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  1. Trust @Wingnut to find an amazing sequence of commands that drive a physics engine crazy Hello friend! A lot have changed, and I need to follow up on changes in the physics engine to fully answer that. It seems like the flat shading changes the vertex data in a way that is not compatible with cannon's heightmap (or better yet - with the way we implemented the mesh-to-heightmap conversion). I will need to look deeper into it and understand why. I believe it is a problem with the way I implemented the heightmap functionality, for two reasons - one - this implementation is way too complex to be bug free. and two - http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1RKZXB#49 , it works wonderfully (but yet slowly) with a mesh impostor (and spheres. no cubes allowed, sadly). The reason it works the other way around is that it is using the original heightmap to create the physics body. afterwards you can change the vertex data of the mesh and it won't really matter. About the slowness - that's an interesting thing. Again, I need to follow up on changes made to the engine, but it seems like the step functionality was changed a bit. in playground #31 there is an implementation of the entire physics engine, which overwrites Babylon's implementation. Afterwards, going to a different playground will not reload the page but only the playground, which means - the implementation from #31 is still active. Makes sense? Again - seems weird to me, but I can't tell before checking the entire process. To your last question (or better yet - saving you the trouble of writing another post after giving us a heads up - this is cannon's limitation. Heightmap are so quick and wonderful because of theway they are implemented. Since it is an impostor, you can do whatever you want with it (turn it, rotate it, throw it in the air, convert it to little cubs and smash it, you know - anything). But it will stay a perfect square. I remember trying to avoid this limitation to no avail. But that was a year ago or so. I might be smarter now. While looking at the heightmap implementation, I will check cannon (non-existing) documentation to see if something pops up.
  2. PR submitted, it will soon be integrated in the framework. Here is a working demo of the fix - http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#OB0LJ#20
  3. there should be one, right? I will try making one this evening, after fixing the extend size bug
  4. Hey guys, this is happening due to a new way to calculate the extend size of the object. So far it worked correctly, the problem here is the rotation (that should be supported, of course). A quick solution is this - http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#OB0LJ#19 I will work on a global fix for the entire framework.
  5. I am pinged, therefore I am! The parenting system is actually creating a rigid compound body, so it is not quite possible. We have discussed internally how we can change the parent-child system when physics are involved, and I hope I will introduce the change in the framework pretty soon. I will consider your question during the implementation and see how I can make it possible.
  6. Hi @ian, there is the option to make a collider "sleep" and "wakeUp" (both functions are implemented on the physics collider), which stops the physics engine from applying forces on the box. Is this what you are looking for?
  7. The Basketball demo works with both the Vive and the Oculus touch. It will wait for the controllers until they are attached, and then you will be able to enter VR. As you guys found out already, the secret to get the vive controllers working is... pressing the left and right buttons. Also make sure that the gamepad extensions is enabled in chromium (if you use chromium). GearVR won't work, but I am getting one pretty soon and will do my best to fallback to WebVR 1.0 . WebVR 1.0 doesn't deliver certain data that we require in order to get it to work correctly, so I will have to see how I do it myself correctly. It will be done, just sadly need a bit of patience
  8. Whoever wants to give it a try: http://raananweber.com/WebVRBall/
  9. Well, it is this annoying parenting bug again same as wingnut - http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#AF886#3 . I will see when I have the time to dive in and solve this issue, i think it is driving everyone a bit crazy.
  10. And now official from me Wow! You guys are ALL awesome! Thank you all for participating! That was so much fun. @jpdev, you did an amazing job. Such a great game! And as promised, this is on the way (to me first, and then to you ):
  11. If any of the participants wish to write about the tech used to develop, please do! We all want to hear and learn new things.
  12. for those who voted and for those who didn't - it is now possible to vote for more than one game.
  13. I have already contributed to cannon, this is of course possible. The problem is - how long will it take, and whats need to be done. In this case - the N variable was implemented like that for performance reasons. setTimeout without time value will execute before the next frame starts. it won't be a second, and not half a second. it will be one frame after. I do agree it is not the best solution but it is A solution, and it works, without making major changes.
