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  1. dbawel

    Creating HDR cubemap with probe

    @Rodrix3 You can assign practically any reflection texture using various modes (only a couple to choose from currently) but it can be endless if you get creative with your alpha channels, gradient textures, emmisive textures, etc. An example might be: skyboxMaterial.reflectionTexture.coordinatesMode = BABYLON.Texture.SKYBOX_MODE; Here are some docs that should help with a couple basic but cool PG examples: https://doc.babylonjs.com/how_to/reflect If you need more info than this, just chime back in. There are also a couple of converters available - I used to use 'one released by '80 level' - it was worth the $25 cost at the time: https://80.lv/articles/cubemap-converter-high-quality-hdr-images-at-lowcost/ Hope this helps, DB
  2. dbawel

    Black and White Bump Mapping

    @Pryme8 Keep you interested? Now that would be something! Dave
  3. dbawel

    Blender > babylon animated vertices

    @babbleon It's clear what you are doing, but I'm not certain what your question might be. Can you ask the question a bit more directly? DB
  4. dbawel

    Loading animations from separate files

    Hey @Jorisshh I've spent the past few hours trying to figure out why I'm not able to import any mesh using BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh(); as I always assume it must be an error on my part. However, I've found a deeper issue specific to my machine, server, etc. or some other element specific to me. To provide more specific info for @Deltakosh or @davrousto possibly provide additional advise, the error I receive is: So I'm unable to test any scenes at this point relating to your animation transform oddity. I did find several potential issues with your scenes, and reset some incompatibilities in the setup of your armatures and t-pose transforms. However, I have no way to test, so I won't go into these unless they prove to solve any of the obvious problems you're having. So I need to figure out why I'm unable to import meshes at this time, as I'm able to do so on the Playground, but not on my personal server. I've attached two .babylon files I've modified and exported for you to test. If you are able, please test these in the Playground and see if there is any improvement. If so, I'll walk you through the changes I made to the fies. Regardless, I need to solve my own issues concerning the import of meshes. Then I'll be able to assist further if still necessary. The two files are 't_pose.babylon' and 'sneak.babylon' both exported from Blender and generated from your 'character.blend' and your 'character@sneak.blend' files respectively. Please let me know when you've been able to test these, as I hope I've made progress which would assist others as well. I hope you're having a great weekend, and we'll get this solved sooner than later - once I've solved my own server and/or client-side issues. Let me know if you have any immediate questions or need some advise in importing these; although you obviously have a firm grasp of the export/import process. Good luck, and it would ake my day if we can solve both yours and my own problems.But that's why this forum and community are invaluable; as we are all in this together and all constantly learning. You can rename the .log files to .manifest files if you want to avoid any error messages concerning missing .manifest files. Cheers, DB t_pose.log sneak.babylon sneak.log t_pose.babylon
  5. dbawel

    Loading animations from separate files

    @Jorisshh As @Deltakosh requested, if you can reproduce the problem on the Playground, I'm certain we'll find a solution for you. But without a PG scene repro, it's just guessing. I'm certain it's an additive transform issue, but as soon as I say I'm certain about this is when we'll find some unknown bug. It's rare, but does happen. I wish I had time to repro, but right now there's no time for sleep as I have to deliver a beta app and am already running behind. But will take the time to make sure we solve this as a community. Cheers, DB
  6. dbawel

    Loading animations from separate files

    What 3D app is your model exported from? If it is a blender file, please attach and I can look to see what the issue may be. Otherwise, there's no way of debugging. DB
  7. dbawel

