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  1. On the Way to Nemroth (OWN)

    @LootDrive We do indeed! It's definitely a great tool and even if a bit pricy (around 250€ I think, not sure though), worth every penny!
  2. On the Way to Nemroth (OWN)

    @LootDrive I am the only developper, but I have help from my brother from time to time with art (character + map design & animations). See here :
  3. On the Way to Nemroth (OWN)

    I can't reproduce the bug for that particular setting (or any other, for that matter). Do you still have it? Thanks for your time anyways!
  4. On the Way to Nemroth (OWN)

    We've made a new compilation of ingame moves : don't hesitate to check it out!
  5. On the Way to Nemroth (OWN)

    @mehmetegemen Thanks for reporting the bug, could you provide more info though? It would help much more than just a screenshot. What's your browser? Did you try on a PC or a mobile device? What's your browser's language?
  6. On the Way to Nemroth (OWN)

    New patch hit today! Vision stones and global rebalancing hit for a smarter game experience. Vision towers, once captured, now allow you to have vision on enemies at all times. This will allow shooting at them from long distances, or flee safely from attacks coming at you. Global changes will reward smart decisions more, such as the increased potential of secondary objectives : Altar levels scale linearly, making early levels stronger, and gold statues provide more coins. There's a full article with detailed changes in the game. Don't hesitate to provide feedback, and have fun!
  7. Game Graphics

    We did all our game art with Inkscape and we like it (link to game : The ability to scale up/down any asset has helped us countless times, and many more features make it excellent (like very simple color changing for example)
  8. To me websockets are very fine. And my game is real-time, competitive multiplayer ( Anything more complicated should be justified by severe requirements, otherwise I think you're wasting your time.
  9. Inkscape Graphics

    We use Inkscape to do all our art, and it's awesome. You need to like the vectorial style though, but if you do it's up to the task. See what we did with Inkscape here :
  10. Feudal Wars - a game of medieval military strategy

    Once again, congratz on the fantastic job. It's really nice to see more RTS! A small detail : all your games have an issue with dual screen (the mouse goes from one screen to the other). I don't know if you can do anything about it but a fix would be awesome.
  11. On the Way to Nemroth (OWN)

    If some of you are interested, we're streaming the game on Twitch : !
  12. On the Way to Nemroth (OWN)

    So you can see the controls using the 'escape' menu (press the Escape key or click on the gear button in the top right corner). You'll be able to see the key bindings and even change them to your convenience. Default are the arrows to move, space to jump and Q, W, E, R for the abilities. As to the complexity, it's true that it can be tricky to get on board. Because I wanted the game to have depth and skillful gameplay, there is a trade against simplicity : the more interesting the heroes are, the harder to play they might get. The key to playing them well is to first read their abilities (hover the HUD with your mouse), and then practice against bots or friends. In the (registered version of the) game there are several tutorials as well. If you're still interested, try to play the Trespirr (the archer) or the Polydamas (the girl / kicker), they are easier to start with. Don't think of this game as an IO-like game : it tries to reach the level of depth of a Moba or a brawler. You definitely won't be good within minutes. But you shall enjoy it much longer as you progress! Anyways, thanks a lot for trying, it means a lot!
  13. Game list of phaser games

    Hi guys! Here's the post to my new game, which is a multiplayer 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 game made with Phaser (ofc) :
  14. Hi everyone! After one year and a half of hard work, I finally have the great pleasure of introducing my game, On the Way to Nemroth (OWN)! OWN is a deathmatch game in 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 with fast-paced games under 3min. Gameplay-wise, it's a crossover between MOBAs (you control one hero with a limited skillset) and Brawlers (maps are small, action pretty intense). You can watch the trailer here : The competitive side has been polished, (league system, no random mechanics, depth of gameplay etc.), but you can also play casually in normal or private games. Because games are super short, you can use OWN to fill in idle times (like a League of Legends matchmaking, for example) or you can play more seriously and try to rank up the ladder. Money-wise OWN is 100% free-to-play, 0% pay-to-win and contains no ad. It's pay-to-customize. You will have all heroes for free, and you will win virtual currency and chests as you play. By the way, I've created a promo code which will unlock you 1000 gold coins at registration : PHASER ! And with registration also comes a free legendary chest! Regarding the technologies, OWN uses Phaser and Node for the pvp games, and React for the social part. But enough talking, here are the important links : The game HERE ! Testing the game without registering HERE ! Don't forget to follow us on social medias : Facebook Twitter Youtube Discord
  15. The art is absolutely stunning and the game very polished. A huge congratz on this very ambitious game!