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  1. Adding setZoomFactor

    If you set the scroll factor to zero it is the same thing as 'fixedToCamera' in v2. There is no way to set a zoom factor though. Am trying to think of a reason it would be needed (for UI it would be better to put it in the Scene above the zoomed game Scene)
  2. Phaser 3.1.2 Released

    Today we released Phaser 3.1.2. This is a point-release, meaning none of the public-facing API changed and focused on our continued effort to stamp on bugs as quickly as we can. It also includes hundreds of fixes to the jsdocs. The largest fixes are around the renderer, bringing in Tile alpha and Scale support to the Static Tilemap Layer, and fixing an issue with the Particle Emitter batch that would manifest if you had blend modes enabled. Grab the latest build from GitHub, npm or CDN and as usual see the full Change Log for details.
  3. You’ll have to manually link them somehow, as Phaser 2 doesn’t support multi atlas files (v3 does though) and it will need 2 animations, yes.
  4. Will Phaser 3 support Spine 2D?

    Not at launch, no. Further down the road, yes.
  5. Yes, this works fine now. There is a test in the examples repo that destroys and creates a game 100 times.
  6. Phaser 3 Future

    Mobile, yes. Cordova I'm not sure, we haven't tested it enough yet, but if it doesn't work to start with, we will fix it until it does.
  7. Zombie Strike

    That was great!
  8. Custom Game Objects

    When you say "register" what do you mean exactly? Like have it register with the Factory, so you can do 'this.add.customThing()' in your code?
  9. Phaser 3 Future

    In approx. a couple of weeks.
  10. Very slow rendering

    An example would be useful to see to be honest, without one it's just pure speculation (as we've isometric demos running at 60fps no problem, so right now it could be anything!)
  11. Use with Electron

    Ahh Flixel... how time flies
  12. Use with Electron

    If it works, go for it. In future however you'd likely want to use a custom bundle so you don't get everything + the kitchen sink included in your build, and only what you need.
  13. Use with Electron

    If you're not bundling the app before including it into Electron then it's almost certainly just trying to load the Phaser source files directly as a result of the call to require, and not the dist files, because the dist files don't have those globals in them. Here is what happens if you build a dist version of Phaser, all of the render calls that use the globals change from this: if (WEBGL_RENDERER) { renderWebGL = require('./BlitterWebGLRenderer'); } if (CANVAS_RENDERER) { renderCanvas = require('./BlitterCanvasRenderer'); } to this: if (true) { renderWebGL = __webpack_require__(1098); } if (true) { renderCanvas = __webpack_require__(1099); } (this is taken from dist/phaser.js) Which is why usually you'd build your app into a single bundle, and then only the bundle file (which is your game + Phaser + whatever else you need) is packaged by Electron. Hope that makes a bit more sense.
  14. Use with Electron

    Those two settings are global defines that webpack uses during the build stage. Surely if you were packaging a game for Electron you'd build it first, then the Electron package would just be the build files + assets?
  15. In-Game Advertising for HTML5 games

    Mochi for Flash? Which decade are you living in?