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  1. dbawel

    How remove aliasing in .gltf

    @Fer-AR Make sure your code is in the Playground, so we can work with it. Cheers, DB
  2. dbawel

    How remove aliasing in .gltf

    @Fer-AR 2-000 X 2000 is far too high for a texture. I would first avoid using the gtlf format and move to .babylon format. and @Sebavan has the first solution I was going to recommend. However, I'm revisiting the gtlf format, and thus far disappointed. DB The Blender exporter is a simple plugin to install.
  3. dbawel

    How remove aliasing in .gltf

    @Fer-AR Well here is the solution - increase the size of the texture, and export from Blender to .babylon format.. This should solve all your problems. Otherwise, here is a good solution. DB
  4. dbawel

    Lamps on Babylon / Open Contest!

    @Pryme8 You're a dickhead, but a good one. Just joking as we're all adults here. Love ya buddy! Good response. DB
  5. dbawel

    Animation Curves

    @DylanD I just delivered two games to Sony, and it is far better to set your (x,y,z,) points in space within the Babylon world space. I found ways to import curves, but what's the point. You have far more flexibility doing it all in Babylon. If you need more info on this, I'm happy to help if I have the time. DB
  6. dbawel

    IntersectMesh Trouble

    Have you defined "meshes" as a constant or any type of variable? DB
  7. dbawel

    How remove aliasing in .gltf

    @Fer-AR No anti aliasing issues on more than 8 devices and OS I have here to test. Even at high resolution. DB
  8. @JCPalmer I love to get responses by you. I'm a big fan. DB
  9. And for Gui elements - DONT SCALE WITH CAMERA... DB
  10. dbawel

    GLTF dont apply alpha/transparency

    @BlackShadauw There are things you need to know to prepare your scene for the ..babylon format. I can help you through this - ad it's not difficult if you know what you're doing. Many others can help also. DB
  11. @Amarth2Estel You don't need more info than the corners of the room. this is more than enough info to calculate an accurate tracking of your environment. DB
  12. dbawel

    Dynamic water surface

    You need a shader to dissipate over surfaces . and caustics would carry allot with a good amount of bubbles. DB
  13. dbawel

    GLTF dont apply alpha/transparency

    @BlackShadauw I've written about this before, but in my opinion the best pipeline into BJS is using the .Babylon format exported from Blender - which is the most compatible and repeatable format to use. I like Kronos, yeet the glTF format is lacking. I hope this helps. DB
  14. dbawel

    Lamps on Babylon / Open Contest!

    @Rodrix3 Read this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RGBA_color_space DB