-mesh), but maybe I need to read more carefully. I hope I was more helpful this time. Sorry again. Update: Oops. I had a little mistake in #322, so I fixed it... and changed above link to #323. (I had TWO suzy.checkCollisions = true;)
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    Hello everyone! I just finished my first HTML5 game -PUTZ- which is with simple controls yet is very addictive. It's simple just pop every circle with only 2 moves. Any criticism is welcomed. The link - https://www.kongregate.com/games/david260_/putz Here are some screenshots:
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    I saw this on Facebook, from a mate of mine: https://fitting3d.com Pixel perfect cloth physics and collision in realtime. Also works on mobile devices. Can Babylon.js do this? Edit: Just realised, maybe the physics was baked into vertex animation instead, 'cos it doesn't look like you can interact with that animation
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    Hello! You can try to change the collision radius: http://doc.babylonjs.com/babylon101/cameras,_mesh_collisions_and_gravity#arcrotatecamera But if you only want to make sure that camera does not go through your object perhaps using behavior is a better idea: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#6FBD14#2 (check line #8: the camera will be automatically set up to not go through the object)
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    Hi @Mickety, I see some advantages using html5 for UI. If the game needs to be adapted to different sizes, using a html-based UI avoids easily problems with pixelated buttons and texts. It also allows you to use the entire available screen and not just the canvas. You can group the buttons and information in different div, and depending on the state of the game, hide or show the div/s for that state. A problem in the case of using this option is to position the elements on the canvas when it's smaller than the available screen, which using phaser would be very easy. Greetings.
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    Samuel Girardin

    Energy.js on github

    Hello, Energy.js is now on github : https://github.com/samuelgirardin/Energy.js sam
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    Samuel Girardin

    Energy.js playground

    @PhilT, Ok I see your file, main problem with physic engine is there are a hundred ways to do the same thing. Look at this one : http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#URPXQB#12 Fps is better and at the end we have a solid 60 fps, because idle boxes are out of the simulation. They are not totally out, if a new collision occurs, they will be in again in the simulation.
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    Samuel Girardin

    Energy.js playground

    @PhilT http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#URPXQB#4 . It's quite better here. Physics engine have their own specifications, it's quite hard to compare them even with raw perfs. Could you share your code, It will be interesting for me to see what value you used with the engines.
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    Not sure I'm going to get to it today. The next version of Firefox will support ES6 modules.
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    Oh, cool idea! Side-by-side comparisons! hmm. Dead in both my IE and ESR52 firefox. No error in my FF... just 'Physic engine : energyJS - All is Ready'. But no scene. Blank canvas. FF ESR 52 has been showing signs-of NOT reporting errors very well, though. In my non-edge IE v11.0.9600.blahblah... X SCRIPT1046: Multiple definitions of a property not allowed in strict mode File: Oimo.js, Line: 800, Column: 20 exception thrown: TypeError: Object expected,TypeError: Object expected at hr (http://games-matter.com/assets/enginetest/energy.js:15:54035) at gr (http://games-matter.com/assets/enginetest/energy.js:15:53936) at pr (http://games-matter.com/assets/enginetest/energy.js:15:55907) at Kb (http://games-matter.com/assets/enginetest/energy.js:8:5153) at callMain (http://games-matter.com/assets/enginetest/energy.js:22:18529) at doRun (http://games-matter.com/assets/enginetest/energy.js:22:19222) at run (http://games-matter.com/assets/enginetest/energy.js:22:19408) at Global code (http://games-matter.com/assets/enginetest/energy.js:22:20322) X SCRIPT5007: Object expected File: energy.js, Line: 4, Column: 268 Wingnut tosses both of his primary browsers outside... into the new half-foot of snow (and still falling fast). Maybe I can freeze-away the browser bugs. Perhaps time for Wingnut to DL some spring-time fresh browsers, eh? I wonder when Spring will come. *sigh* (Wingnut hears his snowblower *sigh*, too)
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    Update mesh

    Hello, Sorry, i could not answer for days because of work, but i'm back now. JohnK, yes i'll save the playground and provide a link next time. Happy, that Wingnut could see the issue, i was about the provide another playground more clear. I added refreshBoundingInfo(), in my code and YES! it works well. Thanks very much for your help to you two. I'm trying to have a physique engine working with different kind of matter, steal, stone, wood, plastic, ... and have cube deformation/collision considering the real matter technical parameters (Young module, elasticity,....).
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    Energy.js playground

