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  1. When you emit a particle you specify the x/y coordinate to emit from, here, this is from the 'mouse trail' example: emitter.emit('spark', game.input.x, game.input.y, { total: 1 }); And it's called in the update function.
  2. I approve approx. 10 comments per day.
  3. html5 game

    Lovely concept, but SO SO DIFFICULT! Even in your own video you only manage to complete 1 of the levels!
  4. Yes, have a look at the cards example: manager = game.plugins.add(Phaser.ParticleStorm); var cardBack = { lifespan: 1000, image: 'cards', frame: 'cardBack_blue1', vx: { min: -2, max: 2 }, rotation: { delta: 0.8 }, scaleX: { initial: 0, value: 1, control: 'yoyo' }, emit: { name: 'front', at: [ { time: 1, value: 1 } ], inherit: { vx: true, rotation: true } } }; var cardFront = { lifespan: 1000, image: 'cards', frame: ['cardDiamonds6', 'cardHearts3', 'cardClubsK', 'cardJoker', 'cardSpades2'], rotation: { delta: 0.8 }, scaleX: { initial: 0, value: 1, control: 'yoyo' }, emit: { name: 'back', at: [ { time: 1, value: 1 } ], inherit: { vx: true, rotation: true } } }; manager.addData('back', cardBack); manager.addData('front', cardFront); emitter = manager.createEmitter(); emitter.addToWorld(); emitter.emit('back', 400, 300, { repeat: 10, frequency: 1500 });
  5. Ok, all Disqus comments have been removed from the Examples, so their ads can no longer crash the editor.
  6. Hmm I tried tried 4 examples at random and they all load and run. I did notice that the bloody Disqus ads often crash if I have AdBlocker running, which takes away focus from the example iframe when it happens, but clicking back in it resumes the example. The code loaded in all cases though. Disqus don't have a 'no ads' version of their service any more, but I could remove it from the Examples pages I guess. I assume if their shitty service crashes, it could take out the editor as well if that hasn't finished in time.
  7. Divine intervention?
  8. Would you be willing to do a write-up of how it all went? (maybe once it has been out a few months?)
  9. Hi Rich,


    I'd like to ask for your help with finding a sponsor for the game linked below. I believe you have so many clients like bbc, so maybe you could help me with this game. This game was made 2 years ago.




  10. That's excellent!
  11. I'm using the exact same version of Chrome and macOS, and the tutorials all load and run normally from localhost. Which means it's not this specific combination causing it, but something else undetermined as well. That could be anything though - GPU blacklist perhaps, a Chrome extension blocking Phaser (I've seen it before), something installed locally, etc. Start by swapping from AUTO to CANVAS. If that works, the issue is almost certainly GPU related. If the Phaser Examples site works (most of which use WebGL) but it doesn't work locally, then start temporarily disabling Chrome extensions. Maybe there is something like 'https only' or a security scanner getting in the way. It's also entirely possible there is just a bug in that version of Chrome re: your GPU, that no longer manifests in Canary. Which would explain why identical set-ups (except the hardware) don't have the same problem.
  12. phaser

    What was this created in?
  13. Tools are fine, just not in this board, as it's a Game Showcase, and tools aren't games. Use News instead.
  14. This was excellent