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  1. You can't inherit at the moment but may be soon. See this post.
  2. Actuate does the job for tweening and it was written in Haxe, so I don't think we need externs for any JS library.
  3. adireddy

    Tweening engine

    You can use actuate which is really good. It was written in haxe.
  4. Haxe Pixi.js externs are now officially part of Pixi.js organisation. . New URL
  5. Released a new library for haxe code analysis which can easily be integrated with Hudson/Bamboo, etc. Any comments/suggestions, please let me know.
  6. @totor, You can use sound libraries like Howler, Buzz.js, SoundJS, etc to handle sounds. I have created haxe externs for howler and buzz and I am currently using Howler as Buzz has a very minor issue on iPad 2 when I used it a few months back. For input, there are a few add-ons available for pixi. (I have tried this one a while back and it works)
  7. haxe pixi 3 externs are out now haxelib install pixijs 3.0.0-alpha
  8. If you are targeting HTML5 then I would also suggest to look into the combination of Haxe and Pixi.js You can find samples with source code there. If you are looking for more advanced features like physics, particles, etc then look at the combination of Haxe and Phaser. Phaser uses Pixi.js for rendering.
  9. Pixi.js v3 externs cooking...
  10. Just finished creating Haxe externs for the classes required to create Bunnymark demo. haxe-pixi v3 demo - Superb performance boost. Source here - .
  11. #haxe pixi v3 Bunnymark Demo . Superb performance boost. Source here .
  12. Externs for pixi rewrite v3.x Planning to start writing externs for pixi v3.x which has milestone set to 15 Feb 2015. Anyone willing to support this, please let me know and I will add them as collaborators.
  13. Haxe externs for Phaser Isometric plug-in (
  14. Thanks for link @rafaholiveria. Didn't know about that. Will check it out.
  15. Hi All, Are there any cool/interesting JavaScript libraries out there that don't have any externs for Haxe? I already have hammer.js and in my to do list. Also if anyone is interested in contributing by creating/maintaining externs, please let me know so that we can collaborate instead of duplicating the effort. I also want to prepare a list of all the existing externs that are up to date and share with the community.
  16. Externs of Buzz for Haxe - A Javascript HTML5 Audio library. GitHub Repo Demo Installation: haxelib install buzzPost any haxe buzz samples, demos, tutorials, etc here.
  17. Externs of Howler.js for Haxe - Modern Web Audio Javascript Library. GitHub Repo Demo Installation: haxelib install howlerjsPost any howler.js samples, demos, tutorials, etc here.
  18. Externs of Pixi.js for Haxe - 2D webGL renderer with canvas fallback. GitHub Repo You can find a lot of samples ported from Pixi.js there. Installation: haxelib install pixijsPost any haxe pixi.js samples, demos, tutorials, etc here.
  19. Haxe Phaser externs by @sgmacpherson can be found here. You can also find some samples here. Installation: haxelib install phaserPost any haxe phaser samples, demos, tutorials, etc here.
  20. Hello and welcome to the Haxe JS forum. Thanks to @photonstorm for creating this dedicated forum for all Haxe developers targeting HTML5/JavaScript. For anyone who is new to Haxe, It is simple, lightweight, easy to learn, yet a very powerful strictly typed language with lightning fast compiler. Visit and start exploring. A few links to get started with Haxe JS. Use this forum to share your thoughts, questions and experience with Haxe when targeting HTML5/JavaScript.
  21. I have updated phaser dev branch with pixi fixes related WebGL and it's working fine on iOS 8 WebGL now. If you can't wait for the official release, you can download the library with WebGL fix from my fork.