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  1. 1st Alakajam | 22-24 September | Make a game in 48 hours

    It's the final week before the event and the final round to choose the event theme. Shortlist Theme is: Alchemy Connections Contagious Industry Light the way Nightfall Robots Space Space Station You Are The Bad Guy Come and join us
  2. Alakajam! is a brand new little community, aiming at hosting regular game jams & other gamedev-related events. We're hosting a first competition on the 22-24 September week-end, with the goal to finish a game in 48 hours! Schedule overview Sep. 8th: Theme selection phase starts. You will get to suggest ideas for what the theme of the week-end will be, and vote on all the other ideas. Sep. 22th - Sep. 24th: The actual competition! As the theme is announced at 7pm UTC, you have 48 hours to finish your game, either solo or as a team, to be part of the official competition. Sep. 22th - Sep. 25th: The unranked jam! If you need more time to finish your entry, or just want to have people play your game without the competitive aspect, this is your chance. All entrants have an extra day to complete and submit an out-of-competition entry. Sep. 24th - Oct. 8th: Game testing & voting phase. For two weeks, all entrants will be invited to rate and post comments to other people's games. Oct. 8th: The results are released! How do I get in the loop?If you're interested, you can follow the event on Twitter or Reddit, and of course register on the website. You can also follow things more closely by joining us on our IRC channel (#alakajam on or even Github!
  3. [Phaser][LD36] Robot Forest

    Hi every one, I submitted a game with a friend for the ludum dare 36 with the theme: Ancient Technology. This game was created in 72 hours. We had 1 developer, 1 art designer and 1 for the audio part. We created "Robot Forest" which is an action plateformer where you incarnate a young female ranger who needs to find a new generator to save her village. The story: The energy shield is running out and someone needs to go to the Robot Forest to find a new generator. Techsa, the bot hunter and her petbot LD36 are the chosen one to save the village. You can find the game here: And the ludum dare page of the game here:
  4. Ludum Dare #30 - Connected Worlds

    With two friends we made a game named "Corponnected Ltd." using phaser io for LD30. Game: LD Game: The game is based on "How to manage your global company and conquer the world, by building and improving factories." You have to build factories producing different products to make money and be able to build other factories. Each one having a different mechanism which make the game really interesting (or at least we think so ^^) The final objective is to be able to launch your own rocket into space Thanks a lot for this framework, phaser io was really good. But to make this post useful for this framework, there is also things that could have been improved (or that we missed^^). - The list of example is really useful, but I think that having a link to the documentation in each example would have been nice. - The documentation is some times a little hard to understand. - An example of a complex UI would have been great. We used for ours images and text inputs inside groups having groups having groups... It works but we took some time to figure out how to do it right. But still phaser io was really great!