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  1. benny!

    Canvas2D: FillText Memory Leak (Google Chrome)

    The chrome dev team is finally on it. Refer to the link above of the bug thread .
  2. Hello, I am struggling with a memory leak which migth be related to Canvas2D fillText function. There is already a bug report available: However I wonder if anyone of you also experienced this bug and might have a workaround for this? Thanks in advance. Best, benny!
  3. benny!

    [js13k] Glitch Buster

    Wow Remi ... 2nd on Desktop and 1st on Mobile. Congratz and well deserved!
  5. benny!

    [js13k] Glitch Buster

    Amazing. Great work!
  6. Yep - you build a solid game there. I think I would try some micro tansactions, too. Good luck with it!
  7. Do you get any significant revenue by the google ads you show when the game pauses/player is dead etc? Or do you have any other monetization plans for this game!? Just wondering?
  8. benny!

    Sailor Pop - Okijin Games

    Awesome work. Game looks and feels great. Good luck with sponsoring!
  9. Really cool game. Like it a lot. Very well done!
  10. benny! - Multiplayer hack'n'slash

    @Rezoner Give yourself a break of some days. I know that feeling - it can be hard - especially for a one man army to keep motivated. For me it helps to take a break of some days. Then coming back with a full battery everything feels a lot of easier.
  11. benny! - Multiplayer hack'n'slash

    Outstanding work!!!
  12. benny!

    [Release] Moonsters

    Hi - great game like all your games. However, I wonder if the match-logic is correct If I set a combo like this _ X _ X X X _ X _ _ X _ It will leave out the bottom X. Is this how you want it to be? _ O _ O O O _ O _ _ X _ Anyway, great game.
  13. benny!

    Send data to .php with Cocoonjs Canvas+

    Could you check the http.status ? It might be 0 in some cases. Maybe it's worth a check. Good luck!
  14. benny!

    New Pixi Book

    Yup, I would prefer some general chapters (non-game related) about visual effects with PIXI.js, too! Especially, some hints about performance optimizations and best-practises for cross-platform/cross-browser development when using Pixi.js.
  15. benny!

    Beauty of HTML5 (Web)

    Bah .. that really sucks.