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  1. fatbatman

    WebGL HTML5 Slots

    It has a nice feel! Personally I love these old school single win line slots! Now that WebGL is being supported in iOS 8 it makes for a compelling use case. James http://www.joyplay.com
  2. fatbatman

    Seeking developer for gaming web platform

    We've got a number of casino games available see www.joyplay.com
  3. Hi, We've got a few for sale; http://www.joyplay.com/candycash/candycash.html?theme=candycash Not as polished as I could be http://www.joyplay.com/beslotted/beslotted.html This is slightly different style but it's more polished http://www.joyplay.com/giantgems/giantgems.html or this one http://www.joyplay.com/minex/minex.html or this one Cheers James james@joyplay.com
  4. Hi all, Here's an HTML5 Poker game we made. It used DOM elements rather than a canvas as it needed to support older IE versions. It uses websockets to communicate with the server when available but falls back to http POST's and GET polling otherwise. Follow the link from this page to use the guest login - HTML5 Poker Or from here to create an account http://joyplay.com/poker/play Cheers James
  5. fatbatman

    KARA 5 Kanvas / Poker

    It's interesting, but it's remind me of the old strip poker games. I didn't quite understand the Idol fight though. regards James http://www.joyplay.com