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  1. [WIP][Phaser] They Are Everywhere!

    Been following this on twitter. Good luck
  2. It's on the list, although the more I plan it, the more I think it's quite a large task because more has changed than hasn't!
  3. Phaser 3 Beta 4 Released

    This was fixed last week (the bug was in setOrigin). Which is now in Beta 7 released today if you prefer to get it from npm.
  4. Too early for a migration guide.
  5. Locked. Doesn't state what html5 framework is being used in the creation of it. Given that the web site says only coming out for PS4 and Xbone it's clearly Unity or similar.
  6. Audio plays even when the Silent switch is ON

    There's no way to detect this from JavaScript. Also, it's worth understanding that the iOS side switch isn't a global on/off mute button. It splits into two categories: General Audio, and Ringers & Alerts. I.e. an iPhone can have its ringer volume set to maximum but its media volume muted, or the opposite. Which means even with the side switch 'on' it can still play audio on websites (and it's not your fault, it's just how iOS works)
  7. Phaser 3 Beta 4 Released

    Pretty sure I know what this is now. Please try the Beta 7 release next week.
  8. Camera(s) in v3

    Camera x/y/width/height should be considered the viewport sizes. I.e. the size the camera renders to. Indeed the method 'setViewport' is used to set all those values. Camera zoom is the pixel ratio of what it renders. A zoom of 0.5 will render at half the size (zoomed out), 2 will render zoomed in, etc. Cameras don't have a scale, just a zoom factor. Think of it being as how far into, or out of, the scene it is focusing. The rotation property controls the rotation of the camera from its center. All this does is rotate the region that is rendered, it doesn't impact the world. So with viewport, zoom and rotation you can size the physical rendering of the camera and the pixel density of it, but to actually move the camera around the world you use scrollX and scrollY. This adjusts the position that camera is 'looking at'. Game Objects have the related method 'setScrollFactor' which allows you to configure how much the camera moving influences their rendered position within it (it never impacts their actual world coordinates). Camera bounds do not limit what can be drawn to the camera, they only limit the scrollX/Y values to stop you from 'scrolling past' the borders of a camera. To do a minimap I think it's easier to explain with code, so I put together this example for you:\camera\minimap camera.js Cursors to fly the ship. I didn't add edge-wrapping, or the ability to shoot, sorry but you get the idea. Notice how I excluded the stars from the minimap to stop them rendering to it.
  9. - Strike Tactics spin-off

    That is outstanding! So much more accessible than Strike Tactics. Just had 3 excellent rounds in it
  10. Why does Phaser change image color pallete?

    Phaser does nothing to change the palette on anything. I suspect as Cudebear said, it's the browser doing something unexpected.
  11. Phaser 3 Beta 4 Released

    Hmm, Set is definitely imported properly in BaseLoader. It's possible it doesn't like it having the same name as a native data-type, so I have renamed it to CustomSet in the attached build. Also, how come your log says phaser.min in it, but I provided a file called phaser.js? Did you rename it to test it locally? phaser-dev-2316.js
  12. Phaser 3 Beta 4 Released

    Here you go. phaser.js
  13. Phaser 3 Beta 4 Released

    I know what it is The fix is in the repo. Could you pull and give it a go? I'm hopeful it should work fine then. If you need I can upload a build here, just say.
  14. ScaleManager.SHOW_ALL

    There is no Scale Manager in Phaser 3 yet.