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  1. rich

    Problem with keyboard events

    Works fine in Chrome on a Mac and Windows 10. My guess is that you have a browser extension installed that is messing with the keyboard input, which is why IE and another computer worked (as they don't have the extension)
  2. Ahh, I see - it's the version of Phaser you're using. Swap it for the new one (replace 3.0.0 with 3.10.1) in the cdn line.
  3. rich

    Bring to top container

    Game Objects belong to a Scene. I would still just have a Scene dedicated to the pop-up, position it above all the others, and wake / sleep it as needed.
  4. rich

    Bring to top container

    If the Container isn't a child of the current Scene, it cannot be positioned in that Scene's display list. Either bring the Scene which owns the Container above the current one, or create the Container in the Scene in which you actually need to position it.
  5. Code looks fine at a cursory glance. What happens if you replace your code with the actual code from the tutorial files?
  6. rich

    Does this example still exist? Point Light

    Wow, that's old stuff - right back from 2015 iirc! This never even made it past the very first R&D builds. There are no shadows in v3 currently (so you can't emulate the images above), although it's definitely something that will be added eventually.
  7. rich

    Spritesheet Multipack / Rotation bugged?

    Please don't enable rotation. There is literally no code supporting it anywhere in the canvas renderer, so unless you have forced WebGL only in your game, it won't work. There's also no support for it when extracting sprite sheets or bitmap fonts that are embedded into an atlas as rotated frames (un-rotated is fine) Loading a multi-atlas file is trivial, just point it at the JSON file, it extracts the image names from the JSON itself: this.load.multiatlas('megaset', 'tp3-multi-atlas.json'); If it's not a multi-atlas, use the old 'load.atlas' call instead.
  8. rich

    Instantiating Multiple Phaser Games

    My bad, copied it from my local install. Just change phaser.test to and it'll work, and yes it's in the examples repo.
  9. rich

    Spritesheet Multipack / Rotation bugged?

    Hmm, rotation isn't supported in texture atlases in v3! We never added that feature in. So it should actually always be turned 'off' (and should probably be hidden from the TP3 exporter too actually)
  10. rich

    Change cursor on demand

    Just change the default cursor: this.input.setDefaultCursor() That will change the cursor immediately (but it will still allow it to be overridden by hover cursors)
  11. rich

    Instantiating Multiple Phaser Games

    You can have multiple game instances, even in WebGL: http://labs.phaser.test/view.html?src=src/game config/multiple game instances.js
  12. rich

    Ellipse Collision

    No, Arcade Physics is rectangle and circle only. Use Matter.js if you need any other shape.
  13. rich


    It's likely not a valid texture key then. With no code or assets to see you'll have to figure this one out yourself, but that's the right method to call in Phaser 3.
  14. rich


    It’s not a valid function at all, for anything. Use setTexture instead.
  15. rich

    Load resources out of preloader events/&q=