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    The graphics are really sweet! Love them. Very polished and funny. Do you plan on adding more features? I think it would be 10 times more fun if one could play with friends (say 3v3 or 5v5, or even 2v2!). Nice job anyways!

    Congratz for the game, it's really awesome! Nice gameplay, nice graphics, works super well, it's a blast! Played it for a least an hour yesterday! You say you guys use Spine : I'm really interested by that because I do too and it seems now to be my bottleneck (regarding perfs). Do you guys use any lib for the integration with Phaser or did you code the integration part yourselves? Do you use spine-ts? Would you have any advice regarding performance?
  3. Operation: SoulHunter

    You should provide a little bit more info about the HTML5 techs you use, because it's not a Unity forum here, it's an HTML5 forum. It would be interesting and make your post more relevant.
  4. Roto Blaster

    Super sweet idea. Congratz!
  5. [Phaser]Holiday Cheer - time killer game

    Smart gameplay! Congratz!

    Nice and sweet. Congratz on this polished game!
  7. Haha Windows asks me if I want to turn on 'Sticky keys' mode, because I think that 3 times Shift is the shortcut for that. What a weird key choice for a game XDDD
  8. Airmash - Multiplayer missile warfare [PIXI]

    Ok so let me rephrase : of course you'll find tutorials about making multiplayer games. But I doubt that you'll find in-depth tutorials about how to handle that much players in real-time fights. But if the tutorials you found are enough to get you started and motivated, all the better. Have fun coding!
  9. Airmash - Multiplayer missile warfare [PIXI]

    I'd be very surprised if you found tutorials about such games. But I'd be even more interested in reading them!
  10. [WIP] DRTS - Distilled Real-Time Strategy

    That's very interesting, but I wonder how relevant your post is on this forum, considering it's an HTML5 forum. Nice job though.
  11. [WIP] DRTS - Distilled Real-Time Strategy

    I really like where this is going. Keep up the excellent work! Btw what tech do you use?
  12. Music Composer / Sound Designer

    Worked with him for my game and the result was awesome! Dmitry makes all the sounds super fast, and is always ready to re-make the sounds you're not happy with. Very professional!
  13. [WIP][Phaser] Escape

    Really cool art, but you HAVE to speed things up. Both the scrolling and the character speed, it feels like I'm driving a truck: ^^
  14. [WIP] - multiplayer shooter - Box2D

    Looks super cool but you don't accept guests any more To prevent the issues you mention regarding desynchronization, I completely removed client prediction. The client presses a key (and does nothing), sends it to the server, the server plays the action and notifies everyone. Then everyone does the action. The drawback of this technique is that if you have a bad ping the character will feel slow and unresponsive, but with pings up to 80 it's very playable and players barely notice. This technique is also sweet because you don't need to send updates X times per second, you only send users actions whenever they do one. With a few players (say, under 6) this can lead to 12/15 messages per second at max, which is a nice bandwidth economy. For huge maps with more players, broadcasting 20/30 times per second would probably become the more appropriate technique. Networking is bitch! Just like you, I completely underestimated this part and building something decent took ages. Can't wait to test your game!
  15. [PixiJS] 2D Tower defense game

    How do you upgrade the turrets or get more of them?