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  1. If the whole sheet appears then the index you've given wasn't found. An index should be an integer if you're using a traditional sprite sheet, or it should be a string if you're using a texture atlas.
  2. Hi there!

    I just messaged another forum member regarding this issue, so I figured I might as well ask you, considering you're the authority - I'm trying to build a multiplayer game with clients running Phaser, and I don't know what to use to calculate physics on the server. Is there anything for arcade physics? Maybe only partial Phaser? Ideally, the code/syntax would be similar (same?) as Phaser, since I'm still a noob at this. Thanks!

  3. It's a book. The follow-up to the one we sell on the Phaser site.
  4. I think you're over-complicating it for yourself, but again there are quite a few resources of how to (try to) prevent highscore table hacking and the like. Personally, I'd just build it and worry about it if it becomes an actual issue.
  5. Either you're making a multiplayer game, or a single-player game, which is it? If it's a single player game, then why do you care if someone cheats? They're only ruining it for themselves.
  6. Lovely tutorial
  7. There are lots (and lots) of books and tutorials covering this subject. Time to get Googling and have a read imho. The Phaser aspect is irrelevant at the moment, what you need right now is to get the basics down and understand how and what the client and server should be asking of each other.
  8. Hi, Interphase 2 was cancelled some time ago now. I did email everyone who pre-ordered (no-one was ever charged) but can't remember if I posted about it here. In short: I won't be returning to Interphase until Phaser 3 is out, at which point I will restart IP2 from scratch, specifically for Phaser 3. I simply don't have time to complete it until then.
  9. For multiplayer games, the clients are 'dumb' and the server is the source of authority on all player vars, etc. The client should never tell the server "Hey, I've got 100HP", the server should do and know everything.
  10. You can obfuscate the code to make it a lot harder to casually mess with vars, but it doesn't prevent it outright - nothing can.
  11. Have you tried logging out your drawBullet function? It might be being called, but the Sprite may just not be visible, or is being moved off-screen somewhere.
  12. Nice work, that's a hell of a reduction! I assume that's the FSB only release with the complex DSP effects gone? Are you going to put the library up somewhere for developers to consume easily? GitHub, npm, etc?
  13. Really enjoyed playing that When it says "There is treasure here, see it?" how do you collect it? You can't click on it. Or does it mean treasure if you defeat the monster in the room?
  14. "Sorry this game is not available in your country"
  15. If you're linking to just an app store you need to include technical details about how the game was made, otherwise we delete the posts.