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  1. I'm also facing the same problem like @icelandic mentioned. Android devices seem run very slow in stock browser.
  2. Moving straight background tileSprite

    @symof How can I get the distance camera in Phaser bro? Anyway, thanks you bro for helping.
  3. Moving straight background tileSprite

    @symof I have found these articles, but I really don't understand the flow @@. Could you please simplify?
  4. Moving straight background tileSprite

    preload: function() {'road', 'assets/images/road.png'); }, create: function() {, 0, 1136, 640); this.road =,,,, 'tileRoad'); this.road.anchor.setTo(0.5); }, update: function() { this.road.tilePosition.y +=1; } this code is for tilling the background from top to bottom. However, I would like to tilling the background straight to the camera view. what technique I need to use for achieving it? here is the example of the tilling background I have found in this game Can anyone give me a clue to do so? Thanks!
  5. I have found this example of the straight road . However, I would like to check with you guys about the best way to implement straight road game with tileSprite in Phaser. Any fiddler would be appreciated. Thanks you in advance for helping.
  6. Group event and position

    I found this way this.mouthGroup.forEach(function(item) { item.inputEnabled = true;, this);, this); item.anchor.setTo(0.5); item.scale.setTo(0.5); }, this);
  7. Group event and position

    Hi guys, I would like to ask about group events and position that I assigned manually. If there a clean way to approach this? this.mouth1 = this.mouthGroup.create(150, 40, 'mouth1'); this.mouth1.inputEnabled = true; this.mouth1.input.enableDrag();, this);, this); this.mouth1.scale.setTo(0.5); this.mouth1.anchor.setTo(0.5); this.mouth2 = this.mouthGroup.create(150, 120, 'mouth2'); this.mouth2.inputEnabled = true; this.mouth2.input.enableDrag();, this);, this); this.mouth2.anchor.setTo(0.5); this.mouth2.scale.setTo(0.5); this.mouth3 = this.mouthGroup.create(150, 200, 'mouth3'); this.mouth3.inputEnabled = true; this.mouth3.input.enableDrag();, this);, this); this.mouth3.anchor.setTo(0.5); this.mouth3.scale.setTo(0.5); etc....
  8. BitmapData fill not working

    Hi guys, Can anyone explain me a little bit of this code why its not working? var a = '141,243,160,1'; this.bmd1.fill(a); //it doesn't work // if this.bmd1.fill(141,243,160,1); it works
  9. BitmapData Pick color and paint

    @TickleMeElmo I want to pick color and paint to the png sprite.
  10. BitmapData Pick color and paint

    Hi guys, Could anyone kindly shows me a little bit of code about pick and paint color to the sprite? here is my code that I have played around, but I still cannot find out and achieve it. Thanks you in advance for your time and consideration. preload: function() {'test', 'test.png'); }, create: function() { this.color1 = this.drawRec('rgb(141,243,160)', 20, 20); this.color2 = this.drawRec('#6bd4e0', 100, 20); this.color3 = this.drawRec('#cb6be0', 20, 100); this.color4 = this.drawRec('#8df3a0', 100, 100); this.square =; this.square.load('test'); this.square.addToWorld(,, 0.5, 0.5);, this); }, drawRec: function(color, x, y) { this.bmd =, 100); this.bmd.ctx.beginPath(); this.bmd.ctx.rect(0,0,50,50); this.bmd.ctx.fillStyle = color; this.bmd.ctx.fill(); this.sprite =, y, this.bmd); }, pickColor: function(pointer, x, y) { console.log(this.bmd.getPixelRGB(x,y)); }
  11. Hello my kindness bro,

    Now I start building a basket ball game that using Physics P2 system. I would like to ask you about the concept of throwing the ball to basket net. Would you mind giving me some idea for doing this?
    Eg: I would like to use the method as arcade like when I hover the mouse and click to throw the ball into the net hoop. Does P2 have the same as Arcade bro? A simple code would be appreciate bro :)



    1. lewster32


      I've no experience at all with P2 I'm afraid. You're best off looking through the extensive set of examples and maybe asking on the forums as there are other people who'd be better suited to help you here.

    2. sinanqd10
  12. Hi bro, can you me an idea on how to draw health sprite the same as image below. Thanks you in advance!




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    2. sinanqd10


      I just want to fill the red color with same figure as the image.



    3. lewster32


      Ah okay - the right way to do this is with an alpha mask - see this example:

    4. sinanqd10


      Thanks you bro for recommendation 

  13. Graphic to draw health

    Hello to all Phaser Lover, Would you mind guiding me the way to fill the red color inside the image shape. Thanks you in advance!
  14. Can anyone show me a simple way to build the ledge pattern which generate randomly in the world. Thanks in advance. A simple jsfiddle would be appreciate !
  15. Camera and dead zone

    Can anyone show me a simple example on how to do the camera and dead zone the same as Nyan cat game play Thanks you in advance for your kindness !