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  1. Skeptron

    On the Way to Nemroth (OWN)

    Hey guys what's up! I'm happy to announce that we have added a new game mode to OWN : the SPLIT mode! This mode brings in multitask, which helps build more depth. Here's a video to explain everything, including a demo at the end. The video is in french but I've added english subtitles! As a reminder, the game is free, and available in english as well. You can still use the PHASER promo code to get 10€ ingame! The game link here.
  2. Skeptron

    On the Way to Nemroth (OWN)

    We organize a huge tournament during August, with lots of prizes! It's gonna be a 1v1 tournament with 32 players. Registration is free and anyone can participate. You can win coins & gift cards from the first victory! There will also be side-challenges such as a fan art challenge, youtube challenge etc. All the details are here :
  3. Skeptron

    On the Way to Nemroth (OWN)

    New update with the clan feature! One can now create a clan & invite friends to join in. Clan tags will appear before the username & a new clan chat is now available! HF!
  4. Skeptron

    On the Way to Nemroth (OWN)

    Also, we're in the middle of a Discord-servers tournament, here are compilation videos (commentaries are in french) :
  5. Skeptron

    On the Way to Nemroth (OWN)

    We've added a new feature, the level system! You can now win XP when playing games, level up and win coins when reaching a new level!
  6. Skeptron

    On the Way to Nemroth (OWN)

    New big feature incoming!
  7. Skeptron

    On the Way to Nemroth (OWN)

    @LootDrive We do indeed! It's definitely a great tool and even if a bit pricy (around 250€ I think, not sure though), worth every penny!
  8. Skeptron

    On the Way to Nemroth (OWN)

    @LootDrive I am the only developper, but I have help from my brother from time to time with art (character + map design & animations). See here :
  9. Skeptron

    On the Way to Nemroth (OWN)

    I can't reproduce the bug for that particular setting (or any other, for that matter). Do you still have it? Thanks for your time anyways!
  10. Skeptron

    On the Way to Nemroth (OWN)

    We've made a new compilation of ingame moves : don't hesitate to check it out!
  11. Skeptron

    On the Way to Nemroth (OWN)

    @mehmetegemen Thanks for reporting the bug, could you provide more info though? It would help much more than just a screenshot. What's your browser? Did you try on a PC or a mobile device? What's your browser's language?
  12. Skeptron

    On the Way to Nemroth (OWN)

    New patch hit today! Vision stones and global rebalancing hit for a smarter game experience. Vision towers, once captured, now allow you to have vision on enemies at all times. This will allow shooting at them from long distances, or flee safely from attacks coming at you. Global changes will reward smart decisions more, such as the increased potential of secondary objectives : Altar levels scale linearly, making early levels stronger, and gold statues provide more coins. There's a full article with detailed changes in the game. Don't hesitate to provide feedback, and have fun!
  13. Skeptron

    Game Graphics

    We did all our game art with Inkscape and we like it (link to game : The ability to scale up/down any asset has helped us countless times, and many more features make it excellent (like very simple color changing for example)
  14. To me websockets are very fine. And my game is real-time, competitive multiplayer ( Anything more complicated should be justified by severe requirements, otherwise I think you're wasting your time.
  15. Skeptron

    Inkscape Graphics

    We use Inkscape to do all our art, and it's awesome. You need to like the vectorial style though, but if you do it's up to the task. See what we did with Inkscape here :