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  1. Feathered Mission is our first game in Phaser(great framework!), the game is about shooting birds that are trying to throw explosions at the bunny. be careful! some birds have special abilities which can make it harder to shoot them. Play Here we would love to hear feedback & suggestions! Also, the game is available for licensing, Contact me at: diouane.ham@gmail.com Thanks.
  2. the code you wrote should be working fine, what problem are you getting with it? the method mentioned by lewster works great, but if you ever need to pass variables to a state without making them global you can pass them on the game.state.start function. Example: game.state.start('state', true, false, param1,param2,param3);in your case it will be: game.state.start('End', true, false, score);and var endState = { var Score; init: function(parameter1){//Note: the parameters passed on game.state start are sent to the init function(if it exists) Score = parameter1; } create: function() { totalScore = game.add.text(game.world.centerX,game.world.centerY + 80,'0\n',totalStyle); totalScore.setText(Score); }}Goodluck!
  3. I was using mainly Unity. but started experimenting with other languages/frameworks, and that's how i got into HTML5
  4. Ham

    CPU usage/Garbage Collection advice

    Use Destroy method. Kill only disables the render for the objects but keeps them in the memory.
  5. You are mixing Javascript with Java. if you are new to javascript you might want to take look at Javascript Scope var game = *code here* should be accessible in different files if you are defining it outside a function, if you still can't access it then take a look at loading order of the files, and check console for errors.
  6. Ham

    EEDAR - Deconstructing Mobile & Tablet Gaming

    Took a look at the free version, definitely worth checking for people interested in mobile market. thanks for sharing!