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  1. Setting Avatar as a Gif

    I think @joshcamas Did something similar to what you were doing. Maybe he could chime in?
  2. Hey everyone, Just a quick question here - Is there any form of Discord server or Slack for Babylon JS? Just curious really, HeadClot
  3. Announcing Babylon.GUI

    Got one request for Babylon GUI as well as a question. Would it be possible to get an Visual Designer tool (Unity3D UI tools, Unreal Motion Graphics, and Armory3D UI Designer toolsets come to mind ) for games like Heads up displays? Can this render GUI elements in World space? Such as on a polygon in front of the player for example.
  4. Character Animation System

    Hey @MackeyK24 This is amazing stuff. Looking forward to this when it is ready.
  5. HeroonEngine, TerrainEditor and CastorGUI

    Alright - Guess I should detail what I am doing cuz I am not getting a pop up after a an quick Install. I am downloading the SDK from the bitbucket repo and running it on my D: Drive. From there I am running the Apache Server Locally. From there I get this screen. I click the editor Link and I get this. Hence why I was asking why I was asking about the SDK Login.
  6. Update the Unity Exporters

    This is good to know. Thank you for updating the Unity Integrations.
  7. HeroonEngine, TerrainEditor and CastorGUI

    Hey @Dad72 - I am having a problem with the initial SDK editor login on my local machine. I do not know the password to the log into the editor.
  8. Hey Babylon devs. Would it be possible to update the Unity Integrations for Babylon.js? Currently Unity is on 2017.1.x and the Babylon unity exporters are on unity 5.x Please update the unity exporters. Thank you, HeadClot
  9. Hey, just a quick question are there any plans to support AR Core or AR Kit with babylon.js?
  10. BABYLON.Augmented Reality ... in AR.JS

    Looks like ARCore is now out and they have released docs for web devs. https://developers.google.com/ar/develop/web/getting-started
  11. PBRComposer V1.02 beta released

    This reminds me of the UE4 Material editor
  12. Looks like you are super close to hitting the first stretch goal. That said - Going to back this tonight.