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    melonJS 6.4.0

    Hello, shortly after the Chinese new year, here is a new release of melonJS, High-Level Changes : New documentation format, including a better, more modern, layout and search feature. http://melonjs.github.io/melonJS/docs/index.html Support for Multiple Texture Packer Textures Added Colour Tint support for Renderable (WebGL mode only for now) Bunch of small fix and improvements on Renderable, Animations, Isometric rendering, and System renderers See here for a more detailed changelog, there is no API change this time (just some internal re-factoring), so you can safely upgrade without breaking your game Have fun guys, and let us know what you think about the new documentation ! (it certainly can be further tweaked/improved) --- the melonJS team
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    Spaceship 3D game template

    New Spaceship 3D game template available for download! Play: https://www.panda2.io/templates/spaceship3d Download: https://www.panda2.io/templates#spaceship3d
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    @Wolfsbane Storage class uses local storage. The reason why the build failed was that the code was placed outside of the module. // CODE OUTSIDE OF THE MODULE game.module( 'game.main' ) .body(function() { // CODE INSIDE THE MODULE }); The build process needs to go through the module file, so it can know which modules to include in the build (if module requires other modules). It uses Node and there is no local storage available, so that's why it throws "localStorage is not defined" error. Build process doesn't run the module's body function, so that's why you should put all the code there.
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    Hi everyone, My game just got rejected on Instant review due to the following reason: " On iPhone and iPad, games should mute any sound effects or background music when silent mode is enabled. " Ok, but how do I detect if the silent mode is enabled? Research didn't help much, except finding this on one forum: " I've had a response from Apple on this. They've said they don't and never have provided a method for detecting hardware mute switch and don't intend to do so." Also, there are some workarounds, but none of them is for HTML5. Facebook recommends using the WebAudio API for that, but no further info. Did anyone face the same issue? Btw, as I just learned, the purpose of physical silent switch on iOS devices is not to mute user initiated sounds (like games, for instance. You have volume control buttons for that), but to prevent sudden sounds (ie, alerts, phone ringing). So, how do you make your game listen to iOS silent switch and make it muted/unmuted?
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    How do you detect 'silent' mode on iOS?

    Ok, cool. Tried to use Howler and it does indeed support this Silent switch without any extra work from my side.
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    You're probably right @mattstyles but even adding mini-signals to my include array still doesn't transpile it. For now I got it working by using the cdn versions of pixi. I'll keep digging for a better solution though. Thanks guys!
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    Hey guys! I need to have my site working in Safari 9 and IE11 but I've noticed that there is ES6 code in the pixi.js bundle. Has anybody else encountered this? Looks like it's coming from the mini-signals dependency. I have tried adding pixi.js and mini-signals to my include config for babel-loader but it's still not being transpiled. Any ideas of a solution?
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    i finally solved it by move all the code to index.html
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    How to set default text in updateAsync?

    Hi @Shima_Max I believe that is the expected result. If you use "localizations", then all the languages without a localized text will have a standard localized message. I will share your feedback with our product team though.
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    I created this post in 2017, I remember I've ended up using Phaser instead of pure PixiJS. But as you guys mentioned, it's just a matter of adding the TypeScript typings and everything works fine. I remember back in 2017 I've had some auto-completion issues with VS Code, but I played a little bit with the same stack (TS, Webpack and PixiJS) recently and everything worked out of the box beautifully. Thanks for your answers anyway! :)
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    Mini Switcher

    Just a little game that I made: https://www.kongregate.com/games/noadev/mini-switcher/
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    How are you bundling? https://github.com/Hypercubed/mini-signals/blob/master/package.json#L6 mini-signals exposes ES6 modules. Parcel uses these as standard, Webpack might also use that. Might want to make sure your bundler is configured correctly, I looked through the link Ivan posted above and it all looks ES5 compliant in there so Pixi's rollup (which usually honours jsnext:main) doesn't look like the culprit. I suspect it could be due to your app bundler pulling mini-signals from node_modules.
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    it's not phaser and it's not golf but it contains everything you would need. https://www.codeproject.com/Articles/217626/Html-Snooker-Club i think if you give it a read it will show the way.
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    this.add.line is not a function

    You need to use a version of Phaser that actually has this command in it. 3.11 is too old.
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    I have completed writing my free JavaScript course (begun in 2011). It is in two main parts. The first is aimed at complete beginners to introduce the whole idea of programming. It shows how to get some simple examples working and introduces some HTML5 as needed to make a platform for running the examples. It covers some general programming concepts such as writing requirements and testing against them. Part 2 is a more systematic exposition of the language, up to some of the more recent capabilities such as local storage and image processing. It is available at https://www.grelf.net/jscourse/index.html That link is to a contents page so that those who already know some of it can jump in to any particular topic of interest.
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    Monetising HTML5 games

