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    Emitter, remove onComplete

    Hello guys, I noticed that creating a lot of emitter, the FPS counter is decreased from 59 to 30. Is there a way to remove each emitter after the animation? Something like "onComplete" for animation. Thank you =)
  2. Hi guys, I've two questions about PandaJS and vertical scroll system. 1) can someone explain how to make a sprite that going up is followed by the camera? A typical vertical scroll system. I saw this page: but I don't understand how to use these methods. 2) how to make a sprite jump through a platform while he's going from down to top, but stop when he touch the platform during the fall ? Reading the documentation and looking at demos' sources, I saw that I need to use this code to set the gravity (so my sprite fall down after the jump): = new game.World({gravity: [0, 9]});I'm really confused, any help will be appreciated, thank you in advance
  3. I tried to apply this plugin on my existing project and I can confirm that FPS are always at 60 and there's a lesser CPU usage. This is only a workaround at the moment, so I can't reccomend to use it but could be a huge start point for high performance iOS games. iOS8 is installed on 56% of devices at the moment ( in my humble opinion, due to a jailbreak not available. But now, a JB was released so I think that this 56% will increase early.
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    Panda.js demos

    Enpu did a great job with panda!
  5. Phempt


    I'll try thank you
  6. Phempt


    Hello guys, is it possible to color a body shape with a repeatable texture? Something like: var floorBody = new game.Body({ position: { x: game.system.width / 2, y: game.system.height - 35 }, collisionGroup: 1 }); /* GAME STANDARD SHAPES & BODIES */ var floorShape = new game.Rectangle(game.system.width, 70); floorShape.TEXTURE = new game.sprite('env/black.jpg'); //something like this floorBody.addShape(floorShape);;
  7. Phempt


    Any idea?
  8. Oh my god, I really hate android, this code will works: HEAD: var ua = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase(); isAndroid = ua.indexOf("android") > -1; $(document).ready(function(){ //alert(window.orientation); if(window.orientation == -90){ orientationValue = 1; }else if(window.orientation == 90){ orientationValue = 0; } $(window).on("orientationchange",function(){ if(window.orientation == -90){ orientationValue = 1; }else if(window.orientation == 90){ orientationValue = 0; } });});player.js: if (game.accelerometer) { if (game.accelerometer.y < -0.2 || game.accelerometer.y > 0.2){ if(orientationValue === 1){ if(isAndroid) { player.velocity.x -= game.accelerometer.y * * 100; }else{ player.velocity.x += game.accelerometer.y * * 100; } }else if(orientationValue === 0){ if(isAndroid) { player.velocity.x += game.accelerometer.y * * 100; }else{ player.velocity.x -= game.accelerometer.y * * 100; } } }else { player.velocity.x = 0; } }
  9. Hello guys, I want to move my sprite to left/right using the gyroscope/accelerometer. Is there something on panda to do this? Edit: Unfortunately the link here: is offline.
  10. damn that code slowdown performance on Android (works perfectly on iOS)
  11. at the moment I used jQuery: $(document).ready(function(){ $(window).on("orientationchange",function(){ if(window.orientation == -90){ orientationValue = 1; }else if(window.orientation == 90){ orientationValue = 0; } });});but if there's a pandaJS function I'll change my code.
  12. is there a way to detect if landscape mode is with home button to the right or left? Because the accelerometer effect on sprite, it change based on this difference.
  13. Phempt

    detect collision problem

    probably it depends on PandaJS version. have a great day
  14. Phempt

    detect collision problem

    Hello mirage29, first of all: Welcome in order to debug your game add ?debugdraw to the end of the url. Example: Than, is it possible to see the source? Can you upload it somewhere?
  15. Phempt


    I used this: floorSprite = new game.Sprite('env/black.png'); floorSprite.width = floorShape.width; floorSprite.height = floorShape.height; floorSprite.position.x = floorBody.position.x; floorSprite.position.y = floorBody.position.y; floorSprite.anchor.set(0.5,0.5); floorSprite.addTo(game.scene.bgContainer); game.scene.addObject(floorSprite);is there a better way? because this method stretch a sprite to fill a shape, but it's not a repeatable texture.
  16. Can I offer you a beer? Do you have a paypal account?!
  17. Phempt

    3D city in progress

    Good job
  18. Phempt

    [phonegap] Memtap - memory game

    Good luck with your game
  19. Phempt

    Which Framework/Engine to Use?

    Can I suggest to try a couple of framework than take a decision? I tried 2-3 framework, than I choose Panda.js.
  20. Phempt

    Space Journey (for Android)

    it seems smooth, I created a games for iOS that is really smooth, than I tried to package it for android and half of the tested devices encountered a strange latency problem on touchstart event.
  21. Phempt

    Postbug - a retro inspired digging game

    When I saw the arts, I said "mmm I don't like this game", but than I tried and, it's really nice (sometimes too difficult). I really like it, maybe improve the graphic because also the initial feeling is important. What framework did you use? regards
  22. Phempt

    Space Journey (for Android)

    Nice Good job What framework did you use?
  23. I'm searching some track for my next games can you suggest me something about cartoons/demons?
  24. Good job! This site is amazing.
  25. Phempt

    [Phaser]Feathered Mission

    Hello Ham, I tried the game, and: - The bunny can hit also behind him. But at the moment there's not an animation that make sense. You can disallow the touch behind the bunny or add an animation for this. - Is it possible to add some simple physics to the game? If you click on every bird, you'll kill all of them. If you add some physics to the bullet, you can improve the trajectory calculation. - add more enemies and reduce the wave. I played from lvl 1 to 10 and only at 9 I found a new enemy. have a great day