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  1. Thanks for the feedback @Nulligma and @scheffgames! I just updated the article to better reflect your feedback, its great to get feedback like this so you can always keep your content fresh and interesting.
  2. Confused on what? perhaps I can clarify.
  3. Very nice work, I love the style.
  4. I do not recommend using a conventional canvas for this project, maybe try a DOM canvas hybrid or just straight DOM. Try checking out Game Query for a possible engine for this project, as it is a DOM game engine based on the popular jQuary library.
  5. Hey guys, we just released a new article on some tips and tricks to becoming a successful solo game dev, and are looking for some feedback! tell us what you think of it in the comments section both here and on the original site. Quick Tips for the Solo Game Developer
  6. Use pre-cashed image sizes. Re-scaling images is a huge performance hit. Check out this article for more details:
  7. html5 game

    Fun game, great concept, but it is far too difficult. Try making more of a difficulty curve.
  8. Fun game! I defiantly like the innovative game play, as I have not seen many games like it.
  9. Check out the Brackets code editor, its great for web programming and I use it for all of my programming.
  10. Thanks for the feedback @True Valhalla, you do bring up a good point. I will probably re-label the post to be something more accurate, and possibly come up with a more specific article for HTML5 if I see the need.
  11. Thanks for the feedback @True Valhalla and @scheffgames I will keep it in mind, part of the reason I kept it more generic and about more general game development is because I have lots of readers that use more then just HTML5, and even if it is labeled as HTML5 I try and make my content more all inclusive.
  12. Check out my latest article on Firenibbler's Blog! Tell me what you think and help me further refine it for future users. It's geared mostly towards new HTML5 game developers and such, so if you have anything to add that you think other people should know, leave it in the comments section of the article.
  13. Hey everyone, I'm Andrew from Firenibbler Studios and we have recently been trying to open up to the community and help add a little to the community through our blog. The blog has been going on for over a year now and we decided that one of the best ways to open it up to more people and get the best new content possible, will be through a guest blogging program. We are looking for people who know their stuff, and love sharing with others. It does not matter if you are an expert or not, but if you want to help teach, tutor, or just talk about new HTML5 programming advances, game development techniques, marketing, and anything else you might think useful, send us an email at As the blog is currently not profitable, we are just asking the community to lend a hand in creating great resources for new and old game developers. If you arnt interested, just check it out and tell us what you think! Both on and in this forum post. Thankyou all for your time, ~Andrew Stavast Firenibbler Studios.
  14. Check out the latest post from Firenibblers Blog on developing personal libraries, tools, and engines! Featuring an interview with Kalvin, a programmer experienced in developing developing personal tools, specifically graphics engines.