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  1. Has anyone else tried the game out? Any other opinions?
  2. Thank you! I didn't use any framework, I coded everything from scratch.
  3. Hi! I've just published my game on Google Play: The game was originally created for the competition js13kgames in HTML5, and I improved it to publish it on Google Play. And here's the trailer: What do you think about the game?
  4. Well, I don't think that an explanation of why each game was rated the game it was, and suggestions for improvements, would be doable. Take into account that this is a quite informal compo, and there were 129 submissions. The judges probably didn't invest the 100% of their time to judge the games too, since they probably have their own jobs, so they probably had to do all the judging in their free time. I think it's just impossible to give suggestions to all the entries. In fact, it was quite astonishing for me the short time they needed to judge all the entries and to announce the winners, I thought that they would need more time to do it. In my opinion, js13kgames is a great competition to create games in html5 and, more importantly, to have fun doing them. I would like to congratulate all the judges and specially Andrzej, I know it had to be very exhausting to organize everything. I personally had a great time creating these games, and if I have enough time, I will definitely take part again next year (if there's a 2015 edition of js13kgames).
  5. I've made an update, and the gravity is much more realistic now. I found the way to optimize it, without creating lag to the game. You can play it again, if you wish.
  6. UPDATE: You can now skip the tutorial. Thank you all for your feedback.
  7. Thanks for your feedback. The gravity is always down. I tried to calculate in each moment the resultant gravitational field, but it made the game a bit laggy in some computers, so that's why I decided to go for the simplest solution.
  8. I'll allow the user to skip the initial instructions. Regarding the AI, I know the other team isn't very "clever", and since I had to fit everything in 13kb, I did a quite simple AI. Right now, he chooses at random which player is going to make the kick, and then the 30% of the times he'll just make a random move, and 70% of the times he'll just go for the ball (that's why sometimes he shoots at his own goal). Thank you both for your feedback.
  9. Thank you very much for detecting the bug! I've just updated the code, and it works now. Regards, Imanol
  10. Hi! I've just submitted my last game to js13kgames. It's for both Desktop and Mobile. Here's a screenshot: To play in desktop, use left and right arrows to select the kick direction, press SPACE to kick, and press UP or DOWN to move from one player to another. If you're playing in mobile, landscape mode is preferred. To play, use right and left arrow buttons to select direction, press anywhere to kick, and press another player to select him. GAME: I think it's pretty intuitive to play, and fun. What do you think?
  11. I think the code in GitHub is supposed to be the uncompressed and commented version of the game, which doesn't have to be less than 13kb, and the ZIP file you submit the actual minified less-than-13kb file. Or at least that's what I submitted.
  12. I have previously tried PhoneGap for non-canvas games, but I had some issues when it comes to performance: the game was slow in some devices, and perfectly fine in some others.
  13. Hi! Let's say I've created a game using HTML5. How can I convert it to APK, so I can run it on Android, and upload it to Google Play later? Will it successfully create the APK if the game uses canvas? Thanks!
  14. Hi! I've finished my second game for JS13KGAMES. Here's a screenshot: Basically, you have to jump to other planets in order to get all 4 elements (fire, air, earth, water). There are 9 levels in total. You can play it here: What do you think about it? UPDATE: I've made an update, and now the gravity is much more realistic.
  15. Nice! Congratulations, good work! I really liked it.