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  1. Weird loading problem at "autoDetectRenderer"...

    I suppose maybe this could help: window.onload = function() { document.body.appendChild(Renderer.view); } It probably can't find a document object as it hasn't been ready yet, when you are trying to append to it.
  2. mousedown event is not firing in pixi 4.1.0

    Seems like it's the same problem as described here. You can try using 'pointerdown' instead of 'mousedown' & 'touchdown', maybe it helps. Btw both examples work fine for me, I am on Chrome 54.0.2840.71
  3. Web version doesn't work for me. Gets stuck on 'Take new games' screen, and throws following error in the console c2runtime.js:26 Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function(…)
  4. Performance Tips

    Hi Ivan, Little offtopic here but wanted to ask for some help with optimization techniques when switching scenes. So in my project I have 4 scenes, main game and 3 bonus games. Right now it works this way that on startup game loads all the images for all the scenes, so TextureCache is constantly filled with textures for all scenes. Moreover I initialize all the scenes on startup, so later I just show/hide the Containers when I need to switch to another scene. Is it a normal way of doing things? The problem here is also that switching between scenes happens quite often, and loading time between those is not something I can afford. Any advice on improving the situation, as right now I feel like I am doing smth completely wrong? Btw appreciate all your work on Pixi, really great job, thanks
  5. Tilemap get object position

    I want to get Phaser object.
  6. Tilemap get object position

    Yes, but it returns tile, and I need to get object from object layer.
  7. Tilemap get object position

    Hi everyone, Is there a way to get object like getTile method for tiles? I am making grid based game and i need to check if there are any objects on specific tile position. Thanks in advance.
  8. Simul - Puzzle Game

    A lot of instructions. It`d be great if you shorten them somehow.
  9. Tap Them All!

    Yeah, i have adblock installed, that's probably the case, as i tried it on my tablet and it works fine. Can't check from desktop right now though
  10. Tap Them All!

    Desktop, Google Chrome, last version as i understand.
  11. Tap Them All!

    Sometimes, in classic mode, when time is almost out and you manage to tap last animal game brakes and throws an error: google is not defined, DFP.js 264 Despite this, game looks great and fun to play
  12. [Phaser] Cut it!

    Beautiful game. Congrats with you first Phaser experience
  13. Sticky Goo

    Wow, so addictive! Really nice work
  14. Input form

    Hi everyone! How can i make an imput box, so i could type something in and store the data from it? Thanks!