    Loading animations from separate files

    @Joris Huijbregts I've seen this all too many times, although I still played around with your PG scene to no avail... however I didn't expect to affect any change to meet your desired applied animation. What is happening is that you most likely are applying your animation(s) to a skeleton which already has transforms you don't want applied in your 'T-Pose'. So even though there is no animation on the 'T-Pose', you're applying the new skeleton animation to existing transforms. This is very common depending on how you create, import, set transforms on bones, animate, export, etc. in your 3D application. Without working directly with your 3D scene in it's native application, I can't personally correct. However, you can. I highly recommend that you first reset, and then freeze all transforms before exporting your mesh, skeleton, and all elements to the .babylon format. If I had to guess, I might assume you have a scaling value in your mesh and/or bones of a value other than 1.0. any other value will multiply the scaling value to affect any transform animation by the very same value. However, it could be a scaling value other than 1.0, a rotation value other than 0.0, and/or a translation value affecting your animation. Remember, all transforms are multiplied into any animation you're applying to your skeleton; including a scaling value on any part of your mesh or it's skeleton - as bones typically act as children to the mesh they are bound to. Only a few applications such as Houdini allow you to alter these relationships. Also, check all transform values on your animated skeleton, as this will also affect the bones transforms. So rule of thumb every time... first reset all transforms on your mesh(s) and skeletons (bones), and then always freeze all transforms before animating... but also always reset, freeze, and personally verify all transforms before exporting your mesh and bones to another application (and any additional skeletal animations) just for good measure. This should solve the behavior(s) you're currently viewing. If not, then I can look at your scene, and this should be simple to solve regardless. Working with transforms other than 1.0 (in scaling and translation) - and 0.0 (in rotations) is the most common mistake seasoned animators make, so we all live and learn and will continue to do so until we can no longer move a mouse across the mouse pad. Let me know if you still have any issues, or if you have questions concerning this. DB
  8. I haven't been able to use the exporter with Maya LT. I found so many limitations using Maya LT on production eval, that we abandoned it altogether at Sony Electronics. I'm not exactly sure why Autodesk released Maya LT, as it's limitations provide barely minimal features given my personal experience. I've no problems other than known limitations using Maya 2018. DB
  9. dbawel

    Shadow on PNG image

    @pichou How many bits is your PNG image file including the alpha channel? This may not be contributing to the issue, but good info to know. DB
  10. dbawel

    Loading animations from separate files

    @Joris Huijbregts I've previously experienced problems starting some specific group animations using Chromium and Electron. My scenes and results were different from above, but I've observed issues in varying forms. I need to create a repro of a couple of problematic scenes and see if this is still the case. But I thought I'd make mention of this in case the problem is specific to a browser or OS. I'll try and test on my known scene(s), and report if there still exists any issues. DB
  11. I hate waiting...🤔 I've called and left messages, but haven't heard from you in a while. DB
  12. @JohnK has shown you a good approach. I was referring to adding and updating vertices on the mesh. If you want to use this method, just follow the docs below: https://doc.babylonjs.com/how_to/updating_vertices However, either approach will provide you with the result you desire. DB
  13. @fdeng Also, try and make use of the scene optimizer - the docs are below: https://doc.babylonjs.com/how_to/how_to_use_sceneoptimizer Also perhaps use octrees if this applies to your scene. And if you need to check for occlusion, take a look at the PG scene below: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#2ACATZ Take a look at your console, as I'm writing a message when the smaller mesh is occluded. Not my original scene, but modified for easier camera control. With this info, you can either dispose of hidden meshes or set their visibility to 0. DB
  14. dbawel

    Rookie Question About Model Display

    @ercerc Now that I read @MarianG's response, I took a look at your scene. I would first try to set the rendering group ID by using the .renderingGroupId attribute. Here is a link to the docs below: https://doc.babylonjs.com/resources/transparency_and_how_meshes_are_rendered#rendering-order DB
  15. dbawel

    Rookie Question About Model Display

    @ercerc Welcome to the forum! We all ask rookie questions from time to time. And we're glad you're asking, as we love new devs.😉 Just adjust your clipping planes for your camera(s) by using: camera.minZ = 'babylon world unit numerical value'; and camera.maxZ = 'babylon world unit numerical value';. DB