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  1. I'd strongly recommend against this way of loading assets. Split it over 2 states (Boot and Preload). Load the preloader sprite graphic in Boot, then move to the Preload state, and in there load everything else. Failing that, reset the Loader in the create function before doing anything else with it.
  2. plugin

    Lovely demo You may want to enable cursor key capture (to stop the page scrolling when you press down)
  3. There are no invites pending, so if you've still don't have yours coach you need to re-send it, because I either never got it, or you didn't get the invite email from Slack.
  4. Wild Terra springs to mind.
  5. The only thing I thought it was missing (or maybe didn't hear) was some sound effects
  6. The main menu button says "Gran Prix" on it
  7. That's great! I love throwing them around. They look right grumpy
  8. Agreed. I've removed the image.
  9. Surely you should have coded this in Java?
  10. Not to a Group, no. To any of the child Sprites, yes. Depending on what you're trying to achieve depends on the best way to approach this (it's not immediately obvious from the code above)
  11. A Phaser.Group cannot have a Physics Body itself. Think of it as a container, a bucket of Sprites. Each of those Sprites can have a body, but the Group itself doesn't.
  12. This is insane, and really fun too
  13. roguelike

    What is this created in?
  14. 1 - Not really. The JavaScript you learn will be good for life, across any JS based project. Game logic and operations are also generic, good for any game framework or language (think things like managing a group of baddies, or planning out a level design). The Phaser specific code you learn will be transferable to Phaser 3. Yes the API has changed, in some areas more than others, but on the whole the concepts are still identical. You still work with Sprites, they still have physics, you still preload assets, create tweens, etc. The exact implementation may be different in places, but v3 won't require a vastly different thought process. 2 - Not sure what you mean by resources, but if you mean online tutorials, then yes - you'd need to either use v3 ones, or figure out how to translate the code from one to another. 3 - Of course. Anyone can use any version of Phaser, for as long as they like, no matter what version that is. Just be aware we'll only support v3 going forward.
  15. You can't. A v2 game will need changing to run in v3. How much depends on how big the game is.