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  1. Are you using JavaScript ES 6?

    I don't see any valid reason to stick with versions lesser than ES6 now. Even Phaser 3 has moved to it.
  2. [For Hire] Pixel art animations

    Dude this looks amazing! Hope you find a project soon!
  3. Flappy Rock, My first game in phaser:)

    Congratz! Maybe not spawning 1 millimeter before a wall would be nice.
  4. How make an animation play before my character dies

    Animations have callbacks, like onComplete. You could use this callback to kill() the sprite right after the animation is complete.
  5. Phaser and larger-scale games?

    Most AAA games weight at least a few gigs, so yeah it would be pretty crazy to try to do a web game with such assets. A desktop application would be better suited, which you can probably do with some Phaser converter lib. Also, most AAA games are 3D games, which Phaser does not provide. So Phaser doesn't seem to be the right fit for such games. That said, I would love to see more ambitious games made with Phaser. There are a few that really bring hope to the framework, like Feudal Wars or Wild Terra, who are more ambitious than the average mobile game. I am also myself trying to do a competitive online game, OWN. If your game is in 2D, Phaser is very capable. Most often your skills will be the limitation.
  6. Phaser+Nodejs+MongoDB+Requirejs

    Regarding the communication of the DB data, that's very simple : put the GET/POST calls in the client code, which will run once on the client side. For example, you can write that in the BootState the client code will make all necessary calls to the server (get my save, for instance). On the server side, make a route for the "get my save" call and return it. Once the client code receives the data, it goes on to the LoadState and loads appropriate assets to match player wave. Nothing fancy here, or maybe I misunderstood your question. I do something similar in my game where I ask the server for the hero and settings of the player in the BootState, then continue with the LoadState, loading proper assets and configuring the game accordingly. Regarding modules, I'm not sure what you're asking for. Is it about having a clean codebase or is it about having separate node modules? Did you check that : ?
  7. [OWN - Closed Alpha] Testers needed!

    We got a brand new hero, the Polydamas! As always, click on the picture to try the hero in practice mode!
  8. Animation Taking a Long Time to Load

    I assume you're using Spriter or something like that, so you have gigantic atlases. One solution to have perfect 60fps-fluid animations and very small load times (and also smaller runtimes) is to use a tool like Spine.
  9. [OWN - Closed Alpha] Testers needed!

    We now have a new map! And also, two new items, the hang-glider and the invisibility potion : You can still join the closed alpha for free. Here is a bunch of new keys! e0ccS0EQErd4QEUW FakJwsgBzrtLZdPE d2q625XHwBLNOotd PewMXdXWVSs55IJi KApMFMdCXyZvnSZD 7WZeB7BgZ3keL4Of FD3UZgg7eG3Sicfp AFUKMf1vilb4qyk5 CnZmTGt8WwaFZG5i WZ4sF4pwqQ2gPmlb
  10. [OWN - Closed Alpha] Testers needed!

    I'm super excited to announce that you can now try the game without registering (and for free ofc)! You can try the practice mode with any of those 4 heroes (just click on them) : This is the practice mode, so you will be alone on the map with dummy bots to try the heroes on. If you like the game and want to play versus real players, grab a registration key and come play with us for free! Here are some keys (each key works for only one account, so first come, first served). If you want some more, don't hesitate to PM me! crPK28BdGe3cHZtJ SJ2OUU3yHKYZSn06 fPQhYbLnGPQXyLrR etpAOs8fDgFfUFlA eCrDnE14cSbbnS2S MrckkkQxRfevuQ7Z cymQDnTpF5R3XTVt L7e7r55KjjGeANEl M0CZnfP3kp6IJbBf jplburueaCJkYWWu There is a lot more content and options when registered, keep in mind that this is only a practice mode to have a first glance at the game! Enjoy!
  11. Spine support

    Yes it works with Phaser, but I only managed to make it work with CANVAS (haven't spent much time on WebGL to be honest). Maybe I'll post the code someday when I have some time, but honestly it's not that complicated. You should be able to make it work.
  12. Make sprite tween along an arc

    You can pass functions to the tweening methods, so that you can do any custom behaviour. Doc : Look at the ease function : you can pass your custom method here.
  13. Spine support

    The best solution is to use spine-canvas, which I've done for my game OWN. It's in their official repository : you'll have some tweaking to do, but it works fine.
  14. [OWN - Closed Alpha] Testers needed!

    Thanks @feudalwars, means a lot!
  15. [OWN - Closed Alpha] Testers needed!

    Sometimes we stream play sessions : Come check the channel if you want to see the game in action!