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  1. Where are the Layers?

    We don't use Pixi in Phaser 3, so this isn't a case of re-inventing something it already provides.
  2. Where are the Layers?

    We're working on Containers this week. There is no current alternative.
  3. Phaser examples license

    No. Lots of them are taken from old console / arcade games, so should not be used in commercial projects.
  4. Where are the Layers?

    We removed them because they were incorrectly named and we stopped using a nested display list and instead went for a much faster and sortable flat display list with no parenting. We’re working on a Container object at the moment which will replace them, while still avoiding parenting hell.
  5. fixing sprites to (main) camera

    Yeah, just set the scrollFactor of the Game Object to zero.
  6. If they can only press the key once, then you should use 'onDown.addOnce'. Then it will clear itself after being invoked and you can safely create another 'addOnce' later when your timer has expired.
  7. Can you post an example, please.
  8. Does Phaser 3 use Pixi.js?

    Phaser 2 uses a (slightly) modified Pixi 2, where-as they're currently working on Pixi 5. So they've had years to improve it and of course have done so! I don't believe it's optimized for mobile though, nothing I've seen indicates that, but you can tweak it so much you can target it for mobile for sure. Be careful with your assets and memory use and I'm sure it would fly along. I've seen reports that Pixi 3 is faster than 4, but I honestly think it's use-case specific, and in the general scheme of things, 5 will beat them both out.
  9. Does Phaser 3 use Pixi.js?

    No, it doesn't use Pixi at all. We've spent over a year working on our own renderer so we have complete control of it. It is significantly better than v2 in every respect as we're able to build it specifically for how Phaser (and games in general) work, rather than being a workhorse renderer that should try and bend to everything. I've not benchmarked it against the latest Pixi, as I honestly don't feel it would be a sensible or logical comparison. You could throw a few bunnymarks around, but that doesn't really prove anything when it comes to an actual game.
  10. Super Asteroid Battle

    Only got to try it with 1 other person, but it was good fun! Wish you upgraded a bit faster, but still nice.
  11. [Complete] [phaser] Cave Golf

    I featured this on the Phaser site months ago!
  12. May want to fix your screen shots.
  13. Yeah, I would use a parent container and rotate that as needed, and scale the child.
  14. Particle Editor for Particlestorm

    Your URL gives: Forbidden You don't have permission to access /index.php on this server.
  15. Problem with transparency in tilemap

    The PNG above (the rats one) has a transparent background. It has been saved out correctly as a PNG-24. The tileset PNG a few posts above that has a white background. Open the tileset PNG in to Photoshop and color pick the background. It's solid white. It has no transparency at all. Fix that, and it'll display properly in-game.