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  1. How to rotate body with Arcade physics? when trying to just rotate the sprite not the body
  2. angeltrickz

    multiplayer collision

    for (var i in Game.playerMap) { for (var e in Game.weaponMap) { game.physics.arcade.collide(Game.playerMap[i], Game.weaponMap[e].bullets,Game.colision(i), null, this); } }; Game.colision = function(id){ //console.log(id); //Client.socket.emit('colision',"colision"); }; I want to make collisions and send them via socket to the server ... but for now I have a problem because it constantly sends me collisions without detecting between the shot and the enemy .. any ideas?
  3. angeltrickz

    help problem hitarea

    how can I define the hit area of a single bullet and a sprite
  4. hello I am trying to move a sprite with Accelerate To Pointer and send with socekt to the other players. but I do not find ... any support? game.update = function(){ player.rotation = game.physics.arcade.moveToPointer(player, 60, game.input.activePointer, 500); Client.socket.emit('rotandpos',{x:player.x,y:player.y,r:player.rotation}); };
  5. thank you pro the answer .. but I mean an object follow another or to the camera ... as this example in unity :
  6. angeltrickz

    enemy follow ?? this in babylonjs ?? ???
  7. like follow cam with speed control but an object
  8. angeltrickz

    help!!!! skeleton blender to babylon

    ready .. thanks
  9. angeltrickz

    help!!!! skeleton blender to babylon

    mm other questions as I leave the character walking in place ..that this not move axes ..
  10. angeltrickz

    help!!!! skeleton blender to babylon

    thanks ... erase some bones of the fingers and worked well :)
  11. angeltrickz

    help!!!! skeleton blender to babylon

    thanks for the help the problem is that I'm using the default eskeleto blender and animations are downloaded ... now I'm looking at other options such as importing eskeleto of Makehuman ... which can not even be the best way to create animations babylon perhaps from another program that handles bvh ? I do not want is to have to animate frame by frame skeletons = _ =
  12. angeltrickz

    help!!!! skeleton blender to babylon

    4.5.0 ._.
  13. angeltrickz

    help!!!! skeleton blender to babylon
  14. in blender ..... in babylon ... helpme plz
  15. angeltrickz

    VideoTexture stop ?

    hello this time wanted to ask 2 things first: VideoTexture as play just one look.? and also how you can access multitextures imported from blender.