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  1. Yes in Phaser 2 parents sprites are always rendered first, then the children follow. So effectively child sprites are always on-top of parent sprites. If you need a fluid order you may be better off using a Group to organise the sprites instead, and then you can use Group methods like 'moveUp', 'sendToBack' etc to manipulate it.
  2. It's just standard display list / scene graph behaviour. Parents influence children. Modifications to any parent transform related property (position, rotation, scale (which is what w/h change)) flow down the chain to children, which use the parent transform in their calculations, then pass the results on down to their children, and so on. I agree with you it's perhaps not obvious if you've never encountered it before, but it's definitely not a trait specific to Phaser, you'll find it in any scene graph framework.
  3. Anyway back on track - your assumption (that there is nothing included) is incorrect, as Phaser has a pretty comprehensive Scale Manager built in to handle canvas sizing. Start with the docs and project templates we provide, then post again if you get stuck.
  4. Has been supported for years.
  5. For me the link just bought up a blank page with 'Directory Listing' at the top and nothing actually listed.
  6. I finally figured it out! I had no idea you could drag the pieces that appeared on the right! That changed everything. I thought they were just the pieces that would drop down next, like in normal Tetris. For anyone else confused by this, once you get it, it's really damn fun. You need to use all the pieces on the right, drag them into the left-hand well and arrange them so they all fit perfectly PLUS the piece that is very slowly dropping from the top.
  7. I really enjoyed this game - nice one
  8. Sorry, forgot to add - is there an example of using your API to create a real-time vu-meter effect or similar?
  9. 1) Does the free license need to include a logo or similar? That's a good offer though. 2) Yeah size is everything for web games really, a MiniFMOD approach would make a lot of sense. I think perhaps if it just covered the 'core' 3 audio formats that would be plenty (which I'd consider to be mp3, m4a and ogg). As much as I love protracker and flac I'd say they are utterly wasted for 99.9% of devs 3) Woohoo! I remember when we integrated FMOD in DarkBasic all those years ago (back in the 90s!), and everyone loved the audio support it had, playing mods, etc. Hell we even used to support midi music. Talk about a blast from the past.
  10. Very nice to see! Have always loved FMOD. A few questions: 1) Under what license is this released? (what cost to include it in our games) 2) The payload size is pretty huge - 2.1MB for fmod.js itself and another 467KB for the fmod.js.mem file - I guess this is probably a side effect of emscripten, but any plans to bring it down at all? 3) I remember a long time ago FMOD used to be able to play protracker / fasttracker files - this included or did you stop doing that ages ago?
  11. Yes, this was fixed in Phaser 2.7 (first CE release) last year. You'll need to either use that version, or fork and apply the patch locally if you need to use 2.6.2 instead.
  12. Looks beautiful, but I've absolutely no idea what to do, sorry!
  13. That's quite nice, I like the movement. I think you should add some bubbles or something coming out the back of the sub, and also the game over is very abrupt, it happens too fast when you hit a fish - something more fun should happen first.
  14. Game link 404s
  15. Alright, enough. I'm locking this thread. Ozdy, please leave TV alone. TV, please stop being so 'personally offended' by what was actually a quite legitimate question. Even I thought it was a fair question. - it's clear English isn't the OPs first language, it was asked as best I feel they could have. Rather than assuming it was a personal attack, you could have simply said "I target offline / non-mainstream publishers on purpose", it would have been enough.