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  1. dbawel

    About creating dynamic avatars

    You can dispose of meshes, materials, and textures at anytime. And I often use the RunAfterRender() function to apply different attributes to the scene. However, there are may ways to do this... so RunAfterRender() may not work for your scene. However, if you have a command of JavaScript, then this should be simple... as the babylon.js framework has all the functions in place. If you need more assistance, then post a playground scene. DB
  2. I hold at a solid 60 fps. what device are you testing and what browser? DB
  3. dbawel

    Optimize scene

    As you can convert React/Redux scenes to Vue, I suggest you look at what @brianzinn has posted on GitHub. DB
  4. dbawel

    video texture Sync issue, plz help~~~

    Hi @jadeshohy What you're trying to achieve is INCREDIBLY HARD and is a holy grail in my opinion. However, my company has an app that's going into beta which perfectly syncs all media precisely in all HTML5 browsers in real time for an unlimited number of users collaborating together with generally less than 5ms delay in interaction... internationally... on average, of course, depending on your connection.. We're still working on the API to the server (Brains) - don't know when we'll release the API for the server... however if you want to test what we've done, let me know if you want to apply for the beta release. You won't find anything that a good JS Dev can build as it's mostly written in PHP ( a royal challenge), and we also use two servers. One is the brains and the other holds the media and database... so it's completely secure for the media and the brains of it all - which was our challenge for the film and broadcast industry. It's like Photoshop online in real time for any media and unlimited users. A reply to this message won't trigger my memory to add you to the beta list, however we deploy in two weeks to Weta in NZ, Blue Man Productions, and a division of Lockheed Martin, as we also sync collaborative 3D media in real time. So I've got my hands full right now. But I'll try and post a topic to those who might be the best to test the app. It's not all WebGL... only when you launch collaborative 3D media, but we've spent more than 5+ years building the server and more than 2 years building the application. However we're only 2 developers, with a little help from our friend to get us into PHP ( @Pryme8 ... reclusive bastard, you made my life hell - but I now know PHP, so I guess I owe you)... and I will call you (Andy) this week. If not, call me and I'll show a REAL interface. Cheers, DB
  5. dbawel

    Multiple Scenes Approach

    @freetoplay Similar perhaps... But instances or clones, absolutely. DB
  6. dbawel

    Render an OBJ string with Babylon JS?

    @Bladetrick I hope you have good luck with trying to implement the asset manager to do the work. However, the .OBJ, MTL, and texture file all have to be available at the time of import. I'm trying to implement this into a server database myself right now. We'll have something soon, but no code to share. However, I'll do my best to keep you posted on how we accomplished this for multiple real time users. Just message me in a week or two if you aren't able to solve yourself. I don't use Json files, so I can't add to any discussion on Json. DB
  7. dbawel

    Mesh.dispose() Clarity

    @Deltakosh It's old habit from a few versions back. Are you saying that disposing of a single mesh also disposes of all attributes of the mesh including materials, textures, shaders, etc? We're not talking scene dispose. But if mesh dispose works this way, then what about shared attributes? Thanks, DB
  8. dbawel

    registerOnPhysicsCollide With Any

    There's no current access, but I can zip and send the app to you. Message me your email, as I have a new computer and haven't updated my contacts. DB
  9. dbawel

    Got wrong screen coordinates

    This needs to be accomplished using vanilla JavaScript. Here is a simple app to pick pixels on a canvas and message the (X, Y) values: Does this help? DB
  10. dbawel

    Create mesh online

    I have to say that if you need an immediate solution, then please look at the responses and resources from @Deltakosh on this post. There is definitely a solution to your issue now. I'm simply making this easy for anyone who is writing or has and existing app to multi-task... and we've been writing code for 5+ years to make everything happen in real-time for unlimited user collaboration. But I'm just talking crap until I produce. Which is why you'll always find me awake at 3am in the morning on any given night. This is Extremely hard stuff - which without a Dev Partner who has the backed experience, I would have never have accomplished. DK, I think you'll be proud of me one day...😉 DB
  11. dbawel

    Got wrong screen coordinates

    @fdeng Here's a post I answered some time ago. If you require more help, I'm sure you'll post back. DB
  12. dbawel

    Customize Camera Controls

    Also, as in many post on the current post list page, parent your camera to a mesh and it will behave as the mesh. DB
  13. dbawel

    Create mesh online

    I'm about to release the beta of an API which will do what you are asking. Send me your info, and I'll add you to the beta list. DB
  14. dbawel

    Feature Request - Rendering Perf

    @JCPalmer if you are working on an extension, please let us all know. Otherwise, perhaps this is an extension we need to take on specifically for the BJS framework. I'm actually not sure why I'm writing this post, as all the info is available in the browser dev tools. But everyone want's the EASY way. I wish I had it so easy in the early days of making console games. DB
  15. dbawel

    registerOnPhysicsCollide With Any

    Come on my buddy, haven't you used collision detection? then account for the physics. Simple. DB