    The comparison is now live at: http://games-matter.com/assets/enginetest/ The fact the bricks fall in different ways could affect the framerate here as well. Cannon for example seems to hold the wall together quite well but as a result I think it's having to do a lot of work. @Samuel Girardin do you think tweaking the surface parameters would help performance here?
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    Scene restarting not resetting camera FX

    I'd noticed that too. It's possible it is intended, to allow you to fade in/out between scenes.
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    Hi @zzlettle and welcome from me. camera.target is not a vector but an abstract mesh. You can use a transformNode as the target for the camera and make this the parent of the mesh you want offset from the center https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#MWYX7P#2
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    Babylon v3.2 entering frozen time

    Hey! Cubemaps was fixed..So we should be good Thanks for mentioning I'm now entering a deep test phase..will be soooooo fun !
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    Organising Code

    Coding is already a challenge in itself for beginners but adding on top of that dealing with a framework that handle webgl and its specific challenges is gonna be ultra ultra tough for a beginner. You might be trying to chew way more than you can handle.
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    @cx20 The fastest way to get an environment texture loaded is to precompute the environment texture into a DDS using IBLBaker. The instructions for this are here: http://doc.babylonjs.com/how_to/physically_based_rendering#creating-a-dds-environment-file-from-an-hdr-image Here is a playground that creates a skybox and loads a glTF: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#2IK4U7#1
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    No problem you are changing local coordinates of the given mesh but as it inherits from its parent and parent has rotation this is working as expected If you want to move it in world coordinate you have to use translate: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#XY4MQ5#15
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    Hey! 1/ You can use camera.onViewMatrixChangedObservable 2/ Camera.position and camera.rotation
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    You can. But I have to say the default Blender baking workflow is bad, this is why I use the addon BakeTool. (in Cycles, you can use the diffuse map without the color enabled for example). You can see the workflow & result in my Cornell Box scene: https://github.com/Vinc3r/cornellBox/tree/master/3D (yep I haven't write how to use it... yet)
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    @cx20 It doesn't seem to be a loading (network) issue, but script execution. You can try without PBR (is it really needed anyway ?) scene.createDefaultSkybox(cubeTexture, false, 10000);
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    Organising Code

    @Zyie if you want to create a family of similar PIXI.Text then you could create a new class of your own and have it compose and retain an instance of PIXI.Text within it (e.g. with common attributes, perhaps passed through from constructor parameters). Or create a factory method that churns out a configured PIXI.Text. Probably worth spending some time learning various "creational" and "structural" design patterns as well as a foundation of Typescript. But anything written to answer such questions will likely make it sound harder than it is ... just study the PIXI examples, then write code, refactor, repeat!
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    Organising Code

    Unfortunately you cannot master PIXI without having a base in JavaScript! What you call class in C, is call prototyping in JS. My advice is to start with somes tutorials with video2brain. https://www.lynda.com/JavaScript-training-tutorials/244-0.html It is thanks to their video that I was able to start with JavaScript and PixiJs a year ago. Assuming you already have a base in HTML5 and CSS ? Otherwise you have to start with these 2 primary languages.
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    Thank you Delta, I think thats what I was looking for
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    moveWithCollision issue -- quirks

    *nod*. Actually, vector3 should just KNOW what we (dhiru) meant... and automagically convert to 'wisdom' for us.
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    moveWithCollision issue -- quirks

    Oh c'mon, Arte... give us all the details of how you found the problem. Do you have a fancy error reporter that said "Hey, you're trying to set a vector3-type value with a string" ?? Dousing/water-witching methods? Ask questions to willow branches? Consulted with Guru Tugginmypudha? Can you "smell" bugs? See them under special lighting? Some kind of elixir that you drink? Can you hear bugs talking? C'mon, cough-up your secrets, Arte McParte.
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    For more info on light setup in PBR you can take a look at : http://doc.babylonjs.com/how_to/physically_based_rendering_master#light-setup Basically light falloff is not the same in std and pbr, but you can use usePhysicalLightFalloff to make them alike. The environmentIntensity is the main property controlling the environment intensity. The usePhysicalLightFalloff and environmentIntensity are only available in the PBRMaterial and not the 2 simpler versions. Relying on them could look like : https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#BCHEUP#1 And converting your material like : https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#BCHEUP#2
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    Parametric cabinet

