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  1. Mission 13 - Lost in Space

    Thanks guys! Worked pretty hard on it, just hope it's good enough to place in the compition this year.
  2. js13kGames 2017

    Got to admit, this year was a fun one! We managed to get Mission 13 - Lost in Space submitted at the last second. A lot of the games submitted this year are super fun and really creative!
  3. Mission 13 - Lost in Space

    Mission 13 - Lost in Space Check out our newest game, Mission 13! We spent the last few weeks developing it for the JS13K Games competition hosted by Andrzej Mazur at Enclave Games. As most of you probably know, the idea of this competition is to fit a whole game in a zip file less than 13kb. We managed this with our entry, and here is the end result! Also, feel free to plaster it across social media, trust me, we won't mind Some technical features of this game, for all you nerds out there include: Custome image generation. (For stars, planets, and asteroids) Audio synthesizer using JSFXR. Support for both mobile and desktop with fullscreen resizing capabilities. Random terrain generation. And most importantly, love.
  4. I would argue that it is not wrong per say, lots of money in the html5 market is through mobile so you would be cutting yourself off from a significant portion of funding. However, that can be easily offset through different design methods. You might notice most html5 games are simply cheap arcade style games, and these games often do best on mobile. If you were willing to put in the time to make a solid RPG, platformer, or mmo that specifically caters to a pc market, with intelegently designed revenue streams, you might find a lot of success. Just because few people choose to go that route, does not mean it's a bad one.
  5. Making Your Indie Game Multilingual

    @mattstylesThanks for the feedback! I hadent even thought of adding some of that stuff, I will do some research on it today.
  6. Making Your Indie Game Multilingual

    Hey guys, I just finished writing up a short article on making your games multilingual, and was wondering what you thought? Is it too bland, not enough facts, too short, too long? I am still editing it, so any feedback is welcome. Making Your Indie Game Multilingual
  7. Quick Tips for the Solo Game Developer

    Honestly, that question is so vague, I can answer it with anything from a patron account to sponsored content. I recommend just doing some quick research or starting your own topic asking that question.
  8. Quick Tips for the Solo Game Developer

    What do you mean servers? Your games? Your game servers? Your game publishing website?
  9. Marketing your HTML5 Game, a Quick Guide.

    @mattstyles Thanks for all the feedback! I have never really considered posting links to other blogs and resources before as such an important factor, but you do bring up a good point. In the future, I will document where I find my information some more. I have done it a few times in the past, but not often enough for anyone to notice. Also, I did say "no longer all it takes" when referencing great content, while it is important, I still feel it is important to go out into the community as much as possible to promote your projects. As for the generalized subject area, this blog is more me writing what I learned, or want to refresh and hoping somebody else benefits from it. While you are right, it is incredibly hard to go into depth on a lot of these subjects, most of my viewers are new HTML5 game devs, and appreciate the simplicity. This does, however, bring us back to your point about external links, which I will do far more of in the future. Lots of people seem to like it because of its diversity. I might look into guest authors in the future to give more specific and in-depth articles if the blog starts to lean toward more professional topics that require more insight. For the development phases, you are entirely correct I am lacking in defining what those phases are. I will look into editing it to be more clear on the when each phase takes place. For the bullet points, I was just trying something new where I summarize the contents of the previous section into important topics it covers, I could be more clear about that, but you are right. It does sound like something an algorithm generated. Thanks again for the advice! I will revise the post soon to try and incorporate it. If you have any more, or want to point out a flaw in my reasoning above, go ahead.
  10. Marketing your HTML5 Game, a Quick Guide.

    Hey, just wondering what you all think of my latest article. It's a quick guide to marketing your indie game, specifically HTML5 games. All feedback is appreciated. Thanks for reading! Marketing your HTML5 Game, a Quick Guide.
  11. Yet Another Brick Breaker Clone :D

    Wow, I can't believe I didn't catch that. It has been forever since I have played a brick breaker.
  12. Yet Another Brick Breaker Clone :D

    I was wondering what happened to that domain. As for the game, I recommend using the velocity of the paddle added to the velocity fo the ball or some similar algorithm to calculate the new direction of the ball, instead of just a random direction.
  13. Looks like a cool site, good luck with it!
  14. Advice to create a words based game

    Yes, I agree with @mattstyles For what you are doing, don't use an engine at all, or if you absolutely must use one, use a lightweight DOM one.
  15. Quick Tips for the Solo Game Developer

    Thanks for the feedback @Nulligma and @scheffgames! I just updated the article to better reflect your feedback, its great to get feedback like this so you can always keep your content fresh and interesting.