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  1. earcut is used in the polygon mesh builder. if you dont use it, you dont need earcut. Oh, and we put a bit more fps fairy dust in every release. Maybe we overdid it this time!
  2. new npm (beta.4) is out, give it a try and let me know
  3. This can be avoided if you either: 1) include earcut in your npm package (and thus including it in the build) 2) set earcut as an external in webpack, making webpack not look for it.
  4. I wonder what the errors were, but for the sake of this test, it seems like it went fine. If you didn't get compile errors then this was fixed. What I did to compile angular error-free was to copy only the new declaration files of both the loaders and the gltf2interface (which now has the module defined, just to be sure).
  5. Make gameplay smoother

    Hi Syed, I think we will need a bit more information in order to help
  6. We are planning to push tomorrow, after testing different scenarios (of different features as well).
  7. hi, well, you haven't showed us a demo, but this is probably the same case. try falling back to webgl1 ("disableWebGL2Support: true" when initializing the engine) and see if it works then.
  8. Hi @HoloLite, did you check? I just initialized a new angular project and check old vs. new - old doesn't work, as you said, but the new one compiled correctly. I ejected webpack.config and configured the externals, but those were only warnings. Other than that I get angular compiled now. Would be great to know if you have the same experience before I push a new npm package
  9. Yep, copy and keep me posted. Thanks! Oh, and I know angular uses webpack 😊 I also know I'm testing every release with webpack (and others). So, my uneducated guess is still my uneducated guess. I'll try finding out why angular doesn't like typing-only packages.
  10. This seems to be an issue with the way angular loads typings from loaded packages, but this is just an uneducated guess. I have pushed a few changes today that will reinstate the dependencies between declarations. If you want to make sure the next version will work, you can load the latest PR https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/issues/4024 and use those declaration files and see if it compiles correctly (the simplest hack would be to change them in your node_modules). This will be in beta.4 if all tests are successful.
  11. What package were you installing that is missing this? The gltf2 interface package is a dependency (https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/blob/master/dist/preview release/loaders/package.json) and must be installed when you install the loaders package. If it wasn't installed it would be great to know what package manager and what version of it you are using.
  12. It worked due to s line I removed from the generated declaration of all modules. I'll probably reinstate this line in a different way. I assume you use webpack and not only typescript in your project? This is probably why you still get the error. Add this line to your index, after loading the loaders package, I'll update here when it changes.
  13. ES6 Module issues

    Are you still loading oimo? Loading it as es6 module will not work. You will need to load it as a regular is file so it will be included in the global namespace (window.OIMO)
  14. Debug Stats bug

    Please load cannon before loading Babylon. If you use physics you will get an error if the cannon dependency was not loaded before Babylon is loaded in the browser.
  15. Hi, this is a missing typing file that needs to be imported from the already-installed package "babylonjs-gltf2interface". After importing the loaders module, enter the following import: import "babylonjs-gltf2interface"; This will load the right declarations You can also load it in the typing section in your tsconfig. I still need to find a good way to load it automatically without you needing to manually load it.