  14. Hey gang, it is time to play some games! I have 4 submissions. Here they are: 1) @jpdev sent the following entry: JPs BabylonJS RPG, http://rpg.jppresents.net This is a rpg game where you control a character of one of the three classes: Fighter - meele fighters can take a punch and also deliver one Hhealer - pure magic healers that can't fight themselfs but are valueable in keeping everyone alive Caster - ranged magic damage dealer that control fire You choose a name for your character and the class on login. You can change your class by reloading the game in your browser. You can move by left clicking anywhere on the ground. You can use skills by clicking them in the skillbar or pressing the corresponding number. Target other player or monsters by clicking on them or their nameplate. You can click the text field in the lower left corner or press "Return" to begin typing a message to everybody else, another "Return" sends the message. You can gain up to 5 levels by gathering xp by killing monsters or by healing other players who are killing monsters. Each level gives you more hp, more damage/bigger heals and most levels give you new abilities. 2) @kpgbrink, @binki & @mwiss have sent this (Including a GitHub repository!!) : Faito https://sam.ohnopub.net/~faito/faito/index.cgi/ GitHub: https://github.com/sekainogenkai/faito Controls: KeyBoard: Movement WASD, Jump Space, Roll/Croutch shift, Powers (u, i, o, p). Xbox Controller: Movement Left Joy Stick, Jump Right Button, Roll/Crouth Left Button, Powers (x, a, y b). Link: https://sam.ohnopub.net/~faito/faito/index.cgi/ GitHub: https://github.com/sekainogenkai/faito We hope you enjoy this. If you want to fully experience the game you have to play with a friend and faito! Additional Information: Red Ring: Health Blue Ring: Mana Damage: Hit other player with object. Head on hits are stronger. This game is still in development. We have a lot more work to do. 3) @Athelios and @BlueManCZ have sent an amazing school project: http://hroch.spseol.cz:8080 Our game is school project and is very buggy (It's kind of game that inclines to lot's of bugs :D) So it's very possible that it will crash and stop work during testing. Server side is written in Python. Player can equip item to hand by holding Alt + right / left mouse button. Chat can be open by T key, inventory by E key, chest by F key. 4) @RaananW (whoever that is) has submitted the following: In a Row IO , https://in-a-row.io In a Row IO is a multiplayer 3D tic tac toe game in its beta stage. You can create your game with the configuration you wish, or join already existing games. The rules are rather simple - you need to complete a row or spheres and prevent your opponent(s) from doing that same. The length of chain is determined by the largest length of either width, height or depth. so: in a 4x4x4 board, the row is 4, but on a 6x4x3 board, it is 6 (so you can only complete rows on the X axis). in a 5x5x1 it is 5, and 3x3x1 is the classic tic-tac-toe we all know (and hopefully love). You can also watch running games, or games that have ended already (including one where I play against myself! And win!). To actually play you need to log in. Gravity can be enabled, and in the future you will be able to use powerups to mess-up with your opponent. For now they are disabled due to lack of time. 5) Late entry by @getzel (which managed to send me a message as I was writing this post): Here is the solo alpha : http://yobrowser.hol.es/babcity/alpha01.html (My notes - I guess this space will be edited with further information). As I said - we want all game to have their share of users, as they are multiplayer games. So, 5 games, 5 days. I hope the community will participate as much as possible! The game developers can of course invite the entire world to play as well, just to get things going! New entries in your calendars: March 6th, at 20:00 CET (11 am PST) - we play JPs BabylonJS RPG, http://rpg.jppresents.net 7th, at 20:00 CET (11 am PST) we play - Faito https://sam.ohnopub.net/~faito/faito/index.cgi/ 8th, 20:00 CET (you get the point) - http://hroch.spseol.cz:8080 9th, 20:00 CET - https://in-a-row.io 10th, 20:00 CET - http://yobrowser.hol.es/babcity/alpha01.html Of course you can join in the games whenever you want, we just want as many people as possible at once to get the party started. Please submit your votes in the attached poll!