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  1. kucira

    Sprite Crop Enable?

    Hi Pandajs Team. i would like to creating some health bars feature in my game and i need to crop the texture rather than scaling the texture. how i can approach this using pandajs? Thanks.
  2. kucira

    Hi-Res mode doesn't work on pandajs 1.9.0

    Thank you Enpu, now it works with the develop branch.
  3. Hi Pandajs Team, i'm using the new version of Pandajs, but it seems there is a bug in hires mode. i'm using 320x480 resolution, and I have tried on a device with a resolution of 720x1280 and it doesn't load the hi-res assets on mobile devices. The hires mode working properly on pandajs 1.8.0, it load the @2x graphics. Any suggestion? Thank you.
  4. kucira

    Playing sound on Windows Phone 8

    Hi Pandajs Team, is it possible to play a sound on windows phone 8? My game is working properly on the android browser, but in windows phone 8, the sound does not come out. any suggestions on this issue? Thanks.
  5. kucira

    Open source "Match3" prototype

    Thank you Enpu!
  6. kucira

    Bitmap Text Change Color?

    Ah, i don't realize that the bitmap texture is extended from pixi library. ok, it's working now. Thanks.
  7. kucira

    Bitmap Text Change Color?

    Hi Pandajs Team, it is possible to change the bitmap text color? Thanks.
  8. kucira

    How to reference a sprite in a for loop? (SOLVED)

    You should put your object to an Array. var ninjas = [];var ninja0 = new game.Sprite('ninja.png');ninja0.anchor.set(0.5, 1);ninja0.position.set(100, 320);mg.addChild(ninja0);ninjas.push(ninja0);var ninja1 = new game.Sprite('ninja.png');ninja1.anchor.set(0.5, 1);ninja1.position.set(200, 320);mg.addChild(ninja1);ninjas.push(ninja1);var ninja2 = new game.Sprite('ninja.png');ninja2.anchor.set(0.5, 1);ninja2.position.set(300, 320);mg.addChild(ninja2);ninjas.push(ninja2);for (i=0; i< ninjas.length; i++) { console.log(ninjas[i].position.x);} Hope it works.
  9. kucira

    Sprite Crop Enable?

    Awesome! Thanks enpu.