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  1. Work in Progress: Escaping Earth - 3D space platformer

    I completely get your point and it's true that it could be fun to feel attraction forces. The issue for now is that the difficulty of the controls does not seem to come at all from gravity fields, it just feels like the ship has immense inertia, that is, when I go in a direction, it takes ages for the ship to stop going this way. Very annoying when trying to catch a small-sized star. I don't feel like I'm attracted to planets, I just feel like I'm flying on ice. So maybe make the ship more controllable, with better stop/brake mechanism, make the attraction fields stronger so that it's obvious that the planets are attracting you, and why not add some kind of boost that could help you get out of gravitation fields? But obviously it's hard to fine-tune, and maybe all my suggestions are unrelevant. Play a lot with that. Annoying controls could be the death of your game, and it's a pity because it looks very promising!
  2. Work in Progress: Escaping Earth - 3D space platformer

    The concept is really nice and the game is pretty well implemented, so congratz! However the inertia of the spaceship is a real pain, I can easily find a star but take ages to actually collect it, which kind of ruins the game experience. Sometimes realistic physics is not fun physics. It's too bad because everything else is really sweet!
  3. problem with .damage oneshots

    I guess it oneshots because a lot of collisions happen per second when objects overlap (and thus, you take the damage a LOT of time). You should put a safe-delay mechanism that protects a player against damage for a few millis after taking some.
  4. Phaser poor performance on mobile

    Can we see the code somewhere? Without that it's really hard to help you
  5. How do I change/update the color of a rectangle

    You could also clear it and redraw it with the color you want.
  6. Drawing a haxball-like ball in phaser

    Graphics are quite a simple solution to your issue :
  7. small games

    Those games are absolutely brilliant game-design wise. With a very serious polish (graphics and sounds fit perfectly). Way too fucking hard though XD
  8. - Strike Tactics spin-off

    @marcgfx You lose your levels but not you kill count, so you might respawn with a better vehicle. But you idea sounds nice though! One annoying thing I noticed is that you assume everyone has a qwerty keyboard. I have to specifically set my keyboard to qwerty just to play your game ^^
  9. Drawing the UI with the DOM

    I'd go with Phaser. You will avoid the struggle of events (like you said) and you'll be able to do much more complex UI, with animations or things like that. Sure, it might add some work, but in the end you'll have it perfectly integrated within your game. And you won't struggle with cross-browser issues (I mean, you shouldn't).
  10. Mindblowing. Careful with the clicks sounds though, they really pierced my ear XD
  11. - Strike Tactics spin-off

    Finally found the original post! Just wanted to stop by and tell you how great this game is. Played at least 5 games yesterday. Keep up with the awesome work! Phaser needs more ambitious games likes yours!
  12. Moving a sprite that is fixed to camera?

    Use cameraOffset.x / y
  13. Short questions about

    Just a tween on the shadow might do. Check closely, you'll notice that the spaceship sprite doesn't change at all (not even in size I think). It's a very cool effect btw!
  14. Short questions about

    It's 2D. Phaser only allows to do 2D.
  15. Well, if you used Spine you could combine all of your animations (walk and attack, run and block etc. etc.), and you would have only one atlas with just the body parts, not all the frames of all the animations. Infinite animation fluidity with infinite combinations.