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  1. I think I've encountered something like this before, can't remember. Trying to narrow it down. You could try disabling anti-aliasing with this. The false sets whether anti-aliasing should be used. var game = new Phaser.Game(width, height, Phaser.AUTO, '', null, undefined, false); Can you make a playable version somewhere so we can try it ourselves? Might be something with your device.
  2. Sadly there isn't a straight forward way of generating a spritesheet or atlas from other images in Phaser without messing around with modifying bitmap datas and having to define your own atlas.
  3. What is the size of the game window, and do you have anti-aliasing disabled? If you think this is a Phaser specific problem, then you should ask in the Phaser sub-forum.
  4. Should still work Read this if you haven't Phaser is here to stay, and will only get bigger with v3. You can write slow code in any language. There is nothing inherently slow about JavaScript.
  5. You need some sort of 'Guest play' button on the login screen so people can jump straight in, or people will just see the log in fields and leave.
  6. It sounds like you need to continuously check if the position is within the bounds. Try doing moving whatever you are doing to the update loop. It's hard to understand what you mean. You are a lot more likely to get helpful responses if you show the applicable code, a link to your game so far, or even just a picture showing what you are trying to do.
  7. I've also noticed a significant improvement when switching from WebGL to Canvas for mobiles. I was able to go from ~8 FPS to a solid 55+. This was totally against my intuition. Here's a must read for anyone looking to jack up their FPS. Also, there appears to be an ongoing issue with Phaser texts that you should be aware of if you use a lot of text objects. The simplest solution for now, is just to use bitmap texts instead.
  8. This topic is a year old...
  9. I just realised uWS is now the default websocket engine for 2.0.0. Good news.
  10. Arcade physics bodies can't be rotated. You will need to use a more comprehensive physics engine for that, such as P2.
  11. ^ To note, if you wish to research further, this concept is called object pooling and is a must have for any game where you are reusing the same kinds of things a lot.
  12. When a client disconnects, will automatically detect that they have disconnected and will fire the 'disconnect', and 'disconnecting' events. The only difference is that using the 'disconnecting' event will allow you to do stuff with the rooms the socket is in before it is removed from them. You could use an either an object or array to store a list of connected clients, identifiable by the ID of the socket connection for that client. Depends on how you like to access the client data. var clients = {}; io.on('connection', function(socket){ // Add the client that just connected to the list of active clients, using the ID // of the socket as the key to access the player data object for that client. clients[] = {id: '5a4b3c2d1', username: 'blahblah', hitPoints: 80 /*, etc: 'etc'*/}; socket.on('disconnecting', function(){ // Remove the client from the list of clients. delete clients[]; }); })
  13. Yea, this has bugged me for a while, but I've never been bothered enough to mention it.
  14. Show an example. What version of Phaser are you using? There was a fix not long ago for an issue that sounds like this.
  15. Total Annihilation? Age of Empires? This guys knows his RTSes...