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  1. There used to be a little (rocket ship?) button to run the code just above the text editor on the examples pages. Now it is gone. :/
  2. Will Arcade Physics 2 be tied to display objects?
  3. Yea, I've looked into those. The three big players that I see are Box2D, P2 and Matter, but they are all fairly feature packed and in-depth, and overkill for what I need. I suppose all I can do is try some, see how easy they are to use and how well they perform.
  4. So here's the deal. I'm making an online multiplayer action game, currently using Phaser for the client (mainly for rendering and input), and I've hacked Phaser onto my Node.js server as well (, so I can use the Arcade physics system to manage the interactions of player's entities with other entities in the game world. I get that some people puke at this idea, but it works, mostly. The server entities use sprites with no texture, just so I can give them a physics body to use for collision/intersection checking, but I'm having some alignment issues related to how bodies relate to the scales and anchors of their respective sprites, and have been thinking that I probably should be using a proper system where physics bodies aren't tied to sprites (display objects). What good alternative, standalone JS physics engines are there that offer similar features to Arcade that I can use on my server? Arcade seems ideal for what I'm doing, but lugging around the rest of Phaser with it without using it is just silly. The game only requires simple rectangle AND circle body support. No complex polygons or shape rotating, and needs to be fast, as there may be many entities that could interact with each other at any time. I've thought about doing this myself, but want to save some time if I can.
  5. I've had some testers of my game mention this problem. The most consistent issue I've noticed is key release events not being fired sometimes, but I can't spot any rhythm to when it happens. Only happens with Edge.
  6. I get a performance gain from going from 800x600 to 800x450. The FPS is capped at 60, so you wont see an improvement if it is already at that.
  7. I have a sprite with an anchor of 0.5, 0.5, so the middle of the sprite. How would I add a circle body to the sprite with the center of the circle on the anchor of the sprite, so that if I scaled the sprite, the circle would scale from the middle of the sprite and not from the top left? Seems simple but setCircle (and setSize) seems to be messed up as I've been trying to get them to work all day... - Circle body size doesn't seem to respect the scale of the parent sprite or its anchor.
  8. Haha, nice troll... Though, I was thinking of doing my own video tutorial series when Phaser development has finally stopped and I can be sure that the version that I do the tutorials on will be the definitive one, but it would probably be on things that aren't covered, or aren't explained very well, in the examples.
  9. Thanks, that works well enough. It does feel a bit hacky. I'm running into some other issues due to the parent scale. I'm trying to do some precise positioning of the buttons, but lets say I reposition the button along by 1 pixel, it will be 1*parent scale, making it move way further than it should. What I really need is a way to either ignore all parent transforms when the child is added, or find a way to make the buttons move with the draggable sprite without using groups. I'm kind of surprised I could find no topics of other people having this problem.
  10. I am currently adding a sprite to my game with no texture as I just need an invisible draggable area, resizing it to the dimensions I need, then adding a bunch of buttons to it with .addChild(button) so that the buttons follow the sprite when dragged, which works fine, but the buttons adopt the scale of the sprite, which is undesired in this case. How can I reset the scale of a child after it has been added to a group?
  11. For the issue of generating a random map, but still wanting multiple players to have the same result map, the map on the client could be generated from a key that is made on the server, that is then sent to all the clients that need to see the same map. Sending just a key will be far smaller than the raw map data, but the map data can still be constructed the same for all players using that key. I'm more questioning your reasoning for having so many tiles. Also Tiled is well worth getting better with. It will save you time in the long-run.
  12. Regarding Arcade circle bodies, what performance differences are there compared to rectangles? If I could achieve the same functionality with circles or rects, which would be faster?
  13. Needs audio, and I'm pretty sure I sold the shield to the hero but I still got robbed. I even gave the dog a free chicken in the hope that it would reduce the chance of me getting robbed, but nope.
  14. mmo

    Wow, 71% dislike rate on Steam. The game is a lot of fun though. Got an average of ~90ms ping, UK. Solid 60fps. How did you integrate the steam account login? Also, how is this an MMO? 6 people per game is hardly 'massive'...