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    gamedev, music (composition, production), arts, photography, 3D modeling/rendering
  1. marcotronic

    Phaser 2.1.3 "Ravinda" is Released

    Awesome! Thanks a lot for your hard work!
  2. marcotronic

    How to build Phaser game for mobile?

    I haven't used it myself yet but an option which is used here quite often is cocoonJS. You upload your HTML5 game and a cloud compiler delivers final apps -> I'm sure people in this forum who have used it will give you some more information Marco
  3. Hi, I thought it might be nice to have a collection of free templates and boilerplates for phaser projects. I just stumpled upon these (official?) photonstorm templates. List your own templates and boiler plates in this thread and I will update this original posting (if possible?) and/or put the list of these templates on my website. Photonstorm templates on github: Some others I found in this forum: Luke Wilde's boiler plate UgnisSoftware phaser starter kit (also see ) It's your turn Marco
  4. marcotronic

    Poll - how old are html5 devs

    I'm 43 (born 1971) - "child" of the Eighties (began creating my first little video games on the Commodore 64 with the age of 12...13 or something... ) Marco
  5. Hi guys, you'll find some nice cinematic music (orchestral & electronic) in my portfolio of royalty-free music that you can buy for your video games & trailers. If you like music in the style of the "Tron Legacy" soundtrack e.g. I'm sure you'll love what you hear thanks! Marco
  6. Don't forget Blender! Free 3D Modeling, Rendering, Animation, Sculpting, Game Engine, Video Editing, Tracking & Compositing solution
  7. Hi folks, I've been thinking about creating some nice video tutorials on HTML5 game development with Phaser and just wanted to ask you guys which medium you generally prefer when trying to learn new aspects of (game) development? (e)books or video tutorials? I for one prefer video tutorials but especially when it comes to programming stuff people also tend to prefer written material. I've been creating professional/commercial video tutorial-DVDs for Photoshop in the past and also some for Blender for example. (See my little youtube channel "BlenderPlaza"): As I'm also doing voice overs now and then and have a trained voice people seem to like my voice quite a bit (just read the comments on my youtube videos...) and I really like doing video tuts. My first idea was doing an in-depth tutorial for tilemaps with Tiled and using them in phaser games. Would anybody be interested in that (especially beginners?) thanks a lot for your feedback! Marco
  8. marcotronic

    Phaser Tiled Plugin

    Wow! I'm planning a game with larger tilemaps right now and your plugin will definitely come in very handy! Can't wait to give it a try! Marco
  9. marcotronic

    The Phaser 3 Wishlist Thread :)

    I would really appreciate SVG support and other stuff that makes resolution independence easier (automatic detection of screensizes and choosing hd/retina graphics when available (with special suffixes in assets filenames) thanks Marco