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  1. Why is BJS now mostly Typescript?

    @davrous and @Deltakosh - My apologies for any opinions about using Typescript - as Babylon.js is a great framework. I will not comment any further on this, and withdraw my opinions in the future as this is far too hostile an environment for me to continue. I will however continue to post my projects on GitHub and others whom I work with and have been extremely fortunate to have connected with on this fantastic forum. I expected to be permitted to provide personal opinions - especially if I stated so in advance, and differ from others - so in light of the opposite, I believe I need to leave now; and am out. We (my company) are launching applications at Weta and Lockheed Martin (finally) in the next 30 days and expanding fast - and I truly apriciate all of the efforts everyone is extending to the rapidly expanding framework. I suppose I simply am looking forward to a different future for babylon and a much more extensive coding process in my own opinion. So unfortunately, you won't be hearing from me much in the future, and @davrous you have been extremely instrumental in my evolution into utilizing this framework. So goodbye for now, as I don't believe the proceeding posts are the way to advance the forum. And @davrous - I only have great respect for you. and @Deltakosh - I'll miss you except perhaps I'll continue personal messaging to keep you up to date. I'll do my best to keep DK abreast of what we're working on, as well as maintain a positive representation within publications for the BJS framework. And soon there will be recognition of the BJS framework on a level not yet known. I've done all I can do... And @Wingnut, @Dad72, @gryff, and so MANY others - you'll be sorrily missed. Let's try and keep in touch other ways. Thank you all, and Goodbye... DB
  2. Why is BJS now mostly Typescript?

    Hello All, I personally have issues with going to GitHub and finding .ts files instead of standard JavaScript I can easily read and pull from. I have a backround in Visual Studio, so I get it - however, working in a superset of JavaScript (no matter how much you believe JavaScript might suck) is the most direct way in my opinion to accomplish my personal needs. And then there is the open source element which most often doesn't comply. As and example, use this.object definition as an example. And then look at the other emerging work by many talented people who simply want to use strict code, and not look for shortcuts. Again, only my opinion, but perhaps this is why we have so many posts on the BJS forum for how BJS is moving so quickly, and so many people cannot keep up. DB EDIT - And @JCPalmer - everything will change within 2 years, and I'm sure you can still use typescript just fine - but might the BJS become obsolete? I hope not. And if you can predict the future, then please use kindness to convince me that I am mis-guided.
  3. Anyone at GDC 2017 this week?

    Not this year. The last 2 years were a huge disappointment. DB
  4. BabylonJS/Gear VR

    @chicagobob123 - It's not a closed system - simply either use the Samsung browser or don't plug into the USB port at all. All of your Samsung sensors are accessible without launching the Oculus app. And then you can use any browser you like. DB
  5. @Deltakosh @davrous In the past year I've and others have seen a huge shift to Typescript. Why? In my opinion it is only creating a gap between native JS and those who might wish to use a wrap-around language - which has far less advantages than native WebGL. And for the future, will create serious limitations and divisions between users. Please explain the advantage to .TS files in the Github src directory of recent versions of BJS - if you can come up with ANY good reasons. Sorry if this sounds a bit harsh, but I'm having issues working with BJS for the first time in more than 2 years due to reading and working with Typescript. DB
  6. BabylonJS/Gear VR

    @MrVR- Perhaps you received a defective contoller. Akways use mode A to connect, and there are no issues I've personally found using the GearVR Pro. Also connect using bluetooth after your GearVR and/or Oculus app is loaded. If I can be more help, please let me know. this is simple to fix if you have any issues. DB
  7. Dynamic text on blender object

    @Wingnut - Since I currently live on a farm, I'm with ya! If it were me personally, I would simply unwrap the UVs in Blender, and create whatever clothing necessary for the model which appears how you want. Then simply case different materials with the same texture apsect ratio and size and switch them out as ambient or diffuse textures. Dynamic textures will work for typing text using a selection of color and font, but what I believe you're also looking for is UV unwraping of texture coordinates to fit your needs. DB
  8. BabylonJS/Gear VR

    My apologies if I offended anyone. I'm personally developing for several VR / AR devices, and recommend everyone else to try thier hand at it; as much of the dev process will be similar. The only reason I mentioned the word "crappy", is that there is nothing new about this technology in over 10 years time, and I get a headache using the current devices. They are not truly 3D in any way, and simply trick the brain to sort of believe it's a 3D environment. But I'm working on these anyway, as I've been for many years. DB
  9. @eee-c - I personally wouldn't start with a WebGL framework and especialy not typescript. Just my own opinion, so please nobody hate on me. I would start with a language such as visual basic, as openGL and webGl can be daunting. I would begin with the comprehension of XY coordinates and simple routines that count or generate random #s. Once they've mastered these, then progress them into a world of understanding the requirements to create models and animation for gaming - mesh UVs and normals for example. Although, a bit of linear algebra and Euler math would set them on a path to a long career. I used to teach, so I'm not blowing smoke here... DB
  10. Wrap your hea around this project. Forget all impulses and do the math: http://qedsoft.com/DEMOS2014/kyprolis_final/index.html @Pryme8 was instrumental on this project. Oh, by the way - it's touch screen only! try both one and multiple fingers... DB EDIT - this is made for and currently used on 90+ inch touchsceeens at trade shows daily. So the detail is much greater than you might see on your current touchscreen.
  11. BabylonJS/Gear VR

    @RaananW - I'm glad you asked. Light field projectors on a molecular scale will be released in 2 years. Oculus and existing other crappy (and I mean this in the best possible way) will die a fast death, as the new technology is realistic light projection directly onto the retina of the eyball. This is not sciece fiction, as I work with Weta directly and have seen it working well. It's simply a matter of mass producing, and to add to this, Luckey Palmer used to be my PA, and took what we we developed for Lockheed Martin and made a fortune. Not to blame him, but there's nothinng new in VR to date. But very soon there will be a seachange in AR/VR. DB
  12. Dynamic text on blender object

    A Dynamic Texture is what you seek. If you need a PG scene, I can try and find a few minutes to produce one, as it's incredibly simple. But there are many examples on the BJS forum. No reason to overcomplicate - to you my good friend @Wingnut - love ya buddy! @iicemanmade a great example... http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#9U086#3 DB
  13. BabylonJS/Gear VR

    Start with NOT plugging into the USB of the GearVR and use the browser of your choice using the VRDeviceOrientationCamera. Then work from there to access the sensor in the GearVR. But first get a simple scene in crappy 3D. And I only say this as current VR is about to change to real AR/VR soon. But there is still a market for Oculus in the next 2 years if you have compelling content. DB
  14. Quaternion Rotation

    @Abdullah - First you need to access what the world coordinate system is that you are working within. If you are working in real world coordinates, your Z axis wil be pointing outward from the earth's surface, and X and Y are topographical. However, wha you're asking about is the interpretation of Quaterion math VS. Euler - which I highly recommend Euler for your prediscribed requirements. Quaternion is simple to understand, but simply a mathematical solution which allows anyone to understand orintation and direction. But everything is driven by pitch, roll, and yaw - and then interpolated to quaternion - so it is best to work with the basics - Euler. I hope this helps. DB
  15. BabylonJS/Gear VR

    This is the real deal: https://www.amazon.com/POWER-MOGA-Pro-Electronic-Games/dp/B00FB5RBJM/ref=pd_sbs_63_t_0?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=SPS0CX8V0DNMMH3AWQVA DB