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  1. rich

    Plugins Phaser 3 matter.js matter-attractors

    The Matter Attractors plugin is already built-in, you just need to specify it in the Scene config. There's an example for it here:\physics\matterjs\attractors.js
  2. createFromObjects just returns an array. Place the contents of it into a Group.
  3. Look at what `createFromObjects` returns, because it's overwriting your Physics Group.
  4. rich

    New forum

    I'll provide a zip of all attachments when you request it, you can decide if you want to do anything with them or not after that.
  5. rich

    New forum

    It's fine, I just need to check all tables for an IP address column and blank them if they have them, plus erase the users table (you still have the usernames of those who made the posts in the actual posts table). Then you can do whatever you want with the actual data. I can provide a dump of attachments too, but only once, as it's time-consuming. So let me know when you want me to do that. It will be up to you to consolidate these files with the attachment IDs in the database. I'm not sure how much space you get with Discourse, I think it's 1TB, before Deltakosh will have to start paying monthly to be hosted there. Just to clarify - forum updates are paid for until April 2019, after which it will still work, but Invision won't be updated any longer. Without BJS or Phaser here traffic will be really small, so I can move it to a cheap VPS and keep it online indefinitely (or until some massive Invision security flaw comes out!)
  6. rich

    New forum

    No pictures, that's pure data. That's for the whole forum, not just the BJS section of course.
  7. rich

    New forum

    I dumped the db today and it appears Invision puts the IP address of the poster in nearly every table This isn't information I can release, so I'm going to have to tidy this all up before sending it. The db dump is over 600MB, excluding logs. Also, be aware it doesn't include file attachments. Not that you'd be able to upload them to Discourse anyway.
  8. rich

    New forum

    No-one has ever, ever, asked me for a copy of the forum database. So this is most certainly not a 'long time known issue'. You can have a copy of the MySQL db if you like. I just can't (and won't) include the users table, so it's useless for migrating to another host, but fine for extracting posts from.
  9. It will emit pointerover whenever it goes over an input enabled Game Object. If you only want to listen for it over one Game Object, listen to the event from that Game Object instead of the global one.
  10. It will only emit `pointerup` and `pointerdown` once per press, so make sure you haven't bound your event handler more than once, as it will get called for each binding.
  11. rich

    this.cameras.main.setAlpha is not a function

    Does work in 3.15, just like the labs link above, which uses 3.15.
  12. rich

    this.cameras.main.setAlpha is not a function

    Wrong scope, or old version of Phaser perhaps? Because it's working here:\camera\camera alpha.js
  13. rich

    Stuck on First Phaser3 Game

    That’s why it doesn’t work. WAMP is a web server, you need to access the files via http in your browser. Try just going to localhost and see if you get the WAMP projects page up.
  14. It should be "bubble.anims" but you need to create the animation first, before you can play it. Have a look at this for an example:\animation\single sprite sheet.js
  15. rich

    Stuck on First Phaser3 Game

    How are you trying to open the files? It should be something like http://localhost/Learning%20Phaser if running WAMP locally. You don't need the GitHub repo locally just to run the examples btw. Not that it will hurt to have it, it's just not required.