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  1. RaananW

    Rotation physicsImpostor physicsBody bug

    it is integrated already, the demo you provided had the physics plugin redefined. see here - https://playground.babylonjs.com/#MARWS6#10 about the debug mode - a fix will be merged soon.
  2. RaananW

    Rotation physicsImpostor physicsBody bug

    Seems like oimo is loaded incorrectly on debug mode. We'll take care of this soon. About the bug - it should already be integrated, I will check and update here.
  3. RaananW

    Rotation physicsImpostor physicsBody bug

    Oimo is not that quick in accepting fixes (see - https://github.com/lo-th/Oimo.js/pull/70 from March). So, this is the best way to do it updatePosition with 0 delta means 0 ms passed, but - please update the body's position and rotation. It is not needed if the body has a mass, but a mass - 0 means the body is technically sleeping and doesn't have its position updated. What drinks do I get?
  4. RaananW

    Rotation physicsImpostor physicsBody bug

    PR submitted - https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/pull/4722
  5. RaananW

    Rotation physicsImpostor physicsBody bug

    As wingnut said, it is an oimo issue. Since we moved to a build earlier than the one we used before, I had to change the way rotation is calculated, which seems to be wrong. I will work on that tomorrow and submit a PR.
  6. The parent node's z is already flipped for you in the exporter. you will need to deal with the instances yourself, this is where knowing the global object scale (or better yet - entire transformation) is very helpful
  7. WOuld be my guess as well. before exporting, make sure your material has a unique id in the software you are exporting from
  8. it is all because of right hand and left hand systems, and the fact that everyone work a bit differently. I dont like this negative scaling as well (there is also a rotation on the y axis ). But this is something you simply need to accept and know. once you know it's there, it is easy to solve those kind of problems.
  9. I guess the best would be to change the material ID before exporting. Is it a possibility?
  10. RaananW

    Playground throws "Internal server error."

    The example you pasted can be found here - https://playground.babylonjs.com/#J5E230#54 you can download a zip containing all needed files to see it locally
  11. RaananW

    Charging particle effect

    How about using the SPS? http://doc.babylonjs.com/how_to/solid_particles
  12. The problem in this case is tat the instance doesn't get the mesh's parent (which has a rotation and negative scaling on the z axis). If you want to make the text work on the instance, you will need to negate the z scaling (like here - https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#XSCH6V#3).
  13. no converter is implemented, as far as I know. But we are always open for new extensions BTW - Babylon has an STL loader, you can export a scene directly from babylon. the rest - you will need to implement it yourself.
  14. RaananW

    Loaded OBJ file is dark

    You can check what textures are be4ing loaded in the .mtl file and manipulate them correctly after the .obj is loaded. Maybe it is a matter of lighting? Want to share images, or better yet - a scene?
  15. you can always reference the files on a higher context and use them inside the callback. Want to show an example of what you actually tring to achieve? we will be able to help much better