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  1. Custom Game Objects

    When you say "register" what do you mean exactly? Like have it register with the Factory, so you can do 'this.add.customThing()' in your code?
  2. Phaser 3 Future

    In approx. a couple of weeks.
  3. Very slow rendering

    An example would be useful to see to be honest, without one it's just pure speculation (as we've isometric demos running at 60fps no problem, so right now it could be anything!)
  4. Use with Electron

    Ahh Flixel... how time flies
  5. Use with Electron

    If it works, go for it. In future however you'd likely want to use a custom bundle so you don't get everything + the kitchen sink included in your build, and only what you need.
  6. Use with Electron

    If you're not bundling the app before including it into Electron then it's almost certainly just trying to load the Phaser source files directly as a result of the call to require, and not the dist files, because the dist files don't have those globals in them. Here is what happens if you build a dist version of Phaser, all of the render calls that use the globals change from this: if (WEBGL_RENDERER) { renderWebGL = require('./BlitterWebGLRenderer'); } if (CANVAS_RENDERER) { renderCanvas = require('./BlitterCanvasRenderer'); } to this: if (true) { renderWebGL = __webpack_require__(1098); } if (true) { renderCanvas = __webpack_require__(1099); } (this is taken from dist/phaser.js) Which is why usually you'd build your app into a single bundle, and then only the bundle file (which is your game + Phaser + whatever else you need) is packaged by Electron. Hope that makes a bit more sense.
  7. Use with Electron

    Those two settings are global defines that webpack uses during the build stage. Surely if you were packaging a game for Electron you'd build it first, then the Electron package would just be the build files + assets?
  8. In-Game Advertising for HTML5 games

    Mochi for Flash? Which decade are you living in?
  9. Visual Novel Engine RenJS

    Raul - please only post to the forum in English.
  10. chargement avec phaser

    Please only post in English to these forums as we don't have any French moderators, sorry. I'm going to lock this thread. You can open another one in English.
  11. v3 folder move to @tag

    Yes we moved it all around this week, it makes testing and preparing for launch easier for us. The v3 Getting Started Guide and Contribution Guides were updated to reflect this today. The Examples all still work, no changes needed there.
  12. Phaser 3 Beta 4 Released

    Only you can answer that. I don't know how far along your game is, how much $ is invested in it, does it have a client attached, etc. All these things factor in.
  13. I'm glad to announce that Phaser 3 Beta 4 is now available. You can download it from GitHub: Or use the webpack project template: Once you've got it running I'd urge you to check out the Phaser 3 Examples. Click 'Edit' on any demo to see the code and learn from it! If you find one that doesn't work, please report it. Any questions? Post them here. Cheers, Rich
  14. Rendering millions of 'points'

    Honestly, don't use Phaser for this. You will struggle (massively) to get even native Pixi 4/5 to handle rendering 2 million points like this. It feels like you need another approach for this project imho.
  15. Yeah ignore the merge folder, it's almost a year out of date! The current source is in the v3 folder. We will be adding pixel perfect detection back in for sure, it's just not there yet.
  16. None of those properties exist in 3.0 yet (which is why it doesn't do anything)
  17. Phaser 3 Beta 4 Released

    Hi. Hmm, I updated the dev schedule only a few weeks ago! So it's pretty current. You should really read the newsletter. We publish everything that is going on every single week in there, but we also put it on the website in the Dev Logs too. Same info, it's just the newsletter readers get it a bit earlier. And we're still on for release end of this month.
  18. Spritesheets with 2d array of sprites

    It makes no difference if your frames are sequential or not. All that matters is that they're in the same base texture (image file / atlas)
  19. Welcome!

    Welcome to the new HTML5 Game Developers Forum! I had been meaning to set-up a forum specifically for discussion about HTML5 game development for a while. And today I finally got around to doing so It's such a new area, one full of challenges and one constantly changing that I felt it was about time we had a unified place to talk about all of those things. Share code, thoughts, ideas and frustrations. So please register and take part - and if you've a suggestion for new boards that should be added here, just let me know. Cheers, Rich
  20. Where is the Phaser CE slack channel?

    There is no CE specific forum or slack channel because it's just a continuation of V2, so everything related to Phaser (non-V3) applies.
  21. Contributing to Phaser 3?

    Opening issues re: Examples is fine! I can see you've started already and we've started fixing them as a result
  22. [New Project] Phaser version?

    Use Phaser CE (2.9.4 is the latest)
  23. A new fun dice game

    That's beautiful! I am a complete Yahtzee addict though
  24. Where are the Layers?

    We don't use Pixi in Phaser 3, so this isn't a case of re-inventing something it already provides.