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  1. Make Animation from separate files (ie not spritesheet)

    Nope. You'll have to write your own timer to call `setTexture`.
  2. How to Apply opacity to Phaser Text Stroke

    The stroke color is just any valid CSS color value, so give it an rgba color like: 'rgba(0,0,0,0.5)' instead of a hex string.
  3. Can't add image in non Scene class

    ‘this.add’ is a reference to the Game Object Factory plugin installed in the Scene. I would pass the Scene to your UIElement, not ‘game’ and then you can call ‘add’ on it.
  4. Cannot read property add() of undefined

    The problem is you’re using code written for Phaser 2. It will not work at all in Phaser 3. Either swap to using Phaser CE or recode it into v3 code.
  5. .setInteractive() unresolved function

    What error do you get? Because the linked example works fine for me. Sadly, a screen shot of your project folder is useless. What we really need to see is your code.
  6. Be aware that setDisplaySize sets the size of the entire map, not just the area visible in the camera. So if you've a 2000px wide map and you set the display width to 800, it'll shrink all 2000px of it into 800px.
  7. Question about WaveForms

    Here you go, attached is a replacement Editor.js file that will work with any size. Replace the one found in the 'src' folder with this. Also, edit local.html and change the size of the Game from 800x600 to whatever you need. The one thing this won't do is update the blue grid, as that's a PNG found in the assets folder. But if you replace it with your own PNG it'll work fine. Even without doing that you can still now drag nodes anywhere on the screen and the icons won't be in the way. Editor.js
  8. pacman shape (drawn with arc)

    In v3 you need to do it like this: graphics.fillStyle(0xffff00, 1); graphics.beginPath(); graphics.moveTo(400, 300); graphics.arc(400, 300, 200, Phaser.Math.DegToRad(0), Phaser.Math.DegToRad(45), true, true); graphics.closePath(); graphics.fillPath(); Where 400x300 is the center of the arc and 200 is the radius.
  9. Black Screen every where

    Are you sure you're using Phaser 3? Because the code in the screen shot above is for Phaser 2 only.
  10. Sorry, there was a bug stopping this from working properly. This has been fixed in 3.4, so the above code will do as you'd expect. 3.4 will be released shortly, or can be found in the repo master branch.
  11. Trying to install phaser 3

    Yes, this is how you serve a local web site. If the file doesn't come from wamp (or similar), i.e. if you just double-click the html or drag it into chrome, then it won't have permissions to load any of the assets.
  12. Is the stick destroyed before the player is? Because if the player update is still running, and the stick is dead, it'll throw that error. But if the player has been properly destroyed first, then its update should never run. Basically, there's not enough code shown above to nail the cause, but it sounds like a problem with the sequence of events to me.
  13. Have you remembered to destroy the Stick? Call 'stick.destroy()' to remove it properly when the state that is using it has finished.
  14. What release is Multi Touch a part of?

    It was one of the features that the community voted for, but Containers got more votes, so we're doing that first. I don't want to put a time scale on it, but hopefully no longer than a month or two out.
  15. How to pass a parameter within a delayedCall

    That empty array you pass in after stopRotation? That's an array of arguments that are passed to the callback