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  1. jodurpar

    Merry Christmas !

    Thanks to you and Merry Christmas to all!!!
  2. jodurpar

    WaterMaterial is not defined

    Hello again: I have another post with a similar problem. The was solved using 2.3.beta version of babylon engine because anterior version may be not suport this extensions. Thank you for all.
  3. Yessssssssssssss. Thats the problem. Thank you very much!!!!!!
  4. jodurpar

    WaterMaterial is not defined

    Hello, i am new user of babylonjs and try to use watermaterial (an other) but .... I have the same problem. When i try to load the watermaterial, after load babylon.js code , i have an error and water material there are not loaded: <script src="librerias/babylon2/babylon.2.2.max.js" type='text/javascript'></script> <script src="librerias/babylon2/Materiales/babylon.simpleMaterial.js" type='text/javascript'></script> <!-- Here are the error --!> <script src="librerias/babylon2/Materiales/babylon.normalMaterial.min.js" type='text/javascript'></script> <!-- if I delete de line before, here are the error --!> <script src="librerias/babylon2/Materiales/babylon.waterMaterial.min.js" type='text/javascript'></script> <!-- and if I delete de two lines before, here are the error --!> All tree material have same error: 0x800a138f - Error en tiempo de ejecuciĆ³n de JavaScript: No se puede obtener la propiedad 'prototype' de referencia nula o sin definir (Javascript execution time error. an obtain 'prototype' property from null reference) if i delete the load of the materials, all are ok, but have no materials . Can any help me ?. (in Explorer, firefox and edge).
  5. Hello to all and Merry chritmas: I have a project and I want use Babylonjs. I have include two lines <script src="librerias/babylon2/babylon.2.2.max.js"></script> <script src="librerias/babylon2/Materiales/babylon.simpleMaterial.js"></script> If I comment the second line (load simpleMaterial.js) all are ok, but no simple material are defined, obviusly. But if I try to load any file material, (fire, water, simple, etc) I recieve one error, and c'ant continue 0x800a138f - Error in execution time JavaScript: C'ant obtain the property "prototype" is null o not defined. in line 4, position 1 of babylon.2.2.max.js file. Sorry by my english, i am spanish developer. What I do bad ? Thanks for all.