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  1. Being the one who implemented this, I can tell you I think you are (partly) right. There were a few architecture decisions that had to be made while implementing the compound system. I understand what you are saying, I'll try thinning of a solution.
  2. Hey guys, as I haven't heard from any of you yet, I can only assume that some of you will be ready next week. Again - if more than a few will tell me that you need an extra week, you got it. Just let me know. If you want to submit your game, please PM me with a link and a short description of your game (or any other thing you think the users will need in order to play your game). An update from me - my game's basic functionality is implemented, and I am more than happy with its current state. I will try improving and adding a few features, but even if I won't - I have something to submit. Someone asked me how the winners will be selected. Being multiplayer games, we need the players all to play the game at the same time! Each game will get a one to two hours time slot, where we will ask the entire community, friends, relatives, enemies and pets to play the game. Voting will eventually take place in a poll i this forum. I will see how many games will be submitted and plan it for the beginning of March.
  3. How awesome is that!
  4. I understand. To get that you will have to play with the forces that are applied on the shopping cart. The problem with position update, is that the velocity and acceleration stays 0, so the physics engine thinks - ah, the object didn't move, no reason to check for collisions. When pushing "forward", you will need to calculate forward and apply this force (or better yet - set the cart's velocity) in the right direction. I think more and more people require something like this. The only way to go is really moving to the "physics" world, and leaving the simple position and rotation world. This requires a different way of thinking. I would have said that I will try creating a demo for this, but I won't find the time soon. If you want to start a nice playground that will be the base on which we both can work, I will be more than happy to look inside and comment.
  5. Hi Ian, Reviving an old topic It is very hard for me to follow the code and understand what everything does. I understand from what you are writing that you are trying to create a compound mesh instead of the meshimpostor? want to create a simpler playground with 2 versions - one with the error visible so I can understand better?
  6. Hi, so - as DK said, this is not really supported. But do you care to explain what you are trying to achieve? maybe we will find a better solution!
  7. I like the word soonish! I just added it to my dictionary on each and every device I am working with.
  8. Deadlines are always a pain! I had a few personal reasons for delaying the work on my game, but I think I will make it to my own (...) deadline. But! If anyone needs more time, just let me know here. It will be a shame if some of you need a few more days and that would be a reason not submitting the game. So, keep on working, let me know what's up, be well, and may the Schwartz be with you.
  9. Hello my friend, when I am wrong, I am wrong. Thanks for being persistent http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#ZTRL5#37 - here is the fix. The view matrix' drift WAS calculated, but was never used. how clever! Having said that - once the fix is integrated you can play with the distance between the two views using the metrics variable that is being provided (optional). default is ca. 0.064 I will commit the fix pretty soon, the minute I will make it look nicer - reusing code, formatting typescript, sprinkling some magic powder and all that jazz. Update: PR merged, fix is there. It will soon be available in the playground as well.
  10. Hi, Both cameras should have the same position. It is the position of the body, which has two eyes. the position correction is done later, and can be controlled with the VRCameraMetrics that can be provided in the constructor. The 3D effect is very hard to see when you look straight at all objects. But when moving a bit to the side... http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#ZTRL5#31 So, I am not sure it is a bug. I promise to check further thou.
  11. you need to keep a reference to your created joints, this would be the easiest. impostors and joints don't have IDs, they are independent objects that can be used however the developer wishes. So, when creating a joint, keep it referenced in an array / object of your choice. having said that - those are javascript objects. you can add your own ID, or even tag them using Babylon's tagging system.
  12. yes I do. that's only in case you need the motor. Otherwise, couldn't you use a compound impostor?
  13. I just read what I wrote and it made no sense to me, so - old me was silly. if it is about collisions and force during a collision checking the velocity will be the best (IMO). if it is about "going too fast", then you can track the variables changed by the keyboard events.
  14. Hey! I still say the same - I might have a playground later today I will try clearing up some of my time this afternoon.