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  1. The error above is coming from the SoundManager. It is waiting for the first touch event so it can unlock the sound system. You must have some audio waiting to be played somewhere, which is where the error is coming from, not the input event itself. This is why the input examples work, because they don't have any sound. I'd strongly recommend opening this as an issue on the Phaser CE GitHub repo, and someone can pick it up from there (I will if I get time).
  2. The error above is because it's trying to be run as a stand-alone script. You'd be better off download the zip file: Then copy the js file out of the build folder. Plus you'll have the resources folder which contains tutorials, which I feel may come in handy.
  3. This isn't suitable for the Game Showcase section of the forum. If all you're doing is promoting a web site then it should go in News (and please post it only once). If you're soliciting new content for your site, then it should go in Jobs / Freelance. If you want to showcase one specific game that you have made, it can go in here.
  4. This is the wrong forum. It should be in Services Offered (as you're not offering anyone a job).
  5. Phaser buttons cannot be outside of the Phaser.Stage. It depends what sort of game you're building as how to approach this. Fundamentally though, you need to expose some common functions, and just have the buttons call them. Or maybe use Signals / Events? Really depends what you're trying to do.
  6. DOM buttons?
  7. Another lovely update - how is Steam going for you? Finding a good audience there?
  8. I just tested several of the input examples on the phaser site on a new 2017 iPad running iOS 10.3.1 and they all worked fine, so I don't believe this is iOS specific - maybe something else? I was using Safari.
  9. Atlases are just lots of textures in a single file. Sometimes used for animation, often not. It's why all Phaser objects like when you create a Sprite ask for a key AND a frame (the part of the atlas to use) - in the case of a button there are lots of possible frames (mouse over, mouse down, etc). Images are never removed when changing state unless you explicitly set the Clear Cache argument to true (it's false by default). Check that you haven't. A button created in one state won't be available in another, but the texture that button uses is globally available everywhere.
  10. To be honest it's posts like this that were the very reason we moved to using config objects in Phaser 3! (if you don't subscribe to the Phaser newsletter then it may be worth doing so, lots more details in this weeks issue)
  11. Hi, The image key above is 'guiSheet', then you would use 'twitter' as the button over / out / down / up frames (the final parameters in the add.button method) Cheers, Rich
  12. Hi, It's because the Group in which all of the platforms are added is physics enabled itself, which is passed on to all children: // The platforms group contains the ground and the 2 ledges we can jump on platforms =; // We will enable physics for any object that is created in this group platforms.enableBody = true;
  13. What is this made in?
  14. 3000 full physics bodies sounds like quite a lot for P2 to handle at once, especially with no sleeping or culling going on. You could rule out Phaser entirely by just using p2 (it has a Pixi renderer available) and see what happens. My guess is it won't be able to handle it. Perhaps try Matter.js instead, or use Unity.
  15. Sure, it can be done. Look at navigator.getUserMedia - there are lots of tutorials out there, here's one I found: It's just basic JavaScript, so pull in what you need to your game, and use it however your game requires.