    @totor Yes, exactly! Gamedistribution is not a reliable company! Their monthly revenue is millions euro .. and do not want to pay developers, this is stupid! Gamedistribution is Turkish based company. GD owner https://www.linkedin.com/in/eerturk/ and in 2017-2018 was acquired by Orange Games. https://tunnl.com/#team They earn millions euros and they don't want pay a few hundred bucks?? Their business model is based on 33% revenue share with fixed rate = this mean when you will have more, more games as publisher and your games will serve more ads impressions Gamedistribution will earn more money than you. This is classic PONZI scheme where they get 68% Adsence earnings - throught DoubleClick actually Google AdManager. Now their company has investment fund called "Azerion" https://www.azerion.com/, you can understand why they don't want pay or pay after half year. (https://www.zonebourse.com/ADUX-23160243/actualite/AdUX-a-leve-1-5-million-d-euros-Azerion-a-22-4-27642661/) They just need over €10M - €50M on investments and developers / publishers are for them only "money makers". Some example: Gross revenue €100 = Adsence give them €68, They take €38 as fee and your revenue will be €30 (their system "optimization" system Tunnl calculated your revenue 2x smaller than your real/actual revenue from Google Adx ads) = if it pays you at all HAHAHA @GameDistribution Support, after they have €68 and you nothing... With more, more ads impressions their system Tunnl started calculated smaller and smaller revenue, 2x smaller, 3x smaller (on 1,000,000 impressions you will earn almost the same revenue as on 4,000,000 impressions, but they get many more money)
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    I love a good online mystery. (a guilty pleasure of mine, I must admit.) So I decided to do some digging. pro style. Here's what I found: As for the origin of the company being in Turkey, there is some credibility to that, as can be seen on their LinkedIn account. (See Screenshot) They also have taken some serious liberties on their Github account, like with Phaser. (Not forked, straight up lifted- see link and screenshot) Their domains are protected from whois search for registrar info with a solid lock, so it would cost money to actually find any previous records. And the venturebeat article linked to above is valid, so they obviously are not strapped for cash in any way that would prevent them from paying devs. Finally, to address their complaint to bestgames above to not give out their personal info, maybe a better solution would be to just pay the devs that have been helping you make so much money that you can buy other companies with it? I've provided screenshots because I've noticed their account on here is actually following these threads. (You can see that on people's profile pages, you know?) I hope that helps people with their assessment of their available options for online distribution. EDIT -- February 4th 2019: I've recently noticed that they've taken a sudden interest in my online profiles after this post. (See screenshot) And I don't think it's to see if I want to submit games.
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    Monetising HTML5 games

    So the Alexander from CrazeGames answered to me two hours after my mail (respect👍). I have asked him if I can publish my game on the other portals day after it was published and released on CrazyGame? (with accepted monetization) And he responded positively: "Well, you can upload your games the day after they have been published on the CrazyGames if you didn't opt in for the 2 months exclusive. Please note that it has to be published on CrazyGames. Meaning that it has appeared on CrazyGames.com"
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    Sorry, I forgot to mention that the project is made with 'Construct 3', so I'd appreciate if anyone from that area could say something.
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    Monetising HTML5 games

    Couldn't find that in the terms. And: Can I still upload my game to other portals? Yes, absolutely. You can still upload your game to any other portal. Note that to qualify for revenue share, you can not upload your game to other portals before it is published on CrazyGames.
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    Monetising HTML5 games

    Instant Messenger games are making a decent amount of money. The only problem is that it is really difficult to be found. You need a lot of players to rank high, so getting the initial spark of growth is really hard. You have the common portals like Kongregate, y8 etc but CrazyGames also launched a Developer Portal recently, you get decent revenue share and they have more than 10M unique visitors every month + new games are listed on the homepage during the first week. Here is a link https://developer.crazygames.com/
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    adding extended sprite to scene

    player = new Player(this, 0, 0, 'image'); this.add.existing(player);
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    Source & Docs / Demo / NPM Free bunny screensaver included.
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    GUI - left / right click possible?

    Ok understood. Here is a change for you: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#XCPP9Y#281 The onPointerDownObservable now contains x, y and buttonIndex (0 = left, 2 = right)
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    PIXI Loader & Audio (Howler etc)

    So, how I have this setup is I call PIXI.loaders.Resource.setExtensionLoadType( 'mp3', PIXI.loaders.Resource.LOAD_TYPE.XHR ); PIXI.loaders.Resource.setExtensionXhrType( 'mp3', PIXI.loaders.Resource.XHR_RESPONSE_TYPE.BLOB ); For each audio format I have. I prefer to load data via XHR and as BLOBs because alongside a returned data blob is the size of it; useful info! Bonus tip 1: Prefer m4a over mp3. Better compression, better sound, better sound loops, same compatibility Bonus tip 2: Also use ogg, and check browser compatibility for which one to load. You need both to cover all browsers You'll need to create your own bit of 'middleware' to deal with audio. If you see https://github.com/englercj/resource-loader/blob/master/src/middlewares/parsing/blob.js - this comes included by default to handle blobs in certain formats, but it doesn't handle audio. It's very simple to create a new version of that file that works in the same way but just handles audio. You don't need to create a new Audio tag like that creates a new Image tag... all you just need to create an object url using the data blob. You can use this new parsing functionality into PIXIs loader by doing something like PIXI.loader.use( handleAudioBlob ); Now, put a callback on the loader for when an asset has loaded, and if it's an audio file, it'll already have the blob as a src from your custom middleware... you can use this as a src for a new Howl. After doing doing this, don't assume that it's immediately loaded, there's an audio decoding process that goes on ones a new Howl is created, but you know this is done via a callback 'onload'