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  1. Made a HTML5 game. Now what?

    I can't help much, but tell to look at Intel XDK. It seems a good way to publish a game, but again, I never did the process yet.
  2. Dialogues in games.

    Thanks for all the responses. Right now, I'm using the regions system, and for the purpose its doing just fine! I'll give a try in a tree like system in my next project, and tell something about the implementation. Thanks again!
  3. Dialogues in games.

    Hello, I was wondering... I never got deep into developing a full featured game, just some small experiments. I was thinking how different dialogues types could be implemented, but I have some ideas which I consider poor. One of them, consists in showing information in the screen in specific locations in the world. To achieve this, one could create rectangles (regions in the world) and check the overlaping of, for example, the player. When the player overlaps, gets the rect id, and searches a vector, array, hash... for the corresponding information. Do any of you know awesome ideas and would like to share? I'm pretty curious to know how other people do it. Regards!
  4. Babylon.js with node-webkit. Load scenes

    Hello, sorry de late answer! My problem was in the path to the folder were the scene was. A beginner problem, but hey, got to start from somewhere Anyway, thank you all for the concern and will to answer
  5. Babylon.js with node-webkit. Load scenes

    Hello, I'm at work, but later today I'll post the code here. Just one thing, I am not adding mime types to node, and I don't know how to... Is this a critical step? Thank you very much.
  6. Babylon.js with node-webkit. Load scenes

    Hi, I've seen a topic where the user @Temechon says he has been using node-webkit to a number of projects, here's the link: I've a simple scene and I am able to run it on NW.JS. It's just when I'm trying to load a scene, this shows up (see attached).
  7. Hi, Have anyone managed to load a scene in a game running on node-webkit? Regards
  8. 3rd person movement, how to?

    Hi all, thank you for your replies. I managed do to what I was looking for. In the player update function I have this (pseudo, because my code is a little messed up now): player.update = function(){ if(game.keyboard.A) { player.mesh.rotation.y -= 0.05; } if(game.keyboard.W) { player.isAccelerating = true; player.speed += 0.1; } else { game.player.isAccelerating = false; } if(game.keyboard.D) { player.mesh.rotation.y += 0.05; } player.mesh.position.z -= Math.cos(player.mesh.rotation.y) * player.speed; player.mesh.position.x -= Math.sin(player.mesh.rotation.y) * player.speed; cameraPosition.x = player.mesh.position.x; cameraPosition.z = player.mesh.position.z;}I achieved it looking through the code of that Car Game example.
  9. 3rd person movement, how to?

    Thank you for your answer, I even played the game for quite a bit I played a similar game on my Android phone Well, my objective is not that. In your example, the ship goes always in the world z+ during the game. what I want is the movement like Grand Theft Auto (the only that comes to my mind right now). Anyway, I'm giving a look at your other tutorials Thanks again!
  10. Hello, I'm trying to make this super simple demo, in wich I have a charecter and want to control it in 3rd person view. The first thing that came to my mind was this: if (up_arrow) position.z += some_valueif (left_arrow) position.x += some_value(...)Of course, this doesn't work as I want. I need to turn to left and right, and only move in the Z+ of my character. This is my problem. How do I move in the direction it's facing? EDIT: I think I found a solution: This is the "Car game" from the Babylon website. I look through the code, by i'm not grasping the idea... Any help would be thankful Thanks a lot!
  11. Issues with physics

    Sorry only replying now, been busy with work. I found the problem, and it was a noob thing... a typo error -.- Anyway, thanks for the hint!
  12. Issues with physics

    Hello, I'm trying to extend the game build in a tutorial this one. I'm just trying to insert the baddie to run from one side to another, but the little thing insists in bug out, and "fly" around... I'm uploading the game.js file with all content. (As soon as someone explains to me how exactly can I do it... It says I cannot upload 'this kind of file' (tried rar and js)) I can't thank enough if someone can review my code, and find the error(s). Regards