    This is seriously impressive! I would like to showcase it on babylonjs.com when available
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    ultimate parent of mesh

    Cheers buddy! This sorted it with a small tweak: function getLastParent(target) { if (typeof target.parent != 'undefined') { if (target.parent.parent) { return getLastParent(target.parent); } else { return target.parent.name; } } };
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    Babylon Toolkit Status

    Soon as I clean up some LOD bug fixes, triple check PBR system fixes and write updated docs... So I am very busy with all this. I will try to get up as soon as I can
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    moveWithCollision issue -- quirks

    I am definitely not saving the mesh.ellisoid; but the strange thing is; when I add new objects they are able to recognize the loaded meshes (when using moveWithCollision()). It is only when I pick the old objects and try to move them when they vanish. Let me break my code and get all the scripts out in a neat HTML page so that I can show you the problem. As always, many many thanks for your help.
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    https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser/issues/3497 I'm literally working on some hacking solution for my project atm. I'm thinking, instead of pointerdown, use pointerover/out to store some global `action` variable while it's rolled over. And before game boots add `document.addEventListener('click', function(event) { ... });` where you handle the stored action, if any.
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    Few notes: Phaser 3 smooths out deltaTime so I can't see it ever being over 1000. That check isn't really needed. You pass the raw elapsed time to `phys()`. That's not fixed timestep, you should pass `frameduration` (which is really bad name imo, it's not duration of the frame, it's your physics timestep). What you pass into render isn't `delta`, it's progress towards next update that is to be used as interpolation value. I usually call it `alpha`, and although the name doesn't matter, I would avoid calling it `delta` as that's not what it is.
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    Nice. Great points. I will look for maxZ. console.log -> ERROR: afalcon 10,000ft.
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    Base64 Images

    Since you are adding this to `this.textures`, and not loading it using the regular `this.load`, Rich mentioned you need to do a little extra work to make this work. He commented on that GitHub issue - https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser/issues/3342#issuecomment-372332727 > Note that you must listen out for the onload event from the Texture Manager before you can use the base64 texture in a game object. So once you do the add the base 64 data to the textures object, you'll also need to do something like: this.textures.on('onload', function() { /* do something with the texture */ });
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    Batch meshes with same material

    @MrPage hi and welcome to the forum. Babylon.js has several methods to achieve what you want and more. Merge Meshes meshes must have same material https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#J5ACF1 Instances meshes must have same material https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#J5ACF1#1 Cloned meshes can have different materials but share geometry https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#J5ACF1#2 Solid Particle System a single mesh formed from one base mesh repeated many times with shared material (but different colors) https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#WCDZS#7 and now a single mesh formed from two different meshes repeated many times with shared material (but different colors) https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#WCDZS#2
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    Font Questions

    you can change it only by tinting it with engine. the reason why i said to set rgb channels to "one" is that when you apply tint color to engine text element, it will multiply tint rgba by glyph rgba color, so when you tint white text with red color, it has rgba value calculated like that: [1, 1, 1, 1] * [1, 0, 0, 1] = [1, 0, 0, 1]. if you will set rgb channels in bmfont to "zero", then tinting with engine will always result in black text because: [0, 0, 0, 1] * [1, 0, 0, 1] = [0, 0, 0, 1]. if you will set rgb channels in bmfont to "glyph", then your text would be getting something known as "texture color bleeding" - pixels around borders of glyph would get dark/gray, because linear interpolation would sample glyph pixel with its black neighbor, and it will looks very bad, that's why you should stick to "one" for rgb, and "glyph" for alpha and color your text only with engine.
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    Instant Games Question

    @greencoder Instant Games game template shows you example usage of leaderboards and profile photos: https://www.panda2.io/templates Where do you need Facebook login on Instant Game? You are already logged in to Facebook when playing Instant Games.
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    The hottest one is coming to town

    I'm always interested to see new game engines, but this post (and the current github links) is too cryptic for me ... https://github.com/PsichiX/Oxygen What problem(s) does Oxygen solve, and why is it better than the alternatives? What are your goals for the engine and how would you like others to contribute?